Malawi Catholic Priest sexually assaults minor, arrested

A 44-year-old Catholic priest, Father Francis Ngalande is currently under police custody for allegedly defiling a 16-year-old girl.

Ngalande, a priest at Mpherere Catholic in Ntchisi district, is a benefactor to the victim (name withheld) and committed the offence on Friday last week at Kasungu Council Rest House, police have confirmed.

According to police on Friday 30 September, Father Ngalande had called the victim- a form two student- claiming he had found a new school for her, and arranged to meet.

The two met at Kasese Bus depot and left for Kasungu; he later on asked the victim to book a room at Kasungu Council Rest House where he defiled her.

The victim revealed of the ordeal to her parents after returning home the following day. The matter was reported to police who swiftly arrested Father Ngalande.

A medical report confirms that the girl was indeed defiled.

Father Ngalande is expected to pressed on the charge of Defilement contrary to Section 138 of the Penal Code.

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When it comes to statutory rape, it is the age of the minor that matters not whether it was consensual or not. mtsikana wa zaka 16 akhoza kukufunsira ndikugona naye koma ukangodziwika iwe basi wakundende.


Amenewo ndiye a Katolika. Kumeneko ndiye kudya kwawo.


The Police know better why they chose to charge the priest with defilement when the girl is 16 yrs old. It could be that there has been an amendment recently on the age of the girl capable of being defiled but its still 13 as it appears in the Penal Code, no such offence has been committed.

Amene sanachimwepo ayambe ndiye kuponya mwala!

Achimphamba Oyera
Kumbukani, you had some interesting discussion there. Thanks. One thing only: lack of self control is not caused by the devil. It is a human weakness. It is a vice. It is a minus from being a full human being. Instead of being a rational animal we become close to an ordinary animal that shall make love even when people are looking. Human beings are animals. The levels of control differ from person to person. They should normally be higher in the chosen ones of God due to the training. The devil should not be an easy excuse. Fisi anakana… Read more »

which Council rest house in Kasungu, Ngati ili Khaso iyi ili pafupi ndi Kacha Calubu iyi, ndiye zinala zongwirizana, angakugwirire osakuwa kuti alonda abwere, fotseke.


Eish comment reserved. let us wait for the day in court. We will hear chinatsitsa dzaye kuti njobvu ithyoke mnyanga.

HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja?
HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja?

Francis was my classmate at Mtendere Juniorate. He was a good man. But the Devil is a liar. I pray for that girl and Francil. Amen

There are a number of issues here and some of them include the issue of celibacy of the priest, moral behaviour of the girl who booked the room herself and and “interesting issue” of criminal offence. I would like, for the time being, to comment on the criminal offence that the police are trying to charge the priest. Section 138(1) of the penal code establishes the offence of defilement. The section reads as follows; “Any person who unlawfully and carnally knows any girl under the age of thirteen years shall be guilty of a felony and shall be liable to… Read more »

Oops! mukugwiritsa ntchitio malamulo akale bwana Kumbukani. Pepani zimachitika.

john phiri

16 years of age is not a minor. However, a man would need the consent of the girl’s parents if he was to marry the girl.


Heee! My GOD….oooooh! The HOLY SCRIPTURES says …..You shall know them by their fruits!

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