Malawi Council set to change nurse and midwives laws

Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi is up and down Malawi soliciting views from people on how best to change the laws that govern nurses and midwives work to be in tandem with human rights and democracy.

Nurses in Malawi

Nurses in Malawi

The president of the Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi Dr Anne Phoya said the current Act which set up the council is archaic.

“The council was enacted in 1965 so you can see it is over 50 years ago. It was repealed in 1995 but did not take into account current issues of human rights and democracy,” said Phoya.

She said among other key issues, the new law should take into accounts matters of sexual harassment.

“We have reports of male nurses and midwives harassing patients, proposing love to their patients in some cases even raping them so the new Act should take care of these emerging issues,” said Phoya.

She said to make it more relevant to people, the council is soliciting views from people on how best to repeal the Act.

“We want to have nurses and midwives with good behaviour, we don’t want complaints,” said Phoya.

It is to be known however when the new law will come into effect.

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11 thoughts on “Malawi Council set to change nurse and midwives laws”

  1. Ze Roberto says:

    For starters, when has Dr Phoya become the president of Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi. The story is completely misleading . Nurses and Midwives Council has nothing like a president in it’s ranks and files. Besides, when has Dr Phoya become the spokesperson of Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi? Just for your own information starting with the reporter and those responding by posting rude comments based on ignorance: Dr Phoya is the president of the Association of Malawian Midwives(AMAM). There is a difference between the Nurses and Midwives Council and the Association of Malawian Midwives. The latter is a professional association the same way the National Organization of Nurses (NONM). The Nurses and Midwives Council is a sole regulatory body of the Nursing and Midwifery professions in Malawi. While it might be true that the Council is reviewing it’s Act, certainly the focus is not targeting the male Nurse/midwives. There are current issues that have prompted the Council to review the Act and indeed the issue of targeting male nurse/ midwives does not arise. The Act already has articles that categorically spell out on how to deal with its practitioners who found themselves on the wrong side of professional misconduct.
    I would therefore, like to urge nurse/midwives and all interested stakeholders in this regard the reporters to verify information and for nurse/midwives to read the Act.

  2. kadya kokha says:

    DR phoya there are alot of challenges these so called nurses are facing wat u av seen very important ndimeneyi basi. ulibe nzeru mzimai iwe mmaona ngati ukambapo zamzeru

  3. ndaga says:

    Thanks Dr Phoya for your positive and progressive proposal. Male nurses and midwives wrongly think they own women and girls hence they sexually harass and rape them. This is because of the backward and misogynistic mentality which is prevalent in (African) men and one can see this mentality in the comments on this article. By the way, female nurses don’t rape patients. That’s why we need laws that artificially castrate wayward male nurses and midwives. If male nurses can’t stand the heat in the kitchen let them get out of the profession and go and work elsewhere.

  4. Thako Lambeta says:

    Is this nurses council or patient’s council, why are u alwez sensitive wth patient rights forgetting the health workers rights? You should be ashamed.

  5. Male nurse says:

    Dr Anne shame on you soni zimukoleni mama.Why you targeting male nurses only?fuck you hule galu iwe

  6. Cocu says:

    Dr Phoya is a shame…… all that noise just targeting male nurses? I am a trained registered nurse who opted to do other things becoz of minds so selfish, stupid that perceive issues with such great bias. she need not to b given such position of influence. they need nothing than…….andichimwitsa dotolo opusayi……..atsikana akulakwawa nde utani nawo? Gender insensitive, outdated leaders apatseni pension akapume…..public service reform muoneni uyu……akapume adye zake

  7. yusufu maulidi lunzu says:

    Na ngati mulungu adalenga anthu omwe adawayika kuti zochita zawo zizikhala ngati nkhuku, ndiye awa ma nurse.kunyengets A iwowo si vuto ayi.kunyenga akazi apakati kwa iwowo si vuto ayi,kunyenga kapena kunyengetsa kwa amuna aweni kapenanso kulanda akazi aweni kwa iwowo sivuto akuti money talks.mwa iwowo umunthu mulibe ndi chifukwa chake ma nurse achikazi awa onse amakhala ngati openga.kugulitsa ana anu wake zili mwa ma hule amenewa.mulungu azikulangani ndi khalidwe lanu lonunkhalo.

  8. waliko says:

    Its a good idea yes, the laws are long overdue. However, it should be noted that its not only male nurses that fall in love and propose to female patients, there is also a strong evidence that female nurses get caught in the hands of male patients. We have seen it happening and so often.

    Let this alone be considered also.

    #not just saying#

  9. Good Samaritan says:

    One of the laws must be all Males plying for nursing and midwifery must undergo castration to prevent them from indulging into any sexual or immoral behavior. Refer to the Bible (Old Testament: Exodus 1:15) and The Advanced Learners Dictionary of Current English where Midwives refer to women trained to help other women in childbirth. If you (Male nurses) wish to stay put in that field, then wait until men counterparts begin to bear children.

  10. Sister Maxwell Banda says:

    As a man in nursing profession, I chose to work outside hospital setting since graduating from KCN because of minds like Phoya’s. Repealing a law just to target male nurses? Every time she gives an example, it is against male nurses. Males in nursing profession are really endangered species!

  11. Mbili ya bakha says:

    This company has two many oldies who are not and HV not done the job. Nepotism to milk old cows. Nothing in the nmc of our country is rubbish zero. You can b doctors neses mathrons but dunderheads. To the point of failing life a mW kuti tisamadye sima cifukwa ikudwalitsa matenda a sugar?kkkkkkkkkll
    He here a sagawa muliko kkkkkkkkkk
    5 decades no masomphenya. Too much wholling

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