Malawi anti-graft official killed in ‘savage and brutal attack’

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB ) director of corporate services Issa Njauju whose body was discovered half-buried on Saturday in the capital Lilongwew as the victim of a “savage and brutal attack”, Malawi police have said.

Njaunju car in ashes

Njaunju car in ashes

Njauju’s Toyota D4D vehicle was found burnt to ashes at Kauma in Lilongwe .

His body indicated some two gunshot wounds and stabbing.

Police said a murder iinvestigation is under way.

Nyasa Times understands Njauju has possession of sensitive files of corrupt practises with some linked to the so called K92 billion cashgate scandal.

But ACB director general Lucas Kondowe said they will wait for an investigation and results of a postmortem .

Njauju went missing on Thursday after knocking off from work and the office reported to police his disappearance on Friday.

Police said they launched maunhunt for Njauju, who was a devout Muslim, when his fellow worshippers wondered his unusual absence at the Mosque for prayers.

His body was found half-buried with his vehicle burnt to ashes.

ACB deputy director general Reyneck Matemba on Saturday said, in an interview,  post-mortem results showed that he was shot twice in the neck and chest before he was buried near Lilongwe River.

Late Njauju, 49, who came from Mangochi District and was laid to rest at Lilongwe Cemetary on Saturday.

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136 thoughts on “Malawi anti-graft official killed in ‘savage and brutal attack’”

  1. Namulepwese says:

    comment 101 iwedi u deserve palikundu penu….ngati ku mtundu kwako sikuzakhala pulezident…leave achair out of this.He is our hero.Once again palikundu penu pangasetapo..mnyo yausiru…..mmwejo mnyero wenu walhayi ngulumbira!

  2. vkmbewe says:

    guys you need to be great thinkers why are you thinking childish. God created man from His own image if he is killed we Muslims believe that each and every human being shall die, to Him we came from and to Him we shall go back. Please my fellow Malawians we should not play on death. Any seconds, any minute, any hour, any day, any year death is coming to us remaining. Inna Lilahi wa inna illaih raji^una. To day is him tomorrow is you and me. VKM

  3. Ndangupitamo says:

    Asilamu tulo tanu munalora Atupele Muluzi to be dining with the devil (Petulo Mathanyula), the murderer himself. Munachoka dala mnyumba mwanu kukaziphatika limodzi mu nyumba ya zigawenga, ndi izo zikumalizani nonse. Mwana akayamba uchifwamba ndi kutamba amayambanso kupha a mnyumba mwake, be warned.

  4. walter ky says:

    I fel sory 4 them

  5. Mwendanato says:

    RIP, wake up call for ACB and government to ensure that such people are put on trail security protection 24 hours and all documents. Very sad development indeed. May Allah and god console family, friends and all peace loving Malawians, you have run twice but you wont hide twice

  6. shushushu says:

    We will not fight you politically but we will fight you and watch out

  7. Angrybird says:

    Time mark

  8. Imraan Sadick says:

    Iwe “Spy Chief 101”, you don’t know how much pain this killing of our fellow Muslim is causing us . So don’t add salt to our injuries by uttering your shit . Pa likundu penu .

  9. GRM says:

    Oh!! God bless our land of Malawi. Get rid of these bad elements.

  10. Spy chief 101 says:

    @ Imran Sadic, don’t bring your stupid islamic fundumentalism here. What will you do when you learn Bakili called the shots to bury his old cases? He has killed before. Why do you think Bakili is close to Peter you fool? First and for most the dead man was a Malawian, forget your islamic shit!!!!!

  11. Kalim says:

    That’s wat happens wen u make a deal with a the devil.u become a slave of the master. U kill u kill

  12. Zagwa Zatha says:

    Its my prayer that God shld expose those that killed Mr Issa just as He exposed Chasowa killers. May the Soul of Mr Issa rest in peace.

  13. Davie Pencil says:

    No blood shed!

