Malawi govt rejects ‘sleepwalking’ into economic turmoil: Jappie says Mutharika in control

Minister of Information, Tourism and Civic Education Jappie Mhango had rejected claims by opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) that the country is sleepwalking into a failed state under the leadership of President Peter Mutharika.

Mutharika accused of not knowing what he is doing

Mutharika: MCP accuses Malawi leader that he does not know what he is doing 

Mhango, who is the official government spokesperson, said Mutharika is in control of the situation in the country and soon there will be economic growth .

MCP during a news conference held in Lilongwe accused Mutharika of sleepwalking in power while the country is facing huge challenges.

Party lawmakers o listed a litany of issues which the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration has lost control of, among them taking a large delegation to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) at the time the country is facing a food deficit and has appealed for humanitarian assistance.

MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila said Malawi deserve a leader who is “visionary”, saying Mutharika is sleepwalking on job.

Kabwila pointed out that Malawi is facing economic crisis but the Mutharika administration are poverty deniers and the President “does not know what he is doing.”

The MCP spokeswoman cited the recent hiking of secondary school and tertiary education fees in public schools as well as the abolition of the Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) examinations as part of reforms of the parastatal, Malawi National Examinations Board (Maneb) as announced by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST).

Kabwila further described the fee hike as atrocious and a slap in the face of the poor as education will now be the preserve of the elite.

Malawi government should have abolished the subsidy on iron sheets and cement and invest the resources in education so that the poor should also have the same privileges as the rich, argued Kabwila.

However, government spokesman trashed the MCP comments, saying they are out of frustration after losing the May 20, 2014 Tripartite]elections.

Mhango said Mutharika is not sleepwalking but in total control “ and he has great plans for this control.”

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31 thoughts on “Malawi govt rejects ‘sleepwalking’ into economic turmoil: Jappie says Mutharika in control”

  1. The Guardian says:

    Chakwera is practicing old time type of politics,he is just trying to turnish peter’s image.inavailability of drugs in the hospital is because the same doctors steal the medics and sell to vendors.with this type of ur tougue instead of giving,had never thought u will at anytime in the near future or far have the chance to rule Malawi,peter is just doing it perfectly and in three years time, you,yourself will be shocked because the fruit of Dpp manifesto will be be in everyone’s hands even the same people that you are burning today with the sun and lied to in a form of a rally instead of telling them to be hardworkers.mfundo mulibe inu.

  2. yampita says:

    its true he has completely faild checkout hs so called comunity college staff want to strike coz they havent been paid their salary arears wat a shame!!!!!

  3. Wozisata says:

    Its time all Malawians woke up.Malawians will never gain anything with this indecisive clueless Pitala mbyofo mbyofo.He is just a time waster.Jappie Mhango gets paid for spreading lies like his idiot predecessor Nankumwa.Dpp and Pitala have totally failed Malawians.

  4. levelheaded says:

    “So that the poor should have the same previlage as the rich; even that iron sheet subsidy is targeting the poor to narrow the gap with the rich. Kabwira you are running out of ideas day in out. Know that whatever we do and say everyday have a great influence in our lives physically and mentally. You are reducing yourself everyday from a college lecture to a kindergarten teacher.

  5. Winston msowoya says:

    Malawians,please come to terms with realities and not stick to the 19 th century political adventurism that has tragically made us the laughing stock of our planet.Let us learn from our past political blunders that made our early leaders to inadvertently import a rogue leader ( Hastings Banda) who had no vision whatsoever as to where he could take our beloved mother Malawi.To rule or lead us as Malawians he forthwith embarked on a vicious personality cult which had no rival in the continent and eventually turned us into moving souls that made him our lifetime Mesiah.Yes,we have not yet learnt from that blunder.To be fair,Muluzi had his own sins,but had proved himself better than Hastings Banda and the Muthalika dynasty.Indeed,he made a political blunder akin to our early leaders( Kanyama and Chipembere) to embrace and campaign for Bingu Wa Muthalika whom he had never known his political backgrounds before.I would not be narrative here ,for all Malawians know what he did to our nation.His downfall did not teach Malawians a vivid lesson,hence,his young brother was voted into power.What a sleepy human beings we are? Of the leaders we have had since independence,Muluzi and Joyce Banda,at least fared well.Now we have seen for ourselves what type of the leadership we have today.Peter and his brother late Bingu are not leaders,but political excursionists ( Travellers) who are proved unpatriotic and incompetent.For instance,a few weeks ago Peter jetted- out with plane- load of buffoonery ethnic bed- fellows to the USA,while back home,the national economy is in tumultuas situation,our children dying of lack of food,acute shortage of medicines,rampant corruption and all the evils.One thing which mesmerize me is the fact that Peter was a member of the exiled Pan African Democratic Party which was led by Masauko Chipembere who was largely respected by Late President Nyerere and Tanzanians at large for his patriotic ideals and African inspired values.To the contrary,Peter has left himself loose to tribalism,corruption the scourges of Africa.Malawians,if we are not going to learn from the past blunders,our grand children and the generations to come will condemn us.let us not be fooled by these leaders bent on divide and rule through tribalism and ethnicity,This is what is killing Malawi’s economic progress and political stability.

  6. Lindu says:

    in control of what? everything perhaps to make sure that nothing moves an inch. I learned recently that some government unit has an annual budget for operations less than one officers monthly salary.
    Someone in control should see that nothing will change despite the defence in words. Can the reforms trust? look at this also in their extended term of office now to one year.

