Malawi beat Tanzania 1-0 but booted out of World Cup on 1-2 aggregate

Malawi national team on Sunday defeated Tanzania 1-0 at Kamuzu Stadium the second-leg of the 2018 Fifa World Cup preliminary qualifier but were eliminated in the World Cup following their 0-2 defeat in a midweek first-leg fixture in Dar es Salaam.

Gerald Phiri trying to win the ball...Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Gerald Phiri trying to win the ball…Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Micium Mhone in action...Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Micium Mhone in action…Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Micium Mhone in action...Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Micium Mhone in action…Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Chiukepo Msowoya tightly marked...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Chiukepo Msowoya tightly marked…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Ernest Mtawali giving instructions to Robin Ngalande...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Ernest Mtawali giving instructions to Robin Ngalande…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Limbikani Mzava ready to take a throw in...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Limbikani Mzava ready to take a throw in…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Gabadihno Mhango in disbelief after the game...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Gabadihno Mhango in disbelief after the game…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Chimango Kayira's reaction after the final whistle..Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Chimango Kayira’s reaction after the final whistle..Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

Flames line up againts Taifa..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Flames line up againts Taifa..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Malawi needed to win by a three-goal margin to sail through, or at least, 2-0 to force the game into penalties.

After John Banda scored in the first half, it have hopes to Malawi fans that they game could go in the home side way.

Come second half, the Flames made several changes introducing Isaac Kaliat, Gabadihno Mhango, Robin Ngalande for Gerald Phiri, Micium Mhone and Miracle Gabeya.

Only the presence of Kaliati and Ngalande changed the tempo of the game us Mhango looked not fully fit.

Mzava and Msowoya nearly secured an equalizer but alas Ally Mustafa denied them scoring opportunities.

The visitors resorted into delaying tactics as they faked injuries and after putting up a grand performance the Flames could not force a draw.

There was total silence inside the stadium, as only a section of travelling Taifa Stars fans were chanting in praising their players.

“It’s pitty we did not qualify,” said Malawi coach Ernest Mtawali immediately after the game.

On the way forward, Mtawali said he is going to build on the team he has assembled, saying there is a lot of talent that need to gel together.

“We need to get more friendly games ,” he said.

Taifa Stars coach Charles Mkwasa he was pleased to qualify but gave credit to Malawi for “wonderful performance.”

He said: “I should congratulate Malawi for putting up a good fight.”

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67 thoughts on “Malawi beat Tanzania 1-0 but booted out of World Cup on 1-2 aggregate”

  1. sunduzlwayo says:

    Malawi should focused on women’s boys are just worsing public money.. b

  2. kwatani says:

    Thumbz up Ernest you have maintained our pride by featuring a winning team in that crucial encounter. Kamuzu stadium deserves respect, kutichinya pamanda pathu paja it could have been an insult. Maintain the winning team and the winning formula. Koma akulu akulu ena wanted your failure and zoti we won the game akwiya nazo

  3. Elesan Milcaf says:

    lets just wish our lovely flames bright future by calling upon GOD’s grace

  4. weniweni says:

    I see brighter future in Chirwali/Rhamadan and the Boyz. Try asking a bunch of 20 people to come up with just 5 players who were supoz to be in the squad, trust me you will definitely stick to Mtawali. Only when the acceptance will start from the stands(supporters)thats wen Malawi will start producing better results. The team does not need another coach nor magic players,the team needs much support from us the Monday coaches,government,stake holders,anthu akufuna kwabwino etc. Trust me together we can! I salute Kinnah,i give much respect to Chimodzi and Chamangwana and I see brighter days in Mtawali/Rhamadan and the boys. #zampira

  5. BECHI says:

    Bwana MG2 dont you think flames need reformation in cost cutting as you have done with JCE? If all reforms will not touch football then it will be useless.
    For the sake of reforms am very happy flames are out cz we will save money.

