Malawi CSOs deny regime-change plot: Mtambo says NIB turning into ‘political tool of persecution’

A group of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) has rejected claims by government’ security intelligence agency that it is involved in a plot to oust President Peter Mutharika.

Mtambo and CSO's movement addressing a news conference

Mtambo and CSO’s movement addressing a news conference

National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) report dated October 16, 2015, alleges that Leader of Opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera, civil society leaders Dorothy Ngoma and Martha Kwataine were linked with a foreign plot to bring down the Mutharika-led government through civil disturbance.

Spokesperson for the CSOs, Timothy Mtambo distanced the movement from fears highlighted NIB report .

Mtambo said NIB has signally failed to produce any tangible, much less compelling, facts in support of its allegations and warned that the intelligence agency headed by Nicholous Dausi was rapidly turning into a political tool for persecution.

“People are dying in our hospitals because of poor funding and yet someone is busy using the same resources to do unnecessary propaganda that will not bring life to those dying because there is no medicine,” said Mtambo, responding to questions from the reporters.

Mtambo dismissed the NIB report “in the strongest possible terms” and challenged government to bring evidence to back the accusation.

“When a leopard starts devouring its young ones, it starts by accusing that young one of smelling like a goat.”

Dorothy Ngoma, named by the alleged NIB report as one of the recipients of cash to destabilize the country, laughed off the report as a pack of lies, fallacious and cheap attempt to divert attention from pressing concerns of Malawians.

Mtambo added that government was busy with “divide and rule, ambush” approach to dialogue on national issues.

He said of greater concern was on reports that government was now bankrolling other civil society groups to threaten the right of other CSOs to hold demonstrations.

Information Minister Jappie Mhango said he does not comment on intelligence issues.

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34 thoughts on “Malawi CSOs deny regime-change plot: Mtambo says NIB turning into ‘political tool of persecution’”

  1. Domingo says:

    These are political tantrums by political propagandists of the opposition to taint the lucid character of one intelligencia Nicholas Dausi. I can hear Nick planning his answer……….Lol

  2. Donald Malanga says:

    This is a DPP National Intelligence Bureau mandated to crack-down CSOs and Opposition. Malawians lets now understand that this is one of the characteristics of Dictatorial democracy. This is a contemporary democracy for the 21st century being piloted in Malawi and other African countries. It refers to “Government of the other people, by other people and for the other people” But Dausi must know the “Law of Gravity”. Whether with NIB or without, the End Time has come. There is total political malaise and DPP shuld review the literature on this

  3. Donald Flywell Malanga says:

    This is DPP Intelligence Bureau (DPP-IB) mandated to crack-down the opposition & CSOs in the country. Malawians shud no that this is one of the characteristics of Dictatorial Democracy. A contemporary democracy of the 21st century being piloted in Malawi and other African countries. It refers to the ” Government of the other people, by the other people and for the other people” But the clock is ticking!!!!!!

  4. Jahman says:

    Masiku otsiriza.

  5. themba says:

    Kutha kwa boma losalingslira za anthu koma 2019 tizabela bwanji

  6. Big Dance says:

    Tangompanani Chakwera ma ujeni ndi Jessie munkoke mapilikanilo (ngati ali nazo zokoka).

  7. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    This Government has proved a failure. If they continue like this it will fall on its own.
    Have you not seen munthu akugwa ekha popanda omugwetsa.

  8. Njolinjo says:

    Sapitwa! How does the respondent go to court without the applicant moving the courts ? Koma enanu ndi mbuzi zeni zeni.

  9. The Analyst says:

    “Never argue with a fool, people watching from a distance (onlookers) may not be able to tell the difference.” – Mark Twain

    You CSOs just shut up! And we the onlookers will know that Dausi is the fool, of course we know it already.

    But we may begin to think that you too are foolish if you report to the UN for protection; when I or anybody, takes a private number and tells you “you are dead”. Yet a thief doesn’t tell you he is coming to rob you, he/she just comes.

    Mbili ya kalulu tu imakula ntadzaonani!

  10. chitsa boys says:

    Zisakane zitsiru izi kodi pamene amati pita atule pansi udindo amatanthauza kuti akhale pulezident ndani?amafuna kulanda boma awa olo zikwangwani zawo analemba apm achoke amathandauza chiyani?

  11. Nyoni Nyoni says:

    Good move mr Dausi, zikatheka zonse please arrest them all, ovuna kulanda dziko, zisilu zimenezi,okutha ma plan, onyengana kumatako, mufa posachedwa inu ndithu.zifwamba inu.mukuganiza dziko mungalande motelo?? Mulira muona ndipo mukathera ku maula prison.

  12. chinne says:

    This government is about to fall down. Just watch it Malawians. Even if God favoured them to be in power, but if they start intimidating innocent people like this, that favour will be a curse. Peter and your officials please change your way of doing things otherwise if Malawians cry to God and pray you will not believe the result.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Lets just be wary for these isssues happening in Malawi and the rest of the world were already prophesised. Blessed are those who look up to God for refuge and comfort. End of times!

