Malawi govt to delay paying civil servants

Malawi government has said it will delay to pay salaries to its public workers following  “incomplete and inaccurate data arising from processing errors.”

Civil servants go office will have to wait longer for their meagre salaries

Civil servants go office will have to wait longer for their meagre salaries

In a statement  dated November 27 2014 signed by secretary to the Treasury Ronald Mangani,  said the civil servants will be paid  late.

“The Government of Malawi highly values the role that civil servants play in the delivery of public services in the country. The government is, therefore, committed to ensuring that all civil servants are well motivated, well-trained and well remunerated, and that their pay is timely.

“Recently, government restructured salaries of all civil servants effective October 2014, in order to make them competitive. Despite these positive steps in public service reforms, the delayed payments of salaries, especially for teachers, remains a regrettable challenge,” he said.

The salary processing cycle, Mangani explained,  is vast such that any technical error largely affects the whole chain.

“You see, speed and connectivity challenges associated with the current state of the software operating the Integrated Financial Management Information System (Ifmis) also plays a great deal. At times, both Malswitch and the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) also experience consequential technical challenges in the timely transmission of the data. Moreover, when any of the systems in the cycle fail, data has to be transferred manually from one system to another, a process that is time consuming. All these challenges are at the centre of the delays experienced in the payment of civil servants’ salaries. Nonetheless government sincerely regrets the delays experienced in paying salaries to some civil servants,” he said.

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67 thoughts on “Malawi govt to delay paying civil servants”

  1. kk says:

    Mmene anali kunja kwa boma amati ndizopweka pano akusewera position 1 akuona kuvuta nanga poti mwangoyamba, next time masalaries yanu komanso nduna adzachedwe mudzaone kuti zimakhala bwanji, bolanso amai man awa ndi expertriate.

  2. M'doko says:

    Paja purezidenti ndiwa ndalama zambiri, atengeko za m’thumba mwake ngati ali okonda anthu ake

  3. Luso says:

    The odl guys and ipte 7 hv nt et get their perks 4 8months nw.where can these guyz get supot 4rm?APM get al d text pple gvin u free .thz indicators to u.malawians started in the same way in bingus govt next failed to contained it.ths z creatd povaty az few buzwaz r hapy tym z flyn beware

  4. Bololo says:

    Sell off some of those seven seater MG Prados that are plying the roads with one passenger on board. Use the money to settle the wage bills. The government has no priorities, the VP kept saying coming from private sector and as head of civil service he will run it as business unusual. Here you are bwana show us the skills you brought from the private, apply those innovative ways of solving problems, otherwise we will begin to think that you are and also were just a figure head in your last monopolistic post.

  5. pachimbwi says:

    Am feeling for my beloved teachers who @ the time of voting were busy cooking up figres to please this mafia gafwamenti.pano ndizo Nawo afuna afufutenso ma salary anu as they were unofficial kkkkkkkkkkk,ine zanga ndiye zalowa munya muona. U’re not yet there musanati

  6. Zofuna. Do not cry, stupid civil servants. Bushit

  7. JNK says:

    The best option is to overhaul the old payroll & hr software system which the Govt has been using. Ask Sage Hr Africa for a solution that will ease all the problems that Govt faces i.e. teachers salaries can be processed at district level accessing the server at capital hill with user and password controls. Each and every district will be responsible for its teacher’s salaries. Sage HR Africa has 5 business partners in Malawi hence support will be readily and locally available.

  8. Nganga! says:

    Civil Servants! Wow! These are the guys who were used to rig the elections in favour of APM. Dzanja lalemba. Shauri yako.

  9. MADUKA says:


  10. PEFECO says:

    That is office language, their excuse sounds stupid

  11. Richard kamasula says:

    Zachitabwino ndalama zamaphuzitsi zachedwa .Ndiamene amaphonyetsa manambala kuti DPP iwine

  12. NYAKWAWA says:

    Akuluwa akunama kulibe ma errors koma ndalama kulibe zatha boma litalipirako ma civil servants ochepa.

    Tikunena pano aphunzitsi ena pang’ono, a ku health, apolisi ndi agriculture analandira kale malipiro awo 3 days ago pogwiritsa ntchito newly introduced QUOTA SYSTEM ON CIVIL SERVANTS SALARIES (QSCSS) mmaboma awa;


    Enanu mudikire kaye second selection list of recipients of salaries.

  13. Mzika ya Mw says:

    Paja aphunzitsi ndi akhoti ndi amene munatisankhira. Inu musadandule ndi zome mumafuna. All the way to 2019!!!Moto ku buuu-aliponso wina!

  14. Kampupu Baloyi Jnr. says:

    The problem is not new, salariies have always delayed. One request to the treasury now: PLEASE PROCESS THE NOVEMBER SALARY TOGETHER WITH THE DECEMBER SALARY and pay the two salaries together now. Otherwise there will be no christmas for civil servants this year. It has happened to teachers before. Unfortunately no lessons are learnt.