  14. Madengu says:

    God please do something with this ruthless murderers for everything has failed us amen

  15. Avilla says:


  16. says:

    This is no robbery gone wrong in the absence of hard evidence circumstantial evidence points to the fact that someone must have masterminded this murder whose motive is best know an to him or herself. I cry for my well learned Muslim brother. Z this another America where such murders are order of the day.police do your investigations properly and bring all the culprits to book . Oyenda nd I lupanga a safe nd I lupanga let’s wait and see

  17. This is not the Malawi we used to be proud of.

  18. Is Mw still the warm heart of Africa or it has changed? Dziko la mkaka ndi uchi lija mayineeeee! Chonde lemekezani moyo wa anzanu.

  19. Rodgers Banda says:

    If the car can’t be identified and the rotting corpse identified then they is a lot to it. Watch out DPP at its best at butchering

  20. The picture on this story is fake one , the vehicle has no doors,chasis, axle e.t.c how can someone remove all those items within a period of a day or two please nyasatimes post the real picture and not the one you obtained from kuntaya !!!

  21. ama says:

    Picking prostitutes or going out with other people s girlfriends or secret relationships can invite trouble coz they double-cross n once you are found out you can easily be a victim of murder. magwiragwira amapha manjatu. Just suggesting and a warning.

  22. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    You people working at ACB are in danger more especiary because the DPP government is trying its best to deal with you to conceal evidence. I feel pity for you. I therefore ask you to seek refuge in our Lord Jesus. He will surely give you protection. If you ignore my advice the dirty hand of DPP will take you to the world of the dead. MAY OUR MIGHTY GOD BE WITH YOU.

  23. kenkkk says:

    Baba wa boyi, you are really a typical dpp bootlicker and evil. Your bus driver story doesn’t even fit here. About files, you are completely stupid. How can dpp who stole the money ask for the 92bn from kondowe? Or are you confusing with the director of prosecution? Actually dpp thought kondowe would be yes bwana but has actually become dpp enemy that they want to eliminate him as well. All because of stinking corrupt asians dpp want to protect.

  24. mangoni says:

    Let our cries be herd, first billion MK92. Somewhere somehow the Sun has to shine

  25. Pata phiri says:

    Even the MRA officer was killed 6 weeks ago he is the one who was handling Karim batatawala’s of Lido’ s. Case check pls
    This swines should go

  26. Andrew Mwale says:

    Very pathetic …….. but why?

  27. chipwete chalunda says:

    Why are you haters talking ill od dpp without evidence. What if this guy was using the information to blackmail the victims. We know they are ruthless and Mphwiyo is a testimony. This is deal gone bad

  28. syamboza says:

    DPP ndi meneyoyo muidziwzso

  29. Dr. Godfrey Ganizani Mvuma says:

    Malawi has gone to the Dogs. God, please hear our prayers and get rid of this rot.

  30. Imraan Sadick says:

    I did not want to comment on this issue before getting some facts from reliable sources . I am now convinced that DPP is behind this murder of my brother in Islam . I cannot sit back and keep my lips sealed . Enough is enough . All Muslims of goodwill are now calling upon Hon. Atupele Muluzi to immediately denounce this brutal murder of a Muslim brother and announce his resignation from this corrupt and murderous regime . To my slain brother, I say : Ina lilah waina lah rajuuni . Ameen .

    1. kenkkk says:

      At last Imran you have opened your eyes.

    2. Resign now!!!!!!

  31. Mtochi says:


  32. kenkkk says:

    This is dpp at its murderous best,all signs lead to it. 92bn is making them so sleepless and are prepared to eliminate anyone who is holding slightest information on their thieving.

    Do normal robbers kill and try to bury someone?

    We know also know recently that asians or mwenyes have been feeling the wrath of acb and this has rubbed corrupt dpp gurus who are watching the net encircling them as well.

    It is also very likely that the target was matemba.

  33. kachamba says:

    Sad that, that gentleman is gone. If it`s someone inside “comfort zone” doing this, then i would say he/she is feels very much insecure. So just wait, you will be picked up for interrogation over the cashgate!!

    also what you have to know is that at one point time the “comfort” zone will be over for you and someone else will be incharge of it. As usual, as far as i know Malawi, you will be probed REALLy HARD and you shall live in vein for the rest of yourlife, sucker!.

    To the people behind this:

  34. tsetsefly says:

    Malawi made a big mistake to vote back to power thugs, armed robbers, economic plunders’ and pangs knives blandisher’s. We have not seen anything yet. By 2019, assuming that Malawians continue to tolerance this nonsense, we will all know that we had an opportunity which we let slip off our figures.

