Malawi court finds Namata, Kasamba guilty over cashgate

The High Court  in the capital Lilongwe has found Luke Kasamba and Maxwell Namata guilty on the charge of theft and money laundering  in a syndicate stripping finances from  government  through illegal encashment of cheques using companies that did not supply any goods or services as authorities which was christened as cashgate.

Namata:  Found guilty

Namata: Found guilty

Justice Anabel Mtalimanja found the two in the wrong as charged.

The Judge  is expected to sentence the two on February 2 while submission of mitigation arguments will be heard on January 29.

Through their company, Cross Marketing, Kasamba and Namata were accused of defrauding money from government amounting to K24 million.

They were being represented by Ralph Kasambara who is also answering to money laundering charges related to cashgate.

In her judgement, which was read for close to two hours, Judge Annabel Mtalimanja said the prosecution did not provide enough evidence linking Namata to the K9.7 million cheque.

She, however, said the prosecution had proven beyond reasonable doubt the offences of theft and money laundering for Namata involving K14.4 million and money laundering for Kasamba involving K24.1 million.

“The court finds the first accused (Namata) guilty of the charge of theft of K14.4 million and forfeit the amount to government. The court also finds the first accused amata of the offence of money laundering involving K14.4 million…. The court finds the second accused (Kasamba) guilty of the offence of money laundering involving K24.1 million,” Mtalimanja said.

She said the judgement was made on grounds of alleged criminality of theft and alleged criminality of money laundering. She said the prosecution had provided evidence that money was laundered.

“The Ministry of Tourism did not award any contract to the first accused and the second accused.The court is satisfied that the first accused amata converted K14.4 million for use by the second accused (Kasamba) using Cross Marketing account,” Mtalimanja said.

Meanwhile, Justice Chombo has revoked their bail meaning they will start a new life at Maula Prison today.

Namata owns Khanye Investments together with his wife Alice who was also arrested by ACB but currently on bail.

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87 thoughts on “Malawi court finds Namata, Kasamba guilty over cashgate”

  1. Malapwa says:

    Kodi in a ACB mukuziwa kuti mukukondera kwambiri pakafufuzidwe kana bwanji mukusiya MRA,bungwe limeneli muli mbava zambiri kwabasi zosakonda dziko lawo ndipo zalemera monyasa kwabasi,komanso mwachuluka kulembana nchito pa chibale,banja limodzi mpakana anthu 4 onse ogwira ku MRA kumasiya anthu oti anakhonza bwinobwino interview,tazionani bwino bwino zimenezi inu a ACB.

  2. Dingase says:

    ACB you need to investigate in parastals and the ministry of Education more especially Mzimba north and south offices.

  3. adona kuseli says:

    Brethren, becareful, there is God in heaven. Mukamadya zakubazo look up because someone is watching. Nkhutu mwanga! Pepani Alice udakwatiwa ndi chirombo.

  4. here we go again says:

    The easier you get your wealth the sooner you will loose it, my bible tells me. Evry one want to get rich but these people were too selfish

  5. Anthuwatu mukumachepesela chilango,zaka zikumafulumiratu masiku ano.they have brought poverty in mw and let them be freed whn poverty will be announced over.

  6. wakukaya says:

    Muzimangana nokha nokha ife a ku Nyika republic tili pheee!

  7. my right to speak! says:

    Only Mk24million? tabetsatu apa……

    1. jedi says:

      Just hang in.there, this fella will be coming from jail to answer more charges.

  8. mr chimbwititi says:

    zopusa basi.ife tikuti ndalamazo abweze osati kungowamanga ai.

  9. From heaven to hell. How does it feel Kasamba and Namata. Give them Real Madrid kit.

  10. I was paying tax just to be stolen by these guys. Send them to jail for many years.

  11. yohane says:

    If all of us can be thinking like MOYA the would have been poor than the day it was created. Kaya waba wamtambala you must jailed kuti RNA atengelepo lesson. Just imagine the country is suffering becoz of these selfish individual. Akuluakulu amene sanabeko asagende nawo joma tones tiyeni tiwagende amenewa Adele kundende ya Zomba.

  12. Moya says:

    Those that honestly haven’t done any deals before can throw stones at this guy but if u know u did it doesn’t matter which one or where or how just know this guy just had his bad day just like u can as well so don’t drum up the for him. Not that his actions are ethical or justified but the bro was must trying to survive like most do.

