Malawi Assemblies of God church pledges loyalty to Mutharika leadership

General Assembly of Malawi Assemblies of God (MAOG) has underlined the church’s clear stand to support policies and programmes of State  President Peter Mutharika and his government in serving Malawians.

President PeterMutharika audiences with Assemblies of God executive-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

President PeterMutharika audiences with Assemblies of God executive-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Malawi Assemblies of God Church delegation in an audience with President Mutharika

Malawi Assemblies of God Church delegation in an audience with President Mutharika

Mutharika welcoming Assemblies of God leadership

Mutharika welcoming Assemblies of God leadership

President Mutharika with Assemblies of God clerics

President Mutharika with Assemblies of God clerics

The commitment was made during a meeting between the General Assembly and President Mutharika on Tuesday at Kamuzu Palace.

Having elected new office bearers for  MAOG executive leadership, the church thought it wise to introduce the new team to the First Citizen.

Assemblies of God president  Dr. Edward Chitsonga pointed out that his establishment is in line with what President Mutharika is doing to steer Malawi towards development.

“Malawi Assemblies of God believes that leaders are appointed by God as recorded in Romans 13:1-7. Therefore, our Churches pray for you and your government structure,” Rev Chitsonga said.

“ Malawi Assemblies believes in partnering with the Government in its developmental agenda. In the past, the Church focused only on evangelization of lost souls as its sole mandate. However, our growth and awareness of the needs of the people we serve, has made us re-think our operations. We have decided to become more relevant to the needs of our Country,” said Chitsonga while highlighting several of MAOG’s interventions in Education, Health and Social Services.

In his remarks, President Mutharika asked the church to act as a moral compass for society at a time when social evils are becoming rampant.

“It is our expectation that the church will always act as a moral compass for society not to stray. In this regard, the church should be in forefront in the fight against evils such as Human trafficking; Killing people with Albinism; Mob justice; Jealous and Hate of each other,” he said.

He then promised the church of his government’s support with an understanding that the Church and State co-exist to serve the same population.

“Government very much appreciates the role that the Malawi Assemblies of God General Assembly plays in providing for both the Soul and Body of our people. Together, we fight poverty, we fight hunger. Together we provide our people with education, health services, food, human security, and many more. We are partners in development. And together, we will do more,” said the President.

The meeting was the first of its kind between MAOG and President Mutharika.

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10 thoughts on “Malawi Assemblies of God church pledges loyalty to Mutharika leadership”

  1. OMEX70 says:

    These Pastors are just fortune seekers. Looking for recognition, positions in parastatal boards etc. Nothing else. It mayopic to think that Chakwera abandoned the work of God. Leading a Nation in the fear of God is also doing the work of God. Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord. With Chakwera at the helm of leadership I believe Malawi will be driven toward god fearing nation.

    1. zanga phee says:

      Chakwera is also a pastor. Is he not one of the fortune seekers who quick the pulpit to chase fortune in politics? Contradictions!!!

  2. Harawara says:

    Romans 13: 1-7 is wrongly quoted here. Paul was referring to a Government that was free from corruption, nepotism, murder and abductions. It is an insult to the Holy Spirit to refer a corrupt DPP Government as institution set by God. A true Church stands for and protects the poor who are not in Government.

  3. Becks says:

    How is Chakwera coming into this equation? I am failing to understand. Njuchi zikamaluma ziri ndi madzi/uchi.

  4. Bandawe says:

    Assemblies of God Ndi church chomvesa chisoni. 1 since 1947 alive ma structures olozeka. Like schools, hospitals, TV station or a mere TV station. 2 the land the church has been owning has been sold off by the greed and corrupt Pastors a good example is magalasi assemblies of God the whole land was sold off . 2 The are no checks and balances on pastors they eat church money like personal estate no reports to the church members who r the milk cows. 4 The pastor are personally the richest compared to pastors of other established churches. The best for the glutton and greed pastors to be controlled is for government to introduce a 1% levy for all the money collected in churches this LL make all churches to be accountable.

  5. Central says:

    Then the President of Malawi gathered the prophets together, four (400) hundred men, and said to them, “Is my government a corrupt government? Are you going to support my government?”

    But Jehoshaphat (today these are ordinary Malawians) said (and are saying), “Is there not still a prophet of the Lord here in Malawi, that we may inquire of Him?” Able anthu tithawire kuti kodi…………………..?

    And Micaiah said, “As the Lord lives, whatever my God says, that I will speak.” (2 Chronicles 18:13), the current governnment is too corrupt………………….!!

    Malawi is lacking a “Micaiah” not fortune seekers like these pastors from Assembly of God!! “God have mercy!!”

  6. Kokani says:

    Mapwevu sumamvadi koma iwe sulankhule za Chakwera lankhula zambuya wako mathanyula akulephera kutipatsa magetsi madzi nyanja alandanso koma mathanyula bolaso Joice. Sitipeza dziko atatilanda ndimablack out awa. He is going to UN ife tlili mumdima komaaaaaa chitsiru ichi.

  7. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Shaaa! Whither Chakwera? Basi now my dear texas-tongued reverend doctor has nowhere to seek refuge when expelled from MCP. It just shows that his joining of politics was not sanctioned by God but inspired by greed. Emalile vava!

    1. Mwana wa Pa GOVALA says:

      Nawo che Chakwera matama basi, nzeru alibe mpaka kumuthawa Mulungu ku ntchito yake kutsatira mussulukhu lero Namalenga watemetsa nkhwangwa pamwala pando siuzauona m’phwanga. Ife tikatonenaje kuti koma Che Chakwera akatolamulira Malawije? Bakilitu anali Katswiri ndipo Dzanja la Yehova lina,usankha panafikila iye kutenga mpando wa Mulungu si zocheza. Akapanda kumanga nyumba Yehova akuimanga aimanga chabeeeee

      1. Nabitiya says:

        hahahahaha koma awa a kwa Govalawa ndithu ndi omvetsa chisoni….nanga pamenepa mwalembapo chani? zokha zokha mbwelera izi….basi ndasiya ma arguments opanga ndi mbuli umayalukapo ndiwe wanzeru….mmmmmmxxx

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