Malawi cashgate names exposed in drib and drabs

Names of suspects in what is known as Malawi’s Cashgate public finance scandal that rocked the country last year as contained in the British Forensic Auditors Baker Tilly report has started being revealed in dribs and drabs.

Cashgate suspects walk in shame covering their face

Cashgate suspects walk in shame covering their face

Government is yet to formally release details of the comprehensive audit report by the British auditing firm.

Malawians trashed the first audit report, which omitted names of individuals and companies said to be involved in the massive corruption scandal.

In the first batch of list seen by Nyasa Times,  there  is Clive Engineering Company  of   Dennis Mwezi Mhango which cashed MK20,800,078.61;   Covs Landscape Recreation and Nurseries of Omer Daudi Fane Chitipi collected  MK30,965,868.40 and Super Signs  of Alex Black Nyemba got MK600,000.00.

The report also mentions indicted Stafford Mpoola.  He was charged with money laundering and being found in possession of property suspected to have been stolen in a case involving about K1.6 billion.

Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) arrested Mpoola in October 2013 after he was suspected to be involved in siphoning money amounting to K1, 113,397,413.31 from the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) through his company, Stadal Building Construction.

Mpoola was charged with money laundering and being found in possession of property suspected
to have been stolen in a case involving about K1.6 billion.

Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) arrested Mpoola in October 2013 after he was suspected to be involved in siphoning money amounting to K1, 113,397,413.31 from the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) through his company, Stadal Building Construction.

Also mentioned in Kettie Chingoli Kamwangala of Explorations with a cheque payment of   MK16, 750,600.00. She was already charged with money laundering and theft of K28 million (about $70 000) from government and pleaded not guilty to both charges.

The list includes Kaneno Building Contractors with Thokas Satema, Zefaniya Satema and  Ndaona Satema collecting cheques of  MK 27,359,630.43;  MK60,142,560.00;  MK55,182,612.31 and – MK52,466,530.89

Whayo Panel Beating services of Ellard Whayo at Biwi Triangle in Lilongwe appear in the list with K91, 000.00.

Others suspected include Afro Oriental Investments of Jan Davidse, Barbara Ndhlozi, John Douglas Spenser Gray, Hanifa Thomas with payment of MK1, 816,000.00 12. Walusako General Dealers involving Irene Nhlane Zimukilre Mwenechanya and Julia Banda

The list also has Sky engineering of Steven Golden Mwenitete; Dan Civil engineering contractors of Daniel Ndembo, Ziuya construction of Mzipasi Moyo; Standard Freight Services of Patrick Chilalika and Faith Construction Company of Angella Katengeza.

Appearing in the cashgate list also are Megan Construction with MK15 million payment to Doreen Nyirenda and Khumbo Mkandawire; Hardline construction company of  Phyoka Oscar Kaunda – MK17,395,431.20 and Mk15 million to Makhausi constructions of  Fatch Chungano.

Other ‘cashgate’ names in the list are already facing the charges including Sibongile Chimphango, Caroline Savala and Laura Savala.

Businessperson Caroline Savala accused of obtaining about K84.9 million (about $213 000) from Malawi Government pleaded not guilty to the two charges of theft and money laundering.

Building contractor, Laura Savala, is accused of siphoning K160.6 million (about $401 500) through the Ministry of Tourism between July and September this year.

Sibongile Chimphango is accused of stealing K286 million (about $715 000) for payment of services not rendered to government.

Also prominent in the list is chief cashgate suspect Oswald Lutepo, another key suspect Pika Manondo and convicted cashgate prisoner Treza Namathanga Senzani.

The government of Malawi under Joyce Banda leadership hired a British company, Baker Tilly International, to audit its departments between April and September 2013.

The company’s report found the government lost about K13 billion during that period through fraud, theft and unethical actions. The Anti Corruption Bureau said the figure is about K20 billion.

That equates to more than one percent of GDP, in a one of the world’s poorest countries, where state services are poor and life expectancy is just 54 years.

The report says nearly half of the money went to 16 private companies for services they did not provide.

It says this was done by taking advantage of a loophole in the government’s financial management system.

Some 68 civil servants and businesspeople are already on trial charged with graft.

Ex-justice minister Ralph Kasambara and four others face trial for the attempted murder of a former treasury official Paul Mphwiyo who was on the verge of exposing the corruption ring. Mphwiyo himself has also been charged of money laundering and theft.

Foreign donors, who provide 40% of Malawi’s budget, froze vital aid worth around $150m in response.

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149 thoughts on “Malawi cashgate names exposed in drib and drabs”

  1. charles mofolo says:

    kupanda chisonhj

  2. Wanzeru says:

    Steal a chicken risk 14-years jail term.
    Steal MK63million,risk three years jail

  3. Wampwesa says:

    Abweze mkumangidwa, kulimba mtima kotani kumeneko

  4. Moses Yabwalo Namate says:

    These people must be arrested,they can not steal our money

  5. Khu says:

    Mbala zikuluzikulu….mbala,mbuzi zenizeni…pano nde munyela..atinyeni basi

  6. Mbuyomoyotsogolomoyo says:

    @ 111 Tumbukas have no future in Malawi really? When they are dominating the universities, the offices in Malawi? Inuyo what future is there when your dominance is in farms, estates ntchito ku jando, zinamwali and dancing almost naked is that what you call future? You must be an imbecile. Mtundu wanu we can not allow our children to mix with yes because what good can a northerner learn from a lomwe? Mufuna muwaphunzitse kuchindana at age 10? Agalu inu!!! You have thrown your morals to the dogs, galu is better behaved than you and you still have the guts to call yourselves as anthu, anthu my foot!!!!!! Anthu amadya madeya????? You are a shame to human race.

