Malawi CSOs report rights violations to UN: Abuses on sexual orientation

Civil society organisations (CSOs) met the UN rights committee in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday during the pre-session of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and reported on the human rights situation in Malawi, mainly focusing on the discrimination of sexual minorities.

The Malawi CSOs leaders in Geneva

The Malawi CSOs leaders in Geneva

Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) executive director Gift Trapence pleaded with the committee to impress on the Malawi Government to provide adequate protection against minorities.

Trapence urged the UN rights committee to make a strong recommendation to the Malawian Government to treat everyone in its territory with respect and as full bearers of rights, without discrimination of any kind, including on the basis of real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

He said his organisation has registered 76 cases of abuse of people because of different sexual orientation despite a moratorium.

Said Trapence: “In the report [to the UN Human Rights Council], Malawi has chosen to ignore issues of gays when referring bad laws to the Malawi Law Commission, claiming they have no money.”

As the CSO are pushing for the country to abolish the statute that penalise the  homosexuality act, the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) suggested the need to revise the penalty of those found guilty of homosexuality to be condemned to death.  Currently the maximum jail term sentence for those found guilty by the courts is 14 years.

The organisations have since asked foreign missions based at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland to press Malawi on recommendations on human rights obligations it has not implemented since 2010

About five CSOs y made statements on progress on access to justice, child rights, media freedom and free speech and protection of people with albinism.

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation CHRR executive director Timothy Mtambo recommended that government should outline concrete plans to protect the rights of people with albinism.

Cedep and CHRR represented Communication Workers Union of Malawi, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, Media Institute of Southern Africa, Youth Empowerment and Civic Education, Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre, Paralegal Advisory Services Institute, Youth Consultative Forum, Church and Society of CCAP Nkhoma Synod.

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29 thoughts on “Malawi CSOs report rights violations to UN: Abuses on sexual orientation”

  1. Wamandasi says:

    Jobless people CSO, are so dangerous. They promote chsoes. They supported uprising in north Africa. Look what is happening now in that region. Form a political party, a think tank and operate wothbclear goals than being sent by white people. We can’t be independent when you’re a glorified slaves pocketing money from imperialists. I will believe you when you work, produce money and finance your cause. Otherwise you’re just puppets

  2. Can these hypocrites leave our mother Malawi alone please.Go and stay in Geneva or wherever your Mathanyula/sodomy is legalised.We don’t need your satanic acts here.

  3. kodi ndifodya kapena chani?zoona anthu akulu akulu kuchoka kuno kupita kugeneva ndikukalankhula za gay?inu mulungu akuoneni ndithu.

  4. Hello malawi! Do not accept any stupidity in this country why do they not call those people to help the ophans and widles and the need, so they are busy wasting time with talking nonsence leave malawi is the country with full of God’s fear.

  5. Malipeya says:


  6. Young K says:

    Unpatriotic And Infidels .To HELL with your cursed donations .God will uplift mothermalawi

  7. To hell with your gay donors. APM has already declared that we will be using zero deficit budget from now on. Let’s see how your gay donors will be able to pressurize us when we’re not receiving their dirty money. Shit. Titibula amathanyula ife

  8. 4 grown men traveling to Geneva to promote ass fucking

  9. Ichocho says:

    Im not going to take a christian approach like most of the people are doing.however,i find it irresponsible for any normal human being to go to and tell donors to punish his own country in the name of fighting for minority rights..have you ever done any study to findout whether malawians want this stupidity you are advocating for?should malawians starve just because a few selfish individuals want please the west whose ideologies are completely different from ours?ana opusa kufuna kusokoneza malawi wathu

  10. chefourpence says:

    Materialistic unpatriotic Dogs

  11. Dammie says:

    Ine anthu awa amangondinyasa. Usatana basi!!!

  12. Mnyang'anya says:

    Inu a ma CSOs ife tatopa nanu, while we worry for the roaming hunger, you are busy travelling and robbying for mathanyula and aging donors to continue holding aid. Very unpatriotic fools.

  13. Akanganyawa asatinamize.Nobody is born gay/lesbian.It is a choice;choice of bad or evil instead of the good.And so far there is no genuine or proven evidence backing their fake assertions that their sexual acts are normal.
    Homosexuals are simply arrogant opportunists, evil-bent towards satanic worship facilitated by the worldwide-spreading atheism which itself is a choice that denies the existence of the uncreated supreme being above everything else that exists.These gays/lesbians therefore need to accept that both their school of thought and actions are abnormal and consequently wrong and unacceptable.
    And clearly no principle in nature,science or religion agree to their abnormal acts.For instance we are born male and female not purely for sexual pleasures as an end per se but also for responsible conjugal love and procreation of the human species.Physical science and chemistry also states that like terms attract while unlike ones repel.And to have electricity in an appliance in our homes we need a top plug and a socket and not two plugs or sockets.If homosexuality is at all something normal to go by how do these people get attracted to partners of the same sex and how do they connect two plugs or two sockets to get electricity .Liars!

