Malawi ex-leader Muluzi given back seized vehicles

Malawi’s former president Bakili Muluzi has been given back over 60 vehicles which the country’s anti-corruption bureau (ACB) seized from him in 2009 which it suspected were bought using corruption earnings.

According to ACB deputy director Reyneck Matemba, the vehicles were really “deteriorating” hence an out-of-court agreement between anti-graft body and Muluzi lawyers led to the release of the vehicles earlier this year.

Ex-president Bakili Muluzi  given back his vehicles

Ex-president Bakili Muluzi given back his vehicles

The agreement was subsequently validated by court consent, Matemba disclosed.

Matemba said the corruption watchdog still has maintained the custody of the vehicles’ bluebooks “so that no one could change their ownership prior to the conclusion of the court case.”

According to Matemba, the decision to release the vehicle was made long before the bureau and the country changed leadership.

But Muluzi’s bank accounts remain frozen since 2009 and he has no access to the money since then.

The case protracted since 2011 due to among other reasons, the former president’s health concerns is still ongoing at the High Court.

The former president was charged with corruption and abuse of office for allegedly diverting donor funds into his personal accounts.

Muluzi, Malawi’s first democratic president was initially charged with 86 counts of corruption and abuse of office. They were trimmed to three.

He denies any wrong doing.

Muluzi, who ruled the southern African nation for 10 years, stepped down in 2004 after unsuccessfully trying to change the constitution to allow him to stand again.

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67 thoughts on “Malawi ex-leader Muluzi given back seized vehicles”

  1. Lipupa says:

    I personally know that Muluzi is [email protected] shall never ever have a President like Muluzi.

  2. Zachisoni says:

    Yisakhale njira yoti nanu mudzakhululukidwe mukadzapezeka ndi milandu yotere.

  3. agenda for change says:

    Ithink some of us are shameless fools.U mean Muluzi got rich when he ascended to power???.The Eastern region role model was very very rich way before 1994. Kaya he is ayao or what ever u may call him, He helped ur angangas from being syphoned thru misonkho and makhadi introduced by stupid kongeresi.Let those critising Achair be those born after 1994 coz they dont know what is to be out of one party rule.Some u fools’s uncles and ur angangas run away when Achair said no kamuzu must be stoped.If u dont know Bingu turnished the image of Muluzi so that to gain votes from central region and some of u fools voted for him in 2009. This stretegy was used by JB against DPP.Take it or leave it Achair is the one helped u fools with Mzuzu university which u hv turned into Tumbuka/ mzuni corner.what agreedy grouping.To rest my case iwant to remind u that utsogoleri ndi mtima osati kuphunzira ayi so let achair enjoy his wealthy.Alesson to those who hv apassion to uplift the standards of pipo ib malawi thru politicts.Amalawi samayamika the more who u sacrifice urself for them the more you become afool.Chair is that big example.LONG LIVE ACHAIR , Long live Eastern region , LONG LIVE ur healthy and let u enjoy ur wealthy as u continue retiring while serving as acommon wealth u and may God keep u health.Ur success is our happiness here inthe Eastern region.

    1. ATCHEYA says:



  4. mtembo kalombo says:

    Osamatinamiza apa why cnt u open his accounts,magalimoto ndi awa mwawasiya

  5. chatty man says:

    koma tiziona chaka chake nchino.

  6. Eddings says:

    If all cars are belong to Mr.Muluzi please leave him alone

  7. Proud Malawian says:

    Chair ndi gamba amadziwa poponda, ACB will ever arrest this guys as long as he live. Kenako ACB will unfreeze his accounts.

  8. PP says:

    OK zimangodikira Peter?
    Ndiye ma donor aziti chani?
    Cashgate ili mkati ndipamene inu mukuti corruption ndi yabwino.
    Shame on you professor peter.

