Malawi cashbook final analysis report- PricewaterHouseCoopers

Download and read the national audit report on the embezzelment of public funds between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2014 at any of these two links:

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21 thoughts on “Malawi cashbook final analysis report- PricewaterHouseCoopers”

  1. Moto Mtchire says:

    This is not just theft! It is criminal!! And the criminals must be dealt with ASAP– by any means necessary!!

  2. Mwafulirwa says:

    This report is stupid. Why is it pointing to joYisI and pp again? It just concentrates on the period between 2012 and 2014. Have you tampered with it? Over 90% of the stolen money was looted in joyisi’s period.

  3. Puludzu says:

    Thanks GPMG for your tip. But unfortunately I don’t see a highlight of the link to reply under each comment as u have said. It’s only ‘Tweet’ and ‘Like’ that I find clickable. May be I have problems learning this site. As I side I cannot right click, nor copy a link. Please share more how you go about replying, etc

    1. Hoitty says:

      I think it depends on device used. Some phones do not show the option

    2. Amalawi says:

      Just click on the dark bar

  4. MMALAWI says:

    Zakukanikani ku US mwati mudzatibere kuni. Amalawi enanunso chivotevote munavotera mbava pa mpando. Kumudziko chonde tachangamukani. Mukudzimvera nokha. Musakhale ngati mudalodzedwaka.

  5. Frank Ndili says:

    No nef to wait until 2019. These thieves must go and be proucuted by another government. Khoswe akakhala pa mkhate sapheka. These criminals can not proscute themselves. If we boot them now, it will serve as a lesson to future governments. They will never take the people for a ride anymore. Let the nation liberate itself now by rising against DPP government now!

  6. kateleka says:

    Shame on Malawi. Why us why?

  7. Balamanunkha says:

    Hahaha!A puludzu just open it in new tab

    1. Puludzu says:

      I got it now. As you can see, I was the first to comment and at that it said we can download via two links listed below but they were not working. Now I suppose someone has worked on it and edited.

  8. Amalawi says:

    Give us appendices to report, please ?

  9. Amalawi says:

    Where is a messiah for a poor Malawi in the villages if all we elect are thieves?

  10. BBC says:

    Chapter 5, recommendation sub section 5.5.

  11. DEMOCRACY says:

    Thank you Nyasatimes for the job well done. At least I can read for myself

  12. THE WISE ONE says:

    Hahahaha Puludzu wagwa nayo….we are downloading freely

    1. Puludzu says:

      Zatheka amwene. At the time I was commenting the links were not working. Akonza ma bwanawa ndekuti

  13. The real Ujeni says:

    Matope ndithu, people were raising vouchers and invoices, authorised, pay the dubious suppliers and then delete and thread everything. Was wondering how Bingu became a multi billionaire within 7 years together with his fellow thieves and Malawi looks like a country which has just come out of decades long military war. Infrastructure dilapidated and none existence

  14. bus dem shut says:

    iii. cashgate phase 1 ija akuti yachoka pa 92 billion yafikano 570 billion. koma ife ndiye kaya ndithu

  15. puludzu says:

    Are these links really working? By the way how do we go about replying to a specific comment on nyasatimes? This web page does not respond to right clicking, opening new tabs, etc. It’s not even possible to copy a link to a new tab. Please school me how this is done. Safunsa anadya phula. Otherwise I love Nyasatimes

    1. GPMG says:

      For replying to specific comment (like I have done here) you go to the far left on the black band under that comment – you will find the word “reply” highlighted. You click on it and you’re in business…

      1. Puludzu says:

        Oh thanks GPMG. I have learnt the tip. It’s indeed there and it has worked. kudos

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