  7. chiphinjo says:

    shame on yo

  8. Komadi says:

    Koma apatu tawona phindu la Federalism? Inetu sindimamvetsa chifukwa chimene atumbuka mumawakondera amayi JB… koma pano ndachiona anali wopepera enough moti mumatapa nawo anyaphaphi inu!!

  9. This money was coming from the government and the government officers were signing the cheques. Who are they? They used contractors to siphon the money and one of them was Leonard Karonga. There are many more and are still working. We want them behind the bars. That is my tax meant for drugs in hospitals.

  10. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Mwaona onse amene akufuna fedo alipanzere zitsiru za anthu

  11. UNDERWEAR says:


  12. nenazako says:

    @ No 107. It is alleged that Caroline Savala was going out with one of the already charged guys not JB’s son – u just want JB’s son – kambani zina.

  13. jimm juma says:

    NO 91 You must be very stupid with your silly comment.

  14. Nyabinghi says:

    Moyo, Kaunda, Mkandawire, Mhango, Nyirenda etc are from the north, we all know that Savala and all those were used by JB’s son Geoff and people from the north, Atumbuka musatitopetse anthu ozikonda inu. kuipa mtima chonchi bwanji? the only way out is if you start teaching your young ones on how to live with other tribesmen other wise you don’t have a future here in Malawi. Ndangodutsamo.

    1. Maseko says:

      Zikanakhala bwino tikamawagwira kumangothira petro kumaotcherathu basi

  15. Delunde says:

    Federalism is coming, slowly but surely Peter Mutharika be warned!!!!!!! Change always comes from the North becuase the genius of this country comes from there. What God has blessed, noone born of woman can curse. Beware I repeat of the ides of federalism. Wina abibidwa.

  16. kadeluka says:

    Kodi mukuti o Harry Mkandawire atuluka mu chipani cha PP? Koma ndiyetu, PP kutha ngati sanza. Nanga Keterina Gotani Hara Mkandawire akuti chiyani atatha kukalalata ku Thyolo kuphetsa anthu? Ukakwera pansana pa njovu usamati kunja kulibe mame. Udatuzuka Keterina wamva, chiphazi ngati nkhwerecho, chikhosi misokomisoko ma ARV akukunenepetsaninitu, amuna ako siuja adabwerera lokumbakumba

  17. Delunde says:

    If you say all from North, it then pleases me. How will you know that its the North that commands Malawi???? In almost all Government offices, they command, in schools, they command intelligence, mumvetsa simunati ntchito kuvala nyanda ndikumavina zimabele pamtunda, pantu…….. panu nonse shupiti!!!!!! I laugh hahahahahahahahaha

  18. Policeman says:

    MPHWIYO is now northerner, Namathanga is northerner, Pika Manondo is Northerner, Carolyn Savala is northerner????? This only confirms how low mindedness these southerners are, and how jealousy they are of northerners. Akamati school, ntchito kumachindana mumakwalala mwanumo even from as early as 9 years old. This tribe disgusts me. I vomit. You are in estates ku North thoo kukhalira kudya mbewa. Ngati muli opeza bo and anzeru kazituteni zianthu zanu ku North uku komwe zikugwira ganyu mu ma estate. You have no shame, northerners have occupied almost all the offices, where have you been and what are you doing? PITANI KU SCHOOL if you want to beat dominance of northerners in offices apo bii you still cry pyooooooooooo!!!!!

  19. MZUZU CORNER ATUMBUKA ,CASH GATE ATUMBUKA, NO FEDERATION WE BETTER SECEDE and leave our malawi free from cash gate , grazy northerners

  20. kudu says:



  21. mkwinda says:

    Mumaziputa dala inu a Tumbuka ndichifukwa chake chinthu chikachitika aliyense akukunenani. mipuno yanu, ugalu bwanu, kuzerezeka kwanu, vindere vakufikapo. mumayerekedwa polalata koma zimakupindulirani chiyani. Mukufuna kucha implicate pulezident wakwathu kuno ku Malawi osaona za kwanu ku Nyika bwanji. koma ndiye nnzeru mulibe akanyimbi inu mwamva. katukuleni kwanu uko ku nyika mmbwelwa, tikakumverani mutayamba kugawananso ma ufumu kuti aliyense adzilamulire. simwaona chisokonezo chalowa mu mpingo wakwanuwo wa Livingstonia pamene Nyondo amene amayenera kumachita za chilungamo akuchita zokondera akwawo ndi abale ake okhaokha mu mpingo. Livingstonia is not a Church of God but a church of Satan

  22. shaibu says:

    akatuluka maina a achawa, alomwe, achewa zili bwinotu chifukwa they are Malawians ndipo amabera dziko lawo koma the Nyikaz kubera Malawi

  23. pette says:

    Padzadza atumbuka apaaaaaaaa! choncho mungathe kuzilamulila nokha????????????????????

