Malawi govt sets March 10 deadline to pay teachers’ arrears

Government has set March 10 as deadline for paying arrears and leave grants it owes teachers in the country, deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology Vincent Ghambi has told Nyasa Times.

Vincent Ghambi, Deputy Minister of Education and Science and Technology: By March 10  arrears will be paid

Vincent Ghambi, Deputy Minister of Education and Science and Technology: By March 10 arrears will be paid

Some teachers, however, have expressed pessimism over the assurance saying “the government is only good at promising.”

But Ghambi assured the March 10 deadline is date, adding that his ministry will also roll out a new system of paying teachers soon.

“We are working on a new system altogether. Teachers will now be paid through their respective zones,” said Ghambi.

The new system, according to Ghambi, will speed up the processing of teachers’ salaries which were allegedly being delayed due to hefty workload at Capital Hill.

“With the new system, the issue of delays, arrears and leave grants will be history,” said Ghambi.

Teachers have been holding protests in some districts across the country over arrears and leave grants.

Last week primary teachers in Salima downed their tools, threatening they would only resume work once they we

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32 thoughts on “Malawi govt sets March 10 deadline to pay teachers’ arrears”

  1. Mandebvu says:

    I remember when I was a teacher, when it hits 27th each month without pay could not report for duty till payday. I didnt have any issues with conscious or guiltiness.All blame in my mind lied on the system. Teachers go out a while and find alternative source of cash to feed yourselves while you wait for this rubbish government to insult you with the migre salary kkk

  2. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    Watching this with interest. How can we parents continue sending pocket money to graduates that have been on the job for 6 months because government has breached its contract with the new employees?

  3. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Si aphunzitsi okha ayi, alipileni bwino anthu onse ogwira ntchito ku boma. Mpaka pano no salary, akhalakhala bwanji anthu. Stupid govt.

  4. Kaybeez says:

    Ma arrears ake?Ma trs ake ati?Duckheads dont even know which group has arrears with GOM!Ellaborate clearly dont give Us false hopes.Just put mine on my pensions 50yrs after I die!Let my dependents musticate them!!Failed state!!Me Out!!

  5. MSENA says:


  6. Patriot says:

    Bla bla bla.
    Anthu akulandira malipiro awo pa 44 mwenzi uliwonse.

  7. Aidgate says:

    Only in Malawi can this stupidity by the government be tolerated I can read and write because of a teacher. It’s sad that they are being treated as door mats.

  8. Mbanangwa says:

    Munayamba pa nthawi ya Bingu kuti mu kukonza njira zatsopano kuti athu azilandira bwino ndakama. What is wrong with this monkey business ?

  9. Abiti Sipoko says:

    Shaaaa koma aphunzitsi ali pamabvuto

  10. True patriot says:

    We will also stop reporting for duties till 10th march 2015.Pasavute.

  11. Kuchitekete says:

    Apatseni maphuzitsi mitengo yawo. Paja munkati mudzawakwezera mitengo lero ndi izi

  12. steven says:

    SALARIES, back to our respective zones!! bodzabodza that is system of the past their is no security in this country so you want trs to be robed and die unexpectedly. If it is true, is the ministry closing the banking system of payment? Do not cheat us you failures!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Atcheya says:

    Akuti 1 plus 1 will remain 11 until teachers are paid…

  14. Manzy says:

    Ndichifukwachake ndinachoka ku MW bz teachers the
    y saved as makape wopanda kopita

  15. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Chindere iwe! Anthu amenewa azidya chiana podzafika pa 10 march.

    Kapena mukufana kunena kuti mugula mabokosi amaliro. You mean our teachers should keep on borrowing.???

  16. Black Market says:

    The problem is that money is there but was fixed deposited in a bank to earn interest.

  17. civil servant says:

    mukungonena apa what about teachers who went for upgrading? why do you keep on making teachers suffer like that? one day muzayankha! ndapita!

  18. Teachers lets work as professionals be united.A kutipezerela chifukwa sitigwirizana

  19. Teachers be principled stand by your discussion to down tools.Only banks should tell us when to start work.The deputy minister’s words are no strange.Lets be united.matthew 7 vs 24-27.DOWA

  20. Harrison makoza says:

    Teachers in the country are not united.I dont know if they have a mother body that can stand up for their rights.They will alwez remain victims as a result dwindling education standards.

  21. Ask says:

    Bola Osanamizanso Mphunzitsi Coz Nduna Iwe Ulembetsa Wekha Terminal Tests

  22. opportunist says:

    Maziphunzitsi amandisekesa kwambiri easily used

  23. Thiya says:

    I beg fellow teachers that if this won’t happen, lets have a mass demonstration

  24. bola joyce banda emwe uja amalawi kufoira tinaludza munthu ofunika heavy maphunzi mpaka medzi six without pay

  25. B Njiwa says:

    Teachers are always victims, only Ngwazi Dr H Kamuzu Banda respected teachers

  26. Wanex banda says:

    Naneso mpha 10

  27. wanda says:

    Teachers themselves are to blame. They are not united and always show blind loyalty to Goyt as if the govt cares about them. If it were lawyers or doctors, this issue could have been history. But teachers, ishee! Kaya enawa kusaphunzira komweku. Mwanyanya, simungapangeko ka demo ka country wide, koma ndwii mtimasukulu tomvetsa chisonito. Remain like that and be the victims always.

  28. abuba says:

    What kind of good governance is this ? How could the govt let this happen? Is the govt going to pay these teachers with interest? These teachers deserve compasation.. Kodi mabunge omenyera ufulu anthu owira ntchito aja alikuti?

  29. ganimunthu says:

    This is still the situation. No classes in Salima

  30. of all the civil servants,why always & only teachers?? i 0wez time ma MP ndi ma-minister mudzaachedwetseleko malipilo for 3 months tidzaone

  31. AMUNAMUNA says:

    Avoid using teachers as puppets. This issue has to be dealt with once and for all otherwise it will be nationwide strike

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