Malawi hires Ernest Mtawali as caretaker coach: Chimodzi, Chamangwana released

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has sent the national team head coach Young Chimodzi and his assistant Jack Chamangwa on forced leave and has since appointed former midfield maestro Ernest Mtawali as care taker coach for the Flames.

Mtawali:  Appointed care taker Malawi coach

Mtawali: Appointed care taker Malawi coach

Head coach Chimodzi (left) with his assistants Jack Chamangwana and Franco Ndawa.-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere, Nyasa Times

Head coach Chimodzi (left) with his assistants Jack Chamangwana and Franco Ndawa.-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere, Nyasa Times

During an extra ordinary meeting held on Sunday in Chiwembe in Blantyre, FAM  again showed it won’t tolerate
any barren result  and o agreed not to renew the contracts of the two coaches which are due next month.

The emergency meeting comes at the heels of the Flames embarrassing result of a loss to Warriors of Zimbabwe in the 2017 Afcon campaign Saturday June 13 2015.

The Malawi side lost 1-2 at home in a game many thought the Flames would scotch the visiting Warriors who had a string of hiccups before the match.

“FAM would like to note that it has lost confidence in the coaches due to poor performance on the Malawi national football team generally during their term of engagement culminating into the recent loss to the Zimbabwe national football team,” FAM general secretary Suzgho Nyirenda said.

He said since the coaches have been in charge of the Flames, they have been in charge of 23 matches of which they won six, drew five and lost 12 representing a 23 percent winning rate.

FAM said they will advertise for the position of Malawi coach “as soon as possible.”

Nyirenda said the new coach will be appointed by 1 August, 2015.

“Fam will cast its net wider both locally and internationally in search for a new coach,” Nyirenda said.

FAM said Mtawali will “immediately assume responsibility of the Flames” in preparation for the friendly match against Uganda during the country’s Independence celebrations on July 6.

The football governing body has since apologised to Malawians “for the painful loss” against Zimbabwe.

“FAM would like to express its disappointment with the result against Zimbabwe in a match which it feels the Flames were in a better position to win,” said Nyirenda.

The two coaches were appointed in January 2014 despite having only recently been sacked from the Flames’ technical panel.

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104 thoughts on “Malawi hires Ernest Mtawali as caretaker coach: Chimodzi, Chamangwana released”

  1. markc says:

    olo mutatenga Mourinho kumuikapo ngati simuwapasa ma friendly amphamvu team siingachite bwinobe!

  2. Jabulani Kuveya Mudede says:

    @ Munthu wa mulungu. So what are you known for in this world, only us, your neighbours know you exist, do you think ordinary people in Senegal or Malaysia know that there is a small country called Malawi ? I don’t think so. That’s why Jacob Zuma said highways in Gauteng are “not some national road in Malawi” implying that you are still a garden vis-à-vis economic and infrastructural development.

    1. SUKATI JERE says:

      If you use opoto’s currency then you are still depending upon them.Why your professors can not manage your Zim Dollar?By the way tell us the exchange rate of US $1 to Zim $.Am I not supposed to hire a pick up in order to carry US$3,000 in Zim $? If economy is growing in Zim why half of your people are living in RSA? By the way Malawi has seen its development without opoto like in your country or RSA.Without the whiteman in RSA or Zimbabwe you could not have been where you are today. We are proud to have achieved what we have today because this is sorely done by ourselves.Just imagine if opoto were not there in your country what could Zim look like?If you think speaking good English is an indication that you are more intelligent then you don’t know what English is.This is just a language bro.Chineese will address a UN assembly in their own tongue.

  3. Jabulani Kuveya Mudede says:

    @ Munthu wa mulungu, Zimbabwe’s economic growth is Schumpeterian growth, emanating from massive innovations – we are the only country that manufactures petrol and diesel from sugar cane (green fuel), we have tailored our own economic recovery blueprints like the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio Economic Transformation (ZIMASSET) whose gist is to value add our products, we have our own diamond cutting and polishing plant , we don’t export them raw as you do to your bananas. Our GDP is high and the economy is growing at an exponential rate. When measuring economic growth we look at the increase in market value of goods and services produced by an economy over time, so don’t say I comment on things I don’t know. You seem to be an amateur in commenting on economic matters Munthu wa mulungu. Just like Alufeyo, you think Zimbabwe is still languishing in economic misery, shaaamee, the economic quagmire ended in 2009. A plethora of gobbledygook that you post on the Zimbabwean situation proves beyond any reasonable doubt that you are nothing but intellectual midgets, remember, if you throw a stone in Zimbabwe you hit a professor and if you throw a stone in Nyasaland you hit a thief. Kamuzu Banda left a legacy of dullness and witchcraft while Mugabe built thousands of schools and tens of universities for his people. Your national team can’t even beat our under 23s, nxaaa.

  4. Nsena says:

    Enerst atha kuchita zakupya. Ali ndi nzeru za makono za mpira. Zingakhale bwino atathandizana ndi mponda. Ena aja angayambe kufa ndi bp

  5. mbani says:

    FAM. Executive am talking to u resign. What do u expect from Kaputa and Walter let me tell u u ve made a grave mistake Young and Jack r respected coaches in Malawi.