  35. Baba wa boy says:

    Reading the comments on this page, one feels very sorry for this country.

    One can see how shallow, the thinking of the vast majority is. They do not think beyond Political corruption.

    How can the country develop then, if all people think about is politics.

    How can the police do anything if all they are told is “Don’t waste your time nothing is going to happen, DPP killed this man”

    I remember long time ago a polytechnic bus driver was stubbed coming back from Maone, and he drove straight the hospital, where he told them he had stopped to take a lick, and thieves jumped him. We all believed his story and started looking out for thieves on the Makhetha road. As students we felt very sorry for the chap “Okubawa atisowesa ntendere” because in those days we used to walk on that road any time.

    To cut a long story short, the chap was not stabbed by thieves, but he had gone to someone’s house in Makhetha, and was caught by the husband, who stubbed him. Nothing to do with thieves, but using thieves made everyone believe him.

    Njauju, may his soul rest in peace, was not killed by DPP, If DPP wanted the files, they could have asked Kondowe to bring the files. Yes he might have been killed by people implicated in Cashgate, but that is not the same as DPP.

    Many things have burned at the hands of DPP according to comments on this page, why not just burn ACB? The majority of the comments are just a poor attempt attempt at fiction.

    DPP is in Government until 2019, move on people!!! develop yourselves and your country.

  36. Hoitty says:

    Good thing is the files are not dead. They are very much alive. Even if you kill everyone at ACB the files will remain and new people will take over the case

  37. Sammy says:

    Uku ndi kuyamba chabe. Who is next?

  38. Kaliati wamisala says:

    there is no way anyone can identify this vehicle as the one driven by the deceased
    Someone put this gutted wreck at the scene to mislead our simple minded investigators.
    The doors, metal parts of the seats, the axel , the engine and bonnet (all of which cannot burn are missing ) No one was seen at the scene removing these parts, which can take several days to remove. The shell displayed here is a Fake, the real car is elsewhere .

    1. Hoitty says:

      iwe nde ukunena zoonadi. Galimoto ilipo ndithu ndipo simeneyi

  39. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    If you can’t see the hand of DPP in this then you must be a very supid idiot. Either you are a beneficiary of these murders perpetrated by this rotten DPP gvt to conceal evidence or you are just an idiot who can’t analyse issues. Shame on you and the regime you support. Actually I can assure that ur gvt will do nothing on this issue! Fool!

  40. What is the government saying after such a high profile killing? If this was a mere criminal act, the innocent Issa would have been left alive and his car taken away. If his car was burnt, then something fishy really happened. Malawian is degenerating into a mafia state. DPP has killed him. PP tried to kill Paul Mphwiyo and this is continuing. We are in danger.

  41. Benford says:

    You kill a Son, Brother, Uncle,Husband, Father, you make the whole family not happy because the files but we dont know who kill my dad, God knows.

  42. Dr Mbewe says:

    Mr mbendela did the stupid thing to rig the election for dpp. Mr mbendela’s love for money has plunged the country into cashgate, corruption and mis governance. Mbendela Mulungu akumwalilutse msanga kuti usadzachitense zobela masankho

  43. Tione says:

    Is this why you were cerebrating with your cohort? Soon and I say soon as the Lords word has said, you will join your brother Daniel Phiri

  44. Tione says:

    Iwe Pitala Mathanyula, you will die soon like Jezebel and dogs will lick you blood. Says the Lord of hosts

  45. fredpa says:

    there are three things that cannot be hiden,the sun,moon and trueth.

  46. We says:


  47. Viva says:

    I refuse to believe that this is the work of any political party. This is the work of individuals who are involved in cashgate, who saw their world crumbling. Mary Kachale said it and she was right- there is a mafia world in this country. They steal and kill , but just like the Italian mafia, they also have to make sure ruling party is on their side. So the Mullis made the Bingus happy, the Lutepos and Mphwiyos made sure JB was happy and as we speak someone is busy stealing and making sure APM is happy. PP is too disorganised to organise such a killing- DPP is not ready to take such a risk, they still have to deal with legitimacy issues.

