Malawi FA president Nyamilandu closes in on fourth term

Football Association of Malawi (FAM), incumbent president Walter Nyamilandu has edged closer to taking on another mandate after being backed by six affiliates for the elections due in December.

Nyamilandu: ′I am ready′ for Football Association of Malawi presidential term

Nyamilandu: ′I am ready′ for Football Association of Malawi presidential term

Nyamilandu had earlier indicated that he will not seek a fourth term in charge of Malawi football but has performed a dramatic U-turn after affiliates said they want him to continue being FAM president.

The FAM president has confirmed that he is considering seeking re-election after being urged by Central, Southern and Northern regions football associations plus the National Youth Football Committee (NFYC) and National Coaches Association (NRC) are some of the FAM affiliates.

“I will stand. I am ready and motivated to go for another term,” declared Nyamilandu.

The FAM president said he has taken a huge amount of thought to consider seeking another term after being backed by affiliates.

“It means they have confidence in my ability,” added Nyamilandu.

NFYC president Mabvuto Missi and Super league of Malawi (Sulom) treasurer Tiya Somba-Banda, who also speaks for the body, say they have no problems with Nyamilandu seeking re-election.

Central Region Football Association (CRFA) general secretary Bernard Harawa and Southern Region Football Association (SRFA) chairperson Raphael Humba have also confirmed that their respective associations have approached Nyamilandu to stand again.

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64 thoughts on “Malawi FA president Nyamilandu closes in on fourth term”

  1. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    its better to retire at one’s pick!

  2. Nyemba-Nyemba says:

    Sepp Blatter part 2

  3. Charter says:

    Sepp Blatter!

  4. Afanaze says:

    This media stunt was expected.Nyamilandu is overdue since 2010. This is not personal but there is a need to change leadership for the sake of upgrading national soccer development

  5. NYAKAMZAKO says:

    mwatikwana bwana Nyamilandu.

    You have messed up a lot of things including excessive failure of the Flames, let alone monetary embezzlements.

    If you insist, we will reveal your secret dealings against the mighty DPP prior to 2014 elections.

    Bwana Walter timupempha Billy Kaunda akuimbireni nyimbo ya Agalatiya remix!

  6. mwamputa says:

    kapumeni mungazachite manyazi.Malawian are tired of ur many failures Warter.Kodi mufuna za Blatter?We are not ready for that

  7. Willie Chirwa says:

    Walter my advice to you is that like your brother in arms Sepp Blatter, leave before people start grumbling. You have done your part and history will judge if you were good or not. This ndiimaso syndrome if not good for the development of the game brother. May I remind you of those juicy promises you made, the yardstick for the Flames and what have we achieved. Follow Sepp and leave before you are shoved.

  8. short wamtali says:

    Mwachita bwino mwampatsa testimony yaku chalichi Man of God

  9. Shock says:

    There is no way that all the affiliates can backing Nyamilandi’s candidature. This man must go. December kwatalikanso. Nobody will miss his services. He is a failure. Too nepotistic.

  10. BTS says:

    Tinene kut Malawi xonse odziwa ndiekhayu akapume tionekonse nzeru Zina

  11. sain it like it is says:

    bodza walter this is u trying the waters ike bingu did before the election…we as football lovers dont want u there…u have served long ennough now pack and go and giv a chance to new blood…and take with u all the panel u have…or else we will dig up all the records to see how u managed all the mone that came from fifa tof am..includig the sale of the world cup tickets and all the dirt we can please leave before we engage 2nd gear

  12. Bwengu says:

    So it means all in Malawi’s football realm cannot compete ndi Walter? Ndiye osamadza kuwakuwea kuti sakuyendetsa bwino ngati mukudziwa kuti muchita kumupatsa ofc nokha.

  13. Basi Walter pitiliza,mpata unapereka koma anthu akuwopa awa.amangodziwa kukamba awa. Nanga bambo Chomanika angofuna ‘fame’ basi kenako at the eleventh hour he will tell us ndapanga pullout. By the way does chomanika have the credentials to b FA chief? What about votes? If there is any one else who intends to stand let him come out now and articulate his vision zimafunika campaign izi

  14. bwino bwino says:

    Life president?????????achievements??????? zero zero zero

  15. Bibo says:

    Three terms all Walter has done is strike second-grade replica kit deals with Puma,Addidas,and Umbro.He has never demonstrated that he can raise the standard of football in Malawi.Youth development is even worse than the seventies,the national team is slowly becoming the laughing stalk in both the region and Africa,no improvement in the standard of the league,and no leadership in pioneering the professionalism of the league.The question is what new things is he bringing on the table for he had enough time? Wait before I forget,Nyamilandu’s FAM is good at running around with begging bowls to raise funds for national team activities having no strategy to run the association as a commercial entity.

