Malawi confirms maize deficit: Agriculture production down by 27.7 percent

Malawi has officially released on Tuesday the results of 2014/15 Agriculture Production estimates which show a decrease of 27.7 percent of maize production in the country.

Chiyembekeza: My Ministry has put in place several mitigation measures to avert looming hunger

Chiyembekeza: My Ministry has put in place several mitigation measures to avert looming hunger

Maize crops washed away with floods.- Photo by Jeromy Kadewere

Maize crops washed away with floods.- Photo by Jeromy Kadewere

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, Allan Chiyembekeza said on Tuesday in the capital Lilongwe that maize production has decreased from 3.9 million metric tons realized in 2013/14 Agricultural season to 2.9 million tons in the current season.

“This decline is mainly attributed to floods and prolonged dry spell that the country experienced in the course of the season,” he said.

As such, he said, the implication of the reduction in maize production is that the country will have a maize deficit of 123,340 tons.

He added that the results also shows the decrease in other major food crops such as rice, cassava and sorghum while sweet and Irish potatoes have increased their production.

Cash crops such as pulses have registered a slight increase while cotton and Ground nuts have decreased, he said.

He however said his government has put in place mitigation measures to avert the looming hunger like promoting the growing of cassava and sweet potatoes, distribution of Agriculture inputs to farmers for irrigation, replenishing grain strategic reserves and distribution of small livestock among others.

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14 thoughts on “Malawi confirms maize deficit: Agriculture production down by 27.7 percent”

  1. kadokera says:

    A mr food security expert got it wrong; its 3*90kgs bags per adult person and not 3*50kgs

  2. Namate says:

    Chimanga ndichambiri zedi chiri ndi mavenda. Vuto si chimanga koma ndalama yokagulira chimangacho. It will be waste of money to import maize because of issue of generalisation, here at nkhota kota, nkhatabay, salima, Rumphi and chitipa we do not consume corn. if u are to import food then import cassava, rice as well

  3. Dambudzo Mwasanya says:

    Why can’t Malawi govt introduce irrigation?There is alot of water wasted in rivers and lakes yet we cry for this unpredictable rains each and every year.Deforestation is also another factor for erratic rains in Malawi.Malawi is turning into a desert little by little.All the trees have been felled down for charcoal and timber sold abroad.It needs political will to change these not some gibberish talk at sun and sand without taking any action.Why do Malawians never learn from the past mistakes?

  4. Peter Chamasowa says:

    I cry for my very poor people. ..

  5. Caroline Chatimba says:

    Promoting cassava and sweet potato yet when you go to IITA Chitedze you can’t get a cassava cutting or sweet potato vines for farmers. They keep saying they haven be??????

  6. mtunga connex says:

    Let us wait for the third round figures where.The situation will be pathetic indeed.

  7. Patriot says:

    JB anali dhilu.
    Kungobwera akuluwa, miliri ikungobwera yamitundu mitundu.
    Mulungu anakwiya ndi timasamu tija.
    Ife takolola, enanu musova.
    Zikazabvutisitsa, muzangodya zitenje za chimanga folozo kikikikikk

  8. Food Security Expert says:

    On the basis of the information provided by the minister, the country should have a surplus of around 650,000 and not deficit.

    Here is my thesis: assuming each us consume 3 fifty kg bags per annum, at an estimated population of 15 million, we just need 2.25 million metric tones. We have produced 2.9 million metric tonnes.

    In reality, as much as we love nsima and its variants, we each consume far less than 3 fifty kg bags per annum. I would put the figure to just less than 2 bags. Also the 15 million population figures literary means everyone eating at same levels. Not realistic

    Ndatha ine wanu

  9. arkmm says:

    I personally don’t believe this 27.7% deficit. to me its more than that, even 50%. corn everywhere has withered, from nsanje to chitipa to mangochi, there’s no maize anywhere so this estimation is not true

  10. mwika says:

    Is it possible that Fazilla Tembo is missing some important figure. My reading is that 3.9mt-2.9mt equals 1.0mt and not 0.123340mt. Please give proper information. Otherwise, this is important information.

  11. Kadakwiza says:

    Fertilizer is very expensive.

  12. Guys
    Averages deceive. I do not agree with the estimates.
    Why are we using the 2013-2014 as the benchmark. 2014-2015 should stand alone.
    In the Lake Chirwa basin the crop failure is almost 100 per cent.

  13. AEDIC-RETIRED. says:


    Coming from a second round crop estimates,the 123,340mt maize deficiet is a fair assessment but i am very sure that the third round estimates, if done properly will reveal a higher deficiet of slightly over 40%. Government should therefore plan to buy slightly more that the declared deficiet.
    It will also be prudent if the Government Agencies which will be entrusted to buy the maize are funded in time before vendors wipe out the maize and hold it.This is just Food for thought Hon. Minister.AEDIC-RETIRED.

  14. nyenga says:


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