Kulemeka Mothers Day bash showcases K7m Ngoni attire

A modest wish to enjoy with fellow mothers on Mothers Day, Wednesday 15th, witnessed close to K7 million worth of women’s Ngoni attire.

Kulemeka Mothers Day Ngoni swag

Kulemeka Mothers Day Ngoni swag

All home owner and landscaping business guru, Kondwani Kulemeka, wanted was to share her beautiful gardens in Area 10 with fellow women in celebration of Mothers Day, but what happened is beyond her expectations.

“We wanted to enjoy ourselves clad in Ngoni regalia for women. I am overjoyed that over two hundred women were indeed dressed in beautiful Ngoni dresses and head gear. The place was beautiful and looked so
wonderful,” says Kulemeka, who says as a Ngoni she wanted to promote the elegant Ngoni fashion and enjoy Mothers Day in style.

At K35,000 an outfit, over K7 million was spent collectively in purchasing and producing the women’s Ngoni outfit. Some of the guests were not necessarily Ngoni by culture.

As many other women headed for the lake, a big number of women dazzled passers-by as they drove to Stone Palace, the Kulemeka’s residence which is popular with an outstanding garden of flowers, trees and grass, and is a must-go spot for newly weds for wedding pictorials.

Guests to the shindig were asked to bring a bottle and enjoyed their favourite brai of local to other types of chicken, meat and vegetable savouries.

Gate pass was K6,000 per head.

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Kondwani banda

Two of the ladies are anya singini aka mrs Ghambi the hubby used to wk for malawi army he was a pilot


zanu izo ife nde tinanjoya…. keep it up next time tili konko. The invite just said ngoni attire aliyense amavala zachingoni according to her….Nsanje amalawi tapanganitu ma bash a culture yanu tione!!!! mimbazo ndi zathu, ndalamazo zathu vuto lacho nchani ada!!!


So fat and ugly. Malawi must have some of the ugliest people in the world!


modern ngoni attire. kale izi kunalibe


Azimayi munatchena ! tasilira enafe tinali kutali, next year moto moto! asafuna asamuke!


Winawe ndiye ukufuna uoneke odziwa lero za zobvala za chingoni, za Amalawi? Ati Ngwazi, chani chani……….mwasowa chochita. poti mayi kulemeka wayambitsa? Unali kuti nthawi yonseyi?? Tamakangodyani matewera ngati mwasowa chochita.


Mwasilira AMalawi, (akaidi) mukuti inu mukudziwa attire ya chingoni, ya chi Malawi, ndiye kuti chani? Ndimayesa Angoni akumalawi anachokera ku South Africa? Nsanje idzakupengetsani nanunso inu!!


Enawo ali deformed ndi ma ARV’eti nanga khosilo? The lady third from left and the last on the right ayayayayayaya. Pepani. Plan for lipo…….it works


Kusowa zochita.


Za ziii!! Vambula salt.This is south African attire not Malawian,show our attire ie Malawian.Nthawi zina tizikhala ndi nzeru popanga zinthu.Am angoni but I will not support this nonsenses called ngoni attire I never known this as our attire sa attire.


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