  24. Favour says:

    So what’s new here?We already know these names.

  25. shaibu says:

    Most of them are not Malawians but Nyikas. Ndiye a Malawi tikulolera kuti anthu adziko lina adzitibera ndalama chomwechi kuno kwathu ku Malawi? Amenewatu achiteni deport adzipita kwao ku nyika ife a Malawi tipitilire kusunga dziko lathu mwa mtendere. Amene walemba kuti they are Malawians ngi galu kwambiri waona kuti zavuta ndiye adzitipaka ife a Malawi. The Nyikas to be deported back to their home land.

  26. Think Tank says:

    Bright Msaka drives a latest Mercede Benz ML and this does not match with his civil service salary. These cars are very expensive. Sam Madula has a mansion in area 11 and again his salary does not match with this house. These people care thieves and the one that have denies Malawians of British aid.

  27. shaibu says:

    Kodi anthu mumakhuwakhuwa kuti tipatseni dziko lathu ku nyika akupatseniyo ndi ndani! chime mukuyenera kuchita ndikungoyalula mphasa zanu kuno ku Malawi kumapita kwanuko ku Nyika. Wakumangilirani ndani agalu anu dzitsilu muli gone mu ma hotel a kumalawi mukulilira kufuna kwanu osangonyamuka kumapita. agalu zitsilu zopanda nzeru kudzikonda that is why God does not listen to your cries He gives a deaf ear. Dzipitani kwanu uko kuthengere mukadiule mu vyungu nakuzenga nyumba ziwemi uko kwinu. Muli vindre vakufikapo.

  28. Suarez says:

    Some comments just show skewed thinking of some people. How many Tumbukas are on the list above. How much in total is the money symphoned by Tumbukas. Compare it to just One Osward Lutepo or Mphwiyo. The full list have very few Tumbukas but some people due to their hate for Tumbukas can’t see it. Just look at the names above and tell me how many Tumbukas are there? Why do you think the government is failing to release the list. You will be surprised my friend? Get a life, otherwise the hatred you have for Tumbukas will suffocate you.

  29. mbani says:

    a Dennis Mhango ok!

  30. mr chimbwititi says:

    zamanyi basi.atumbuka timangokuonani ngati olimbikira.kani ndinu okuba chonchi ? muphulisidwa machende chaka chino muona agalu inu

  31. munthu wa zeru says:

    Zoopsa izi AMALAWI

  32. spot on says:

    only 9 firms out of 34 are connected to northeners,thus 26%,does this make northeners more cashgaters than the remaining 74%?,,74% of cashgaters are your brethren,please keep on your hatred,but this will never stop us from pursuing federalism,and if you add upp all the amounts connected to northen firms on the list ndiye muonkhetsele ku 112 billion,muone kuti who is the real culprit of cashgate,you will find the answers yourselves,on the other note,i also dont condone thieving of any kind,let alone this was too much,now if the fight against cashgate will be tribalized then i feel sory for this country,once more,federlism will be pursued until it happens,-on your face haters,freeedom is coming!!!!

  33. Kenkkk says:

    PleAse don’t trivialise cashgate, it is not a regional or tribal problem. It is a national problem that has brought untold suffering to the masses of malawians by these few heartless selfish thieves.

    Please publish the full list so that their names are known and shamed when they walk the streets, even covering themselves with blankets. And that is before justice is done. Actually now they are safer and better in custody than walking the streets, people are very angry!! Turn yourselves in for your own safety you thieves!!!

    And you judges we want no
    Mercy, give them very tough sentences in addition to returning the stolen money and seizing all their assets that don’t match their salaries or businesses. And forget your stupid argument of whether someone or public servant was in control of funds or not. Theft is theft, there is no difference!!! The bible says do not steal, that is it!!!

    And you abc, do your jobs right, track down all their bank accounts including those of relatives. Search all their houses for any stashed up cash under the carpets, cars, gardens, mattresses, wall safes, etc!!! Let us recover as much cash as we can from these crooks and thieves.

    God is watching Malawi, more shocking news will Come!!!

  34. Mgwagwa says:

    What a joke! So Malawi government still takes its citizens as FOOLS! Arresting lesser known and lesser money squanderers in the whole cashgate scandal. Where is Peter Mutharika, Joyce Banda, Ralph Kasambara, of course Mphwiyo and Lutepo. Thats bullshit if you ask me. This is not a leak of names because if it were all those people mentioned could have been mentioned on the list. Please,enough is enough dont string us along like headless chickens. Bring us real names maybe we will still have faith in Malawi and its media and the leadership. Otherwise there is nothing new here. Kungotchulapo Atumbuka okhaokha alomwe nda ayao anali mu boma onse osatchulidwa bwa? Trying to diverge the nkhani kuti aziti regionalism foolish. Givevus real names here mxuii

  35. PHYATANGU says:

    This has exposed why the Tumbukas want federation so that they can plunder at will at home. The list is a big shame to the Tumbuka tribe which is marred with theft of the biggest order in history. Why most of the thieves on the list are from the North? But why you guys from the Nyikaland?
    That is why you will never rule this country. You are thi9eves and a bad clan to say the least on the land.
    You must be ashamed and you better stop making this silly noise. You do not own Malawi. Malawi belongs to us all. That is why you have been giving two former leaders names such NGWAZI so that you can eat our money. This is the end of your road to any higher post late alone presidency. STOP COMMENTNING AND MAKING ANY STUPID NOISE HERE IN MALAWI. SHAME ON YOU ALL

    1. Mgwagwa says:

      Sad! Am not tumbuka but its sad that you are buying into the psychology of naming the most hated tribe so you dont question the news and the real cashgate culprits. People who think like you, are the ones bringing malawi development down. Not because you did cashgate but because you lack critical thinking and the psychology behind the whole issue.

