Malawi govt dismisses CSO’s charges on Anti Corruption Bureau boss

Information minister Malison Ndau has described as ridiculous accusations by some civil society that graft busting body, Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) director gets instructions from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party elite.

Ndau: ACB boss does not take orders from ruling party

Ndau: ACB boss does not take orders from ruling party

Kampaundi: Fight against corruption is being undermined

Kampaundi: Fight against corruption is being undermined

Ndau has said there is no justification whatsoever for government to call for a meeting of parliament just to discuss the issue of the ACB boss Lucas Kondowe.

“It is very expensive to call for a meeting of parliament and we cannot just call for the MPs to meet just to discuss this issue when parliament reconvenes in November,” he said.

The civil society under the  Forum for National Development F gave parliament 21 days to meet and discuss the issue of Kondowe, threatening popular civil disobedience if he is not fired.

However, Ndau asked the Forum leaders to present their grievances to government so that they can be given to the appointing authority, President Peter Mutharika when he arrives back from the US where he went to attend the UN meet.

Ndau said it was not true that Kondowe gets orders from the DPP.

The Forum and its leader Bright Kampaundi are accused of being Peoples Party propandists. The Forum defended former president Joyce Banda and her Peoples Party administration.

Its  chairman Bright Kampaundi said bribery, corruption and plunder of public money has reached unproportionate levels yet ACB is doing nothing to take the perpetrators to task.

Kampaundi said this on Wednesday in Lilongwe during a news conference.

“The ACB is not independent, it takes orders from the DPP. Mr Kondowe should be removed because he is serving the ruling DPP,” said Kampaundi.

He asked parliament to discuss the issue when it meets in November.

Kampaundi also told ACB to make public the companies and individuals in the auditor general’s report of the K236 billion cashgate report.

This comes barely weeks after the Malawi Law Society accused ACB in the manner it handled the issue of the two parliament deputy speakers, saying the graft busting body gave parliament wrong advice.

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Petronas kaunda
In Malawi everyone one is corrupted. a system they have allowed and accepted. Anyone against it can be killed. Why they refused to have ACB boss to be independent? The whole parliament said NO. Because they know it will affect them all. How can a person fighting The most evil parasite in The country work free? He/she is pointed by ruling party and working for That party be against The People Who point her. Chakwela suggested That by majority in the parliament said know. As long as ACB is pointed by president CORRUPTION will continue. Malawi is.a sinking boat.
police poly

Abuse a Ndau you have gone into troubled territory. You will be defending hyenas in your quest to safeguard your post. You will bootlick and handclap for mediocre performance. You will lie before God to please your worldly and anvil masters. AS MY former pastor you taught me to strive to please God yet you are now practicing a different ideology. When everything is said and done we shall face the true judge, Jesus Christ. So please my pastor stick to the truth.


Zina kambu zina leku. Lucas Kondowe doesn’t inspire hope to Malawians as far as the fight against corruption is concerned. Kondowe and Kamphasa are not the right people to lead those very important institutions that is ACB and National Audit Office respectively. I think DPP knew how weak these gentlemen are hence appointing them to these crucial positions so that they can be dancing to the tune of DPP.

Petronas kaunda

Its True. I met two Un qualified women. NO college education working in government I was shocked. I said Malawi is run by idiots Who are relatives.,friends, tribalmen or girlfriend to men working in government.

Chikadza Kuwani

Only in Malawi……where the Anti – corruption chief is himself widely considered to be openly corrupt.

The Patriot
Mr Ndau, ukakhala pamsana pa njobvu usamati kunjaku kulibe mame! Chenjerani pano, dziyankhulani mutumbwa, muli ACB does not get orders from the ruling elite…….then why is the Presidency refusing to relinguish his appointing powers of the Director of ACB? Warning to the ruling elite of today: be careful , do not indulge in corrupt practices because as sure as is the sunrise and sunset, one day you will be out of power and then you will see how ” toothful and rabid ” the ACB is!!! As of the moment since you are ruling you are playing with the ACB… Read more »

A Compoundiwa akuoneka kuti ndi a chindere mwe1


Who has the law to prosecute these 13 file holders? He is taking too long and thus inefficiency.

be humane

A Kampaundi if your call is objective and you love the country we could not be talking of cashgate during the Joyce Banda regime which you fought for tooth and nail. Greedy leaders. You have no capacity to call for Civil unrest ngati walephera Billy Mayaya who are you then. You think Malawians are foolish that they obey anybody who calls them to the streets to advance your own agenda?


With the way things are going we Malawians will do anything to bring civil disobedience where the leaders are doing nothing to improve our live and every coming day is worse

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