  48. Kamkhwezule Kakang'ono says:

    Sad development. mhsrip

  49. Man Malawi says:

    Just like Chasowa. My country

  50. Tango says:

    It is very easy to kill and get away with it in Malawi. Cops lack investigative skills. No forensic experts. Corruption is so rampat. This country is so rotten. This murder bears all marks of Govt intelligence agencies.

  51. nyetse says:

    Kamuzu ankakana nyasi zachonchi, maboma azibwana ngati a DPP tatopa nawo, mukupheranji anthu osalakwa chonchi, Know that God is watching u and wil punish u soon.
    If u stole huge sums of money, better use it for other purposes osati kumaphera anthu chonchi, chonde muzimva chisoni ndi anzanu,
    Mukulimba mtima kuti mukapha muzinamizira mcp ndi pp, mukudzinamiza, aliyense akukudziwani kuti ndinu akupha koma remember truth shal prevail no matter how deep or to what extent u wil try to conceal it.

  52. nyakawawa binamu says:

    kma a bale inu

  53. Abiti Joyce Hilda Ntila Kachale Banda says:

    Amene wamupha Mjauju ndikumudziwa.

  54. LORENI says:

    A country of evil leaders. May his Soul Rest In Peace

  55. tchadiwiki says:

    Very sad. Speculation is ok but best to stick to facts. Fact remains that the late was murdered, now, investigators and not media need to establish motive.

    Why is Nyasa times quickly linking the unfortunate, sadistic murder to the K92 billion? Now, why was the body dumped near state house? COZ THE SHALLOW MINDED MURDERER WANTS THE INCIDENT LINKED TO THE CURRENT REGIME. who commits a crime and leaves evidence close by his quarters?

  56. amfana says:

    Tisanamizane guyz mbava zimenezi zilipo zambiri ndipo wina wamkulu aziombela posachedwapa.

  57. Chimani. Game says:

    The power of Muthalika and Ben phiri

  58. cbk says:

    some comments will not help at all,if we don’t have anything to comment why can’t we just shut up?

  59. nambe says:

    you have killed thinking all is well but the eye of God is watching what has been become of you malawians kupeza mosavuta ndalama zambiri koma kuzikundikila nokha anthu muno akuvutika. you wonder dziko losatukuka la mtundu wanji mukuba nokha, zipatala, services in government offices very poor, ma school akulowa pansi, mukapita kunja kodi simusilila kodi njilu zimenezi bwanji?

  60. Mawa says:

    Suggesting that it’s MCP and PP ho have committed this evil is not only illogical but lack of civil consciousness. We all know this man was very important in his office. He was handling sensitive 92billion kwacha case which dates back to DPP during big Muthalika rule. This man has been brutally murdered by this in power. As someone wrote…Government kills and no evidence will br found. Files will go missing and so goes on the story…people will cry and later we will forget…this evil world.

  61. Nivindele says:

    We have isis for government

  62. ntopwito says:

    tsoka kwa nonse munaikapo dzanja pakubela ma election zikuonekelatu who is behind it,Chasowa was silenced in the same manner as he had info so this one too had files of 92 or 577 bls,God is watching mwabisa koma pamaso pa Mulungu simungabisale amaona ndizakumdima cadiarc arrest around us soon mwaonjeza how many are u going to kill

  63. DPP with its 577billion you have started killing people and next it’s burning of building and Banks

  64. Dziwazako says:

    Mcp and pp ur doing evil killing inocent people inorder to turnish the image of dpp govt,APM watch out and deal with them diplomatically

  65. Big brain says:

    MCP ndi PP very negative and they have started killing people to implicate DPP

    You know DPP is in power it does need to kill inorder to get files

    They will just call the ACB and get it

    But PP needs the information more than anybody that’s why

    1. JANGALE says:

      @ 64 ( BIG BRAIN )


  66. hisbolla says:


  67. pdf says:

    Kill the whole population for you to hide, otherwise you will face the law.

  68. chuwa chimo says:

    those people involved in this cruel act may run but they can not hide. My condolence to the deceased family

  69. ismail says:

    Allah knows who z behind this and I pray to Allah to mercilessly punish the perpetrators before our dear brother gets decomposed.