    1. jokala says:

      Point of correction: These two kleptomaniacs were not trying to survive. To the contrary, they led lavish lifestyles financed by money meant to benefit the poorest of the poor in Malawi. When you see crooks like this, remind yourselves about how many deaths would have been avoided in our hospitals if drugs and other necessary supplies were always available in our hospitals. Think about primary classroom blocks we would have built at Say, Mbayani Primary School where the pupil:classroom ratio is appallingly high. My definition of a “survivor” unambiguously excludes a Civil Servant who is able to send primary school kids to the exclusive and pricey ABC Academy in Lilongwe: Dropping them off in a brand new Mercedes in the morning, and collecting them in a Fortuner at noon.

      1. Moya says:

        I hear u probably this was an extreme case of not knowing when to stop but I guess when doing these deals people aim to live a good life only that most fail as they fail to plan well as the money is easy to come by probably this one was a good planner but yes nothing is justified and certainly people died due to lack of medicines so hence the prison term as punishment but all iam saying is let’s come with clean hands before we scream loud on Namata.

    2. You are very stupid Moya, how can you say this guy was simply trying to survive? Survive by stealing and stealing tax payers’ money at the expense of poor Malawians many of whom have died because there are no drugs in public hospitals; look at the insecurity throughout the country and many more calamities. You and your convicted friend are stupid and outright evil.

      1. Moya says:

        Show ur clean hands, abwana simunapangeko any deal? I.e any bribe to a traffic officer is depriving the sick with money potential for buying medicine.

  13. Chejumo hater says:

    Achejumo onse atengedwenso.Dont only just pick small fish.Osayang’ananso nkhope.We need real justice.This heartless greedy people messed Malawi big time.Throw them in Jails and throw away the keys in Shire river.They should all rot in jail.

  14. lungalunga pobadwa says:

    Sell all his properties to recover the stolen money and finally throw him in the dungeon.This should be set an example to Malawians to make an overnight fortune through draining the public funds.
    No mercy with these greedy people.If it was China and Indonesia they would all have been shot.

  15. nambewe says:

    inu alangidwe awa kumapeza zinthu without sweat akazi anu opanda phindunso osakudzudzulani michimo basi mulungu sijames lafika lero muidziwa bangwe osati baghdad munamanga nyumba pamodzi madam M konzekani kukapeleka chakudya u r beautiful ulimba

    1. Ife basi tikafunsira madam awawo kuti tidye nawo za cashgatezo.

  16. Reasonable Man says:

    ndipo uyu nkhope yake imandinyasa. nkhope ngati wakuba?

  17. BINTO BANDA says:


  18. IFMIS says:

    Koma lamulo ndi loopsya. Maxwell is IN MAULA prison after all the money he bribed a polisi, ma judge. Nkutulo ndithu. Fleet ya ma galimoto aja aziyang’ánira ndani? Ntasa wathera pamenepa. Amwene…andalama ya ma DONOR yatsala pangóno kubweranso ku Malawi. Uyu ndiye anali m’manthu wa akuba onse mu IFMIS.

  19. GRM says:

    I knew Luke in 2008. He was a very promising young marketer who provided quality golf shirts and other materials for various companies. He always looked humble and dedicated. Come 2012 Luke completely changed to that pompous young man wearing dark suits and sunglasses. Shaaa Luke? Please tell the world who benefited on your back usafe wekha.

  20. Maliroagwa says:

    Ine ndagomva kumene za Maxwell Namata.mukuti walowa Maula. Inu, mukunama.ALL IS VANITY!!!!….Koma ine ndikulota. Inu mungoti K92bn… u know kuti Maxwell was also the master minder.Nde sazatulukanso mpaka mpaka…..

  21. Khanye says:

    Whistleblower: ACB, go deeper in his relation network. Amaika ma assets mmaina a ma sistezi, LUCY. houses ku 47,43, ma BLK……………Kouluka kadatera…mumati zizakhala choncho mpaka liti abale……anaimba MP Lucius Banda

  22. Alicemkaziwanga says:

    Mbava Maxwell imayenda m’mbali. La 40 lakwana.Munthu, all his work life kuba. Every office he worked KUBA KUBA. Tsono why did u bother going 2 sku if u knew u’d b stealing?

  23. kasparov says:

    kodi ma bus akuwola pa area 30 aja amene anapanga authorise kugula sanapezeke?. Tikanafulumiza nkhani ya ma bus wo kuti akamangidwa, tigulitse, ndalama zake tithandizire omwe akhudzidwa ndi mabvuto a madzi osefukira.

