Malawi celebrates Labour Day: APM calls upon employers to comply to regulation on labour issues

President Peter Mutharika on Sunday joined Malawians in paying tribute to contributions and achievements – both social and economic- of workers in the country as he  led Malawians in celebrating the International Labour Day which falls on May 1.

Mutharika visiting pavillions on labour event

Mutharika visiting pavillions on labour event

President Mutharika, vice president Saulos Chilima at the Labour Day event

President Mutharika, vice president Saulos Chilima at the Labour Day event

The International Labour Day was set aside to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers across the world.

The event which is organized by Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) was held at Masintha Ground in Kawale, Lilongwe.

Speaking at the function the President called upon all employers in the country to comply to government’s standards in terms of labour issues some of which are minimum wage, safety and health, social protection, rights at work and social dialogue.

He sternly vowed that any non-complying employer will face the long arm of the law.

“Employers should strive to pay a decent wage to their workers. Many studies show us that workers who are well paid become highly productive. Decent wages and incentives are an investment. Employers, wherever possible, let us invest in labour. Let us not go to the extent of exploiting our workers,” he pointed out.

The head of state reiterated his government’s commitment to create many skills in tandem with all key areas of the economy.

“Skilled Malawians can create industries to employ themselves and employ others. Malawi must be a nation of skilled and industrious people if we are to become truly self-dependent. We must be a skilled and industrious people if we are to make Malawi a producing and exporting nation,” he said. President

Mutharika added: “We are establishing community colleges in every part of the country in order to create a skilled labour force in this country. This is my formula to job creation. Skills and manpower
development is a foundation for the Foreign Direct Investment program. We create jobs by inviting investors who find a skilled labour force here at home.”

The Malawi leader strongly urged all employers and managers to promote the national core values of patriotism, integrity and hard work in every work place.

He asked employers to integrate these national pillars of progress into institutional core values.

Before commencement of the event at Masintha, the President marched to the venue with workers in solidarity to the their cause in championing workers’ rights and end problems of sorts experienced in work places.

Afterwards, he visited pavilions mounted by several companies Macra, Tevet, ESCOM, National Library Service and Illovo.

There were also a demonstration and a presentation by Chisamba School of paper recycling projects and Tenancy Labour advocates who are fighting for reforms in tobacco farms against exploitation of tenants.

International Labour Day is commemorated in 80 countries in the world and this year’s event was held under the theme “Decent work and reforms, a key to economic growth.”

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17 thoughts on “Malawi celebrates Labour Day: APM calls upon employers to comply to regulation on labour issues”

  1. kk says:

    Komadi abale Masintha ground osaikozako bwanji?

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    Since I left Malawi on the 19th October,1964 a month after the cabinet crisis led by Masauko Chipembere at the age of 17 years,I had been hearing people in foreign lands calling us: Mabwidi (Zimbabwe) but what they are going through now under Mugabe,we are by far,better off.In Tanzania we were called Washenzi which literally means fools and beyond Africa,we were known as “moving souls”. This sort of insinuation,generally brought us to be called laughing stock of the world.As a matter of fact,we are.But God is great,we showed the World in 90s that we were not as they thought we were in the sense that we opened the doors for the multi-party struggles.The sad part of it is that,in the new political and economic dispensation,things are worse than before.Corruption has skyrocketed placing Malawi amongst the most corrupt nations in the world,crime has climbed four fold becoming the worse in Southern Africa,the national economy at the pace of a camilion,joblessness has become the order of the day,tribalism on threatening level which is indeed,encouraged by the leaders themselves and above all,the poverty of our people is extremely abhorrent in the novel world and yet on the May Day commemoration,Muthalika took an opportunity to wheedle the people of Malawi for his own greedy ends.The sad part of it is that no trade union or labour union came into the open to demonstrate on behalf of the millions of the people who are struggling to survive with their families.This was the significant day for Malawians to expose Muthalika’s clueless and incompetent leadership.World wide,there have been multiple labour unions demonstrating alongside the masses against world’s corrupt and tyrannical regimes.Malawians,when are we going to wakeup and support our own consciences and break the chains of exploitation and inhumanity.Malawi is our country all of us,why should a small clique enjoy the national fruits of our INDIPENDENCE and we the majority look on behind the fences.We must wake up and unite to fight for our rights!!!!!

  3. Ujeni says:

    how do we do that with little pay fool

  4. Hokoyo says:

    Mr President, no one will follow the your values when yourself do not believe in these values. Do you think you have integrity?

  5. Nkalapwaga says:

    kodi Achilima mumabisala chani mmandalamo.

  6. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Labour day kodi a pitala, please ask your dress advisor to work with yoyr Mrs as well Nr President

  7. Most civil servants are never promoted up to when they get retired. Just imagine someone working for over 20 years without promotion. How can such a person get motivated? If I am telling lies go to Fisheries dpt and investigate, you’ll be shocked.

  8. Frank Mhango says:


    Everyone has observed your recent violation of your state servants and many others without considering all that you currently preaching to us.


    ZABOODZA MUKUMBAZO A MUTHARIKA! Nanga bwanji munamugwiritsa ntchito mwana Ligomeka
    pobera zisankho osamulipiranso. mpaka lero mululephera kuyankha zomwe anaulura. Zinachita kuonekeratu kuti ndizoona. tonse timadziwa kuti zidatero koma timadikire tambe amasule yekha thumba.

    You days are numbered and this week is final mark my words

  9. jegwede says:

    Labour Day ya anthu awiri nanga si chigulu chambiri mmalawi muno chikusowa tchito!

  10. jegwede says:

    Labour Day ya anthu awiri coz chigulu cha anthu ambiri MMALAWI muno sichili patchito 90% ma lova aah! big up!

  11. Ndinene Dzina says:

    If you are serious. Why are civil servants not on MASM?

  12. Zilani says:

    APM doesn’t know what he says. His own staff at the State House in Lilongwe have had their rights violated.
    If State House abuse it’s own workers, how do we tell chinese and indians not to abuse the local workers they employ.

    That’s the problem that we have when govt is being run by hypocrites.

  13. Jamitoni mukhoviwa says:

    It must begin with u govt officials. Ask Mkondiwa how he is illtreating people in govt. I know several people who are entitled to govt vehicles are staying at home and are not being given their benefits.

  14. Ndifeamodzi says:

    I am surprised that APM did not point out the fact that govt is the largest employer and that he is committed to setting the right example. Already we hear that teachers are threatening to go on a sit in.

  15. ine says:

    Koma atsogoleri athu, Masintha ground mumayiganizira bwanji? Simupanga manyazi mukamabwerabwera pa masintha ground? Shame

  16. Ze Roberto says:

    “Decent work and reforms” Pa Malawi pano? Uko ndiye kudzikwata mchala ndithu!

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