Malawi govt suspends 60 ministry of health workers over allowances, fuel abuse

Government has suspended 63 ministry of health workers, including the director of human resource, the director of finance and two chief accountants to pave way for a thorough audit investigation over unjustified withdrawal of allowances and fuel abuse.

Ministry of Health spokesman, Chikumbe:  60 suspended for abuse

Ministry of Health spokesman, Chikumbe: 60 suspended for abuse

Sources at Capital Hill, the seat of government in Lilongwe, others who have been suspended also include drivers.

Adrian Chikumbe, spokesperson for the ministry of health confirmed the suspension of the officers.

“I wouldn’t say the government has suspended them, they have been told to go on forced leave,” said Chikumbe.

He was however reluctant to confirm that 63 have been suspended, saying more than 10 including the senior officers.

Chikumbe could not say how much money went into the drain through the dubious allowances and fuel abuse, saying everything would be known after private auditors, who have been hired by government to investigate the financial scam, will finish their job.

He could not say when they will finish their investigations.

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56 thoughts on “Malawi govt suspends 60 ministry of health workers over allowances, fuel abuse”

  1. racket says:

    Its a small misunderstanding

  2. says:

    I don’t think the anti-corruption is working in any way. The policy is supposed to prevent corruption from happening not cornering people when resources have already bn plundered. How do you recover them? Zina zikalowa marimba me a Hike maybe very few did investments here. MMMMMM SEARCH ME????

  3. JB says:

    Azimai ambiri ku health ndiokuba, muunike kwambiri mai uja amakhala pa machine a mafuta ku accountsko chonde… Ife zakhala zikutiwawa kwambiri ….dzina lake Mrs Patricia Kapuchi amakhala ku 24. Mbala yopemphela

  4. jailos says:

    Kubako mpaka ndalama za chipatala?kkkkkkk mutupa nazo mimba zimenezo.

  5. Mapwevupwevu says:

    No comment displ

  6. Kodi mayina awo bwanji.? Mwati kulibe mzimayi kweleko wa Human?kale anali sectertary pano mukuti ndi director kaya chief director wa HR ku Hefeko? Amakonda zimenezi

  7. Wadyera says:

    Can the authorities also Investigate the Bwaila DHO and the Principle Director of Administration. The DHO has amassed a lot of worth within the shortest period and is building an upstairs house in area 6 while his Lieutenant is building two mansions in area 49 new Shire. They are siphoning money from the hospital through dubious contracts and are challenging the juniors that he can’t be moved from there because he is connected with influential people in the DPP government. Yet most of the times patients are sent to back without medication. Shame!

  8. The Most Concerned says:

    People are dieing in hospitals, & u r buzy stealing…. Thunder shud strike u all of you Idiots!

  9. zibwente says:

    Or atangochotsedwa ntchito amenewo

  10. vavlov says:

    This is cashgate re-loaded. Civil servants are continuously re- inventing new ways of looting government funds. They have been used to this practice, and will continue due to the weak and corrupt judiciary system in Malawi. The impact of this is being felt by rural communities and ordinary Malawians who are suffering due to government poor service delivery. How can this plunder be efficiently and effectively dealt with in Malawi? Does the political leadership give Malawians confidence that they are able to deal with these issues?

  11. Naliyela says:

    Ndalama zinaphweka

  12. Temaco says:

    This will be another cashgate and this time it will be Health cashgate.

  13. Unenesko Nguwemi says:

    Iyi nikashigeti kale.A Malalwi kuzolowela sabuside.Tiwonenso zakupaliament zija zisafere mumazira

  14. Amman says:

    Mufufunzeso zaprogram ya Malungo zikumveka kuti anyamata omwe analembedwa ngati ma ‘Spray Operators’ anapondedwa makobili ankhaninkhani. Anyamatawa sinamalize nchito ndipo sanalandile ndalama zonse koma zikumveka kuti ndalama zinazo zinalowa mmatumba mwa anthu ena

  15. palaziman says:

    Pafunikaso kupita muma central hospital ma allowance ndiye akupasidwa ndi okolopa womwe chachikulu kuziwana ndi ma big,komaso ena mwama health NGO kuba kwambiri kulandira ndalama muma dollar kuno antchito awo timakwacha munthu analowa ntchito 2010 salary yake ili 60000 dollar ili pa 320 malipiro ake kunja ali 188dollar pano dollar ili pa 640 mumalo molandira 120,320mk basi kumamupasabe 60,000mk cashgate yovuta kwambiri ziri muma NGO a health ena muno mumalawi,kumapanga ma research ena osavomelezeka chachiru ena aza health ma big akadyapo basi pafunika kuwunikidwa apa.