    2. namandwa says:

      These are careless remarks my brother. Not all names are Tumbukas here. Why single out a tribe. You are so filled with hate. By the way a thief is called such when he is caught.

  36. Gagago phiri says:

    What about indians they too have looted billions from army police malawi housing etc………

  37. gulukunyinda says:

    koma atumbuka ochepa ali apawa ndiomwe mukukokomeza? Pangani compare ndi mayina enawo. kapena simudziwa maina anu omwe. Mungoti a tumbuka.. anthu 6 pa gulu lonselo mwatimubisalilemo. There are very few tumbuka names compared to thers on that list. Hahaha dikirani list ina mwina adzakhalapo ochuluka apa mwawaposa ndithu. sungani chimwemwe chanu

  38. mpopoma says:

    Those who rely on stealing are lazy. Idiots

  39. mpopoma says:

    Kweni kwiba ba chewa imwee.makamaka ba mulakho

  40. mpopoma says:

    Why too much lhomwes

  41. Chenkumbi says:

    Peter is not publishing the names, that is not his duty. There are people responsible for that job, he is just the president of Malawi don’t bring politics here , you wanted the truth and the truth has been revealed, why are you mentioning about tribes Kumeneko ndiye kusowa nzeru. Makampaniwa ndi mitundu ya anthu? Tamakhalani ndi nzeru azombwe.

    1. Mgwagwa says:

      Chenkumbi, Peter is one of the cashgate thieves. What we want are real names osati kutiuza za achina savala Zoti nzakale kale iya! Kutiona ife kupusa kapena chani? Ache Jumo abwere apa sizausilu zikutchulidwazi. Petuloyo abwere apa atipatse Maina mmesa iye ndi lidala wa dziko. Iweso usatinyase zinalowa politics the monent the leaders started stealing. Ukuona bwa? Apa zuonetsa kuti opanda nzeru ndiweyo Chenkumbi sure.

  42. Mbok says:

    Ambwenumbwenu kuba akufuna ationongere dziko lathu losauka kale ngati limeneli!!! Ofunika angogailidwa theka lawo azaipanga zawo basi

  43. Kapenandiye says:

    Not suprised that there are more northerners and not surprised that calls for federation comes from the north. Let them have their own country so that they do that to Nyika country.

  44. Mbanangwa says:

    Wait for the 92bn report. Moreover the companies from the north did not pocket like Mphwiyo etc. pocketing 1 million, hat is that? Anthu akutuluka pa bail ndi 10 Mita!

  45. kyroc says:

    its just very unfortunate that as poor as our small country is money z being embezzled in large sums. let those who were involved & r found guilty meet the iron hand of justice.they have caused missery amongst us impoverished malawians.there should be no politicising & politiking in this death marked scandle.if amayi z involved arrest her. don.don`t just tell us that lutepo will implicate amayi for him to be set free when in fact is just a well calculated propaganda that once she is arrested u will say u said it. this z total balderdash! i don`t like it even a bit.

  46. Sidix says:

    I’ve carefully looked at the list of cashgaters and the amounts. Total is about 4.5 billion MK of which about 55million MK has been cashgated by northerners. K3.95 billion is cashgated by us in the Lomwe and Chewa as the list suggests.

  47. eee! koma ndiye kuba pomwe ndalamazo kuwagawira anthu akumudzi atha kupanga nazo chitukuko,its more than fisp budget.Tulutsaniso K92 billion,chilungamo chioneke

  48. UKUNGCOLA says:

    Isizwe esakhiwe ngamasela asiyephambili neze. Kulomzuzu nizitika ngezimali zoxhaso ngampha abantu abantuleka ngokuhlupheka bayashona kwangathi ndaba zalutho.
    Nidla izambani likapondo kanti ngapha ikati lilala ezikweni. Amahloni awasekho nezeneze emhlabeni. Ngidabukela abashonile beswela imithi ezibhedleleni zikahulumeni.

  49. MBWIYACHE says:


  50. kana says:

    Atumbuka onse vizeleza yet you say no development in north while all northerners are thieves, wicked, greedy, money lovers. Wizards & Witches!!!

  51. Waiting anxiously for a big fish to be netted

  52. Bob says:

    Why re you failing to arrest these other guys?