  70. yosefe gambatula says:

    The police should comb every part of Malawi until these thugs are found.Dont shoot them to delete the whole evidence about 92 billion.Paja you have the tendency kuti anadumpha mu rand rover.We want to their know links and who sent them.

  71. Patriot weniweni says:

    Malawians lets wake up.We cant let these people get away with such a big thievery.This is not a tribal thing but it has affected all Malawians.In all ways these people need to be arrested and money be recovered.We cant be led by mafias and thinking Malawi will change.

  72. Makabuli Gawilasile says:

    Let us not be fooled here, the DPP leadership knows this whole story. They sent their thugs to kill him (Issa) just to bury justice as they did with Robert Chasowa. The DPP Govt knows how to kill ppo with vital information which can in turn tarnish the image of the party. Its a pity that ppo of sound mind still supports this party. Msambi zonse zipite kwa yemwe anapanga chinyengo during last year’s elections, fooling Malawians by shading tears when he knew what he was doing, Allah forgive you today but punish you the day after tomorrow.

  73. mwadoh says:

    muhiye ndiwe opusa wanva umaleka kulemba nkhaniyi iweyo bwa siwanvela pompa kumaganiza zinazi muzavulala nazotu RIP MAYI

  74. chefourpence says:

    was he personally keeping the files at home or travelling with them?

  75. The Patriot says:

    If this brutal murder of a graft busting official does not make you angry and fired up to do something then you have to question your patriotism! Malawi needs a revolution and another generation of martyrs!!! We have to take control of our destiny, do away with the mafia who want to control our banks, politics and our economy at the expense of the populace!! These mafia are worse than Atsamunda! For the past decade there have been murders and looting that is unprecedented in Malawian history. Me and you know who the suspects are and we are doing nothing about it!!! Enough is enough kenaka atigulitsa ndi kutipha tonse, akhale ndi iwowo ndi mabanja awo ndi a kuntundu kwao!!

  76. natasha says:

    Ina lilah waina lah rajuuni. RIP brother

  77. BigMan says:

    K92 billion bla bla bla bla bla……… The report that was just released shows a different figure from K92 billion but as usual Malawians are still talking about the fake K92 billion. FACTS don’t matter in Malawi, especially for so called journalists whose role is merely to misinform the public.

    Corruption seems to be endemic in Malawian society and the laziness of our people to put controls in place to stop the pilferage just shows how incompetent we are as a nation. WE are a dull nation, full of lazy dull clowns who have no ethics, and no standards at each and every level of our society.

    The result of this is presidents running away into exile after stealing billions from government. PP politicians tried and failed to kill Phwiyo, and it seems in their continued desire to hide from cashgate they have managed to kill this ACB official, may he rest in peace.

  78. its gone too far says:

    This is sad

  79. rough&tumble says:

    Looks like the truth is dangerous to have in your possession

  80. nkunthamasese says:

    Kamlepo Kalua becareful – you are the next target.

  81. nkunthamasese says:

    All ACB and forensic auditors take care. mutha. dpp is full of murderers. They nearly mudered JB at Kanengo. They mudered chasowa, They don’t care about human life. So help us God.

  82. iweni chintokoma zolowere says:

    God Iz Watchng And Ther Iz No Secret Under The Sun..

  83. Swift Bunyan says:

    Of course this had nothing to do with the DPP!

    The honourable president is shocked, appalled.

    He will launch an investigation right away.

    Maybe it will be done in a few years by the time the investigation into the Chasowa death is finished.

    The 92 billion? Yeah.. That might take a bit longer to investigate now.

    Nothing to do with the DPP! It must be Joyce Banda! She stole all the money! She is always saying bad things about the country. She must have killed him!

    What a bunch of crooks and murderers. It will only keep getting worse from here. They want to continue where Bingu left the country. Broke and dangerous. After all, it’s the same people that messed up in his government.

    Poor Malawi.

  84. misheck jasi says:

    Zoopsa zikuchitikazi ndithu komano mwawonjeza munkabera chisankho n cholinga mutisakaze

  85. This is really we deserve all this? The truth will be revealed.. I hve lost my young brother and friend.. May Almighty shower the family with patience … Ameeen

  86. Matchado says:

    I am eagerly awaiting Imraan Sadick’s comment on this very sad incident . Ever since UDF jumped into bed with DPP, Imraan Sadick is full of praise for this DPP Government . Let him praise the government for this gruesome murder of a moslem brother .