  16. Ayi Zimafunika kumadzitsiya zikukoma,enanso adzalakwise

  17. Professor Seyani says:

    Watitopesa eish

  18. Patriot says:

    Zokhwimiraaaaaa chani?

  19. Agibo says:

    Lets be realistic! What i believe is that a person in charge has Auditers of such a person. So, such affiliates are auditers .DO PPO mean that the afiliates are 4r so long?they come to office and go Leaving the man in charge. LET HIM COMPETE,VOTES WILL JUDGE!

  20. mkupa says:


  21. A COMMONER says:

    Walter, r u 4 real? The moment u go 4 4th term u wil be investigated just as ur boss Blatter. Is there no candidate in FAM 4 the high office?

  22. MKB says:

    Malawian Sepp Blatter

  23. tionenso says:

    Dude’s run outa steam. Out out smiley!

  24. Nalimata says:

    Walter is just testing waters here. The affiliates that want him to continue ndiye kuti waanyambititsa kanthu. Akubera ndalama limodzi. Otherwise going by comments here, the majority of us Malawians don’t want this clueless Wota to continue. To hell with his losses!

  25. Walter, we have admired you over the years for at least driving Malawi’s Football on the right is pleasing to note that you have a fair track record in football management. Thumps up!!!!!. its high time you took a backseat roll. Look Walter, are you trying to prove that they are no capable men and women who can do/excel in football admin in Malawi?
    If the answer is Yes! then you have goofed in succession planning,like Blatter. is it not about time we featured fresh blood in our public offices? if i were Walter, i would stick to my first decision,so that i move on with dignity and it that Malawiains do not have second best in all public domains? Walter asakupusitse ma associations they are promoting their own agenda and you are being used as a scape goat. Go for it Walter you are a man capable of making your own decisions.

  26. titus Scoti says:

    Abale! Let him run if there are no term limits. If someone feels they have better ideas and better strategies to improve football in Malawi including the welfare of our footballers, let them join the fray and compete with Walter. Otherwise, let FAM have term limits tione zina. I rest my case!

  27. Chris Banda says:

    I think all sports affliates have problems,what has Madzi done to improve our football?The failure of our coaches is a reflection of his failure too! Madzi don’t bore us

  28. mo says:

    This thing called Nyamalanda o what ever u u co that thing must go Malawi football is football is failing to grow coz of this

  29. grem naidze says:

    good idea.palibe ndikumuonanso

  30. Nanchidwe says:

    Mu Manfesto Yake Amati Athandiza Bullets Ndi Noma Kupeza Sponsorship. Pano Bullets Ikadalibe Sponsor. He Bribed Beforward Officials To Take Manoma Though It Was Bullets That Qualified For The Sponsorship. Azipita Basi. Akazangowina Muzandifunse. Ati Zimawu Ngati Bemberezi.

  31. Malawian says:

    Off-course you have a deeper and audible voice that when you spit yo words, people can feel that pali amuna apa. Komabe let others try their prowers.
    Constitution yanu imati chani kodi? Mpaka 4th term?

  32. Ambele says:

    Walter is best if there are others who can do better than Walter let them come forward.
    Put the qualifications about FA (M) person. Ambili amene akulirawo ndi oti amadziwika ku Bangwe kokha ena ku Katoto basi ena ndi asukulu ya kwacha koma ngati alipo wina ayime ndithu. Walter by virtue of his position at the international organisation he is and the exposure he has he remains the best koma committee yake ifunika anthunso odziwa bola bobo

  33. Philosopher says:

    Tavuka namwi ada bwana pumuwanipo vakulekeyana ivi. mupenja mukafiki navu pani mwija? nangauli tituvwaso malimenumenu ghakuti ma affilates committes mukaghapaska ma one million kwacha nge vinyeda

  34. Zakwathu says:

    Walter wont leave you this time we that some of media gurus are your part but we will be with God,spend money we will spend prayers

  35. wordsmith says:

    I feel like he still got the energy and drive to continue contributing to the football game of malawi, he is a good leader and just like all good leaders, they are not flawless…. He has made questionable decision like letting the just gone coaches continue coaching on basis of them winning that losers plate when they were supposed to go long ago. That being said I support him fully for another term, but he should be able to groom a fellow from a circle of guys he works with. Otherwise it’s a mistake to have a totally new guy…. Him and the clue messed up in being behind that stepp blatter guy…. Wordsmith is out

  36. yazula says:

    Achimwene a Walter kodi odziwa za mpira mu Malawi ndinu nokha. PLIZ PLIZ tatopa nanu siyiraniko ena. Pakadafunda padajiwitsa galu

  37. sir bentby says:

    please Mr nyamulandu wakwidu ku nkhata manda, learn to leave the stage while spectators are clamping their hands and smiling on you. plz know that clinging to power will will only dent your past achievement and the so called pleased spectator will start booing at you.
    and don’t lie that those affliates have asked you, you have bribed them in fact.