  16. Owen says:


  17. Wamkati says:

    Bwana State President, This shows your ant corruption fight is working. Dismiss them. How can one be a Director for Life.Some of these guys Kamuzu left them. We are tired of these thieves

  18. Mr.Bambo says:

    Kkkkkkkk Malawi a free Nation indeed where almost everything is very free.Shortly we shall hear that commuter mini buses are for free,maize in Admarc depots is for free,shaving at barber shops is for free,flying Malawian Airlines is for free؛silly and stupid appeasing govt,always afraid of ‘maybe we shall lose the votes if we make the citizenry pay for some of the services’ syndrome.Pitani pa Moza pompa mukaone,sanyengelera vote ataaaa.

  19. DHO wakale says:

    They should be charged with thirst and dismissed. People claim for allowances for trips not taken or longer days for short trips. Fuel coupons are turned into cash at filling stations by MoH drivers and those from other departments. Everybody knows this, the administrators, DHOs, DNOs, DEHOs, etc etc they know and do this because they get away with it. Only to stop this is to arrest, charge, and dismiss. Or demote to health centers if legally you can not dismiss or its taking time to. Same should be done with guys in Pharmacy and Laboratories, they steal supplies and drugs like shit!!!!!

  20. Richard says:

    kwavuta basi,DPP sizocheza,at this pace Malawi will develop so soon

  21. choka phiri says:

    Why there is NO good system. In many countries there are allowances and fuel allowances bur we dont hear there dubios. I dont know what sytem Malawi have. I live in Europe every meeting we have to sign on our name to show we are present or attending the meeting that day. Fuel allowances we pay Cash with our money and take The receipt to accounts dept. Of-Of people here are honnest and serious about their work. If one get more its accounts person to stand for. Its not machines fault but the mind of Malawians. There is NO place in Malawi where they dont steal.

  22. Titus Scott says:

    indeed anthu anyanyira kuba ku ministry of health. Ndiye mpaka ma Director? Ndalama siimakwanadi eti! A Director galimoto phii, 250 litres of fuel pa mwezi ndiye kumaliberanso boma? Kusayamika kumeneko.

  23. Limwado says:


  24. simulemba says:

    Who approved the expenditure? Was it Sumaisi or Maganga? Ameneyo ndi magwira akumalizani nonse. You are lucky he is about to tetire otherwise akanamanga ndi nduna yomwe.

  25. weniweni balakasa says:

    Malawian govt is just following Tazanian president’s move pawokha sakanachita izi. Leadership of malawi went to bed the whole of 2015

  26. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Go to DHOs and do the same; DHMT members pocket allowances every month without visiting health centres which are within their jurisdiction. Whenever funding comes they share a certain percentage amongst themselves b4 real issues are considered. If Govt is serious investigate these DHOs and you will be surprised

  27. Benjones says:

    Healthgate latest showing in Malawi, ticket only corruption pls book now.

  28. kangandiwamba says:

    Mr president, please please if u don’t tread very careful with any cashgate issues such as this at healthy ministry without taking actions then the nation endeed rotten and miserable to stay.see even investors are scared to do their business coz of cashgate mess that has catch everywhere,always Mr president take it or leave it you are victim and no good name is said about you everywhere as some public officers have nothing in common with your regime hence are there to disrupt and turn away a little repultation you have acquired…just be very careful…my foot.

  29. Benjones says:

    Healthgate next !!!!!!

  30. karoti says:

    Mumati atani ndi timasalary tangati bill ya madzito

  31. Dimingu says:

    Suspend Dc Nsanje,Adamson and Chief accountant for Nsanje, these people do not normally come to work, they work when there is money

  32. kangandiwamba says:

    Ugly beast christened as cashgate has emerged again.This country is trending on poor pace economically already while others are taking the cut again,why please.? I beg u Mr president if endeed all these mess had taken place please just fire them,they aren’t patriotic.The government is busy at improving viable solutions instead some idiots are tirelessly pulling it down.what aGAME!!!

  33. Ngolongoliwa says:

    Similar abuses in Agriculture, Education etc, plz investigate them all

  34. Mtundu Wanga says:

    Government salaries should be revised upwards (diploma holders should get K150,000 minimum, degree holders K200,000 minimum), abolish allowance culture (if a meeting is outside the duty station, government should directly pay the hotel or ask the officer to bring a machine generated, signed and stamped receipt…in other words, just cover the cost of the trip, same principle should apply for foreign trips), abolish government pool vehicles and introduce a vehicle loan instead. Officers should get a flat allowance each month for vehicle operations, capped at a certain reasonable limit, say K40,000 for PS, K20,000 for Professional staff and K10,000 for general staff- In totality government will save on fuel costs, comprehensive insurance and dealer maintenance costs. This will also eliminate abuse from unnecessary trips and using MG vehicles for personal usage). Each ministry should have a maxim of 2 cars for emergency use and mail delivery and give all remaining vehicles to hospitals and police stations. The ones which are not suitable for police and hospital work should be auctioned. This is my proposed civil service reform Mr….er Dr. Chilies!

