Malawi develops Diaspora engagement policy -Chaponda

Malawi Government has developed national diaspora engagement Policy , Minister of Foreign Affairs and International corporation George Chaponda has confirmed to Nyasa Times.

George Chaponda:  Foreign Affairs Minister: Diapora Policy in place

George Chaponda: Foreign Affairs Minister: Diapora Policy in place

Chaponda said the Malawi diaspora has always longed to get involved in the development of their homeland and help  with effective  resource mobilization to develop  the nation successfully..

“Over the years some have organised themselves for social networking but the absence of the formal programme of engagement has rendered such initiatives less effective and unsustainable as their activities have mostly been informal,” said Chaponda.

Chaponda said the Diapora  Policy has been developed with funding from European Union.

He said the Ministry is hoping that with the development of the policy there shall be strengthened partnership and engagement with Malawi diaspora.

On diaspora involvement in the flaming of the policy, Chaponda said Malawians living abroad were involved in the drafting of the policy which will facilitate government effort in diaspora engagement.

However, according to Malawian diaspora discussion group on internet, there were “selective”  engagement in the process of coming up with the policy

Chaponda told Nyasa Times that since its inception in 2014, the work has included consultations, capacity building session “Not only for Ministries and but also for private sector.”

“We conducted consultation meetings with Malawians living in UK, Ethiopia, Belgium, Germany and Ireland,”said Chaponda.

In the policy, the definition of the diaspora according to International Organisation for Migration (IOM) means members of the ethnic and national communities who have left their homelands but maintains links with their homelands.

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13 thoughts on “Malawi develops Diaspora engagement policy -Chaponda”

  1. Mbuchindele says:

    Kkk consultation in uk? U sent an email this year after the policy is already published. Koma chaponda ndi mfitidi eti

  2. Wilbert Mwale says:

    Malawi our ministers are good at talking but when it comes to implimentation we of policies its a problem I dont know why.

  3. Concerned citizen says:

    I do not see why we do not have tangible progress with our relationship with Zambia and Mozambique interns of foreign policy and economic activity. We have Tete and Chipata which are close. What has been done to ensure we get more trade?

    Either the minister has no clue or what is the problem?

  4. chokoto says:

    Malawi embassy in Lusaka is a joke. I wanted to renew my sons passport and was told to better go to Malawi. Was told minimum time is 10 weeks. Well, i believed the plump lady who said that because it was only on my third day of going to the embassy office that someone appeared by the reception. Mind you, that is after waiting for close to two hours on each day. Scores of people go there but get no help most of the time. Next to the Malawi embassy is the Botswana embassy. I went in there with a friend from that country and was mesmerised, first, the reception was live with embassy employees asking what assistance we wanted. Labelling of entrances and ways is admirable. Embassies are a true and clear picture of what Governments are back in their countries.

  5. Fabiano says:


  6. Thoth says:

    It is an absolute joke the way so called ministers in Malawi do their job. Malawi will always be behind on anything. Zambia has introduced dual citizenship and has initiated a project that will help Zambians living abroad to built homes in their own country. imagine how much Forex is getting into Zambia in calendar month. There are so many Professors in fields like Agriculture, Engineering but yet the country struggles to feed its own people, no water and no electricity, what a shame.

    Dr Chaponda, why are you even called Doctor, you spoke to BBC about making farting illegal in Malawi. Have you not learnt a lesson from bringing immature issues on the media? right tell us abut this policy because I have only seen a definition.

  7. LessChildrenPlease says:

    Zambia has been through this. It is proceeding to conclude the Diaspora Policy after making an amendment to their constitution to explicitly allow dual citizenship. Correct order.

  8. LessChildrenPlease says:

    Comment #1 highlights the attitude (and policy) problem that is faced.

    Kamuzu Banda, Bingu Mutharika and Peter Mutharika all lived and worked abroad for many years.

    Your first step Mr Chaponda should be to formalised Dual Citizenship to make participation easier, particularly in business. Have a chat with Saulosi Chilima about it. I know he has a clear view.

  9. Good says:

    Chaponda is a dog. Actually, worse than a dog and no one will listen to him.

  10. MF Jones says:

    Ndimene muthele. Nsanje!!

  11. Winston Msowoya says:

    I would like to advise you that myriad of the Malawiian living in diaspora (Canada and USA) are not in favour of the present Muthalika government.They do not support the trend the regime is heading to.The most vital issues are lack of transparency leading to a shameful and unprecedented economic ruins,grave food shortages that has gripped the whole nation,tribalism the scourge of Africa which,the Muthalika government openly connive,egregious economic performance the worst in Southern Africa,unemployment the highest that coerce our young people to go to foreign lands to look for livelihood that is obnoxiously the order of the day,corruption excessively destructive on par with Nigeria in Africa.Candidly,Mr.Chaponda’s venture would not impress a lot of Malawians taking into account that the Muthalika’s regime turns a blind eye on the issues I have juxtaposioned . It seems however, that the Muthalika arrogant regime just can’t listen to the voter’s demand,if the henchman Chaponda prepares to come to Canada or the USA,he must be fully loaded to come and explain what is wrong with the government of Mathanyula? ALUTA CONTINUA!!!!

  12. Kumzonda says:

    They could start by improving their basic embassy services to Malawians in diaspora. In June/July 2014 I flew with My daughter from the Mid West in the USA to our embassy in Washington DC to replace her expired passport, duly paid the $200 fee and was told the passport would be ready within 2 months. Today is 27 February 2016, and my daughter’s passport has not been renewed yet. Consular promises to update me on progress are routinely broken apparently because there is no progress to report. Endless inquiries are met with excuses including some strange rationalization that there are more people who are in a worse situation than me – apparently around 50 people who have been waiting 2 years or longer for their passports. I guess the reasoning is that I should not complain, what is 20 months to wait? Promises to update me are broken, apparently because there is no progress to report. At one point they even suggested they did not now where my daughter’s case was because they thought that I had already collected my daughter’s passport IN MALAWI, When I complained about this recently, quite angrily I must admit but I felt totally justified to be, I was even challenged that because I was angry at what I saw as gross negligence, incompetence and mediocrity of the highest order, a consular officer apparently going to Malawi in March to try and address this situation would intentionally not address my daughter’s issue (apparently to get back at me)! There goes customer/consular service for you at an embassy where Malawi should show its best. But more broadly Why should it take 20 months after all the fees are paid to replace a passport for an embassy operating in the most advanced nation in the world? Why does it require a consular officer to physically travel to Malawi to collect passports? When will the civil service reforms we hear about, some of it very commendable and I am in full support, come to the diplomatic and embassies and our embassies. Why should we accept this level of mediocrity? It is great you have a a diaspora affairs policy. Start with improving these basic services to Malawians in diaspora.

  13. Dpp_supprter says:

    Once they leave malawi they are not malawians. Don’t let them vote because Malawi is a sovereign state

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