Malawi govt to make stand on same-sex affairs: President inquire on gays arrest

President Peter Mutharika says he was meeting Home Affairs minister Jean Kalirani to get a briefing of the arrest of two homosexuals.

Lesbian kissing

Lesbian kissing

Mutharika said this on Monday during a news briefing at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

“I am aware of the issue, I will be meeting the minister of Home Affairs this afternoon, our position will be known later,” said the President.

He said the matter was not discussed at the just ended Commonwealth heads of state and government meeting which was in Malta.

The police arrested a homosexual couple in Lilongwe and were charged with homosexuality related charges that carries a maximum of 14 years in prison with hard labour.

Meanwhile, two gay men on Friday explained to lawyers about the ill-treatment they get from police and the public because of their sexual orientation.

The duo expressed their sentiments when Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) organised a two-day sensitisation and capacity building workshop on lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI), HIV and Aids and human rights for lawyers.

Malawi Law Society (MLS) vice- president Powell Nkhutabasa, who was at the workshop, expressed disappointment that some lawyers refused to represent gays.

Associate professor Chiwoza Bandawe at College of Medicine (CoM), a constituent college of the University of Malawi, MLS executive secretary Godfrey Kangaude and Chrispine Sibande, a human rights lawyer, made presentations at the workshop.

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51 thoughts on “Malawi govt to make stand on same-sex affairs: President inquire on gays arrest”

  1. Peter Amos says:

    Let us refer to the Bible before we make our judgement

  2. babylon system says:

    It is very unfortunate malawi wants to adopt western culture. Is the uk dude married to a fellow man? why did obama marry a woman? Why cant malawian president be like mugabe huh? Legalising gayism in malawi will attract the wrath of God. Malawi is a God fearing nation and those who practice this shameful act should be dealt without mercy. We cannot adopt sinful, nonsensical and shameful act in the name of money. Sodomy will never be condoned and those who do it should never be left unpunished.

  3. Some things are not too extream as you say they are, I agree Malawi is not good place for people to walk wide with their gay or Bisexual feelings because Malawi has more thibgs to worry about than gay peoples activities as they try to brand Malawi with gay flag flying high like south Africa, I do not hate gay though and I am Malawian I have had sex with bisexual women and Gay men in Malawi and they are good penises sucking machine I so loved it like yeah it was yummy,

    Using Gods words over this topic its being stupid because we all know every human and everything on earth was created by God and only God knows what he created in every humans body, If people they are gay they do not become gay by going to school at all they become gay by birth, I was in boarding school at age of 12 my roommate loved to look at vintage same sex magazine’s and sometime if slept same bed he just wanted to touch you or have a sex play with other males eight now he is 27 he tried to get married to get off from feelings he has but it never worked his wife shamelessly told people he was slow dog in bed and she run away from him, He knew who he was and that he could not be what he was in Malawi so he left to Jamaica right now he is married to a man and happy,

    I think Malawi if your gay bisexual or the lesbians just keep it inside you and do it all indoors, Your not mistakes your humans,humans has always been this way, We fear what we hardly know abd judge what we do not create, Earth has evil yes but same sex is not bound to Satanism, Do learn to understand and know the truth than being ignorant dressed in Gods slogans when you know that most evil comes from church,

    If you have doubts let God judge us all when we die but dont kill anyone or anything you did not give birth to cause your not God

  4. Johnston says:

    Malawi Government, we are warning you of your impending curses which will follow you if you succumb to the evils of America and UK. The land of Sodom and Gomorrah could not be sown for any business because of evil men like Ambassador of UK and American woman ambassodor. The blood of Jesus should intervene for sowing wrong seeds for the people He died for. It should haunt DAY and NIGHT anyone signing this curse for our land and our generation. Evil men will no longer reign in our nation the blood of Jesus stands today as fresh as it was on the cross… Peter Muthalika all the curses of the land will be on you if you succumb to worldly evil ideas. America and UK to hell with your aid. may God impoverish these nations and enrich Malawi for righteousness sake. Egypt was like America God turned the tables. Your tables should be turned in Jesus name.

  5. Mphongozidana Ndau says:

    Bwana tisamvetu kuti awa mwawakhululukira thinking kuti the azunguzi will come back with their aid. You will pardon them, the mzungu will come with another excuse for not giving us his aid.

