Ndau hits back at Uladi over calls for Malawi President Mutharika to resign

Information Minister and government spokesperson Malison Ndau has hit back at Uladi Mussa for calling for the resignation of President Peter Mutharika claiming he has failed Malawians.

Uladi: I wish Msonda good luck

Uladi: Mutharika has failed miserably

Mussa, who is former ruling Peoples Party (PP) acting president, made the call at a political rally held in Mchinji on Sunday.

“Mutharika has failed to govern Malawi. The honourable thing for this clueless leader is to resign,” Mussa said.

In reaction to Mussa’s remarks, Ndau said it is unfortunate that Mussa and his party can make such a call claiming they are part of those who brought the country into the mess it is going through due to plundering of government finances through the famous ‘cashgate’.

“It is very unfortunate that such a statement is coming from them because they are the one’s who brought the country into all this mess; they are the one’s who plundered government money through cash gate” said Ndau.

However, Ndau said it is high time Malawians come together with innovative ideas that will help to run the affairs of the country.

During the rally, Mussa said Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has absolutely done nothing since taking over the mantle three years ago.

He cited examples of excessive power blackout, water shortage and general economic challenges as some of the examples of the failed state.

Meanwhile, Mussa has called upon Mutharika and his government to probe and arrest all those who are involved in a K236 Billion scam which happened during the DPP led government under the leadership of the late Bingu wa Mutharika before PP came into government.

He threatened that as opposition, they will boycott the next sitting of parliament if nothing concrete is being done.

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kaya mukuti Mr ndau inu ndiye mbuzi yeniyeni muli ndi nthawiso yomayankha uchitsilu etiiiiiiiiiiiii

be humane

Mr. Central please update your political ignorance. Anzanu anasiya kale kunena za K577billion. Inu mukadali mchikale nkumalalata muli outdated? Umbuli Mr. Central upose apa? Read these stories frequently ndangomva nanu chisoni poti simukudziwa kuti simukudziwa zimene mumayenera kudziwa kuti mudziwe pepani

Chikadza Kuwani

All I’m going to say today is: Vincent Ghambi woyee! Nduna za APM amwene. Kikiki!


Ndau, DPP is the mastermind and inventor of the famous K577 billion. PP just continued it and fortunately Uladi Mussa seems not connected (till now) to any wrong doing!!

Otherwise his party which happens to be a baby of DPP (your party) is indeed part of DPP’s cashgate which brought the country into the mess we are going through.

Ine ndimayesa munena zanzeru koma ataaaaaaaaaaaaa mukungodzipakapaka matopeeeeeee!

Iwe Ndau usatinyanseeeeeeeee ndi chipani chako chosololachooooooooooooo……………………………… Kodi anawa mukuwaphunzitsa chiyani ndi zochita zanuziiiiiii?? Koma mu dictionary kapena muchikhalidwe chanu mau akuti manyazi alimo?

Charlie Hebdo
I am sick of the excuse that PP plundered our funds through cashgate. Does this Ndau being live in Malawi? How many years have passed since PP was booted out of government? Is this going to be the excuse until 2019 when we vote again? What is DPP doing to solve the problem? Instead they are busy plundering the little resources left through UNGA pilgrimages, protecting corrupt, rotten ministers in DPP government, nepotism and cronyism. By the way honorable minister, alas dishonorable minister, are you sure that cashgate is solely PP creation? Had PP sat on it, would we have… Read more »
Dr. Uladi(for this is what you call yourself now), you have been an MP for a long time in your constituency despite other constituents calling you to step down for doing nothing in the same area. You prove your critics wrong only after another election when you are elected back to Parliament.This is how democracy works. APM was elected by Malawians through the ballot not inheritance. The Law as you know says if the guy is doing nothing on this seat the same people have a mandate to boot him out after five years. The same power is given to… Read more »

I think this is no sense.we don’t solve issues like that. You want Mutharika to resign so that you can bring Joyce back to plumber money again. Those demands may be could have come from MCp not you thieves
No wonder Ken Msonda has dumped that wrotten party.
Watch out Mia Sidick is coming to be vice president of MCP
Peter and Dpp will rule until you crooks retire from politics
Uladi this is politics of uncivilized people
Bravo Ken Msonda don’t sink with them


Do not give them allowance in advance. They can not run away december sessionas most of them are now block.


Often I don’t blame DPP for the mess we are in but 36% of Malawians who voted this Party into power. Why did they do that? Cash-gate is a very serious matter and yet most Malawians seem not be concerned with it. They look comfortable and happy with the status quo.

be humane
Greedy MPs. you boycott on matters that does nothing with your welfare and the welfare of Malawians. Remember how you greedly pushed for your salary iancreaments and allowances when a poor malawian whom you lie to fight for is languishing in the village. Anthu akuba inu kufuna kudyera a Malawi mudzioneka ngati mashasha. Mwachokera kuMangochi kokudya ndalama za boma zomwezo lero msonkhano mkumati boma silikuganizira a Malawi. Nyanyalani parliament yanuyo. Voting in parliament is done by people remaining and you are counted absconded or absent. Land Bill paja inadutsa mukuotha dzuwa panja lero ndi Land Law. what benefit will that… Read more »

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