  9. Mwinama says:

    Unfrozen his accounts also,Muluzi had a fleet of vehicles even before he became president and had Transport companies like Atupele Haulage which had several trucks,Jakumusi Bus Service ,Chikala Transport,Ntaja Trading we used to see a fleet of beautiful fleet of vehicles to his rallies in 1992/3, you mean then after being a head of state for 10 years is it a surprise for him to have the mentioned vehicles? Give back the money also.

  10. chekambewa says:

    even if the North teams up with the Central mwachepa Tcheya sanakutibulen mutaphatikana MCP and AfORD? Anganya inu mwachitika uri mukaymbirenso

  11. Onasiwelo says:

    well its pay back time for supporting him in stolen election after all he is buddy well done Peter and sorry to Malawi, I think this should be a food for thought, yes they are birds of the same plumage and will always flock at the same speed.

  12. Jose' says:

    Court decision (should I say ACB decision?). Some of you guys seem to know better than the ACB itself. So your advice is that ACB should keep holding on to the vehicles with or without a case? I am made to believe that the ACB can only hold back the vehicles if the case was making head way. in the absence of that, why should ACB hold on to the vehicles? Mabe you are knowledgeable, what strides have been made on the case?

    Malawians, let’s learn to allow the technocrats do their job without you guys who pose knowledgeable when actually you are empmty buckets pocking your dirty nose into issues.

    I am not a fun of Muluzi. I don’t subscribe to his ideologies. But if justice has to be done to someone, even if it is the empty headed Muluzi, then let JUSTICE flow like a river!!! VIVA Malawi. Long Live dEMOcracy

  13. wamkulundani says:

    The bureau is saying it has only given back the vehicles because they were loosing value . It has not said it has dropped the case, no. Be sober minded Malawians. Osamathanga blood

  14. Rosie says:

    It is a possibility for him to own 60 cars, he was head of state!!! what we’re you doing those whole 10 years, when he was busy working??? hmmm

  15. FCK says:

    SHAME ON PETER!!!!!! so this is what you call zero tolerance on corruption my foot!!!!!! Sorry my mother Malawi your leaders are so daft that they can’t even care to recover what belongs to you from their friends obtained dubiously

  16. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    tikudikira ife dzuwa la chilungamo osati zanuzi zokonderazi

  17. Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa. says:

    After making Muluzi dance over the Mk1.7 Billion case we end up releasing the seized vehicles ! This gesture even defeats the minds of we laymen who feel cheated by our politicians. If this is not an endorsement of corrupt practices then the country is far from fighting and defeating the vice as the government is sending wrong signals.

  18. 2004 TO 2014 = UDF = DPP = PP = DPP = ALL ARE OF THE SAME COLOURS.

  19. Collins says:

    We knew it will happen with southeners or associates of atupele and muluzi and this brings us no where as a nation.

  20. Marco says:

    praise the Lord

  21. Charter says:

    No sane person has 60 cars for personal use! For what?

  22. phodzo says:

    The birth of United Democratic Peoples Party is nigh (UDPP). (UDF,DPP and PP) All these Southerners are afraid of the Mighty MCP.

    1. MCP should team up with the north

  23. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    can true donor really assist your govt mr president? You have clearly demonstrated that u can not fight corruption. Donors plz keep with holding ur aid this gayboy is acrook

  24. Thyangathyanga says:

    Atcheya mukulimbana naowo, muvutika ndinu chifukwa iye zake zikuyenda inu muli mbuuuuu. Pezani wina koma Muluzi simupindula naye.

  25. Vavlov says:

    This defeats the law, this man was corrupt but now see what is happening, can we trust DPP in fighting corruption?

  26. moosa says:

    Acheya ndi acheya basi kuchitekete anyamata wapataun. Atcheya woooooooooooooyeeeeeeeee. Acheya bomaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  27. original KK says:

    Malawi justice system is a big Joke . I can’t be surprised with kaphale on the steering wheel of justice in Malawi . APM you are an accomplice .

