Malawi govt petitioned on completion of Lumbadzi-Dowa-Chezi road upgrading

Concerned citizens of Dowa District have petitioned Malawi government demanding for completion of Lumbadzi –Dowa-Chezi Road upgrading saying it is currently in a pathetic state .

Concerned citizens presenting the petition

Concerned citizens presenting the petition

Dowa people demand road upgrade

Dowa people demand road upgrade

Speaking when presenting the petition at parliament building in Lilongwe on Friday, one of the Concerned Citizens, Abraham Liwonde said Lack of Tarmac Road is causing social and economic challenges in the district.

“Dowa has one referral hospital and situated at the Boma. We have a big challenge to connect to the Boma more especially during the rainy season. Many people fail to access the hospital as the road condition has made the transport charges more expensive, patients are in many cases referred to Salima or Ntchisi depending on which side of the district they come from”, he said

Liwonde said farmers have had hard times to transport their commodities to the main markets and this have negatively affected them as they access markets very late and eventually making them poor .He added that lack of tarmac road has eventually made the district head office isolated, deserted and inaccessible.

Dowa east Member of Parliament Chimwendo Banda said members of parliament from Dowa have been pushing for the completion of the road in parliament but to no avail.

“As members of parliament from Dowa we have been pushing for it in parliament but nothing has happened and these people are tired of waiting for answers because they are entitled to tarmac road and that the road is in pathetic situation,” he said.

Receiving the petition, Chairperson of Transport and Public Infrastructure in parliament committee Victor White Mbewe said he will hand in the petition to relevant authorities .

Some of the demand in the petition are that people from Dowa are demanding for immediate allocation of adequate funds towards completion of the project and that contractors must re-open the camp site and resume road works as this has denied employment to the people of Dowa and has impacted on the economic activities of people living along the said road.

They also demand for the reversal of the decision to curtail the road project only up to Dowa district council headquarters saying it must proceed as planned to Chezi.


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25 thoughts on “Malawi govt petitioned on completion of Lumbadzi-Dowa-Chezi road upgrading”

  1. puludzu says:

    That’s the way we do anthu aku Dowa akangopanga FWIIIIIIIIIIIIII wanthu fodya kolowela naye mkuzambia basi. We shall stand up and demand what is ours.


  3. Matandani says:

    The late Bingu used this project as a campaign tool during his first term and that is why almost the whole Dowa voted for DPP in his second term in 2009. The problem with Malawi is that politicians politise everything when they are in power forgetting that even those in opposition pay taxes too. Why should government start to implement a new project in another area when there are some projects halvely or quarterly done. If we are all to support the government of the day for our started projects to finish, then its the same of going back to one party system of government which we said NOOOO in 1993. This Malawi is for all and we should treat each other fairly. Some northerners are calling for Federialism because of such stands by the ruling elite.

  4. Kaliati Galu says:

    Ma MP kumeneku ndiolephera, nanga mpaka anthu kuyenda mpaka ku Parliament?

  5. Zebe says:

    This is how we were supposed to go about things. Let’s demand what we deserve. I agree with others that let’s who are saying if nothing is done all tobacco from Dowa should be sold to Zambia because our own Government is failing to appreciate our contribution to the economy.

  6. Tatopa nanu inu anthu ankhaza opanda chikondi timalizileni mseu wathu mwachangu musanaone zokhoma. WE’RE TIRED

  7. here we go again says:

    very pathetic indeed, the road was planned to be finished in 2011 and the funding was aleady there, can somone tell us where did the money go? As the road still stand unfinished. finish our road mr president. No selection when giving project.

  8. In agreement with black market.

  9. Mtunga says:

    Ndalama za mitsonkho pa fodya olimidwa maboma a Dowa, Lilongwe, Kasungu, Mzimba, Mchinji kufikira Rumphi ndizomwe zikugwiritsidwa ntchito pamanga misewu, zipatala zing’onozing’ono ku maboma achilomwe monga Mulanje, Phalombe, Thyolo ndi Chiradzulo. Alimi afodya azanga ulendo uno tiyeni tonse tikagulitse fodya wathu ku Zambia. Alomwe asiyeni azidya malama za tiyi ndi nandolo wawo.