  15. Liyaka Bamusi says:

    Galu ameneyo achoke achoke achoke

  16. X says:

    Lembani ntchito ma graduates a accounts to replace the so called tima accountant tama certificate tadzadza mboma kumalephera ndi data entry yomwe. They say blame the carpenter and not the tools musanamizire ifms. Bwanji imangovuta monthend yokha. Wanena zo jb amafulumira kutilipira ndiwe wabodza, she was even worse and even the worst president mw has had. Chotsani nkhuku zosaphunzira zili ku acc. Department or accountant general muikepo a ma bachelors or above things will change.

  17. chefourpence says:

    APM does not process salaries! The errors are works of JB plants in the system who want to throw the spanners in the works. And dona forget eni cashgate ndi ma clerks omwewa. When there are changes like these, thats when the skim the cream!

  18. MADUKA says:


  19. chatty man says:

    But you cannot delay paying mediagate!

  20. Chamba says:

    As a nation we are in deep shit!. Excuse my language

  21. khula Ngona says:

    Zonse ndi Jb ndi Lutepo pokuba ndalama za boma, kodi mwina sukuziwatu zimenezi

  22. fuck them says:

    the truth is, gvt has no money. and somebody is mentioning jb, what for? who the hell is she? FULL OF MAGAZI KUNYINI. fuck she!

  23. Pelemende says:

    The worst govt ever. What do you expect when you pick inexperienced Secretary To the Treasury. You appoint someone who due to retire to head the civil service. He is only thinking of gratuity and travelling. He goes wherever the president travels as if he is a bodyguard of APM.

    To prepare for his retirement package he has increased his salary by over 80 percent while a poor teacher only got 55 percent. APM blindly approved this so called competitive salary structure. To add salt to injury, the poorly paid teachers salaries are being delayed because of insufficient funds while the PSs whose salaries have almost been doubled have their salaries already in their bank accounts.

    APM Open your eyes and see the true colours and motives of those around you. You will be on your own when things start falling apart. Remember what happened to your brother, may his soul rip.

    Where are the so called rights groups. They only speak when there is cholowa. How can they speak when a poor teacher has nothing to offer. Where is the leader of opposition, perhaps still nursing the wounds of missing Kamuzu Palaca. How about the clergy with their once active and influential PAC if not sharing the May 2014 spoils.

  24. matako says:

    what do you expect from inept corrupt govt. people are suffering while he and his hand clappers are eating well. What do you expect from a clueless govt of bwampini? You thought you were done Malawians have not seen anything yet. tough times ahead. Welcome to Bingu days. Malawians you deserve what you voted for. Mediocre government of looters and thieves. Chickens have come home to roost.

  25. Patriot says:

    Delay Peters and Saulos salaries shupiti.

  26. Traffic police….police working in roadblocks…immigration officers…custom and exercise……water supply(especially Meter reader) these institutions deserves no salary…..they’re unethical and corrupt to the bone`
    they even go beyond to the extent of bragging about at drinking places that they are able to make a teacher’s salary in just a single day ‘imagine’
    Life isn’t fair amangwetu!–

  27. ada says:

    We told you guys mumvesanso iyi ndi DPP, always late in coming up with solutions, ndiye nabola amayi

  28. yakobe lunga says:

    wina angochotsedwa kuti ziziyenda bwino.mwezi uliwonse kumangonama basi?

  29. dadaboma says:

    We told you not to vote for DPP. Civil servants and other imbeciles did not listen. You never had these stupid salary delays happening under JB. But you said JB is bad and went for the most silly APM as your president. Izo tu! Sangalalanitu ma civil servants nonse. You’ll enjoy until 2019. Anthu ena simuzamva mpakana nkhwangwa ilowe m’mutu. Bushit. You’re bringing this country backwards.

    1. khula Ngona says:

      Zonse ndi Jb ndi Lutepo pokuba ndalama za boma, kodi mwina sukuziwatu zimenezi

  30. Malaza says:

    “Processing errors” really? Please tell us a better excuse.

  31. Wado says:

    Chilungamo chavuta apa osangonena kuti mwagawira atolankhani

  32. True man says:

    ???????????????????? why teachers, adalakwanji m’phunzitsi abale? why not delaying pss, mps, ministers, ceos why panicking the already panicked? Ambuye aku

  33. m'bantu says:

    ndalama alibe, asanamizire errors ayi. if so, someone has to resign for failure. aphunzitsi ena ndiye tikhala mpaka 2 months no pay.nonsense.

  34. King Stone says:

    Ndalama ziripo koma mumvetse zomwe akunenazo kudikira kuti akonze zinthu zabwino mkwabwino,dekhani zitheka basiii !

