Malawi assets director arrested for interfering with cashgate cases

The newly-appointed Director of Public Officers’ Declarations Christopher Tukula was on Friday 17th October, 2014, arrested by Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) .

Tukula:  Arrested

Tukula: Arrested

The corruption-busting body’s spokesperson Egrita Ndala  said in a statement  that  Tukula was arrested for allegedly interfering with investigations the on-going ‘cashgate’ cases.

“The Bureau had established that Mr. Tukula was interfering with potential witnesses by causing them to give false information to the Bureau,” she said.

Ndala said the bureau had earlier obtained a warrant of arrest for Tukula but the Assets Director – through his lawyer Ralph Kasambara – obtained an injunction which has since been discharged by the High Court in Mzuzu.

“He will be taken to court after the bureau has recorded a caution statement from him,” she said.

Tukula’s arrest puts in limbo the future of the newly-established office of the Director of Assets Declaration which was received with fanfare. His office was established to ensure that public officers, including the President, the Vice President, members of Parliament and senior public officers, declare their assets to check corruption.

Being the first ever Assets Declaration Director, Tukula was supposed to establish the office, recruit staff and start receiving the declared assets for the public to scrutinise on demand.

President Mutharika, his deputy Saulos Chilima, cabinet minister and MPs were supposed to declare their assets within 90 days (three months) upon election or appointment. But since there was no director the deadline has long passed. Although Mutharika and Chilima have said they have already declared their assets, the public has no way of inspecting the declared assets since effectively there is no director.

The idea behind the declaration of assets by elected or appointed officers is to check whether whatever assets they acquire while in office is commensurate to the perks of their offices.-Pana

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70 thoughts on “Malawi assets director arrested for interfering with cashgate cases”

  1. Chifuniro zidana says:

    Key mukamtaye ku nkhalango kut asa0nekenxo.

  2. chiso says:

    onse amangidwe basi

  3. Bonty says:

    Kasambala shd oso be locked

  4. Malawi mbava says:

    Ok anachekera manja anyani kuti azikagwira kwambiri mpira koma soka ananamiziddwa anayamba nazo kuba ndalama zaboma ndiye osadabwa poti mtima wa nyani ndiwoba mbewu za anthu mminda basi

  5. Gogo-Chatinkha says:

    Musadane naye for nothing…..Chris Tukula has done nothing wrong! This guy could expose all the dirty laundry and linen of the Ruling Party DPP…..The Arrest of Tukula is just a Political Vendata to defeat criminal justice of corruption in Public Sector and Private Sector

  6. mau owawa says:

    Zonse ndi mbava, stupid

  7. Oh says:


  8. Jabulosi says:

    PAC, You have appointed a CROOK/THIEF to this office of integrity!!! How do we progress as a nation???? Thieves/Crooks are defending each other as can be seen now. Suspend this guy from that office before things get out of hand. He is NOT the right person for that office!!!!!

  9. Nyapala says:

    Useless womanizer and Kasambara is mentioned again. This guy has to be locked up by the end of next year to correct his behavious. Kasambara is almost all theft cases.

  10. Mbanangwa says:

    I am perplexed, did mr Arthur munthalika know about this guy? Did he appoint him to help in tampering with some information or some type or what?

  11. Ernest C Nyirenda says:

    Lets wait for the ACB’s recording on the matter before we air out our opinion

  12. tsamba says:

    I am in this Government but I am not a thief and so are many people. Mulira mpaka maso kutupa muli ku oposishoni. Mutukwana mpaka kumaliza zonse. Uku Boma likuyenda

    DPP oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    APM oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. kondwani nyasulu says:

    Che tukula anyamata ophunzira ngati inu chomwe mukuzisandulitsira zitsiru chifukwa cha mabulutu anthu okuba a cash gate ndi chiani? Kodi ma lawyers akumalawi makamaka inu achinyamatakonu kodi ndinu anthu otembereredwa? Kodi Ku chanco munaphunzira zoteteza mbava basi?zachisoni sukulu sinakupindulireni.pamene anthu akulira kufa kusowa mankhwala muzipatara inu muli busy kuteteza anthu a satanic a cash gate,but why Malawian lawyers you are a curse to our mother Malawi and you need deliverance otherwise nonse muzafa infa yoyipa

  14. Kampango says:

    I am sure there is evidence for his arrest. Sumafuka popanda utsi, whether they are a bunch of thieves or not but the fact is that siumafuka popanda. Let’s wait for the courts to decide before we make any judgments otherwise tidzayamba kukhumudwa nazo. stay put.

  15. chibade says:


  16. James says:

    Looking honourable yet Thieves. What do your children say then about you.

  17. peter says:

    Very sad development. Are we fast becoming a nation of fools? How on earth can a person given the responsibility to protect public purse through monitoring of unacceptable accumulation of wealth by public servants (read public thieves) be the same protecting thieves? I just hope that this story is not true.