  53. Bob says:

    I agree with you. If this government do condone such tribalistic reports. Then they will fall so soon. Any sane politician can not use the venerable minority to advance his stupid greed for his advancement. You will suffer before God takes you. Mumve

  54. mohamad says:

    Frends, controversial at CCAP kanengo congligation. synold now has transfres Chimwemwe Mhango to Euthini away from Ekwendeni. Report say that Nyondo who has sent all his relatives to Lilongwe for a big cash is furious that Christians at Kanego don’t want Nyondos nephew after realizing that at area 49 vestry Nyondo has put his blood sister and an inlaw is at area 47. Nyondos colonization didn’t end there, the entire Lilingwe are his relatives or Chitipa friends. Kanengo Christians have been challenged that SYNOLD OF LIVINGSTONIA CANT LISTERN TO ANYBODY AS NYONDO HAS SENT HIS NEPHEW To spy there. the church should accept them or they will have no reverent.

  55. mohamad says:

    I think as DFID has proposed lets wait for a list from 2005 which will reveal which region has a bigger share. No Aid until this is done, full stop. People of the south you want dodge justice, it will follow your Mumthalika. Tumbukas are not the big fish, where is Khumbo here as claimed???? Stupid Bluits, where is Mama here????? You all fucked, lets fight if you want.

  56. LINESS2 says:

    ACB..please make sure that you also relentlessly follow the local purchasing orders (LOPs) and delivery notes as these may also be fake and NOT genuine……..there is need for physical check on some of these claims on delivery of goods which was hardly there! these crooks!

  57. god is good all the time.adziwa kulanga kwake,ilindivuto laife tose amalawi, tikupemphera mwa chinyengo,pemphero lathu talitaya la mulungu dalitsani malawi.tangoyesa nyimbo chabe osati pemphero.masiku akubwera zosezi zidzadziwika poyera.ndalama zinabedwa tiyeni tiwone patsogolo dzikoli likupita kuti?oti tizingo lozana zala apa.alekeni odziwa kufufuza amalize kufufuza.

  58. MESHO says:

    as the theresa namathanga case shows, the anti corruption is corrupt also. theresa namathanga was supposed to save fourteen years. but she will be out in ten months.why because anti corruption.

  59. Muchizi John says:

    Malawi is run by lunatics. Why allow Mphwiyo bail when he has actually confessed to stealing. Mphwiyo doesn’t own any business. His only source of income is his grade D [P2] salary. How does the govt accept its own money as bail surety. Govt knows Mphwiyo has no money of his own except the one he stole through cashgate. Ndithu dziko ndilotembeleledwa……where could it happen govt getting its own money as bail surety for a thief. Unbelievable.

  60. chikwangwani says:

    Atumbuka amangoona kunyada. Kuba too much. kukonderana polembana ntchito too much. ponyada amati ife anthu ophunzira ife ife ife pamene kuli kukonderana ndi kuba basi. vimangeni

  61. GOD_BLESS_MALAWI says:


  62. chefourpence says:

    kodi atumbuka! ….secession ija mukuopa milandu eti?

  63. Patience says:

    Mr Tamani read comments on this article & you clearly see how divided the country is with all southerners picking out one tribe as if cashgate has only Tumbuka names. The North must be a standalone country to avoid future genocide. Mind you only few companies are reported here leaving out any name that is of the Lomwe. Bingu alone stole 62 billion 3 times the current cashgate & you know which tribe he came from. Peter has purposefully done this to counter federalism. It is a naive person who can’t see his hand.

  64. Thomas says:

    Becoz the Tumbukaz r educated people in Malawi everyone knows it 4 sure

  65. nkunthamasese says:

    Joice Band is a hero. She ordered the audit to be carried out. But we see the present DPP is continueing cashgating (july – Sept.2014.) 92bil. kufufuza kufulumizidwe these people are professional thieves. mukachedwetsa mudzapeza ataba zonse.

  66. ROBERT says:

    The names mentioned in this list are as follows
    Dennis Mwezi Mhango- North
    Omer Daudi Fane Chitipi – Centre/South
    Stafford Mpoola – centre/south
    Kettie chingoli kamwangala- Centre/South
    The Satema Brothets -Centre/south
    Ellard whayo- Centre/south
    Irene Nhlane-North
    Zimukire mwenechanya – North
    Julia Banda-Centre/south/north
    Doreen Nyirenda-North
    Khumbo Mkandawire-North
    Fatch chingano- Centre/south
    sibongire chimphango-centre/south
    Caroline Savala – Centre/south
    Laura Savala- Centre/south
    Ralph Kasambala- North
    Paul Mphwiyo- South
    Osward Lutepo- Centre(Nkhamenya)
    Pika Mandondo-centre/south
    Treza Namathanga Senzani-centre/south

    Out of 21 mentioned in this article 6 are from the North, but the rest are coming from other regions, yet too much noise, bwanji anthu inu????????

  67. ben says:

    Genuine suppliers to the government take so long to be paid, they keep on auditing which is fine but can ausiting take 1 year, these greedy auditors need allowances so 1 days job, they spend 1 month eating allowances how can genuine supplierts survive,Malawi government is not funding hospitals enough, they are not paying water and escom bills, not pay contractors, no funding so many excuses, i wonder how payments for cashgate went through so smoothly and fast.

    Malawi government now is not a good creditor, beware people they are so useless in making payments to genuine suppliers, but if you are a cashgate supplier yes you will be paid fast, so choose your category

  68. Mulibwani? says:

    atumbuka kubaaaa. that’s why akufuna federalism. mumangidwabe muona.