  87. How Long do we have to endure this? says:

    I am sure Mary Kachale will require the file of this case too. Ambendela taonani tsopano zomwe zikuchitika?

  88. ibrahim makwati says:

    amzeru ananena kale kuti ndale ndikanyama koophya samala kangakuchite tintini APAMUNTHU NDIYEWAPITA BASI

  89. Muyezo omwe umayezera anthu ena, muyezo omwewo adzakuyezera anthu ena, panthawiyo umaona ngati mulungu akukondera. Mulungu akukantheni basi chilungamo chioneke.

  90. Inna lillah waina ilayhi raj una

  91. I ask Allah to curse the killers forever, may anyone involved be cursed.

  92. Think Tank says:

    We should be wary with this development. Just a few days ago the social media was awash with reports of black list of people who CRITICiSE either the president or government. If a list can be drawn up for criticism,why not for those who are investigating cashgate?

  93. Ineyo says:

    Njauju was a very humble man, you would easily become friends with him in a matter of seconds. May the Almighty receive him and accept his deeds.

  94. It looks normal to the government so bad! I feel so bad to the family shame! On the doers God should punish them.

  95. Zomvetsa chisoni kwambiri, am’pheranji munthuyu mwankhanza chonchi, koma tsiku lina Mulungu adzonetsa chilungamo. Dolo ndi Mulungu yekha.

  96. Siwandale says:

    Dpp are involved

  97. akatswiri says:

    God is watching fr. Rom the distance

  98. patrick banda says:

    I pray that those behind this are exposed and pay for lack of respect for human life,may his soul rest in peace.

  99. Mchikumbe Nthesa says:

    I need to be schooled here, Director of Corporate Services keeping investigation files? The source dies not know what he is saying or the reporter is lying to Malaeians

  100. Issa Twaibu Njauju says:

    My Dear Brothers and Sisters

    My fellow Malawians!!

    I am not stupid that people shot me dead. Anything can happen to you too.

    I did not know that that day was my fate for I worked quite well and chatted peacefully with my colleagues at work. Everything was perfect.

    It is sad that these things are happening barely a half a year when I was elevated to the position of Director of corporate services from the junior secretary of Bureau.

    I must confess that I am gone but this job working for ACB is tough.

    It is choosing between life and death. As an ACB employee, you know a lot of secrets and we cannot divulge them in public.

    People come to us openly and offer bribes and sometimes when we refuse those grafts we risk our lives.

    We cannot be protected either by the government because most of the corrupt case come from the government.

    I am gone but let me say the truth that ACB is a toothless entity. It is controlled by the government. It is a ploy to deceive people to fight corruption but the government officials are the best at doing that.

    As ACB, even if we have evidence, we need to receive instructions from the government to proceed with a case. ACB is not independent. Even the police cannot come up with a statement on this. They are pro-gangsters of this government. Our country will not prosper with NEW WORLD ORDER in the manifesto of the ruling party. It is satanic.

    I am gone, but I tell you it was brutal torture.

    Idyani , Kondwerani, nthawi yanu. Bye !!

  101. Cheyo the real northerner says:

    Cashgate people have killed these person and nothing else. May his soul rest in peace. That is the reason why i have been saying that these cashgate people are a threate to security. We malawians are just too lenient. They were not supposed to be freely enjoying outside maula and chichiri. No no no no

  102. geo stream says:

    Malawi for you. Everything is politics. Some are now happy that investors will not invest in Malawi. Are we cursed as a nation to an extent of frustrating every effort to develop this country simply because our preferred candidates could not make it to Plot No.1?

  103. mbuyuni says:

    Some of us are not surprised to hear that high profile people like Njaunju working in ACB are targeted, especially during this period when reports are out about misuse of public funds. We don’t make sense by having these people killed. Why do we have ACB? Osangoithetsa bwanji, so that you still all the money and make Malawi a country of leaderless. Is this the reason why Dr Kamuzu Banda claimed Malawi from Azungu? Malawians are to blame. Are we proud of someone’s academic profile who lives in contradiction to it?