    Lets forget aid ya mzungu and stand on our own feet.

  6. Tengupenya says:

    Malawi’s operational stand is that the rule of law must prevail. The law in Malawi forbids homosexuality. Before you complain about enforcement of the law, talk to your legislators and your fellow voters to repeal or amend the law on sexuality. The law will have to respect the tolerable boundaries of societal behaviour within the jurisdiction. People are free to move on the globe. No one is glued to any one jurisdiction. So practitioners of homosexuality are free to leave the Malawi jurisdiction for places where they can freely perform and enjoy their sexual orientation without contravening the law. In any jurisdiction, anyone that tries to dribble the law gets the wrath of the law.

  7. Chenda says:

    We should wait for God’s condemnation shortly as this signifies the end of times and Jesus is really coming and is around the corner. Satan is trying to attempt our beloved leaders chosen by God to lead the people in the countries, but satan will be conquered very soon. Thank you Nyasa Times.

  8. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    I already said this is prohibited in our culture. Our stand as a citizen the answer is no and we don’t want such fools.

  9. gulugunya says:

    Ndizonadi associate professor Chioza Mbandawe ndi guy wamkulu pa Malawi pano. Ine ndachindapo ameneyu. Eeeee a lecturer ali ndi ngini yabwino. That is the reason why Chioza has taken time to marry. The gay has very good buttercoarse. He is very hot. Try him.

  10. jabulosi says:

    Satanism gaining ground in the warm heart of africa.

  11. Alfred Minjo says:

    I can not agree more than what rasta has shared at this page

  12. Abonzi says:

    Americans want them akapezeka they should just be given free entry to America. No to this act in Malawi, its not our culture and not even our belief! US should not impose their demonic acts on us, we are an independent state.

  13. Tengupenya says:

    This is a small matter about love affairs. Desk with it statutory and customarily. Put it on the ballot in the next PPE, let people vote on it.

  14. At the beginning of creation in the Garden of Aden had it been The Lord God had put Two male people in the name of Adam, and say,” Multiply and fill the World like Sand from the Ocean. Could you have born?? Answer yourself…
    These Wealthy Giants don’t have to twist the Godly Covenant on the Expense of Poor Citizenry.
    Can a Country from a Third World Dictate them and Listen, and then Implement??
    Gays, Lesbians its up to …..
    The thing is only a Male and Female shall marry. End of Quote.

  15. trouble says:

    Kkkkkkkkk ma pipo this is world

  16. fumu says:

    wina aliyetse womvemeza nkhaniyi kaya ndi mutsogoleri kaya ndi nduna zimene ndi maloya ngati ndekkuti si malawi ndi akapolo wobwera, chifukwa mumalawi aliyese akuziwa chikhalidwe chathu

  17. Kuchinda kobibila says:

    Can someone explain why anyone would want kobibila, the way sweet pussy is? The way to treate those People is to let them get fucked by d7 from Bwandilo.

  18. Chaipa says:

    If you believe in Adam and Eve story, who is Adam and who is Eve in same sex relationships.

  19. rasta says:

    Kupeza Gay kupha basi.. Shoot to kill on these bloody senseless animals.. Mxiuieeew

  20. rasta says:

    Kupeza Gay kupha basi..

  21. Titakhuta Tinatero says:

    Zuchitsiru, Tao mmati lawyer akawayimireyo achoka kuti, zopusa, adziyimire okha, kasambala amadziyimira bwa?

  22. Bessam Kapuma says:

    We need God’s stand Malawi Government one on same sex marriages please Bwana President

  23. Mmmm says:

    Ndati chi dziko ichichi ndichokanika

  24. Chibalo says:

    Gift Trapence and Timothy Mtambo,are betraying themselves for eating dirty and blood money from some rich guys somewhere in the Western world and this is undisputable fact. Gayism and Lesbianism has and will never be our culture.How come after an arrest of the dirty and extremely obnoxious event of the gays,could these guys rush for a workshop whose sole aim was capacity building and sensitization?What type of capacity building guys? Your efforts and including that of your masters-donors or what have you are in vain.Tell your masters that we dont need gayism in Malawi and the good thing is that you know it well its just mere stubborness and satanism in you.