  69. Flames says:

    Yes cashgate will find you there at Nyika state through interpol police as you are not Chamthunya in Xenophobian land

  70. Hehede ku nkayako. Federalismyo mukathawa cahsgate. Unfortunately cashgate has legs and he will find you there at Nyika State

  71. kukukukukuku says:

    Northerners – If this is how we will go, then secede

  72. southerners who cant read and calculate says:

    Anthu osamphunzila inu simutha ku welenga eti, there are more than 30 names and only 7 names are tumbukas. masamu a + akuku kanikani zowona. we Know you hate us. but do the maths before u open ur mouth.

  73. Nabiyeni says:

    Atumbuka akuchita kubisa nkhope kuti tisawaone bwino. Koma ku Nyikaland ziliko after seccession 2015. Ayi alongosi lutani makola chomene.

  74. Nyasa says:

    tumbukas mpaka more than 50% yet they are a very small percentage of the total Malawian population. What a shame! Mbava! Mbava!

  75. Nyapala says:

    Bright Msaka has got latest Mercedes Benz ML series. That is all theft as well. Those cars are very expensive.

  76. Nyasa says:

    TUMBUKAS again topping the list. I have been saying on this forum that Malawi would have been a better place without these tumbukas. Please secessed as soon as possible. Mutengenso joyisi mukamapita. She is on the run after her accomplice, Mphwiyo, got netted. Mphwiyonso mumutenge.

  77. Nkambako says:


    1. gulukunyinda says:

      Mayina,onsewo waonapo atumbuka basi. Kawerengenso nde unene kuti ndi angati ndipo enanso ndi angati. Koma tsankho limeneli mmapemphera kumene? kwa Mulungu yemweyu wa kumwamba kapena kwinakwake?

  78. HU says:


  79. eye eye says:

    eeeeeeh chewing and stealing our cash in Millions and billions and they are pleading NOT GUILTY! KIDDING ME!

  80. Truth says:

    Am happy that these monies where shared by malawians.To some extent it has reached some of us in the village.Which is fair K62b to one person & k90b to more than a hundred pipo.the bottom line is cashgate or no cashgate malawi will neva dev as we expect it.Greedy.

    1. Mirella K. says:

      Kuganiza mopusa

  81. Patience says:

    There is a deliberate attempt to publish names based on tribes thus Peter’s style. Why doesn’t he publish full report for everybody to check whether there was quota system in cashgate. We know the report will include close friends & relatives of Peter. This country is indeed divided & Peter is the one making break apart. For sure a wise president does not edit a report in order to blackmail a tribe. When the 92 billion report is published it will have 99% Lomwes. Tilly report must indeed contain Tumbukas because JB did unite the country. But all those cashgaters must be gunned down because they are evil hearted regardless of their tribes. But don’t forget Peter & DPP will cashgate the cashgated. Mark my words!

    1. MM says:

      Mwapeza poyambira boma la kumpoto poti mwaba kokwanira

  82. John says:

    JB’s name is not featuring in the list, or is it? Now, how will Lutepo(DPP) implicate her? Oh jah by “revising” the Tilly report first, right?
    Desparation at its best!!

    1. Redeemed says:

      Patience, iwe ndi wopenga. Peter has not published any cashgate list. The list you see here is by Nyasa Times, not Peter. Anthu openga mwapanga bwanji?

    2. Mtumbuka says:

      Let us not be talking of tribes here, talk of those heartless people. Be it Lomwe, Chewa, Tumbuka or Tonga, a theif is a theif, no tribe here. Slaughter these haynas. Just smoke them out all at once, we want to know them. These names released are just conduits, the chiefs are still being shielded. Yambirani mu 2005 mpaka lero. No separations or exceptions if justice is to prevail. Amen

  83. norway says:

    Eeee koma nde zinabedwa ee! ma Savala Panti aiwiri shaaaa kkkkkkk

  84. atambwali says:

    Why so much tumbukazi?

  85. Zaukape,mwaiwala anuwake a cashgate

  86. [email protected] says:

    Sadly I see many comments with tribal/regional connotations implying the northerners got the lions share of the cashgate money. Let me from the onset say that any thief whether from the north, centre or south is bad for the development of Malawi. Having said that, if the names mentioned in this article are anything to go by then of the 30 names, 10 are likely from the north. the remaining 20 are from centre and south. It is possible that most are from the south. the names from the north are bundled only in 6 of the 21 companies/groups mentioned. of the approximate total of 4.5 billion mentioned in the article, the amount associated with northern sounding names is 53 million. of course there are no figures mentioned for some of the names. this represents 1% as the figure directly linked to the northern sounding names. And some sad case of a person is mad enough to say over 90% of the cashgaters are from the north? Really? Are we that hateful of our collegues from northern Malawi. how about northerners saying 99% of cashgate money was shared by us from the south and centre and we only had access to 1%? this same conclusion is reached in everything as long as there are more than 2 names from the north then they have dominated be it in football, netball, government, NGO, UN organisation, USAID, British High commission offices in Malawi, everywhere. A Malawi lets direct our energy on positive things zothandiza ife ndi mabanja athu.