  104. Imeneyo ndiye DPP, ndimava chisoni ndi amalawi osochera amene anavotera chipani chamagazi chi. Peter muthalika atsuke mmaso amalawi opusawo samakudziwa. Pitiliza pomwe anasiyira bungu. Anuso a opposition tawauzani alimi afodya chaka chamawa asalimeso fodya babeloni agwe basi.

  105. Kennedy says:

    Its obvious, DPP is responsible. Let them keep on riding at the back of a donkey not knowing one day they’ll end up inside and there will be no excuses but face the truth.

  106. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Did DPP shoot paul mpwiyo?

  107. daud says:

    Y investor not coming in malawi

  108. namatikitiki says:

    Mistaken identify. Reliable sources say Mr Matemba has been receiving death threats regularly. The same sources say Mr Matemba’s vehicle and the late’s vehicles r similar and to make things worse Mr Matemba and the late resembled each other, they all wore glasses. The hitmen mistook the deceased as Mr Matemba! This murder has all the hallmarks of Cashgate Mafia. Mr Matemba ur life is in danger u need 24hrs protection!

  109. Manuel says:

    The murderers lack the intellect to know how to plant evidence. If they wanted t implicated the DPP then it was too obvious tb be believed doing this near their leaders’ residence. The same old mafia in action. Their style is becoming too familiar; Mphwiyo issue,area23 accounts lady, even Chasowa issue-dont be hoodwinked!

  110. Lloyd says:

    And we just concluded a high impact investor forum where we did all we could to woo foreign investors. And how do investors balance up what we told them on 29/30th June with this sad development? And the petroda robery/murder is still so fresh. Are we really investor friendly as a nation?

    1. We says:

      And police are killing the petroda thieves because the police have the K46million and they want to hide it

  111. MOG says:

    Bwampini and his cohorts at their usual best. Tiziphedwa ngati agalu, zoona? My mother Malawi….., shame!

  112. vyakuchitika says:

    So sad. Dear God, save Malawi from the hands of the devil.

  113. joseph mvula says:

    Gvnt of dpp in action.

  114. Nivindele says:

    Asilamu onetsani mphamvu, timadalira inutu. Deal with the mafia

  115. Muhiye says:

    Nyasatimes please carry out further investigations. Njauju was never involved in investigating cases.He was director of corporate services and in charge of administration and finance.How come he was keeping files which are handled by investigators? Something amiss here. Otherwise let police carry out intensive investigations into matter so as to expose those behind the gruesome murder. May his soul rest In peace .

  116. chatonda says:

    Truth shall prevail. It may be not now but time will come when those involved will be known and judged. God is the mighty God

  117. Auph says:

    Vry sad indeed rest in peace papa

  118. OBSERVER says:


  119. Kanthu Ako!! says:

    Why not wait until you get a good picture, before boring us with conjecture and political rhetoric.

    The last thing we need is, this man becoming a statistic, and the perpetrators of this atrocity going unpunished because of the unending obsession by journalists especially those from this paper, attributing every ill in this country to politics.

    Are files kept at home now? or are they carried around to the extent that one gets killed for them?

    What does he has possession of files mean” Why did he have possession, why him. from this story it appears he had more than just one file, what was he doing with the files?

    I believe this kind of reporting does more harm than good.

  120. kalulu says:

    In the mighty name of Jesus these killers will be found and may the Lord protect the country from these evil people.

  121. Max says:

    Its obvious thpat this man has been murdered by people involved in cashgate.

  122. Achimidzimidzi says:

    He was in possession of sensitive files linked to K92b cashgate scandal.(Should be the reason). Shot twice and buried. Very inhumane and barbaric.

    I am sure the world is watching and prospective investors will come at their own risk.

    My condolences to family and ACB

  123. Afumu Phiri says:

    Hands of DPP just remember Chasowa, sumunati a Malawi tikanena anathera msizi i wonder why the whole Judge cried when announcing the results of election. Muluzi akuphera azako msilamu

  124. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Not again!

  125. phwiyonaire says:


  126. Kadakwiza says:

    Very sad indeed

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