Malawi deports tax-evading, racist Indian businessman

Malawi has deported Indian businessman Chandrashekar More who has been absconding bail while answering charges for tax evasion and contempt of court. He has also been involved in a racisit spat, after  insutlting Malawi Police officers who arrested him as “black f****n plebeians”.

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More was arrested Wednesday at Lilongwe Magistrate Court when police executed a warrant of arrest following his failure to report to police as part of his bail conditions.

His arrest sparked scences of anguish from More, his lawyer Justin Dzonzi  and the law enforcers.

More was heard shouting at police officers in racisist slurs and also attacked the Magistrate.

On Friday his lawyer applied to High Court for an order staying execution of warrant of arrest.

The Court granted  an order staying the re-arrest “pending the determination of the Notice of Motion to show cause why bail should not be revoked” and  that More should be released forthwith on the previous bail bond.

However, despite this determination, the State had  moved in with removal directions to deport More through an Ethiopian Airlines back to India.

More, who owns a company in the name of Mansi International, has challenged that he will  come back to Malawi by all means necessary.

The Indian has been on MRA books for failing to remit around K8 million in taxes from his proceeds as required by the law.

He was arrested sometime last year by the revenue-collecting body for evading tax. He was charged and granted bail but failed to honor his bail conditions when he fled the country .

On Thursday governance lobby group, Forum for National Development (FND) hpressed government to mete out strict punishment to  larger-than-life Indian businessman.

FND in a media statatement signed by its director Fyson Chodzi  asked government not to let the businessman go free easily as was the first time when he was granted bail.

“Malawi – being a constitutional democracy- demands that all citizens be equal under the supreme law of the land regardless of race, tribe and creed. We understand Mr More has been shielded by the Indian High Commission in Malawi thereby facilitating his jumping bail. This is an act in contempt of the law of the land. The FND hereby calls on government to see to it that Mr More is brought in to face all charges related to his misdoings,” reads part of the statement.

The lobby group says it is also troubled by the conduct of More for insulting  police officers during his re-arrest at Lilongwe Magistrate Court.

“We are also concerned with how Mr More reacted to his arrest by using vulgar and demeaning language towards law enforcers. It is not right for him or any other person to call police officers ‘plebians’ and challenging them that he would be out of police cell within 48 hours owing to his connections.

“Further to that we understand that the businessman insulted the Magistrate, which led to the case coming up for hearing on Thursday. We find such arrogance unacceptable and demeaning to our judicial officers,” FND also adds.

“Such a vile conduct vindicates our fears that Mr More relies on his connections with either people at the Indian High Commission or within Malawi Government to cut corners in his operations.”

The group says it will stay focused on the issue to the end as they want to see justice prevail.

Of late indigenous Malawians have been complaining that Malawians of Asian origin and Indian businesses are treated with kid gloves when it comes to trade and tax rules. FND’s stand therefore comes as a new wave of lobbying for fair trade practices to all Malawians and investors.

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23 thoughts on “Malawi deports tax-evading, racist Indian businessman”

  1. a mwenye a diphiphi ndi mtsogoleri wawo bwampini. instead of prosecuting him, have him sentenced and upon release from prison have him deported!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jelbin mk says:

    We are a joke of a country, deporting him was supposed to the last thing. No bravo here, government has shown that we are a banana republic with no law enforcement of any form in place. In normal countries the guy was supposed to be remanded in prison till he faces trial and convicted if successfully tried and serve his sentence then be deported as any foreigner in any country if you have been convicted of any crime in that country you revoke your admission into that particular area. Do we have real lawyers in Malawi???????

  3. Yogesh says:

    It is heard that some of African counties including malawi, falsely charge some cases on Foreign Direct Investors to forfeit their investments.

  4. Dyson kasamba says:

    He could have served his jail sentence first tthen deportation

  5. molande says:

    Its good he is deported, a lot if Indians don’t benefit this country. Imagine, all our money is spent in their shops which they externalise leaving this country poor. We can do without them.

  6. citizen says:

    a police mwaona because you are the ones who pamper these indians a lot. I just feel angry that the bastard was deportated before forfeting some goods or jailing him.