  28. Jowel says:

    Atcheya out hoza cashgate

  29. wawa says:

    nayeni ameneyi he distroyed the country economicaly anabweretsa corruption ..
    kamuzu adasiya dziko lili pabwino..he did not love the country but to enrich himself

  30. Alungwana says:

    And wait for Kasambala going out with more money again

  31. abiti shyb says:

    its high time Dpp and Udf sit down and sort out their differences, ku south kuno we just need one big party, zogawazi ai ndife amodzi, tinamwera zonse, tizingopanga rotate, chikachoka ku mulakho, chipite ku lower states kenako ku yawo, kenako ku tcheu, after all we are the majority who can stop us, that’s the power of democracy

  32. km peter atcheya akuwathandiza bwno bwanji sindidaone president ngt uyu

  33. everyone is a thief. Peter mutharika is a thief. Bingu is a thief. Joyce is a thief. Pliz lets usher in a clean leader. Dr. L. Chakwera is the name

  34. Edrick chimwala says:

    Let him be

  35. Za kuti says:

    It’s now very clear that theft cases involving politicians will never be successfully prosecuted and I guess Cashgate cases will end same way . Honestly funding ACB is a waste of resources and this country is doomed let people continue plundering public resources. It is either they shall be acquitted or refund the stolen loot and be set free. Sickening.

  36. njanji says:

    Anakubela chain? Mphawi ngati one,mukumizuzilanji gogo wathuyu? Why don’t u un freeze his money,u want to still from him Mmm.?

  37. makito says:

    Malawi we are doomed. People are free to steal, so why the noise about cashgate?

  38. ACB Critic says:

    By the time Muluzi will be convicted, the vehicles will be worthless. What’s the logic ACB? Why couldn’t you dispose of the vehicles and deposit the money in an interest-generating bank account pending the conclusion of the criminal proceedings? Why isn’t the ACB advocating for legislation to establish the Asset Forfeiture Management Unit? This settlement agreement is a first step in letting Muluzi off the hook! It’s a shame and affront to Malawians In this age of prosecutorial accountability. I think opposition political parties have standing to successfully mount a legal challenge of this settlement agreement. They can take a cue from South African opposition political parties which holding prosecutorial authorities in South Africa to account.

  39. NelsPRUIT says:

    Mtunda wake ndi umeneo

  40. Nexsinho says:

    Asiyeni acheya akhale a cheya basi,koma Malawi sazasiya kuba kkkkkkkkkk

  41. salabada Hussein says:

    Olimbana ndi Mulizi azafa osadwala ekha

  42. Kulimbana ndi bakili utang’ambike ndiwe atcheya woyeée!!

  43. wakukayawakukaya says:

    Nanga chimene amamuvutira ndi chani sinanga onse ndi akuba.Naye BINGU anaba zake.

  44. mqxuiiii says:

    lyolyolyolyooooo amangwetu zinthu zatanii??!!!!! a Phithala hoyeeeeee!!!

  45. Luhanga says:

    60 vehicles? Who needs 60 vehicles?
    Tell me?
    This greed? Ain’t we malawians known for our hospitality and kind heartedness?

    Murderers, destroyers of the nation.

  46. salimu says:

    Whatever has caused a thaw in the relationship between DPP and UDF is good. In 2019 these two parties must become one to ensure that MCP doesn’t win the election. Amayi should also join the alliance. Muluzi is a good man and without him there could not have been the Mutharika dynasty. Thanks Peter chifukwa chat month.

    1. nox says:

      you will be shocked when MCP and PP take the 2019, watch the space.

  47. I knew all along that Kuchitekeke,Kungalango was innocent_the blatant truth is that Bingu was not to blame for Atcheya’s persecution,it took the likes of (Uladi Mussa, Kasambala and others ) to feed him with lies,hence,Bingu should be regarded as a victim as well.
    , God has given us a wise leader in the name of Professor Peter Munthalika and I am sure with his leadership we’re going to reach great heights…. I am UDF staunch comrade but it is my nature to call a spade a spade, and to be precise Pitala has started well and finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel
    Atcheya Woyeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
    Pitala Woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  48. achanguti says:

    zithu zataaaaaaaaaaniiiiiiiiii uko!