    1. Mirella K. says:

      Chinamchina anzathu inu munanyanya tsankho…manyazinso mulibe ndithu

    2. chiperoni2 says:

      39 you are right. Tribalism, regionalism, sexism and other such vices will not help us build our country. Some people are bent to create hell in the country that is peaceful. It is unfortunate that the leaders we choose are also tribalistic. May God help Malawi!

    3. DA says:

      I respect your comment and I agree with you when you shame people’s hatred for people from the North. But, you cannot expect 1/3 cashgaters to be from the north as although it makes up for around 1/3 of Malawi’s land, it only makes up for 10% (1/10) of Malawi’s people.

      1. Mabvuto says:

        DA, well observed. It is true.

  87. Peter Benga says:

    Guys musawade atumbuka.Anthuwa nganzeru kwabasi

    1. Nyasa says:

      Kkkkk… iwe wandimaliza kwambiri. Ndi anzeru atumbuka cause kuba ndi nzeru? Oooh I forgot paja they are also good at Nzuzu cornering eti? MBAVA! MBAVA!

  88. kachasu says:

    hehehehe! atumbuka mwachitika uli????
    Para mukakhumbikanga kuti sono mukhare na charo chinonono..pera mukuba makopara chomene. ndawona sono apo mufunirenge federation, kufuna kujumpha cashgate iyo mwaichita uko ku Malawi charo cha eni waqake . Muri vizereza nadi chomene inu batumbuka bose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. SAULOSI cHILIMA says:

      Paramount Chie azeleza mbauso na nyoko.

  89. vindere says:

    You mean you Mulhakos, Gule and Achawas can’t defferentiate the names of a tumbuka as regaerds to the other primitive tribes of Malawi. Check the list properly and you will find that there are lesser tumbuka names as compared to others.Don’t hide behind few names of tumbukas for your coruption. Mwaziyalusa nokhatu.

  90. mopia says:

    A Livingstonia Synod tulusani pastoral letter pano ya Cashgate poti maina ambiri ndi ana akwanu.

  91. Bus bundi says:

    Shame indeed! someone was cashing here while a poor malawian is truggling with poverty in a remote area in Bundi. He can’t access portable water, he is drinking together with animals, poor transportation bcoz of poor road network. Think of other pple plz!

  92. Gift says:

    Koma nde mwaba zochurukadi chaaaaaa!!!

  93. Darius Mphongo says:

    Kaya waba ndi wa ku South, Central or North is nothing. How does the whole High Court allow Paul Mphwiyo produce K10 Million cash as bail bond? Is an individual allowed to have in his possession all that cash and the courts are convinced to accept this uncalled for monetary practice from a person who is alleged to have stolen the same money being paraded in public? If this is how we are going to continue operating like that as a nation then there is something terribly wrong with our judicial system in the country. Not even a good performing company is expected to produce such an amount in cash hence the culture to transact with cheques and the like. Do you want to say there is a requirement to gather stronger evidence yet the culprits are coming out in the open unchecked or with no questions? Their Captain is busy globe-trotting utilizing the same plundered proceeds and the prosecution is still gathering more stronger implicating evidence; my foot.


  95. yang d says:

    koma abale kumalawi kulisosola dziko kumeneko muthane nawo no chison

  96. vindere says:

    Paja kumbuyo konseku mwakhala mukuba ndinu achawa,mulhako ndi inu achewa. Tinatopa nanu pano inali thawi yathu nafe tivinemo ngakhale mukupezakabe kuti mulimobe.Musayankhule kwambiri. This is just the begining. You’re going to tug your tails behind when more names belonging to achawa,mulhako and the gule wankulus start coming out. We will be the last ones to laugh.

  97. galu says:

    Achewa kuba. kunamizila azawo kuti atumbuka akuba koma ndi achawa a chabechabe.

  98. Boarder boarder man says:

    Boma lilande nyumba zawo ,magalimoto, katundu wa m’nyumba ndi ndalama zones za m’ma account awo kuti ndalama za a Malawi at least zibwerere ku Boma. Chonde chonde ndagwira mwendo. Osawamvera Chisoni.

  99. Kongo Masino says:

    More cssh gate is on SUBSIDY

  100. VYOTO says:


  101. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Ambwenu kuba kumeneku bwanji kodi? Komadi samanama kuti mukufuna federation kuti muzikaba kwanu bwino. Koma ndiye mwayalukatu mbwenu pamenepa.
    ACB akamakumangani muziti ndi zandalenso apa? Apatu zawonekera kuti zimakhaladi zokambirana mwana wakwithu naye apezepo kanthu.

  102. Chemjambe says:

    Kma anzathu aku Nyika kingdom mumathanga tu apa, mayina ochuluka akuchokera kumeneko. No wonder you guys are gunning for succession, so that you can run away.

  103. lufina says:

    KU NATIONAL BANK OF MALAWI TREASURY DEPARTMENT nakonso their names should be on the list apapa. we know what those guys did for Cashgate

  104. truth says:

    all from north shame

    1. dumerangi says:

      aaaaaah bozatu ilo

  105. nyenga says:

    ambwenumbwenu mwatiyenjeza mxiiii

  106. chingolopiyo says:

    Ooooooochi! No wonder people are crying for federal system of government or a break away. Chiiiiiiii.