  14. sapitwa says:

    Go to court. Don’t waste time denying the allegations in the media. It will not change the status of what people may believe that you conspired with MCP to topple the dully elected government irrespective of whether the elections were free and fair or not. Some sections of the people especially the supporters of DPP will strongly believe that you are on the drive to force APM to resign which tantamount to coup citing reasons of incompetence with reference to your section. Again you used the media instead of lawfully going to court with reference to the section of the penal code. You will not change the minds of those who strongly believe and they have already labelled you as the worst evil.

  15. Masiye says:

    Your so stupit Rumphi

  16. mavuto says:

    stupid so called CSOs of Malawi. Do you have solutions to the economic problems? ntchito kudya ma banzi basi

  17. Wezi Gondwe says:

    APM zamukanika.He just want to divert the attention of struggling malawians from their sufferings.

  18. mbuli67 says:

    No smoke without fire. Dig deeper Mr Dausi, but don’t touch their life for life is a precious gift from one supreme being (God)

  19. nobel says:

    Mr./Mrs. Rumphi be careful with ur pen lest u don’t know the role of CSOs. Remember what someone recently warned that ppl will not topple a govt rather it is the economy that will topple the regime. So don’t blame the much needed like donor partners, CSOs. Without CSOs in Malawi where do u think we could be? Aren’t u ashamed yourself that this is a cheap, unpopular, foolish propaganda for the so called govt?

  20. 5555 says:

    Iwe Rumhi you are stupid!! Who is the kind president?? your useless PITALA?? nonsense

  21. Kanyimbi says:

    That is what we call counter attack. Do not think that the DPP will stay idle while you are playing the monkey. automatically they will either cut down the tree so that the chase should be on the ground or they will just leash the dogs to catch the monkey. So Mtambo play your monkey games wisely, otherwise……………………………………

  22. lomwe says:

    Dausi is cheap propagander.

  23. SONG says:

    Stupid NIB you don’t even know intelligence so far and if you are not careful you bring down the govt yourself. And remember of what to happen tomorrow if you are not in power this will back fire.

  24. S. Chisale says:

    Owe Rumphi, you don’t know what you are talking about. We the citizens of Malawi advertised for a job. That job was that of leading Malawi. APM applied for that job and during the campaign he is the most suitable candidate for that job. We gave him that job but he is failing to do it. Should we just sit phiwiiii and not remind him to do his job well when he is failing.?

  25. truth be told says:

    #1 yo are DPP die hard, but have in mind that your days are numbered. very soon you will see people in the streets

  26. Josophat Returns says:

    Don’t worry CSOs. These DPP guys are already in deep shit. They will blame it on the rain. They will blame it on the stars. They will blame it on me. They will blame it on you. They are grasping at the straws. Kubalalika uku. They won’t have enough money to run this government because they have huge appetite to lavish themselves. So stay cool. Of course they will blame you or Lazarus for their continued malaise.

    Ukakhala pa mudzi nde uludwala zedi nthawi yaitali osachira ukapita kwa sing’anga (NIB) kuti awoneke kuti iye ndi dolo amangotchulapo mmodzi wachibale (CSOs) koma wa bele lina (Lazarus).

  27. cadet 1 says:

    Dausi is a spent force

  28. Malingaliro says:

    This bunch of confused rats ikutitopetsa. As Malawians,we are going through hell but I don’t hear the Mtambos offering any tangible solution. They are noise-makers seeking attention. Problems can’t be solved through press conferences. You were invited to a roundtable discussion at BICC but never turned up. You think tizingomva za inu! Your noise is empty. Kodi inu tandiuzeni.. What qualifications should one have to become an activist like Mtambo? I have never been impressed ndi zoyankhula zake and I don’t think he has what it takes to be an activist. A Dorothy Ngoma nzeru zija mudali nazo muli mchipani cha PPM zapita kuti? Ndiona ngati mwakulatu amayi… A Mtambo, a Mayaya ndi magulu anu,provide suggestions on how things can be improved osamangoti government must address this or that. Include by….(the how aspect)

  29. madiru mhango says:

    It looks like CSO is the official opposition in Malawi. I hope they balance the needs of Malawians with resources.

  30. mtate mike rsa says:

    Boma la agalu

  31. Thanduxolo says:

    Kodi sizingatheke NIB kuyichita zomwe idachitidwa MBC zaka zapitazo?

  32. Thanduxolo says:

    Boma likanakhala ndi umboni wokwanira anthuwa akadamangidwa kale. Koma poti umboniwo palibepo komanso kuti mwina ukupangidwa awa samangidwa kaye. Kumanga samangana ngati mitolo yaudzu!

  33. anadimba says:

    musakane zisnthe kumene! zinthu zakwera mtengo. Misonkho fees yakwera,tution kukwera kuposa that poor pple must fund the govt through Education.stupid govt !stupid NIB

  34. Rumphi says:


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