    In your well written documents for donors, you argue that gays are the most vulnerable groups to HIV/AIDS because of discrimination and lack of information.The prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS is high among these groups.Foolish argument.Have ever heard that in our health facilities when we want to help someone we dwell much on marriage before we can assist?We assist everyone irrespective of their marital status.So to argue in your articles that appear in our daily papers that they are discriminated is not true at all.By the way, if HIV prevalence rate is very high among your evil group,why for christ sake do you not advocate that people should stop practising it because they will be wiped out if they dont?You are seeing more HIV cases in your group and the lame reason you find is that there is lack of information? Instead of telling your group the truth the act is evil and because of its carnal nature,getting HIV is easy and therefore you must stop?Malawians, i want you to know that people who practice this evil act CANNOT live long no matter what.JUST STOP OR DIE NOW AND DIE IN HELL

  25. guguh says:

    Izi nde zachangu …koma za mankhwala and general admin in hospitals ..poor education sytem kuli ziiiii 17 months on….. Yet the 2 issues affect every malawian in one way or the other iyi its just for a few ….

  26. BMW says:

    Chiwoza bandawe Ndi gay

  27. Boyi says:

    Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace
    “Mohammed is Allah’s apostle. Those who follow him are harsh to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

    2015.12.14 (Sirte, Libya) – A woman is beheaded by caliphate members for ‘witchcraft’.
    2015.12.12 (Homs, Syria) – Sixteen ‘infidels’ are pulled limb from limb by two ISIS suicide blasts at a hospital.
    2015.12.11 (Kolofata, Cameroon) – Islamists strap a 13-year-old girl with explosives and send her into a house, killing at least eleven inside.
    2015.12.11 (Kabul, Afghanistan) – Two Spanish guards are among seven killed when a Taliban suicide bomber detonates at their embassy.
    2015.12.10 (Kamuya, Nigeria) – Religion of Peace activists bicycle into a village and massacre fourteen civilians, some by decapitation.
    2015.12.10 (Mosul, Iraq) – A female teacher is dragged before a caliphate firing squad and executed.

  28. phiri says:

    number 14 ukuti ndiwe super mario kaya ndiwe mbuzi,zoba think umathawa akazi koz sumatota ndi ka shaft kako ngati chala chomaliza chakuphazi zipanga zako zamathanyulanso bola tisazakuziwe and usazayerekeze kugona myumba yamauzu uzaona moto

  29. ZZ Junior says:

    Long live to super mario

  30. Olo says:

    ngati munthu sakufuna kugona ndi nkazi Koma mamuna nzake kapena akazi okha okha inu vuto lanu ndi chani? Atuluseni anthu sanaphe kapena kuba pakhomo pamunthu. Ufulu omwe anthu amenewa asokoneza ndi wandani? Inu ngati mumakonda kugonana ndi akazi ndiye kuti mumanva bwino anzanu ena sali choncho iwo amanva bwino akagonana ndi mamuna kapena nkazi zawo.

  31. KWACHA DZUKNI says:


  32. Sapitwa says:

    The Police unlawfully arrested these people. They entered a house and what ever happened in that house was non of their business. I could understand if they were kissing in public, cuddling in public but this was not the case. APM , please release them. By doing this, it doesn’t imply that you are allowing homosexuality. It is the manner in which they got arrested. We have critical issues to deal with than wasting time on these dogs.

  33. Men please marry women.I forgive women because men are failing to marry them.So govt arrest marrying each other and not women

  34. mphatso says:

    why do they do these inhuman unnatural acts in public?this is satans agenda never ever promote it in the country.we are not fighting flesh and blood but principalities of darkness.

  35. ZZ Junior says:

    woman is the prietest thing God ever put pon di land
    But some men turn around
    Where dem get dat from
    Peter is not for Janet
    Peter is for john
    Suzette is not for paul
    Suzette is for anne.