  7. ALOSWEA says:

    Kkkkk now we want to try ,Ngoni,Tumbuka,Tonga or Nyatwusa on Presidency others have failed us guys 51yrs

  8. Peter says:

    Chabwera and your people please wait for the next elections then we’ll hear you loud and clear but not now.

  9. Robert Zingani says:

    Yes! Indeed Mutharika has great plans for Malawi,that is the reason we gave him power to lead us not chakwera he is not leader but noise maker! DPP! Boma! 2019 beyond blues

  10. all-i-can-say says:

    It’s same as saying that it will snow in Malawi. Loosers.

  11. English Guru says:

    Mutharika has great plans for this ‘control!’ lol

  12. Aubrey Norman says:

    Aaaaaaa Chabwino ndichiyani kukhala ndi JCE koma ntchito osamayipeza?kulibwino anthu aziwonongera ndalama pa chinthu choti akachipeza chizawathandize. Ntchito ya JCE basi kumango khala ulonda?

  13. Dwambazi says:

    Mathanyula’s handclappers and boot lickers are beyond pathetic. I think they leavein a totally different world than 64% of Malawians.

  14. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    my brother forget abt mcp…….let mi assure u mcp wil never ever come bak to power……unlesss alomwe tonse titafa apo biii munya manyi

  15. proudmalawian says:

    It is high time this man without teeth in his mouth threw the towel in the ring. He has no vision and plan for the country.

  16. Jak says:

    Abale, Tandikumbutsani: Kodi Paja JCE ndi Chani? Vacancy ili Yonse akuti akufuna wa Degree. Ndiye kumasokosa apa kuti Athetsa JCE!!!! Kupanda Manyazi Eti??????iiiiiiiiii!!!!! Kambani Zina Timve.

  17. George Kamanga says:

    jappie wazgoka chindere chakumalira

  18. mary bonaz says:

    APM must resign ,other wise we will destroy this country, with demonstrations

  19. YITUWA MPHANDE says:

    American professorial failing apart

  20. we are walking into a desert. Headless chicken is in control ,how could he cönvince as while his reform is spoiling things . We should be kin fello malawians

  21. SAILE says:

    Am tumbuka by tribe but what Mhango has said is a trash, I think this man is another fool in the bandwagon of gvt. Hw can he relate frustration with what Kabwira has raised. Stupid Mhango.

  22. yusuf says:

    che matanyula lol!!!!!. Dziko lawakanika amaona ngati ndi nkalasi . Kulephela kweni kweni. Atupele wangoononga mbiri yake ndi gulu la anthu olephelawa.

  23. nelson says:

    What I can say here to him peter JCE is nothing because he is educated but to poor people who don’t have money to acess high education JCE is important to them so think mumhango before you back your president this is nonsese.

  24. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Hand clappers, actions speak louder than words. APM is undoubtedly the dullest prof the world has ever seen. A leader who cant lead and make sensible decisions, mwaonatu alomwe munthu wanu uja zomwe akupanga kaya mwina mmakomo mwanumo akumakubweretserani zakudya…

  25. Ngalamayi says:

    ‘He has great plans for this control’?? So how come he isn’t sharing them with the nation? How come he has time to fly off with huge delegations? How come things are going from bad to worse? The Kamuzu banned Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, but Malawians are reliving all the deprivation, lies, distortion all over again! All animals are equal but some are more equal than others!

  26. saiton phiri says:

    Don’t take us for granted

  27. puludzu says:

    The only way for APM to improve the economy is by changing course and focusing all his energy on increasing electricity generation. Forget FISP (we import maize anyway – FISP or no FISP), forget senseless malata subsidy, stop Mwanavenkha from hopping from one country to another hunting for “investors”, cut the excessive executive waste (convoy, residencies, foreign trips, advisers, etc) and focus on power generation. Not just big hydro projects, but expand small ones like Wovwe, Kongwe, etc. Also consider other types like solar, wind, geothermal, coal, diesel, etc

    The economy of Malawi cannot grow as long as power generation is kept at minimal levels. And we should stop thinking that someone else, whether the Americans (God knows what ever is happening with the much touted MCA) or the Chinese, will invest in our energy sector. We should start doing it ourselves. Now. Of course APM is not going to do all this – it is too hard and does not involve subsidies to buy off voters. But this is what will turn around the country. The spin offs from increased power generation are just so enormous…it’s a no brainer

    As an urgent measure APM should find the US$2 million for batteries for the KIA solar project. It is an insult that Japan can make such a huge donation only for the Malawi government to say it cannot find US2 million for batteries. Use the excess power within Lumbadzi or Kanengo area. We need this kind of commitment to grow our energy sector…

  28. phwiphwi says:

    Nyapapi watha basi. Old cargos in control

  29. chatonda says:

    Iwe Jappie Mhango Mtumbuka, wait a minut and listen; What Malawians want is not you claiming that Mutharika has plans but people want to see changes right now. What plans are you talking about? What economic growth are you talking about? Are you talking about MABUZI GROWTH may be and not economic growth? Accept that we are in trouble as Goodall Gondwe who knows Economics said. You are just a brutt and you cannot have plans for the economy as you are claiming that Peter has. Better to accept and let people jojn you in finding solutions. The reforms are just another silly technic, how can you recall health professionals ijn the name of reforms? How can you scarp off JCE in the name of reforms? Mwatha nzeru. MCP has a point and people will vote for them come 2019.

  30. Chidzukulu says:

    Kkkkkkkk! Checks and balances. Zinazo zikumveka koma zoona mungathetse jce? Kutheratu maplan kumeneko. Chaka chino chokha alephera jce ndi angati? Ndie mwati azingopita mpaka msce. Eeeeh apa pokha mwapala

  31. KUNO KU MAULA says:








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