  6. Wing Banda says:

    We got out of de game after introducing of Gaba

  7. Ernest Ntawali says:

    No news here, That’s OK. very normal Malawi

  8. Therere says:

    we lost the game in Tanzania, you could not expect our boys to play well when they had a difficult match the previous day, any way it looks we have a good team. we should learn to listen to the coaches, Ernest said there should be no game between Bullets and Wanderers but you insisted

  9. henry says:

    ine i am ok with the selection of the squd, keep it up coaches we shal see the results later. Its just too eary to point fingures on you, makochi anu aja akhala nthawi yaitali bwanji? Ine ndiri ndi yemweyo. Ngati molinyo akulephe……..

  10. nyongolotsi says:

    taluza-taluza basi, palibe chomwe tachita cha zelu apa,tatuluka basi coaach, ma player onse mbuzi.

  11. Malawian says:

    Great move, onedae we wanna reach world cup finals

  12. twex says:

    Ndinawonela Game Imeneyi Yonse Ithink We Have To Give Mtawali Enough Time To Make It ,It Was Good Game Koma Kulowa Kwa Gabadin Mu Ground Kunawononga Lets Give Mtawali More Suport

  13. The point is we won.but we should praise God for not being with us to qualify.rather we got a lot of problems currently mounting on malawians both economically and basically that need is an extra waste to focus on football when we know even if we did well against tanzania we still couldnt proceed further.

  14. "A NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    What pity is the coach talking about? No coach wil ever take Malawi to the WC even if Malawi can host the tournament in 100 years frm now. Ernest must vacate the post now b4 his employers humiliate him. Any friendly games shud b played by Flames and Malawi Queens and the Queens wil defeat the Flames. BUNCH OF LOSERS. FLAMES MMUST WITH DRAW FROM ALL COMPETITIONS. What a waste and luk at the crowd that was in the stadium very few pipo. Shame shame. What excuses are we going to hear now.?

  15. waseme says:

    Abale tiyeni tiziyamikapo team yikawina ngankhale sitinagwiritse mwayi wa pa home. Anyamatawa anasewera bwino ndithu. Aliyense pakwao amawonetsetsa kuti awine basi. That’s why mataifawa anawina pa kwao. Keep up Flames in the AFCON game. Don’t loose at home ngati momwe tinaluzira ndi Zimbabwe.

  16. drakes says:

    If nothing happens that’s the future team. I saw some traces of intelligence in a new signing Schumacher Kuwali, that boy is good and will be a dangerous striker once he will get used. Msowoya was tightly marked coaches were supposed to substitute him instead of Mecium any way the Coach is doing his work good.

  17. MAIDYAIDYA says:

    What is he trying to say this coach ?We dont want much talking but perfomance should measure him.Empty tin makes a lot of noise you better watch out please.

  18. Mlauzi says:

    Honestly the lads played well. We need a predator who can turn that possession into goals

  19. Charombanthu says:

    Same old story.

  20. AKIJA says:

    Nanga titani a malawi tiyeni tiyiwale zavut zavuta tione za patsogolo basi.

  21. Ma comments enawa amakhala opusa Kinna ndi Bingu chikwakhudza ndichiyani pa game yimeneyi. Kupusa basi osangopanga comment zomwe zachitika dzulozi.

  22. Clement says:

    Gabadihno is not playing for his club but you decided to play him, are you serious Ernest? You want to tell us that Gabadihno is better comparing with Nyondo? You must be a listen coach if you want to succeed.

  23. Tengupenya says:


  24. Nanga titani apa. Madzi AKataika…

  25. chimwemwe says:

    Good work coach. Malawians are overdosed on panado they want quick results no wonder evry one wants to be coach. By the way the biggest two loosers in malawi are kinna and bingu

  26. Ayo says:

    Enanu nsnje coach walakwa chiyani? Coach wanu uja anachotsetsa kina uja anawinapo competetive match?
    Tawatchuleni ma experience players okutha mpira mmalawi muno amene coach wawasiya.
    Stop nonsense.

  27. Choncho ndakunyadilani ma flames.Keep itup.

  28. joj says:

    you say its a pity we didn’t qualify- its actually a disgrace!!!

  29. Bongololo says:

    Nkhani yoseketsa kwabasi imeneyi, especially when you the thought that they really thought that they could qualify for the world cup! Anthu inu, not even in your wildest dreams is there even a remote possibility!

  30. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Malawi cannot win with an idiot and a rotten DPP ruling this country! Mxii!