  6. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    We need Kina Phiri back to flames plz

  7. Agibo where in the world do they put national team players on contract? What contract? National teams don’t have permanent players. National team players are called for duty to represent their countries depending on their current forms so how can you put someone on contract?????? There are a lot of factors to be looked into that are causing our deteriorating the standard of of our soccer in the country. Firstly no developement at grassroot level. We used to have MBS trophy which all the secondary schools were participating it’s where the gems like Kinnah were unearthed. Mayors Trophy, even primary schools used to compete on district level it really helped but today all that is history. All the premier soccer league teams had their youth teams which were acting as feeder teams to the main teams all that is history so where can we get good players???? If a 40year old guy can be a Player Of athe Year do you see any future there????? It’s not just about the coaches NO. We used to have Premier League, BDFL Division 2,2 & 3. Where is all that???? The quality of our so called Super League is it up to scratch???? No! So let’s go back to the drawing board. There no short cuts, you can even hire Sir Alex Ferguson but it’s not gonna work. Look you sacked Kinnah & the same rejected Kinnah went to Free State Stars in RSA he did magic with the team. So can we say that Kinnah is a bad Coach? The answer is No! Let’s dig for the causative agent of all this deterioration of our soccer. Mulaka sang his song Ija Munkati Njododa, vuto kapena ndi mabuti kapena coach kapena ma official sit & find out.

  8. Rodgers Banda says:

    Firing the coach is the only solution. Mtawali will do even worse or better. It’s much better to lose in the hands of new coach than a class 1 failure. Everywhere in the world people are laughing at us

  9. Malawi izakhala malawi palibe chomwe tizapambanapo dziko lapasi.wanthu ndiumbuli pazose last.Never and never, success to malawi is a taboo.Malawians celebrate on a sad activities because we have got nothing to be proud of,since the birth of our nation.

  10. Agibo says:

    #85! Be as you are a Malawian,your shit talking,thats why some are calling for FEDERALISM to avoid such stupidity.DONT you observe a problem. The problem is with management becoz there is no concistency in picking the players.This game, one player next game another player,why did they ignore to put players on contracts?

  11. arthur says:

    Abwere mzungu,komaso aFAM asiye kuwapatsa macoach lineup.

  12. Chisomo Makapu says:

    This is not a solution. Its not the coaches to blame. Its the preparations. Lets wait and see if this one will produce good results. Even of you bring Barcelona coach here as long as the preparations are lousy we will still not win

  13. Christopher says:

    If we are to get the expatriate coach, that’s fair and fine but hoping to get a local one when we fired Kinnah Phiri, we better forget about football in Malawi

  14. mwe says:

    Watching the space!

  15. Munthu wa mulungu says:

    @Jabulani when you say Zimbabwe economy is growing at 17.5%, it looks massive but it’s coming from negative growth factor. Don’t quote what you don’t understand. Zimbabwe is still in shit

  16. Bick says:

    Amalawi koma kuba nkhumba mpira kulibe,kungosiya mpira basi palibe angafe apa,ife tikumachita manyanzi ndi phala likuchitikali iya!!

  17. makani says:

    Atumbuka ndiye mukuononga mpira , panachoka Kinna, mukubweretsapo chimodzi pano Mtawali bwanji nthawi ya Kim splisboel zinkayenda?

  18. Teacher says:

    Your key to success will be instilling discipline and not tolerating mediocrity. The main problem with Malawian players is lack of self confidence. They lack creativity in the game when it’s needed most as if they don’t watch football how others play on a higher level. We see players shooting without purpose if at all they shoot on goal. Crossing without any target. Running without any intent to position themselves to score. Defending while panicking yet they are all alone to pass around the ball or initiate a counter attack. To play for a national team is a privilege and one ought to be exceptionally talented, trusted and committed. Not just by name or the team he is playing. Command your objective authority and redeem us from the mediocrity. This is my free advice to you Ntawali.

  19. phodgoma says:

    Coach could you kindly start with the team that played at COSAFA in Xenophobian country for 2015. I liked their standards of play, their fighting spirit, their umodziumodzi. I enjoyed it despite what mozambique to us.

  20. Sportsman says:

    I have a very different view on the firing of the coaches. What FAM should have done was to let the coaches finish all the remaining games for AFCON. What FAM has done is to create another training ground for Ernest Ntawali. If one could analyze the game critically, the coaches featured the best team only that the boyz lost the steam. Had the team won, no one would criticize the coaches as is done now.

  21. PHODO says:


  22. kate says:

    Wana wa ku Mpoto mbwenu. Young Chimodzi mwana wa ku Mpoto, Enest Mutawali mwana wa ku mpoto, FAM Chief Executive Suzgo nyirenda mwana wa ku mpoto. hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha . Muti bwanji Ochewa? Northern region yimalamulira mwakachetechete. kikikikikikikiki.

