Malawi Auditor General leads SADC to first ever unqualified audit report

The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) got its first ever unqualified audit report under the chairmanship of Malawi’s Auditor General Steven Kamphasa.

Kamphasa captured at the SADC Summit - Picture by Chikondi Chimala, Mana

Kamphasa captured at the SADC Summit – Picture by Chikondi Chimala, Mana

This came out Thursday afternoon when Kamphasa who is the Chairman of the Audit Committee of the 15 Member regional bloc, presented the 2015/2016 audit report of the SADC Secretariat’s finances as part of the 36th SADC Summit of Heads of State and Government in Mbabane, Swaziland.

In an interview after presenting his report, Kamphasa said that that during this reporting period, the Secretariat performed exceedingly well in that it followed up all set rules and procedures under internationally acceptable public service accounting standards.

“I am proud that during this period the Secretariat accounted for each and every cent that it was entrusted with and that my committee performed exceedingly well in following up performance of the Secretariat.

Even SADC’s various Development Partners were impressed with the performance and the oversight role provide by our Committee,” said Kamphasa.

Senior Officials of SADC who comprise Principal Secretaries applauded Kamphasa for the ‘commendable job’ and guidance provided to SADC in the usage and accounting of it finances.

For its operations, SADC depends on financing from Member States who were expected to contribute US$41.085 million and International Cooperating Partners who were expected to chip in with US$32.655 million for the 2015/16 period.

During his tenure, SADC has fully computerized its accounting system and adopted internal accounting standards leading to enhanced image, trust and faith emanating from the transparency and accountability that the systems have brought.

The Secretariat during this period also fully automated its Procurement Management System to address challenges such as long procurement cycle, quality of data, information access, compliance, and systems integration.

Kamphasa chairs the Committee whose membership comprises professionals from Lesotho, Seychelles, Mauritius, and Zambia.

Malawi took over chairmanship of the committee in 2015 and will hand over the chairmanship to Madagascar in 2017.

The Summit is being held under the theme ‘Resource Mobilisation for Investment in Sustainable Energy Infrastructure for an Inclusive SADC Industrialization and for the Prosperity of the Region.’

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15 thoughts on “Malawi Auditor General leads SADC to first ever unqualified audit report”

  1. Vyaluta says:

    Galu ameneyu he is being rewarded for not disclosing the names and reducing 577 to 236 what ever, galu

  2. President Chidakhwa says:

    With this auditor general I question its credibility. If he can hide names from the first cashgate to the second. how can he give a qualified opinion for the first time since inception? There is a window dressing issue here. Let us ask the Auditor General of South Africa, Zimbabwe or Mozambique conduct an audit and give us true opinion, not this window dressed one.

  3. Munyane says:

    School terms are sometimes confusing koma Tampa basi

  4. Patrick Phiri says:

    Why do you call it “unqualified” audit report, yet our Auditor General claims his Committee has done exceedingly well. Please educate us the laymen.

    1. pingo says:

      In auding unqualified report is a good report. Zaveka?

  5. Kokani says:

    But you are failing to disclose the ministers who stole our money here at home. Useless.

  6. Phyuta says:

    I need to be schooled on the language. After applause from various stakeholders, why do you call the report unqualified ? Is it part of the negative attitude of Mr. Chizuma, even where credit is deserved ?

    1. MF Jones says:

      I’m confused!

    2. Opals says:

      @Phyuta: An unqualified audit report means a clean report whereby the auditor has not found significant problems. The opposite is true for a qualified report. What is qualified or not is the auditor’s overall opinion on the state of affairs of the organization being audited.

      1. kkilembe says:

        Useless. An unqualified report means external auditors such as Pricewater House or Baker and Tiley were not engaged to do an independent audit. This report is useless

        1. JJB says:

          Don’t comment if you do not know what you are talking about. Someone asked a genuine question, they need to be given a correct answer, not your shit.

      2. Phyuta says:

        Thanks a lot for educating me on what unqualified report means. This is not my area. I’m a farmer.

    3. Allied Force says:

      Unqualified audits are performed according to accepted accounting principals, with an emphasis on detail and accuracy…


    4. Peter says:

      Phyuta, in short the unqualified report in audit/accounting terms means there were no querries in the financial statements. If it was a qualified report it would mean there are some querries in the financial statements.

    5. zamakora says:

      Unqualified here actually means positive. It means there was no misappropriation or misuse of funds.

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