  107. Kalulu says:

    The names are skewed from one region. But why?

    1. Suarez says:

      So Lutepo, Mphwiyo, Manondo, Kalonga, Senzani, Ndembo, Savalas, Katengeza, Chimphango, Mpoola, Chilalika, Hanifa Thomas, Jan Davids, Douglas Spenser, the Satemas, Kamwangala are all from the North. Did you read the article before commenting?If you add all the amounts allegedly simphoned by Tumbukas do they even equal to the amount stolen by one chief cashgater in the name of Lutepo or, Mphwiyo, or Senzani or Kalonga.

  108. wui says:

    You mean all these monies were stolen or approved for collection? Who was issuing these cheques, and if so who was preparing the vouchers? Who was signing and what about the procurement team, who authorised without receiving any goods? Oh my God, koma nde zadyedwa. Pamenepa ndi misewu ingati constructed? What about the buildings? Aaa ayi guys timve zinizeni.

  109. Andrew phiri says:

    If Malawians conclude dat de Tumbukas don’t wish our Nation well a dey wrong? Luk 99% of de cashgaters a northerners bullshit. Enough reason 4dem 2 secede & plunder deir own nation. God bles Malawi.

    1. mboma says:

      hahahahah do u really know tumbuka names??????? check again we know the figure according to the article of the money stolen by tumbukas leas than 100 million and if its 24 billion what do u make of that, check tumbuka names and calculate what they have stolen, paul mphiwyo paid 18 million bailbond to show u that he indeed stole the billions

  110. development retardation says:

    realese all the names we will deal with them if acb will fail to. If not for them i could have been employed

  111. America says:

    atumbuka okha okha tu apa

  112. Hyness says:

    Nice to see these names so send them to Salima District akaone chomwe chidameta nkhanga mpala amenewo. Judges at Salima sanyengelera komanso saona nkhope akamagamula. Just Imagine a certain robber in Salima robed MKW500.000.00 but was charge 12 years in prison with hard labor by Salima Judge. Namathanga cash gated MKW60,000,000.00 but was charged 3 years in prison with hard labor by christian judge. So send these cash gaters to Salima kuti chilungamo chidziwike not these judges full of mercy. I hope they will get a minimum of 100 years in prison kikikikiki.

  113. Zaife says:

    Atumbuka kuba.Mukulimbikira nkhani ya secession kuwopa kumangidwa.Muyisovenge!

  114. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Atumbuka munafatsatu kuba. Chonchi federalism ingatukule northern region? Muzikangoba ndalama za federal government basi

  115. kikisi says:

    KOma nde kunali kugawana!!!! I cant imagine this!!!

  116. loveness says:

    these are still small fishes we want the names of sharks?

  117. Chindazi says:

    Phyoka Kaunda…… is it u….. I thought zinthu zukuyendelani anzanthu …. while it was cash gate.

    Tell us the name of the company for Pika Manando……….

    1. Peter Muthanyula says:

      Komaditu pyoka kaunda ndakhumudwa naye. But why?

      1. sister says:

        Ine ndakhumudwa ndi Julia Banda!!! Amati amayenda ndi mzungu ndi amene amamauthandiza koma ili cash gate zoona? Basi aMalawi tingokhala chonchi kuyanganila pamene akudya bwino ndi ochepa ????

  118. thex says:

    Koma Atumbuka ndiye eeeh mwatiponda zambili a nyaphaphe inu tikupatsenidi dziko lanu evil people….

  119. Zayambako koma eee kuli chain osati masewera.chonde akagwire ndende ndiso kubweza ndalama zonse.Ndipake dziko la Malawi silinatukuke pazaka 50 mtheradi.

    1. sistermaya says:

      Ndipodi no wonder Malawi sanatukuke pa 50 years. Tisamangowopela kutalu ndithu, mayina ambiri ali apawa ife timangoti anzathu business ikuwayendera. Amangidwe agalu amenewa komanso ndalama zonse awalande plus awalandenso ma investments omwe amangawa like nyumba.



  121. Kadzibwa says:

    Kodi tidzichita kunyotsola mainawo ngati chiwamba. Who are u targeting? Just realise the names. Ukachuluka nzeru kwambiri dziwa kuti nawe ukodwa ndi kafukufuku wa 2005- ….. My mother Malawi.

  122. Aceton says:

    Ngwakuba mtundu umenewu kwabasi.Sayenera ufumu konse ai.

  123. Look at the names of the cashgaters. Tell me where most of them come from!!

    1. aaron mwala says:

      Most of the names come from Malawi. This is a national problem and dont be simple and trivialise this. Its upon all malawians to come together and stop this culture

      1. Real deal says:

        When a northeners says we are malawians just know zamubvuta. Abwenubwenu, mwaononga dziko.

      2. Inu says:

        I totally agree. Looking at names of people and their origins will not solve the problem that we have at hand. Indeed this is a national problem and needs to be dealt with promptly and strongly. We need to deal with it regardless of ethinicty, gender, position in the society, political affiliation etc.

    2. Cashgate 1 says:

      They come from Malawi

  124. mchindo wa satan says:

    Anthu a mbanda a mitima yonyasa.

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