  35. PETER AMOS says:

    I have to add one thing here cash is concentrated at capital hill but this is not true .Millions are at capital hill that make billions in total but thousands are made in regions and districts make millions by adding they also make billions but nothing is said now I age these auditors if managers sit on their report they should feed their reports to Anti corruption bureau so that scrupulous managers should suffer the consequences dearly.

  36. Truck says:


  37. Chemakoyo says:

    Good move Mr.Matanyula

  38. smissi Manyenje says:

    Malawi is rotten. No body is trustworthy. How can we build a better Mw. Mr President be serious these people r doing all this after u presidents of multiparty. Every one of u presidents just look down.

  39. Yaya kumudzi says:

    kodi za MK577 BILLION ziyamba liti bwana,ine wodandaula

  40. PETER AMOS says:

    Such things happen in the Government offices but managers always pay a deaf ear so that they steal some tell lies that they have gone for work but in actual sense they do not .They call coworkers as olso’s just to take advantage of these allowances pay less allowances to auditors so that they should not have enough time to investigate such risks .Government is really requested to give enough to our auditors so that they reduce this problem. Usually our auditors are beggars and donors do not support our auditors to reduce this. If ministry and department have strong internal audits this can not have happen but they have internal audit without resources why because managers want to steal and not revealed to the public by auditors watch out all false claimers

  41. Manuel says:

    Ku health ministry amakhetsa thukuta ndi a chipatala koma amalandira ndalama ndi obwera (accounts clerks, personnel staff, messengers& drivers [whom they send when stealing])

  42. Amos Mwaisimba says:

    Cash gate everywhere. Christmas, lol.

  43. Nancy says:

    Im happy with this development. Stealing had become a way of life in government. This is good Mr president. Keep it up.

  44. DR.CASHGATE says:

    Kodi nkhani ya MK92 Billion , MK577 Billion ziyamba liti ? Malawi that’s why donors said giving money to Malawi is like pouring water in a leaking bucket

  45. Koma says:


  46. Charles says:

    ku central region water board aku adya ma allowance kwambiri mu chita check

  47. FBI geniune. says:

    Zaboza izi tiziti mukuthana ndi katangale pomwe ku state house mukaba ndalama mumangosithana ma department,nde chani?400million munaba 2011 ndikukayibisa ku account ya mnyamata waku accountant general ndi ku police headquarters mukuti nayo bwanji?osatipusisa apa ayi.

  48. Mmalawi We Niweni says:

    We have always been telling government to adjust upwards salaries for Civil Servants so that they stop depending on allowances. How can entrust someone with billions and yet you pay him/her K60,000($100) per month. As much as we don’t encourage stealing our taxes but government is not serious it’s workers conditions. On the other hand the PS for health Mr Magule/Magwira has a problem; he is the same guy who was chased at Ministry of Transport, he was also chased at Education and causes misery at Defence;for his bad treatment towards government workers and now at health. Please Mr PS slow down you are just putting government to shame yet you are stealing more through your unprofitable foreign trips. Mr Magwira this will help your government to receive more punishment from donors and your President will continue to fail, because some of those cases and issues needs to be handled with wisdom because some of the money you are talking it is just paper work. To those fired or given leave please work hard in your homes to be generating money for your families like doing businesses. Ministry of Finance please why you stopped providing trainings to your officers to avoid such issues.

  49. Toshi says:

    Boma lakuba lli mukulephera kumanga deputy speakers straight forward case koma akanakhala chakwera pano ali ku maula. ACB kufufuza simple case ngati lmeneyi mpaka chaka mwadya bazi basi

  50. muha says:

    Good move!

  51. Chief Cadet says:

    M’boma mulibe 13th cheque timadarira zomwezi asiyeni awa Ena anatenga mudzi onse kukadya zomwezi kwa azungu munawatani?

  52. haward says:

    Investigate all the ministries including city assembly kuli mbava munthu pa week kumalandira allowance two times kodi anthu akuba ndalama za boma

  53. General says:

    That’s the way to go!don’t spare anyone of such evil behaviour,FIRE THEM AND ARREST THEM! these are ppl who are punishing the poor becoz of their greedness, Agalu!

  54. Kanyimbi says:

    Please also investigate other Ministries and departments.

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