  38. kanyimbi says:

    Man kapumeni mwachitako pelekani kwa ena. It can not be true that in Malawi you can be the only person. We have people like Patrick Mabedi, John Maduka, these can run the FA.

  39. Khwethemu says:

    Enough is enough u need to go now!!!!!!!!!

  40. Myao says:

    and we expect soccer to improve in Malawi. A wota zaka zandale simunakwanitse?

  41. TRYME says:

    Trust is so vital in this situat..
    If you are trusted by the affiliates, honest with your instincts and really zealous about the presidential calling regardless of all the oppositional referencing… live fully by taking the chance Walter.

  42. Phodogoma says:


  43. What people forget is that in a country of 14 million people there is no way one person can think that he/she is special. What has Mr Nyamilandu done durining past 3 terms?????????? Don’t be intoxicated with power. Pass on the baton so that we can develop footballically.

  44. EMTAK says:

    Walter kaya water… mmmmmmmmmmmmh kapumen man lekelani azanu abwerreko ndi nzeru zina

  45. Chisomo makapu says:

    I for one I think this is enough. Walter, please go. Thank you

  46. wakumupotol says:

    Stupid way of governing soccer in Malawi. What new ideas will Walter bring to Malawi. He has failed during his term with full of tribalism and hate speeches . Jealousy of Kinnah and northern region players in flame . He should be ashamed , very dull FAM President who has no any strategy . He would have been the first person to resign and followed by Chimodzi . May be Federalism in Sports can work. KKKKKKK

  47. clif says:

    president wa fifa wasitaya 3 days after kusankhidwaso maso kumangoyang*ana

  48. mwahana says:


  49. Kingsley Jika says:

    Mine is not a comment but a quotation for Walter from his namesake Walter Lippmann, American journalist (1889-1974): “The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and the will to carry on.”

  50. dad says:

    Malawi sepp blatter. Take care!

  51. Real cashgate says:

    Kmaaa Bullatter wakuMalawi uyuuuuu kkkkkkkk ayi nd2 come and finish our football mayiiiiiii tilirabe bax

  52. Phodogoma says:

    Water Nyamilandu you better throw in your toil when people are at least looking at you. Otherwise you will be Mkulinzinza of Malawi or Sepp Blatter of Malawi. Please sports elders in Malawi stand up and remove this thing out of Malawi sports. Three terms without impact in sports. Please water dont vomit your nonsense again. I am fed up water with you.

  53. Kavuluvulu says:

    Chitani manyazi a Walter.Are you the only one ?

  54. Captain says:

    Tazisiyani inu. Ndiyetu Fam ndiyakwanu. You want to be another blatter.

  55. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Wamuyaya President Nyamilandu,kodi wanzeru ndi iwe wekha????peleka mpata ena apangeko zina aaaaaah,manyazi taaaaaaa…ukufuna uzingosololabe basi manyazi ulibe,Ma player a national team angamalandile 15 thousand zoona Eish ku Malawi…

  56. mphatso says:


  57. muzipaso says:

    I think its a taboo to believe that there is one person who has wisdom to govern Malawi football at presidency. Think twice Walter for others to try and you watch at a distance for you may as well learn better while at bay and bounce back after recess. You may be honored in that way. If you think you have not exhausted your ideas then I do not believe you will exhaust them in the next few years after failing for the previous period you have been in power. I for one thank your good job and wishes you a good retirement as we try others.

  58. Ashraf says:

    This is another Sepp Blatter of Malawi

  59. amfana says:

    Akulu bwerani poyera zomanamizila ma afilieti ayi.Ine afilieti waku lilongwe voti yanga suzainunkha.Munthuyi ndamuona ndi piere mkulunziza wakumalawi.

  60. My Malawi says:

    Water, Water, Water, how many times have i called you?? Zoona ndikumvazi?

  61. ben phiri says:

    go for it am not seeing anyone to do the job better am for you walter

  62. john says:

    Kkkk thus Walter for you.He played his cards well.Most of these committees anaikamo ake so that in times like these he shud get the backing.Azatha ngati Sepp Blatter ndithu

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