    Dis is not a bargain
    Dis is not a deal
    Guy come near we
    Then his skin must peel
    Burn him up bad like an old tire wheel

    shoot dem batty bwoy

  36. fumu says:

    those are rubbish ideas if u r going to allow same sex, all of u who r in the office today talking of this matter there any one who z in love with his or her fellow man or woman? if not so why are standing there tell us z gud. u know the truth but u just want impress the whites. mugabe is still being wise lead in africa other r just mbuziiiiiii

  37. Free Mind says:

    Super Mario,
    You are an idiot. Don’t bring your biased views on this sensitive topic. Not every Malawian is Christian hence free to live as they choose.

  38. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    This is a sad development for the president and Malawi. When God is angry with you Peter on this issue, you will not survive. You will die like your brother. I am speaking with authority from God. Your term will end in the midst.

  39. chatonda says:

    The more you talk about it the more it becomes an issue but the more we treat sex just like any other sexual activity as a private matter the less it becomes an issue. Who is offended after they do what is known as private? It is a crime to interfere with someone’s privacy and you can be sued for that case. The government should play a low profile and stop arresting them full stop.

  40. super mario says:

    Hunt them, smoke them out and kill them all including those that support them. Bravo to lawyers who refuse to represent these evil animals called gays. Which bible are they reading?

  41. stasha says:

    Shameless malawians, you deserve severe punishment.

  42. Uchindami says:

    Misonkhano yodya ndalama zongotola ndi imeneyi. Akakuitana pita. Ukabwerako ‘cheza’ ndi mkazi wako amene ungathe kubereka naye mwana kapena ana!

    Mnzanga wina ankhahita internship ku nyuzipepala yina mdziko muno. Ulendo wina adapita ku Area 47 Sector 3 komwe a CEDEP adali ndi zochitika zawo zokhudza ufulu wamathanyula. Chongofika adampatsa envelope momwe mudali MK70, 000! Bwanji pamenepa?

    Tiyeni tiwadyera anthuwa. Akabwera aja olimbikitsa kuchotsa mimba pomapeleka tizifukwa tosamveka bwino adyereninso! Eeetu

  43. Jaicah Mwaya says:

    Koma zinazi abale zitidzetsera zolaula and awa ndimathero adziko!!!!!!!!. Chomwe anthu tikufuna sichikuoneka. Osangokhala osakwatira or osakwatiwa bwanji koposa zomwe tikudzetsazi. Dziwani kuti ife tikuyamba nanga ana athuwa azazipeza zitafika potani? Abale chitani manyazi ngati munthu olengedwa nchifanizo cha God. Mbuzi ikalawa nchere siiletseka. Muzaziona zomwe mukuyambazi mathero ake ngati muzakhalabe ndi Moyo.

  44. Alfred Chimenya says:

    Do not release them let them rot in jail with their nasty things who told you that you can Mary pipo of same sex we don’t need this in MAlawi even those lowyers who are denying to represent them Isay bravo lowyers nonsese

  45. KK says:

    Za ziiiii

  46. Mzozo kununkha says:

    Uyerekeze Uwatulutse your political carrier is already on the red line……oops pofuna ndalama from donnors you will but our action will be mob justice unless nyansizo muzikapangira ku state house.

    Police officers are just executing their tasks thus enforcing the laws of MALAWI….. None is above the law walakwa walakwa. its sad to note that the donors are driving you like the way the want. arrest all those involved in cash gate or you miss the purse you your reply is yes sir….. then they tell you ATI bill or else no Rains again its yes sir…… now its this your take obviously is yes sir. I know that you have been advocating for this for quite some time please spare us from this. we have a voice and must be heard AYI TAKANA.

    Unlike Bingu it seems you cant, yes I mean it you cant make your own stand and find options for any challenge coming your way. these fools were sent to taste the waters. If I were you I could have orderd them to be hanged or just order the police to shoot them to show the bloody donors that I am not in for everything. take it or leave it ife tizingopha zimenezi tikazipeza inu muzichedwa ndi maloya anuwo.

  47. phiri says:

    ngati uli ufulu aliyense amene anamangidwa chifukwa choti anapha munthu kaya kuba nayenso amasulidwe unali ufulu wakenso pochita zanyasizo

  48. phiri says:

    so the whole president want to discuss about this stupid guys? Don’t ever step into our church because next time you will discuss about those who will be found eating the people

  49. DR CHAKWERA says:

    Why Represents devils? only a devil will represent devils! Iwe nkhutabasa u are also a devil

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