  14. Cangaroo says:


  15. NANYATI says:


  16. Reasonable Man says:

    iwe Chrispin Ngwalawala wayamba nawenso kudya ndalama za geyi? Kunyini kwako

  17. mavuto says:

    have you 4getten the hunger which is scaring people`s mind now u want donors to continue with holding funds? whom are u want to suffer? r u thinking properly? r u married to the same sex person? which church r u amember of? is dat church believe in God? if it so wat they r doing with u?

  18. Chikondi says:

    Trapence you are like a child who mobilises gangsters to attack you parents. after such pressing measures you are asking for where are you going to stay, akupatsa malo ku Genevako?? Ndipo kodi uli pa banja iwe, lipoti lake liti ukunenalo? publish so that the world can see. i pity you poti mwakonda materialism at the expense of your own humanity. self alienation at its best, instead of praying to God see where you are pleading Mulungu wanu ali ku Genevako…

  19. Chikondi says:

    @Trapence, it is unfortunate that you are advocating for ideas that are not enlightened by the word of the Creator (of a man and a woman) I am actually surprised that the owners themselves have the prevelege to visit Geneva. i wonder how these so called minority are benefiting from your organisations. Keep on using them as your stepping stones to prosperity then you justify before Holy One.

  20. dreda says:

    That’s total rubbish,do ur man/man,woman/woman fucking in your privacy don’t involve third parties.idiots!

  21. Mbola says:

    Pure Satanism at its best. Trapence has started again fighting for aid freeze. God will deal with him. We know it is not his wish but for the love of money. We are fed up with this foreigner. I think Immigration should scrutinise him.

  22. Cedep & CHRR are clearly agents of satanic cum inhuman cultures christened Western or modern lifestyles which are jealously destined to attack and annihilate the rich Asia/African cultures.Cedep/CHRR are becoming traitors to their own identities and nationalism.
    Unfortunately their above said representation is only paperous and not either per person of th nor representing the wish of Malawians as a nation.And why should a God-fearing Malawi be intimidated by a rich but non God-fearing United Nations.Please dear Malawians let’s use our sovereign minds to school these traitors and agents of death that we honour the original 1945 God-fearing UN and not these killers of today.The original UN protected and dignified human life when crimes of sodomy,beastiality,abortion etc were treated such.But now hypocritical.

  23. Peter Nkosi says:

    Who paid for Trapence and his friends to travel to Geneva?

    Where can we read exactly what these CSOs reported to the UN rights committee?

    In particular, where can we read about the 76 cases of rights abuses? You might think that CEDEP makes available its reports for downloading from its tatty website, but not so. In fact, one that it published last year was impossible to find unless you publicly asked the US embassy, the donor, to force CEDEP to send you a copy. An example from the secret report was about a conviction for homosexual rape. What CEDEP wrote was completely at odds with what had been reported in the media, and written so as to turn the convict into a victim.

    Who knows how many genuine cases CEDEP has on its files of rights abuses. However, it is worth noting that homosexuals get beaten, killed, and discriminated against in First World countries such as the UK and US. For example:

    “Rise in number of violent attacks on gay people on the streets of London”

    “Norwich pub landlords beaten and abused by anti-gay mob”

    “California: Gay man suffers broken eye socket in homophobic attack”

  24. Mufungwe says:

    CSOs will never ever feel pride of their country when things appearing heading in the right direction. Stop accusing your country on things contrary to majorly views for your stomachs.

  25. Madududu says:

    The love of money and good life is the motivation for all this hullabaloo by these guys. Nothing else. They are doing all this just to earn a living. They do not believe in what they say.

  26. Che paulosi says:

    I don’t see any sense in this. You guys are just pushing this to please your masters for bread. Tell me who funded you to travel to Geneva?

  27. SHAFT says:

    Trapence ! Your days are numbered, Mulungu si munthu ngati iwe ndi ine .
    Ndiye usapikitsane ndi MULUNGU chifukwa udzawona polekela

  28. There is a woman in Nigeria who was once lesbian or gay,whichever you call it, but now she gave her life to christ. She is now telling the whole world that this is not a healthy problem but rather a practice or a behaviour which is been influenced by devils agents. It is surprising to see that the UN only concentrate on its promotion. To me the UN could be having these satanic agents within their ranks. I have got issues with churches who have been weighed down by these powetfull institutions propagating these vices. For godsake, how can sex between men done thru an anus be natural..really? can such a filthy act be protected as a human right? Why cant churches come up with a world body to defend the truth, or have churches become devils agents too?

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