Mutharika to meet PAC over North Malawi independence, federalism

President Peter Mutharika has agreed to meet Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to discuss on calls for federalism or the Northern Region independence as a standalone country.

PAC executive director Robert Phiri, said the religious body which has volunteered to facilitate debate on federalism or secession of the Northern Region, booked an appointment with the President to discuss the two issues.

State House spokesman Fredrick Ndala:   It is a matter of allocating time

State House spokesman Fredrick Ndala: It is a matter of allocating time

State House press secretary Frederick Ndala said President Mutharika “is ready to meet [Pac].”

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), led by its president Dr Lazarus Chakwera, is among groups that engaged PAC and asked  it for its facilitation.

MCP spokesperson Dr Jessie Kabwila argued that the federal government calls were as a result of nepotistic tendencies by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration.

The term federalism is also used to describe a system of government in which the sovereignty is constitutionally divided between a central governing authority and constituent political units (such as States or provinces).

In Africa, federalism system of government is practised in countries such as South Africa and Nigeria.

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Remember this, tribalism starts with these small small remarks then it grows in veins of pple. Please pprospective leaders hold your heart, if APM fails we shall remove him by the ballot. After all each region has more than one president, even if the country is divided into three then the North will be divided into FIVE, the Central region into FOUR the South into SEVEN. THINK TWICE MALAWIANS.


This shows maturity of the Malawi bantu. Zambia is ruled by Zambian, Mozambique by Mozambican and Malawi by Malawian, kenya by Kenyan, but if pple feel the country is now big enough then ask the Sudanese.

ibrahim makwati



we are ready to be independent we want to show you the chewas that we can make it too. imagine we have clocked to 50 years and ku north there is nothing that we can show that the government has done instead of building schools in the north mwazenga ndatha in thyolo useless things and then u come and ask people frm the north to vote for u. this time around kulibe kulibe no vote no vote

I come from the North and I do appreciate the concerns by people who are for federalism. The only problem that I have is to have two things on agenda – one is federalism and the second is session. It lacks seriousness on the concerned people because it makes sense to see the president and bring the issue of federalism rather than both. I ask all people who are leading people, especially from the north that they need to look at the issues soberly and not just hurrying as is the case now. APM has just started ruling this country,… Read more »
kholowa mkabudula

I’M YAO, but all these started with the very first Dr Banda and passed the syndrome to all successors. l can’t blame the mbwenu’s for this. Our leaders are ready to steal not to develop this country. let the mbwenu’s have their own land and govern themselves to develop north. Mzuzu city is just like Mgabu town center in lower shire,all these years of independence sure? Even if they say they should have their own president oh! yes mpomvekadi as north is just like a rubbish place. Tonse a hinya hinya tizizatenga ma visa pa Jenda to enter north!


Atumbukanu tikulolanu mukhale ndi Dziko lanu. Mwatikwana. Chidziwitso komanso chenjezo: Mtumbuka kapena mpoto aliyense opezeka Ku south ndi central Malawi athamangitsidwe,amenyedwe,akhapidwe kapena kuphedwa kumene. Mwaziputa mulimbe. 24 hours notice.


God is good all the time and all the time the Lord is good…

Motonga Kolomoka--Nkhatabay
Jessie Kabwila is saying Northerners are calling for Federalism because of nepotism that is practiced by the DPP government. I want to ask her where does she stand on the idea of Federalism instead of blaming the DPP. The truth is that UNITARY system has not worked for Malawi and there is a need for pure democratic Federalism with no domination by one region/tribe. We need Federalism that will rotate the presidency among our three provinces not four as advocated by Peter Hitler Mutharika. We need Federalism with strong provincial governments, and federalism that each province will be allocated points… Read more »
Reply to Motonga
Yooo, You have raised a number of issues here. The main departure from the current (unitary) system to a federal one is that budget will be allocated to each Region/district based on a number of factors such as population and level of development. as stipulated in the Local Govertnment Act of 1998. Therefore, everything being eaqual we should expect Lilongwe to receive more than Mzimba. I for one I am not so much worried about where the President comes from as long as the local people are empowered to transform their own areas (which should be the main goal of… Read more »
Motonga-----Chithenche----Republic of Nyika
THE VICTIM IN THIS UNITARY TRIBALISTIC GOVERNMENT ARE THE NORTHERNERS. The Northerners have their own motherland, Nyikaland, Since the independent of Malawi Nyika people have been subjected to oppressive laws and have always been third class citizens in Malawi. One good example is the quota system where kids from other regions are being selected first and the leftover spaces in schools have to be shared among thousands of Nyika children and a few will make it. Federalism gives each province power to build more schools, hospitals, roads, and etc according to its population demand, No child from other provinces will… Read more »

Proud to be northerner let us

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