  31. George phiri says:

    Its all the same algeria ikanatikwapulabe ndiye chimodzimodzi

  32. crazy stuff says:

    Fake hopes every year!!!! Whos stupid?
    Its the fans

  33. Concerned citizen says:

    Congratulations for a win. This is very positive. Please build on this good performance.

  34. Chidantere says:

    Swahili People Will Be Bouted Out Soon,koma Zandiwawa

  35. G man says:

    Let us learn to appreciate guys the team played very well & we won the game. We only failed to qualify but it was a fantastic display by flames, i see success in the near from this squad. Bravo to the coach

  36. munthu wabwino says:

    Better that they are booted out now. Malawi will save money.

  37. Zanako says:

    Tingosiya basi

  38. flames mentor says:

    Malawi needs 3 years holiday so that Mtawali or any coach raises a good national team otherwise relying on TNM league is not adequate to produce dedicated players

  39. Ndikutelo says:

    Zokhumudwitsa komabe mwina yachita bwino ndalama yavuta a APM akati anyade ndi ndalama kenako nkudzapeleka ndie nduna zonse nkubwe pa Tv kuyamikila kuti ndi a chitukuko akuti kuwatchukitsa zaziiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Moses Makoko says:

    Timangozivuta! Tell me the last time an African country did win the world cup. Ng’we, Ng’we, Ng’we!

  41. Mbanji says:

    We need to support Ernest and his deputy obviously with players at the focal point. We have so much talent!!! We can not lie to ourselves that we were meant to win the World but, if you follow our football you will agree with me that there’s a future here and those with resources should come in to help this time. I think we have brains in Ernest and Ramadhani, I am sorry if I have misspelled the Assistant Coach’s name. Let’s send the team Overseas to practice football with best teams on Earth. This team could make wonders but I also call upon our physical trainers to work very hard with our players because I noticed from the Cosafa games where w did very well our physicality was below par. The Tanzanian players were out-muscling us on many occasions and I hope the coach has also noticed this. Possession football is very good and if you combine this with the physical strength then we could do very well. We have genius players in John Banda, Isaac Kaliati, Macium Mhone- but Mhone should at times take his time on the ball and also a bit of physique.. I honestly think that w do have a future. Well done guys, it’s a pity I do not have money I could have been the first to donate towards sending our team overseas. If we could afford to send a delegation of 100 plus people to go Overseas I am sure we could do this. Let’s do this people. Sports is very important to any country because when we do well n sorts, it helps to better sell a Country even when you talk investments, a winning team has the best mentality, winning people could also do business and bring in the scarce resources its called THINKING OUT OF THE BOX RIGHT? People should stop talking about us as donor beggers no, the conversation now should be like Malawi National Team plays good football on the continent and that counts for something considering the fact that we are a small country. When these players find teams Overseas, they could then start sending those Euros home!! Pipe dream? If you did not study hard during your MSCE you could be I don’t know what now but you did something about it by working hard and that contributed to your present situation, you are doing good it did not come on a silver platter you sweated for that and we could do the same with our national team yes, let’s think about it and think about our country! Nothing comes easy.

  42. kunyeliwa says:

    Please Malawi step up forward

  43. Chigawaneni says:

    One of our problems-Malawians is: we are impatient about issues. Lets give the cauch to do his job. How many times has Kinah Phiri been given chance and failed? Lets give Mtawali same time and compare them. Why do we always want to do things the same way?

  44. Watson says:

    Kodi Ng’onamo analakwadi chani? Munthu ameneyu timamufuna Malawi ikakhala pa mavuto pokhapokha chifukwa chiyani. Ubale wa nkhwangwa. Mpatseni mpata wake bwino bwino…he deserves better. I cry for my country. Kuzikonda too much…atumbuka musamukatu!!

  45. Alick Banda says:

    im not happy with that game

  46. Meynard says:

    The truth is Ng’onamo is the best and the highest qualified. Walter you don’t like Ng’onamo. You like atumbuka anzako…Mtawali, Phiri. I keep saying, Maradonnas do not make good coaches. Look at Wenger, Ferguson they never played competitive football but are good managers.