  18. Chilima wa tuma change says:

    DPP & PP have one mother who is by nature a thief genetically. Muluzi went to prison bcoz he stole money. We put him in power 1.7 billion Bingu 92 billion APM MHC HOUSES & JB 13 billion. APM stands for Apa Pali Mavuta=THIEF.

  19. Dr. Godfrey Mvuma says:

    Malawians are already reaping the fruits of voting for corrupt DPP government

  20. The Patriot says:

    How would the office of Director of Assets influence witnesses in the “Cashgate” cases? How is Mr Tukula connected with Cashgate witnesses? Something does not add up here. This office was appointed by the President and he should be well known by either the Presidency or his crop of so called advisors and he is supposed to tow the line of the government! ACB in Malawi does not pounce on a government official unless he has fallen out of favour with the powers that be! How can the Assets director fall out of favor? Of course if he goes after the corrupt and powerful who do not want to declare their assets or they want the declarations thereof hidden from the public!!!

    1. DODOMA says:

      patriot udindowu anapangidwa advetise munews,and anapita kuma interview a public affairs committe (pac)yaku pariament .xikuti anasakha ndiapezident.and ur information pac is headed by ligson belekanyama wa mcp.koma as now ndayamba kuluza hope kwa achinyamata (luk phwiyo,tukulayi,ngakhale director general wa acb akundikaikitsa ngat angachite deriver).dis is so bcoz the system xikupanga suport.although khaniyi inalipo kale b4 his appointment ndikunanso kt afuna to shake him!

  21. BENGO says:

    Ndiye kumangana kulipodi!

  22. Love your neighbour as yourself!! says:

    Malawi under cowboys!!! What do you expect from a government of thieves? If you screen them all, you will be amazed to find them all rotten!!

  23. galiyondo says:

    Guys we should keep our patience its too ealry to comment

  24. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba, formerly known as Obanda Joyce Ntilen says:

    Tukula is full of shit. I’m not surprised

  25. mabuluku says:

    Nthawi zina tisamafulumire kuyankhula tisanaone tsogolo lankhani. Inu mukuti ndi za ndalenu talekani tione kuti zikathera pati coz ngati nzoona sichanzeru kuti munthu oona kuti mmboma anthu sakuba azichitanso mchitidwe umenewu. LET’S WAIT AND SEE

  26. mavuzi says:

    Feels ashamed to be a malawian where everything is in total mess. Those who had false hope in president Peter Mutharika have wasted my time and that of my grandchildren by 10 years

  27. johnM says:

    Tukula is obviously a southerner as most top Government jobs go to Southerners and like all southerners, corruption comes naturally to them. You can’t expect much from Southerners

  28. Zale P says:

    let the law take its course

  29. chidiso says:

    {iwe kanyimbi kambewa konunkha} dpp is the parent leader of cashgate then pp was just following what the parent do.

  30. Munnyabu says:

    Malawi judicial system very very porous how can a athug, looter suspect defend another shd we trust the credibility of out comes or just awaste of time and resources

  31. Makito says:

    This is DPP machinations. Tukula is a tool to be used. DPP is very good at Blackmail. Ask Adada Goodal Gondwe, and that PS who was the only signatory to a 20milion account.

    1. eye eye says:

      Mr makito..dont talk in parables…these are the issues to brought out in public for action to be taken…otherwise nothing will change…expose any evil acts where necessary….tell us more about these mk20m..plz…only then will people be careful before embarking on evil-cashgating malpractices with our hard earned money

  32. ES4E says:

    Thumbs up ACB

  33. Jonasi waku swaswa says:

    Shame!the government of thieves.

  34. Gum says:

    Everything concerning C/g Raph is involved.

  35. John says:

    Believe me, more revelations will come. I told you APM can never appoint anyone into office if she/he will be a pain to his political aspirations. There they are. Lets us wait for this FMB anti corruption guy too( APM’s guy). Onse abvumbuka, one by one. You cant be clever forever. There is always room for slip ups.

  36. Wachitaganya says:

    There is more to this story than what meets the eye. I reserve my full comments till its known which particular cases he was interfearing with. Suffice to say that real justice will never be dispensed in cashgate cases. The looters have lots of cash and they will do everything to escape justice.

  37. Mtupatupa says:

    Sad development

  38. Ticoon says:


  39. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Is it the hand of God or of satan? Let’s wait and see.

  40. Taweni says:

    This is as expected. This govt stole an election and this will haunt them through and through.

    They don’t have credible people to handle state issues.


  41. Amunandife says:

    Fellow Malawians, I like Ukrainians Campaign on corrupt officials called Dustbin Briefcase.This is the campaign in which all suspected Corrupt MPs and Government officials are dragged and thrown into the dust bins for almost 20-25 minutes while they are in their corruption money bought suits and briefcases. What do you expect from such director who will defending his known corrupt cases in court and yet he expect others to be corruption-free

  42. Alungwana says:

    Like father like son. Elected corruptly and electing coruptly. What qualities did you check aise APM when you appointed this crook Tukula?