  24. naari phomulanyo says:

    This is a preamble. All Lhomwes are waiting for k92bn ‘scandle’ imene mukuwanamizila Mapwiya mung’onong’ono kuti boma lake linaba. L will have final laugh over his exoneration. Coz mukunamizila munthu osalakwa.

  25. Lucy says:

    Koma Maxwell, Masters ikatani 7 years ku Maula.

  26. namatama says:

    Abwenze K24m olo katengeni ma jalope olemba MJ.Ma Fortuner, Hilux. Benz

  27. kamwendo says:

    kasambara waluza mulandu

  28. namatama says:

    A Maxwell, la 40 lakwana.Nanga cases waiting on forex, ya ku Lands? Yabooka.

  29. Doli says:

    Ife tikunyema pang’opang’ono ndi ma fake arrears and allowances, and you will not hear that any District Education office is involved in the cashgate. Tamanga manyumba ndipo tagulapo magalimoto ndi kulembetsa maina a bale anthu pa ownership. Opusa ndi omwewo akugwidwa.

  30. chembe says:

    All those seem to Be active in politica are left loitering and the elefulefu are the ones whose judgements are swiftly done.I want to see One of them in.Zimatiwawatu ife.

  31. prophet olonjezedwa. says:

    Hahahaha afuna kukhala olemera.

  32. Chinyama says:

    Kodi ACB ikutani ndi investigation ya cashgate ya Blantyre Water Board. Anthu pano akuvutika chifukwa cha anthu osakonda dziko lawo. Madzi akuvutawa sibwenzi ili nkhani pano. Kodi mmene munayambira kuti tikufiufuza mpaka liti? There is clear evidence that their CEO was diverting money( which government got as a loan from World Bank and European Investment Bank) meant for improving water situation in Blantyre City. The aftermath of that is what the Blantyre residents are facing today. I was surprised that the president was backing up them that the water problem would be solved. Does the president know that at BWB the money was corruptly diverted for personal use by the embattled CEO Andrew Thawe. This is another cashgate which needs thorough investigation. Anthu tikuvutika kuno ku Blantyre chifukwa chaanthu ozikonda aku Blantyre Water Board. Ndalama koma kumanyengera mahule mu office.

  33. Alufeyo says:

    Zanu izo ndalama zinadyedwa kale even if you lock them up you wont win. 92 billion was taken mwasimati. Ife a DPP we made sure all important offices were headed by our home boys so guys nothing and i repeat nothing will come of this case. Ndipo we shall continue stealing until god comes.

  34. steven says:

    Inde tiye nawoni adali kuoneka ngati madolo ndalama zokuba mukhaula chaka chake ndichino

  35. Sikuti muzingoweza mboto ndi kholokolo mu dam mu ayi. menemu muli achina kampango ndi bombe amene akufunika kulowa nawo mu phikamo.

  36. Simunati says:

    Odii Ukooooooooooooooooooooooo. Pi Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Amai pachiongolero. Kodi wina akaba ndikukugawira iwe usanebe ndiye kuti waba nawo???????????????????? Kenako kuthawa dziko lake lomwe mai JB. Yanyamukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Osabweleraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ena ati kufuna kuthawa maula ali feudalism!!!!!!!!!!! Ati azinena kuti iwo si a Malawi ndiye sangamangidwe ku Malawi. Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    1. chakwanuleka says:

      This is a good development. Now the million dollar question remains. What about the 92 billion stolen by DPP. When are we going to have a progress report, please.

  37. Kokoliko says:

    Palibe anakolola mtedza atabzala chimanga

  38. MBACHI says:

    Koma kumeneko. nawoni. Ogula manyumba mwakatangale nawoso atengedwe. Makamaka machona awo ali pamipando.

  39. Zikachitika tivera ku Nyasatimesi

  40. Kumudzi says:

    Azilandidwanso ndalama & ma bzness awo

  41. P pppppppppp!!! Yanyamuka!!!!Odo uko!!!!!!!!!Wa ku Maulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!Lio lio lio lio lio lio lio lio ooooooooooooooo!!!

  42. Titus Skoti says:



  43. Dapalapa says:

    At least we are making progress…

  44. Hebrews says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!!! Finally these guys have been enjoying big time will the Cashgate money! Big up judge Waiting for stiffer sentence to deter would be offenders! Kasambara should also be sentenced soon so that all the thieves should have nowhere to run. Alice, Savalas, Pika Manondo, Kalonga and others get ready! Chaka chamayankho chino. You can delay justice but you can not deny justice!