  7. Pakistan says:

    My advice to Honourable Grace Chiumia please stop granting permits to these pests. Africans are being beaten and killed in India with blessing from the Indian Government. Malawian let us not confuse politeness and stupidity. If an Indian or Pakistani insults you please please kill them. They live like bosses in our country because we are sleepy and stupid. I encourage you my compatriots to wake up kill these vermin. Idi Amin was not mad when he deported these people. Thanks to APM for taking a bold step for encouraging us to stand for our rights. We must support our president because he has our welfare at heart. Viva Peter Viva

  8. he is the equivalent of the guptas here in south africa.naturally,indians have a tendency to be so corrupt and arrogant too.they look down at africans(blacks) as malala paipis(scavengers).why not give them a taste of what idi amini did to them?if i were to be insulted,i wouldn’t hesitate to pummel him.he must go back to his stupid india or malawians shoukd deal with him harshly to learn a lesson or stinking indian!!

  9. kanjedza says:

    Such a drama for 8 million. What about all the arrears from Daily Times, Siku, Etc etc. How come they are local and get away from the lcutches of law

  10. Che nsomba says:

    Hands up for this deportation. There a lot of these Indians and Pakistanis who cherish in insulting Malawians. Imagine another Pakistan who owns large business called senior managers of his company “shit”. There is need for him to be deported so that he can go to Pakistan and call his fellow Pakistans “Shit”. He is busy employing Pakistans in many positions many of whom have no TEP. He boasts that he will dismiss workers at will and has connections to various ministers. What is happening to our country? Rich or poor we are all the same before Allah and Jesus.

  11. john telford says:

    of course he is now beyond reach of the law of Malawi, he already has moved his funds back to India he cannot be held for his debts and some other crooks will run his Malawi business interests and remit profits back to him. This way he has won all ways . The much publicised rows and insults were just a way of getting out of the country quickly. Africans never seem to learn how devious and deceitful and criminal Asians are.

    1. benjones says:

      well said. Malawian Laws need to wake up!!

  12. india kubiliwira nasadibwa says:

    at least we are starting to understand that us malawians we are also valuable aset to the human nature.bravo the judge and fnd

  13. chung says:

    Bravo..this is a good move!!

  14. Panganani says:

    Well done for deporting such racists. I ask our government to do more.Also look out for these Pakistani’s in Blantyre/Lilongwe-Area 3 and 9 that run terrorism Madrasas and mistreat our women and children. Further, government needs to buy sniffer dogs to detect Nigerians that have consistently brought drugs for sale into Malawi. They open bring these drugs through our airports and tip some policemen. Our boys and girls are suffering and if this country is not careful, this will be more than drug DEN country. Just go out to bars and pubs where young men and women gather and see them do drugs. Government needs to move fast on this one because it will destroy the name of the country. Parliament needs to immediately pass a law to KILL ALL THOSE FOUND SELLING DRUGS OR PEDDLING THEM.

  15. GUNDE says:

    Does MRA have competent lawyers? I had expected the following to happen:

    1. The culrpit to remain incustoday as his bail had been revoked.
    2. His case to go to court and MRA to recover their dues.
    3. After this, charge him for contempt of court. Gent him convicted and imprisoned for 30 days.
    4. At his release, deport him for insulting Malawians

    But as it has happened, he had challenged that he would be out soon and his wish has been granted. Were the insults staged to get him deported before settling his dues? A Malawi tapusapo chifukwa cha ma Lawyers opusa ophunzitsidwa ndi Ralph Convict Kasambara.

    Case closed.

    1. Ken says:

      I concur. He should have been tried and if found guilty, serve his time first before being deported.

      What lesson has been learnt here? Absolutely nothing. It only tells foreign tax evaders that if they are ever found, they will allowed to keep their money and let go scot free.

  16. mtete says:




  18. Titha says:

    He deserves the deportation. Smack out all racist fellas. .. They dont deserve Malawi land

  19. bravo govt, amwenye ena mwina aphuzileko phunzilo

  20. benjones says:

    Good re dunce to bad rubbish!!!

  21. mjiba says:

    Ha ha ha kkkk deportation? He should be serving time in JAIL. Malawi clueless

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