African Leadership Magazine honours Mutharika in New York: Malawi leader discusses energy and youth empowerment

President Peter Mutharika on Thursday received the African Leadership award from the African Leadership Magazine Group in recognition for his statesmanship.

President Peter Mutharika receiving the award for exceptional leadership

President Peter Mutharika receiving the award for exceptional leadership

Mutharika showing his award

Mutharika showing his award

Malawi leader Mutharika speaking at the award ceremony in New York

Malawi leader Mutharika speaking at the award ceremony in New York

Part of the audience at the award ceremony

Part of the audience at the award ceremony

Mutharika received the award at a colourful ceremony held at Ragis hotel in New York, USA.

Ken Giami, Publisher and CEO of African Leadership Magazine, said Mutharika deserved the award because of the “exceptionally” good work he was doing for Malawi.

Addressing the audience when he received the award , Mutharika said the award honors all Malawians.

“I thank you for seeing in me one of Africa’s most distinguished thought leaders and champion of the masses,” he told the gathering which included Burkina Faso President, Roch Marc Christian Kabore and many business persons from Africa.

Mutharika said he had been humbled that the African Leadership Magazine had recognized what he called his vociferous fight for social justice.

He said the award had given the nation belief that something worthy of attracting the world’s attention was taking place in the southern African nation.

“Throughout my life, I have always believed that poverty is a great injustice against humanity in Africa and elsewhere. Poverty is an injustice to be fought,” Mutharika said.

Mutharika said he was excited and humbled because the African Leadership Magazine had seen and commended the people-centred programmes his government was implementing.

Since he took office in 2014, Mutharika has initiated several programmes aimed at improving people’s lives across the landlocked nation, overcoming numerous challenges along the way.

His government has, for instance, established community technical colleges across the country targeting youth.

Mutharika’s government is also implementing a range of public sector reforms to put in place systems that will enable the sector perform efficiently for growth and development.

The Malawi leader  said poverty was a creation of the mindset, just as prosperity is the creation of the human will.

“Today, Africa is dehumanized by poverty, alienated by a psychology of dependence, economically exploited and mentally corrupted,” added Mutharika.

He added that Africa’s first action is to change the way Africans think and make every African believe that Africans can turn whatever they have into prosperity with the right education.

“We need children of Africa to be equipped with the right skills for us to have a generation of industrious participants in the private sector,” he said.

The Malawi leader said his government had inaugurated the community colleges programme across the country because he beliefs in youth empowerment.

“There can never be sustainability of economic growth and development if we marginalize the youth. We can never move forward with the youth behind us,” said Mutharika.

The President told the gathering that growth and development in Africa could only be sustained when founded on strong pillars. Adding  that when he came to power, he was tasked with the difficult duty of liberating and diversifying energy generation to accommodate the participation of private investors.

“We are now set to generate more energy because this is critical to economic growth,” he said.

The President however, said in carrying out his work as head of state to improve lives of his people, there was a political price he had to pay.

“Most people do not want to hear about setting up systems and foundations to sustain our growth. Many people want to see full-fledged development now and tomorrow. The President Mutharika is in the USA attending the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

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Winston Msowoya
Are the proprietors of African Leadership Magazine balanced upstairs? Have they ever visited Malawi in recent years? If not please don’t write debris that viciously misguided international societies.Do you know of late that several patients in some of Malawi hospitals died due to the fact that the surgery rooms had no power,right now,there are thousands of Malawians in South Africa’s concentration camps who had been rounded up because they had no legal papers to work or live in the country and now are facing deportations back to Malawi and regrettably,as today,joblessness in the country is the highest in Southern Africa,crime… Read more »

Zochita kugulatu izi…!! Ndalama za misonkho zapita apa……………..!! Sizomwe zija ena anachitapo kale ndi ma bungwe ena ngati omwewa ku UK mbuyomu!!

Why should somebody be happy to receive such a mockery when you now that all is not fine with your people!! Any morals here……………….??

Chonchi ndiye muziti anthu akudana nanu………..!!

Iyayi izi mukuchitazi ndi chimodzi modzi kumayimba gumba gumba ma maliro………………………………………..!!

chilungamo chimawawa

Group Managing Editor
+234 7036827724
[email protected]. This is the guy behind false award.tell him some wisdom guys

chilungamo chimawawa

the devil is in our midist


The first malawian president to receive such an award, special president and God bless you.


baba wathu, scrambling for cheap accolades. Meanwhile the Obamas get Nobel Peace prizes and the like


hahahaahaaahaahhahahha!! Award for mediocrity? Hahhahahahahahahahahah


The award is meaningless and a mockery to Malawians. Ken Giami, come to Malawi and see for yourself. you must have made your research whilst seated in office. Come and see. Theres no electricity here, No portable water, No employment, People are dying like toads on the roads of Malawi, Lowest pay in SADC Region,

kodi ma board amapereka ma awadiwo sawona bwino bwino what aperson is doing for the country and ist people? what did APM has done so far to us to deserve that? Dr Daniel kachamba received doctorate in UK long time ago thats what people said its the same as the awadi APM received better kachamba becouse we know he did the Job… Energy apm wapanga chani za Energy? there many people this country anzeru well educated engineer from our UNI…. BUT THEY ARE NOT YET GIVEN CHANCE CHANCE… Poti pakakhala kuti boma lingalore ma private company ya energy i could… Read more »

Iih koma! Are these people sure it’s Malawi they are talking about? I can’t see anything worth receiving an award for here..things are not good in Malawi. ALM should have done a proper research not feed this guy’s delusions.

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