    1. mmihavani says:

      Alungwana, some of you that’s why you failed to pass simple exams. Tukula was not appointed by APM. The public appointments committee of parliament, chaired by MCP, advertised this job in papers. Tukula and others applied, shortlisted and got interviewed where Tukula emerged the winner. Please get facts correct before you write shit. You just expose your ignorance. That’s why Malawi will never develop bcoz of too many educated savages.

      1. kanchenga says:

        That explains it. So dpp flames him up because he is not their choice. Now I can see clearly.

  43. Ineyo says:

    U kno ur in Malawi when asset director is represented in court by a lawyer who is also answering charges of money laundering and the assets director is arrested for interfering in this cases.

  44. lastone says:

    Ethical scandal. My good lecturer has to resign

  45. chichi says:

    cry my beloved country! Don’t see any future for better Malawi.

  46. Livulezi river says:

    This is a setup case guys! There is more to it than meets the eye! All the players in this case should not fool us. Zambiri timva tingoti pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Malawian I feel sorry for you how can you trust crookss this is a rottern country you deserve to surfare DPP+ UDF= Akawalala(thieves) God can not forgive you they alot of nasty things happened during maulamuliro awiriwa.

  48. Big brain says:

    Aaaa amataninso paja boma rushing to arrest

  49. Marvericj says:

    So you wanted him t freely interfere with court witnesses! Kodi a Malawi tulo timeneti bwanji, why can’t you make comments that makes sense, not accusations that are not tallying with issues @ hand!

  50. malawian says:

    Tukula wanted to hide wha jb bought with jetgate money, cashgate and maizegate. bravo ACB there is no politics here

  51. mmihavani says:

    Tukula people told you not to associate with Rafaelo he will land you into problems. Look today. Rafaelo used you and it’s following you up. We knew you partook in the cashgate funds. Thugs used lawyers client accounts to launder money. Watsala Wamponah Kittman, amangidwa posachedwapa. Before you Rafaelo used Chifundo Ngwira. Lero Chifundo Ngwira is self exiled kuopa kubwera ku Malawi kuno. Ma lawyers mmadziona ngati madolo.

  52. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    You haters. read the story again. So you want the guy to be left scot free to suit your convenience. Walakwa. walakwa lamulo ligwile tchito. Boma lilemba wina and assets will be declared. Upezeni. After all Government has already shown its commitment to establish such an office of Director of Assets for the first time ever. Wabwino atani onga Fungwe?

    APM oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    DPP oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  53. MaiMai says:

    Kasambara you see now guys how he is everywhere to try to sale false information so that he can escape cash gate. RK is at the helm of massive routing.

    RK is the one who influence new asset director we know it already it’s a chain. ..Chilima, Kaphale, apm, Atupele kam Bakili and a big number of dpp gurus are there to suppress cash gate investigation. …We know it plainly.

    RK sees that if Sithole goes to Jail, ndoubt him and lutepi are in.. ohoooo

  54. Suche says:

    Something is wrong here. The arrest of Tukula is positive. Why is he coaxing witnesses with false information? I suspect he is not alone. Someone might be influencing him. And his lawyer …. It’s not summing up. It’s all smoke!

  55. munyasa says:

    so he is also cashgate from bingus time

  56. Bantu says:

    So, Public Appointments Committee of Parliament went ahead to hire Mr Tukula without doing any background checks? This is grave incompetence on the part of PAC.

  57. CHAVULA says:


    1. Oh says:

      madzi saiwala khwawa

  58. Samuel Kulupajiri says:

    Last time I checked, you do not need a Director to tell the truth about things that belongs to you. An example is Bill Gates. The world knows, and we are told that he is the richest. Malawi, after so many years of self rule should be better off than it is today. Malawi needs Leaders that really loves their country. Education is the key to end all this mess.

    1. Bantu says:

      The alleged offences, bwana, were committed before he became director. He was then acting as a private ptactice counsel.

  59. eye eye says:


    This has serious implications for his office and reputation……..

    Imagine a cashgate suspect defending another?

  60. Kenkkk says:

    Very serious development with far reaching implications for both the govt, the cashgate saga and malawians.

    They don’t need an asset director to declare their assets. This is a lame excuse. Assets have to be declared to parliament and the speakers office can handle that.

    After all they are just records for politicians of the day which the speaker’s office can manage and supervise. Other countries do that.

    It is just lies claiming that they can’t declare their assets because there is no asset director. Whether this guy is arrested or not they should still all declare their assets publicly.

  61. Mob Justice basi says:

    This is solid evidence that APM and his bunch of thugs are not going to give use justice regarding Cashgate. Both this man and the one who is going to head ACB are APM boys and are their to protect the mother of crooks and thiefs, the mighty DPP-UDF coalition headed by APM. Its time to put the law in our own hands, otherwise our suffering will be in vain. And this man Kasamba is possessed, pitty its not ebola he has.

    1. Kanyimbi says:

      Do not confuse us. The man was telling cashgate witnesses to give false information. By the way cashgate is a product of PP and not DPP.

  62. kukhala says:


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