    1. nganga says:

      adekhe? azidya chani? rent, transport zopitira kuntchito atenga kuti? osamangoyankha mopepera thats what we call blind support for the gvnment. and besides iwo akulandira bwanji without the delays…

    2. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      bullshit! akonze chani? Where were they all this time! the problem is that DPP govt is full of thugs and thieves. In your own opinion do you think Bright Malopa can make a good advisor to the president? Shame on these idiots

  35. Achalume says:

    This government is broke

  36. Mbanangwa says:

    This is a trick. You see what will happen? Salary of this month, Nov. will be paid in mid Dec, the salary of December will be paid in at the end of December and by January,2014, the government shall have saved salaries of all civil servants by one month. This is a calculated intelligence just as it used to happen in Bingu’s Era.

  37. titani says:

    No wonder there is brain drain,u regard civil servants as a used condom.u like them only during campaign times. Eeh tsoka mtunda ndi nyanja popeza watsikira konko!

  38. chatonda says:

    The issue is about money. That is why government is getting money from NAC because that is the only institution with donor funds. We are in trouble it looks.

  39. Mr Missing says:

    Chilima wati zii! yet he’s heading civil service commission. Kugulitsa maunitsi nkuyendetsa dziko ndi zinthu ziwiri zosiyana.

  40. A government can never be perfect when is run by typical perennial failures and all time thieves from the south. This will definately be the order of the day until 2019 when short sighted and brainless evil Malawians will come to realise who the true leaders are like. When you shall be able to differeciate thieves from good leaders, only when God shall be in the fore front guiding and directing you poor Malawians from MAKING GOOD LEADERS.

  41. Susan says:

    mpaka liti? tipatseni tikalipire nyumba

  42. Kadzibwa says:

    Pakhala pang’ono tiyimba paulendo paulendo!

  43. Wakumudzi says:

    Ikudza nthawi yomwe aMalawi auzidwe kuti zovuta zinazi azizolowere.BOMA ILOOOO!

  44. Pipe Pipe says:

    why promise that much but with no capacity

  45. Governed by idiots says:

    I am really interested to know what the monthly wage bill for our civil servants is, and what the government rakes in monthly from taxes, paye and interest on savings accounts if any. Seriously, we should be able to realign and reallocate funds between budget lines to ensure civil servants are paid regularly and in time. A government failing to do basic budgeting? Even an uneducated person in the village know to carefully spend the little they have to make sure they last till next harvest season. Not Mathanyula and his cronies, spending on journalist, spending on fired personnel, spending on BEAM and gold plying by Chilima. Mxxxx

  46. Shepherrd says:

    I’m sure alot of billions of kwacha’s have been stolen the past months.’ The all for me spirit is on the rise’.

  47. amboba says:

    nthawi yonse amkapanga bwanji? tinene kut cashgate yasokoneza system kapena? tiuzeni zoona,

  48. ??? says:

    Osangokatapa ku NAC bwanji?

  49. Wanex banda says:

    Why is it that alwaz a teacher is a victim?

  50. Wbc says:

    Ine mmesa yanga ndalandira dzulo?

  51. Cucumber says:

    This APM will not assist us

  52. Lameck Chikho says:

    awa ndiye mavuto! tidayesanji?

  53. Momo sam says:

    and then you expect high perfoming civil service,WILL THIS GOVERNMENT REACH 2015?

  54. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Inunso bwana muchedwa nawo kulandira salary yanu kapena zakhudza apansi tokhafe??

  55. Boko says:

    This is the best news to me. Everyday I read about civil servants this and that I become extremely excited. These are the people that let us down, these are the people that helped Matanyula to rig thinking he will pay them back. Forget, te Mutharika’s have and will never ever care for anyone except themselves and their fox. What is a teacher, it is a useless human they can just use when they want and dump when they are finished with it. Good for you civil servants, you have lent it the hard way. Viva Matanyula for fooling them. kikkiiiiii

  56. CNN says:

    Stupid excute. Don’t you have systems analysis if so what are they doing in all week days? If don’t have money then why is your foolish president waisting millions? What do you think civil servants will get money from? Foolish government!

  57. M'ngoni wa pa Ntcheu says:

    Bwampini ndi bwampiness ku state house ali mtulo tofa nato

  58. Vyachalo says:

    Munaononga nokha makoputa pa nthawi yobela ma voti,

  59. Robert says:

    Nanga ma mk12m mukupatsa anthu mumachezanawowo mumawatenga kuti?Bcoz when ppo stay cool it doesn’t means they’r fools

  60. mbuzi says:

    Is this a story? or just ministry statement with quotes? eish Malawian Journalists. rehashing statements without any value addition. Photocopier Journalists.

  61. Kaya says:

    Why not to tell them the truth about money we no u don’t have anyway is up to u.kkkkkkkkkkkkkk.


  63. Ba Chatola says:

    Mulibe ndalama tangovomerani apa.

  64. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Ohooo? Osati mwina mulibe ndalama zowapatsa

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