Malawi CSOs deny regime-change plot: Mtambo says NIB turning into ‘political tool of persecution’

A group of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) has rejected claims by government’ security intelligence agency that it is involved in a plot to oust President Peter Mutharika.

Mtambo and CSO's movement addressing a news conference

Mtambo and CSO’s movement addressing a news conference

National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) report dated October 16, 2015, alleges that Leader of Opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera, civil society leaders Dorothy Ngoma and Martha Kwataine were linked with a foreign plot to bring down the Mutharika-led government through civil disturbance.

Spokesperson for the CSOs, Timothy Mtambo distanced the movement from fears highlighted NIB report .

Mtambo said NIB has signally failed to produce any tangible, much less compelling, facts in support of its allegations and warned that the intelligence agency headed by Nicholous Dausi was rapidly turning into a political tool for persecution.

“People are dying in our hospitals because of poor funding and yet someone is busy using the same resources to do unnecessary propaganda that will not bring life to those dying because there is no medicine,” said Mtambo, responding to questions from the reporters.

Mtambo dismissed the NIB report “in the strongest possible terms” and challenged government to bring evidence to back the accusation.

“When a leopard starts devouring its young ones, it starts by accusing that young one of smelling like a goat.”

Dorothy Ngoma, named by the alleged NIB report as one of the recipients of cash to destabilize the country, laughed off the report as a pack of lies, fallacious and cheap attempt to divert attention from pressing concerns of Malawians.

Mtambo added that government was busy with “divide and rule, ambush” approach to dialogue on national issues.

He said of greater concern was on reports that government was now bankrolling other civil society groups to threaten the right of other CSOs to hold demonstrations.

Information Minister Jappie Mhango said he does not comment on intelligence issues.

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These are political tantrums by political propagandists of the opposition to taint the lucid character of one intelligencia Nicholas Dausi. I can hear Nick planning his answer……….Lol

Donald Malanga

This is a DPP National Intelligence Bureau mandated to crack-down CSOs and Opposition. Malawians lets now understand that this is one of the characteristics of Dictatorial democracy. This is a contemporary democracy for the 21st century being piloted in Malawi and other African countries. It refers to “Government of the other people, by other people and for the other people” But Dausi must know the “Law of Gravity”. Whether with NIB or without, the End Time has come. There is total political malaise and DPP shuld review the literature on this

Donald Flywell Malanga
Donald Flywell Malanga

This is DPP Intelligence Bureau (DPP-IB) mandated to crack-down the opposition & CSOs in the country. Malawians shud no that this is one of the characteristics of Dictatorial Democracy. A contemporary democracy of the 21st century being piloted in Malawi and other African countries. It refers to the ” Government of the other people, by the other people and for the other people” But the clock is ticking!!!!!!


Masiku otsiriza.


Kutha kwa boma losalingslira za anthu koma 2019 tizabela bwanji

Big Dance

Tangompanani Chakwera ma ujeni ndi Jessie munkoke mapilikanilo (ngati ali nazo zokoka).

Honeycomb Chidyauzu

This Government has proved a failure. If they continue like this it will fall on its own.
Have you not seen munthu akugwa ekha popanda omugwetsa.


Sapitwa! How does the respondent go to court without the applicant moving the courts ? Koma enanu ndi mbuzi zeni zeni.

The Analyst

“Never argue with a fool, people watching from a distance (onlookers) may not be able to tell the difference.” – Mark Twain

You CSOs just shut up! And we the onlookers will know that Dausi is the fool, of course we know it already.

But we may begin to think that you too are foolish if you report to the UN for protection; when I or anybody, takes a private number and tells you “you are dead”. Yet a thief doesn’t tell you he is coming to rob you, he/she just comes.

Mbili ya kalulu tu imakula ntadzaonani!

chitsa boys

Zisakane zitsiru izi kodi pamene amati pita atule pansi udindo amatanthauza kuti akhale pulezident ndani?amafuna kulanda boma awa olo zikwangwani zawo analemba apm achoke amathandauza chiyani?

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