  47. Alick Banda says:

    that is bad malawi to lose the game

  48. Thakwalakwa says:

    Mukumenya bwino ma Flames .Tikudziwa bwino mabvuto anu osowa ma friendlies. Ernest ndi Ramadan Mwayamba bwino. Amalawi tiyeni tisafulumire kwambiri pofuna Ma results abwino.

    Maflames woyee.
    Keep it up.

  49. Afanaze says:

    Kinna kinna kinna kinna…..he has a proven record

  50. ma says:

    Honestly, why participate in such a competition when we are struggling in AFCON? Do we think we could have gone past Algeria if we had qualified here?

  51. Manganya says:

    Tinaiphonya target in the first place,kuwinatu mpira involves a lot things,u can hav talented players koma ndikumangoluzabe,the coach and his tech panel shd know kuti mpira ndi zigoli.its better to play badly but score more goals than kusangalasa anthu with flowery footbal and kicked out of the tournament.Borrow leaf from Tanzanians,their tech panel & the coach are strong coz the hav achieved zomwe amafuna.zinazi zilibe ntchito bola iwo adutsa basi.ife mpira wathu ndiopanda cholinga,tikanangopuma kaye pa senior level and concetrate on junior football in schools,raise structures,have more soccer acadamies etc mwina zikanathaniza,ivory coast,nigeria mali etc r doing fine coz of acadamies,they r exporting more players to europe which has helped to improve their national squads

  52. Aululeni says:

    Amalawi tingopeza chochita china osati mpira, Mpira sititha bola ndalama zimene amaonongera kuthandiza masewera ayambe kuthandiza anyamata ankhonya.

  53. Bololo says:

    Why is the country still wasting money and other resources on the hapless national football team. There are more important things than these aimless ball kickers. Cost benefit analysis: all cost no benefit.

  54. Souja says:

    Malawians enjoys failure,we didnt have to be booted out by TZ,ati bola kuwina home game,zili ndi ntchito yanji,we should strive to be winners not good losers,the same old story thats why even our politians knows that with their mediocre perfomace we will still crap hands,STRIVE TO BE WINNERS MY COUNYRYMEN not GOOD LOSERS!!

  55. Mashamase says:

    Bola nkhunthazi

  56. Trevor Ndhlamin Nkosi says:

    If We Dnt Pump Enough Resorcei In Footbal Forget Of Winning. Nowadays Football Is Advanced

  57. Dokotala Mtabeni says:

    Ife aDPP tasangalala kuti Malawi yatuluka,monga nonse mukudziwa kuti boma lathu lilibe ndalama zopangira sponsor national team. Ndalama bola tizipitira Ku UNGA.

  58. Mwaxy says:

    Congrats flames for de win. Keep it up guyz. Ma advise to de coach z dat u should sometimes buy ideas from ur friend, Swazrimo, i hop he has gud ideas.

  59. i miss kamuzu says:

    no worries. better kufa utamupondako mapwala nzakoyo. we would have met algeria if we had won, so at least this way our bankrupt country will save on forex instead of continuing with a lost cause. ma gate takings onse mukapeleke kwa azimayi a netball agawane.

  60. RSA commentetor Mac says:

    Our target was world cup not that.all in all you have tried Enerst in the presence of your gal friends and relatives.

  61. ... says:

    Minyama yi ikuchitika chifukwa cha DPP

  62. wycliff chijota says:

    Bolako kuwina

  63. Bahati says:

    At least we won at our home ground….thumbs up Flames.

  64. Bibo says:

    It’s gonna be the same story with Africa cup. I repeat, this coach is useless.You don’t win a game by injecting too many strikers.That showed that he panicked with his game plan. The young players might be talented, but they will not pass through Guinea and Zimbabwe in the AFCON.You don’t build a team by flooding it with 95 percent young players in a world cup game.All Malawian coaches have been building teams until the end of their contracts,isn’t that unacceptable?

  65. opportunist says:

    Nice squad and brave show .Keep up the flames

  66. Bandawe says:

    Fruits of a failed coach we need not to give any time to him. Lets straight start to recall Kinah Phiri here and leave the team in his powers, he has proved to be a better coach than all

  67. learnedmi says:


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