  49. Ok? About 60 vehicles?
    I think there is something hiden.
    Even you don’t know dat pipo in the villages are struggling to get human needs yet they have aid from donors and you use their money to feed your own stomach.
    Who ddn’t know dat bakili muluzi was a thief?
    God wil judge.

  50. AZONTO says:

    Only God sees & judges!

  51. Dick says:

    kodi guys mulandu wa 1.86 billion uli pati?

  52. Moya says:

    Why is ACB worried of deterioration of the cars that were bought using stolen money than the act of theft or the delay of the itself? wrong priorities always. Justice delayed is justice denied, I guess he deserves his life back since ACB has failed to prosecute the first known cash gate case! Oh Nyasaland Nyaland! I cry.

  53. za nosense ayi says:

    # 3 pa***** pako wamva.Iwe ukuona ngati muluzi angagone ndinjala chifukwa antsekeredwa a bank accouts?uonda ndijelase yako wamva

  54. mbuje says:

    Pa Malawi ati munthu akaba Foni kapena wallet yodzadza ndi kampango kamamina ati tiyeni timuwotche kapena ati tiyeni timuphe ndi miyala .Chondimvetsa chisoni nthawi yomweyo MBAVA zikuluzikulu (BIG FISHES) zimakhala zili pabelo nkumanjoyabe pomwe zinaba mabillion amakwacha koma ati chifukwa chandalama zimakhala ndimaloya.Osaukafe tikanakhala ena bwenzi nafe tikuwawotcha anthu amenewa chifukwa ndi amene amalepheretsa mijigo.sukulu,zipatala ndi mankhwala kuti zisapezeke

  55. MADAM says:


  56. Zino says:

    Musiyeni mwana

  57. venom says:

    Tonse ndi mbava ku Malawi dithu. APITALA AWA Achimwene awo anaba zambiri ndiye angoganiza zomukhululukila Muluzi. Shame Malawi

  58. Glyn Fly says:

    Let transparency and accountability working in our democratic nation

  59. omar khaliffa says:

    Palibe chimene anaba plz open his account

  60. Ma says:

    Mukukhululukirana nokhanokha out of court and give palm oil the judges at HC to rubber stamp your decisions??? IDIOTS GOD WILL STILL PUNISH YOU even if you escapoe here on earth.

    Muluzi was so pompous in his time Atafikapo,,,he has to face the law. APM finish with nMuluzi on corruption cases he is okay now. Once you jail this big fish, donor cash will start flowing!!! NO MERCY now that he retired paja Amalawi timayiwala msanga. MULUZI SO NOTORIOUS IN HIS TIME. Siyemweyu Ankati ndili ndi grocery ineyo when things were so costly for us… eyaaaa!!! WHATS THE REASON FOR RETURNING THE VEHICLES??????

    1. Chemwali chimwene says:

      APM akudziwa kuti chipanda Muluzi Bingu sakanawina, musayiwale analephera u MP kwao in 1999. Bingu anali osauka, amayendetsa minibus ku Lilongwe. Peter akubwenzera a Muluzi ubwino wao, kapanda a Muluzi kumuwinitsa Bingu, Peter sakanabwera kuno bwenzi akukhalabe mu flat, ndipo ali butcheror.

  61. tchaka says:

    Am very happy with the renewed relationship between the dpp and udf- penapake zikalakwika timayenera kukambirana ndikukonza ngati mmene zichitikiramu- keep it up dpp

  62. Wona says:

    This case is wasting our time, just give back this man access to his bank accounts, and leave God to judge. The govt will never win any case. Cashgate suspects have embezzled alo of money but they are enjoying their money, why persecute this man forever.

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