  45. chikumbeni says:

    aliyese akolola zofesa

  46. Kadakwiza says:

    Nkhani ya K92billion yili pati?

    1. mavuto says:

      It”s being investigated u do not follow what is happening. This time is for K20bn do not feel bad when justice is delivered.

  47. mulomwe says:

    That`s good news. NEXT !!!!!!!

  48. Good Namata had actually stolen more than this. He is a well known thief in the civil service.

  49. Malawiana says:

    With all the money Namata has stolen, we shouldn’t be hearing of K24 million. This guy has reaped alot and deserves to rot in jail, 14 years the minimum!

  50. Who ever still’s government money should be arrested because they are miss using our money it pain’s us

  51. Matapwata says:

    angophedwa bwanji by facing firing squard

  52. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Paja tinanena kale kuti nkhani zimenezi zatitopetsa, palibe amene akapike apa

  53. de' Morgan says:

    Maxwell Namataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Dick says:


  55. They were enjoying when they were defrauding govt now its times to eat the sweat of their fruits but we. Are waiting for K92bn.

  56. akatswiri says:

    Abale kodi a Justice mumawadzi,ngati simukuwadziwa mudzifunsa,iam saying this coz the one who has sent this story is saying Justice Chombo,please she is Justice Mtalimanja and the date for submission also is wrong it is on 2 february,2015 @2pm on submission on sentence.

  57. lex milner says:

    Onse atolebwe ndikumangibwa. Masewera eti?…….

  58. Kodi where is Caroline Savala?

    1. True story,where are we on the Savalas,Caroline ,together with Lex the husband!

  59. anaBanda says:

    Luke has always been hard on others…may his time at Maula let him think about allthose he has been cruel to in his arrogance.

  60. ujeni says:

    These two have easily been found guilty because they are not Malawi politicians or involved in stinking dirty Malawi politics. When is Patricia Kaliati going to be jailed for her Dubai deal, what about Carlister Chimombo for getting paid a salary in a bogus way?

  61. kodi chifukwa chani mukungolimbana ndi tiabonya tokhatokha.where are the big Fishes??anakudyetsani kale masikono tikudziwa

  62. Sipherile says:

    Amenewa musasiye chooncho..eeeh, musawasiye chomcho azolowela……the defence team next……..alibe wothawa cashgate….Alice ukumva bhubbywa……start warming up …next to join hubby..hahahahaha shuga shuga

  63. Alungwana says:

    I think Esme Chombo is doing a good job. One word for Esme Chombo; make sure you are righteous before God the Judge of all judpes because I fear you may sentence alot of people who may repent and go to paradise while you are going to hell.

  64. Unknown says:

    Ndiye ndizakumveni kuti koma akuti akuti awina milandu yawo yonse ndipo Boma likuyenela kuwalipira ndalama zankhani nkhani.

  65. Jonjo says:

    A thief representing a thief in court oh! ziliko!!!! kkkkkk. They will meet ku Maula in 2015

  66. jeo braz says:

    Amangidwe basi akuc nsokho wanga ine kumavutika kugwilg tchito

  67. Tutla muhamand says:

    thank you so much Nyasatimes for letting us know about the guilt of the two PP thieves. Next is their boss paul

  68. mona says:

    Apm and khumbo kachali amangidwa liti

  69. o says:

    When I read the headline ‘Kasamba’ I thought it was the lawyer himself kikiki

  70. Mpaliwalingwa says:

    ndiye timve kuti amangidwa miyezi nine just because ndi ophunzira, amaphunzira kuti azitibela???? agalu inu,, u must be very stupid!!!!!

  71. $[=]@¢fi¢( says:

    Ee ndalama zathu zidabedwa mopanda kumveredwa chisoni ndi akhakhatha awa tiyen tisawamvere chison

  72. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Well done Justice Chombo! Give the 25 years please!!

  73. ESTA ZUMA says:


  74. Chindazi says:

    Courts at its work… Good Move…. We are waiting for the others as well!!!! Then all lawyers should also face it!!! kkkk

    Lutepo ukuti bwanji????

  75. Senior Chief Timbiri says:

    Back to our business now.who is next?

  76. Concerned Malawian. says:

    Hhehehehehehe!,,,, more fire ACB.. ENAWONSO ALOWEMO BASI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Patrick Thawani says:

    mbava zimagwidwe basi

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