Malawi has 3 dentists only in public hospitals, minister says

Malawi has three dentists only in public hospitals, a situation that is hampering government efforts to improve oral health, minister of Health Peter Kumpalume has said.

Kumpalume: Three dentists only not good

Kumpalume: Three dentists only not good

Speaking in Lilongwe during the launch of National Oral Health Week, Kumpalume said the government is discussing with other stakeholders to train more dentists in Tanzania to cope up with the growing population in Malawi.

“This is a real setback in our efforts to promote oral health and hygiene,” said the minister.

He however said the whole country has 10 dentists, seven of whom are working in private hospitals.

Kumpalume also lamented that public hospitals have obsolete and outdated dental equipment as old as 30 years.

In Blantyre, the Kidney Foundation of Malawi has urged the government to start subsidizing treatment of kidney ailments.

Glory Mkorongo, an official of the foundation said this at the end of awareness week of hypertension and kidney ailments organised by Mwaiwathu Hospital.

Mkorongo noted that kidney treatment is very expensive beyond the reach of an average ordinary Malawian.

It was known during the event, it was revealed that the hospital intends to buy a kidney transplant equipment that will drastically cut expenses the government incur when sending patients seeking the service abroad.

Dr Noel Kayange from Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital said hypertension is killing a lot of people and urged men to reduce beer drinking habits, reduce smoking, make exercises and avoid salty food to avoid the disease.

Bishop Venon Nyangulu of Living Waters Church urged churches to encourage their flock to seek medical care in hospitals than encouraging them seek divine miraculous power which he said can only work effectively if patients are on medication.

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15 thoughts on “Malawi has 3 dentists only in public hospitals, minister says”

  1. Clement Chiwoko says:

    Malawi should invest in a Dental School. There is already a medical school a Pharmacy School why not start a Dental School. The idea of Dentists not working in a Disctrict Hospital how do Doctors work in a District School. Doctors and Dentists working in District Hospital should get paid more as they are unlikely to attract Private work.

  2. Dr. Walise Bande says:

    South Africa is even tapping Dental Therapists from Malawi. Namibia trains its Dental Therapists from Malawi.

  3. Dr. Walise Bande says:

    Dental Therapists work better than dentists, go to private clinics like Shalom Dental Services you will be seen by Dental Therapists/Technician and even the owner is a Therapist. It is mockery to our Therapists and nation,we cannot have western standards,let us appreciate Dental Therapists. Dentists will just drain our tax

  4. General Joseph Mwamsamale says:

    Even if there were more than that, I dont expect them to work in rural districts. Actually, they do very little as compared to dental technicians. Some highly qualified doctors just loaf around.

  5. Blondie Lomos says:

    why do you want poverty to fill Malawi? the problem is that you do not think.

  6. Lyton Magola says:

    This man talks too much I don’t know if he knows what he is talking about about, train them if you will afford to pay them, since you are already failling to pay doctors and nurses.

  7. zambezi says:

    10 dentists in the whole country. Surely this is a banana republic. Does APM have a dentist? Mmmm? Musova. Muthafackers

  8. Wadya Ngambwe says:

    Kampalume you want to train dentist but you can not employ graduate doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, physiotherapists, pharmacy technicians etc etc all of which are needed in our hospitals. Like someone said already, you are smoking too much weed man. Just shut the fuck up!!!!

  9. Guantanamo says:

    Malawians r not treated by the so called 3 PhD doctors. We r well looked after by dental assistants trained by school for health sciences.

  10. Chigawaneni says:

    What a joke by the “honourable” minister. Am I dreaming that Malawi is failing to employ 51 qualified doctors a good number of nurses?

  11. mayayauve says:

    There are so many dentists in this country more than what this kumpalume is saying. May be dentists who have PHDs (doctors) are only three but we have so many dentists around. Go to Comfort Clinic in Balaka, Andiamo area you will receive international dentistry service there. Go to Likuni, another fine dentist is there. Go to Masm City Centre. Go anywhere, dentists are there. We don’t need these PHD doctors whose main role is to attend seminars.

  12. Why should it be so when we have a good number of Opthalmologist?

  13. patricia says:

    Kampalume umasuta chamba? Maso kufira ngati rasta. The problem is that no matter how many doctors you train today you wont have money to employ them.

  14. No Laughing Matter says:

    Who do you think you are fooling? you guys embezzled tons of money from public coffers and are now crying poverty. Malawi should have the best public hospitals if we really had officials that care. Our population is small but no we have too many thieves in the name of politicians

  15. abale says:

    Ots not easy to graduate from these medical specialities either,most people only looj at the costs,but that stuff is hard,thus why when one graduates,they need to ne compeseted well,not zama 2 kwacha boma limapelekazi ayi,zachamba,

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