  10. Makala a Tsanya says:

    We need action kungoti Alomwenu mwanyanya tsankho mukumuposano Mtumbuka. Mulibe manyazi mukamasankhana ndikumapatsana maudindo konzani msewu Mchewa wakwiya sakumvanso za ndondomeko zanu zosayendazo

  11. chikoya says:

    APM yemweyu, during chilembwe day, analamula kuti msewu wopita ku PIM kwa john chilemmbwe aike tala koma kulephera msewu wopita pa dowa hqs just bcoz ndi kwa achewafe eti? msewu umenewu anangochitira kampeni bingu in 2oo9 but not finished til now.thats why dowa east and south wil never vote dpp, zimenezo komweko ku mponela bcoz of the mponela-ntchisi road.

  12. mboba says:

    Akonzeleni mseu anthu aku dowa

  13. opportunist says:

    Dikirani 2019

  14. yotam says:

    press hard this must not involve politics.

  15. George Lihoma. says:

    I salute you the people of Dowa for braving all obstacles and coming out open.Misonkho pachina chilichonse tikumalira nayo, you have the right kuliumiliza boma likukonzeleni msewu.Tar amangidwe baasi.Viva ma-Dowa.

  16. special advisor says:

    Wantonness! Public officials that waste resources by diverting resources and abandoning expensive projects must be prosecuted. Think of the Dowa road. It’s pretty short. It should have completed by now. Think of zomba-jali-chitakale road. We need an economic justice tribunal to trial all the political and technocrat wrecks that made the silly decisions that led to the stoppage of these and similar national endevours.

  17. onjoya says:

    mcp was in gvt for 31 yrs but did not construct tarmac roads in dowa, ntchisi and salima. why didnt u present ur petition then? achewa osaganiza inu any way because of Hon Dr J Kalirani this gvt will construct the remaining part. we respect her very much

  18. not at all about mulanje and thyolo just imagine mseu wa chitakale via phalombe zomba ndalama zake anadya bingu ndi peter

  19. Owen says:

    Tell them to add another project to be called Dowa Thavite via Matekenya road

  20. Black Market says:

    Dowa is still living in the Welsky and 1950s times since its the only old district without Tarmac road even neno is better. 20 years have gone what did your MPs do to force Govt on bringing Tarmac road? Sometimes it’s the type of leaders you choose to Parliament. If u choose dumb Mps then forget. Very sad.
    Govt must also be ambitious to make sure all districts are goable by giving them good roads. When I look at developed countries, I stopped calling them “developed” but nations with ambitious leaders so Malawi doesn’t have ambitious leaders we are not poor.
    If u take all Malawians today dump them in one state in America and exchange with those people in that state to come and stay in Malawi, within two years that American state will become poor and start begging from Malawi instead coz of its unambitious and extravagant leaders. Very sad indeed.

  21. ine says:

    Mseu uwu ndi umodzi mwa misewu yomwe yagwiritsidwa ntchito ngati Campaign strategy kwa kanthawi, mwinanso pano uli pa list ya 2019. Politicians; do you know costs implications associated with resuming abandoned projects? Ndalama zinangolowa mmadzi kenako muzikana kuti Malawi is not the poorest of the poor, umboni upose apa?In Dowa new bridges are standing in bushes while people are wallowing in the mud. SHAME.

  22. ganimunthu says:

    Good one. Thanks people of Dowa please continue demanding your rights

  23. mkaaji wakweli. says:

    Abale!!!! since 2012! until now nothing has happened. bola ukanangokhala mmene unalili kale. chifukwa Nyasa kwambiri kuposera kale.


  25. zanga phiri says:

    Ndalama zopangila misewu ku Thyolo,Mulanje zimapezeka msanga kwina ayi kkkkkk

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