  23. Nyerere Kuuna says:

    Soccer problems are a mountain to climb in Mw. If we want a winning team it must start from SPORT MINISTRY, FAM, FOOTBALL COACHES, REFS. and not forgetting our brothers at SULAM and their children the so called FLAMES of Malawi. The Ministry of Sports should see to it that they are always in good books with FAM and make sure that people employed at FAM are those who can deliver in football administration. You are keeping some people at FAM who never never played football but you trust them to run the administration of football in Mw-shame on us. They just are good at talking nonsense on our biased small radios as if things are going well in football, but alas to the opposite. Our coaches are good but naturally (Mark my words) we have currently bad crop of players denting the coaches image. Even if you can hire a coach from heaven today, Mw will not produce good in football. SULAM is another hopeless batch of football administrators. Look at the way they are dealing with football hooliganism and again these are the people who only played Basket ball. So how can these people run the good administration of football. For REFS it is a disaster, they officiate games but they do not know rules and regulations of football. Finally our reporters (ali ngati masamba a mtengo kuti mpheto yaloza ku mwera nawo masamba aloza komko) resulting in poor reporting. I would like to urge all concerned authorities to look into our football problems critically than just firing coaches. How many coaches are you going to hire and fire??????????? and why why?????………

  24. kate says:

    Wana wa ku Mpoto mbwenu. FAM Chief Executive Suzgo nyirenda. hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha . Muti bwanji Ochewa? Muyisova. Northern region muziyiwopa.

  25. Mbanangwa says:

    FAM has reacted to pressure from the people which I feel is not right. There are many faces to the loss of Malawi. Malawian players play with little or no incentives at all. The expatriate who will take over after August will fac similar pressure. It takes time to build a team. I feel Chimodzi and Jack should have been given more time.

  26. Maynard Mtima says:

    Coaches are not to blame but players

  27. nsikuzinaimwe says:

    Tsoka likamba umakuotcha ndi mkute.Komabe a Chimodzi ndi gulu lawo anayesetsa.Choncho popeza gule sachezera nyimbo imodzi.

  28. Bule says:

    The problem is continuous changing of squad. Each game has its own squad with only 3 or 4 player found in all squads. Malawi singawine pokhapokha macoach asiye mchitidwe omangoyesa zida game iliyonse. Asankhe squad imen ikhale ikumenya Nation team mpaka 2017

  29. mpimpa says:

    shame to FAM, shame to coaches and shame to players. Munalephera xul, pano mukulepheraso mpira ndiye muzidya chani?

  30. vaanwyk says:

    kinnah waku chilumba ku karonga and mtawali waku chilumba ku karonga konko! viva karonga of NORTH MALAWI.

    Bola wakumanya mbakumpoto! Upresidenti ngwaku southern! kkk

    Chalaka bakha nkhuku singatole. Pompano muzamva kuti bola Young osati Earnest. Olephera ndima players osati ma coach ayi!

  31. Tizingocheza says:

    For a team to win team should not only score obvious goals only like the one we scored. Goals like the second goal for zim are needed beating your best goalkeeper according to our coaches.
    We have failed to beat zim at their weakest form- sorry.

  32. Tizingocheza says:

    These coaches should not be excused because when the team was failing under kina they were against him as if they were not part of the panel.kina was removed and they had chance prove their potential they have also failed. Young was saying the team needed new players came his time took the same players. Bola kina amakondela chiukepo wochinya. Oyenda ndi lupanga amafa ndi lupanga.

  33. mwadoh says:

    zanu zimenezo ine ndi wa net ball

  34. khidomfuna says:

    amalawi mwalephera soccer ma player nonse mungobwerako kumeneko zachamba zimene mukutipangilazo bwerani kuno kukabwafu tizizalima fodya ma coarch ma player nonse zisilu sitikusangalala nanu

  35. Nyelere za Manoma says:


  36. Nyelere za Manoma says:


  37. Malawi Federalism says:

    If Young Chimodzi was a northerner, the page was going to be full with tribal and hate comments . Mtumbuka.. atumbuka. mbwenumbwenu. Wake up Malawians. Let us love one another. we are all Malawians.

  38. Denis Tembo says:

    Do u think a mtawali adzapanga chiani? Angofuna mtumbuka mzao adyeko kwacha apa,tithamangitsa ma coach kangati? Nanga wosathamangitsa ma player bwanji,tayesaniko ma player a new one,nanga abale ndiomwe anamenya mpira nthawi ya atsamunda akusewrabe mpaka lero,kkkkkk PP yanyamuka sidzabweleranso anthu osayamika inu!!!!!!

  39. SUKATI JERE says:

    Vuto liri ku Malawi ndi kukondera posankha ma players.Mukufuna kundiuza kuti dziko lonse la Malawi amene amasewera mpira ndi timu ya Zimbwabwe aja ndiakutha kuponsa ena onse mMalawi muno? Nthawi zina tamalikondani dziko lathuli posaona kuti awa achokera kuti kapena avala chiyani.Mudzayese kutengapo anthu mosayang’ana nkhope mudzaona Malawi adzatchukanso pa masewero a mpira.Tasiyani zoganizira kuti awa akakwereko ndege kapena akawoneko kunja pamene mukudziwa kuti satha nkomwe kuponya mpira.Enafe mudzatipha ndi mtima kupweteka chifukwa choluza.Ndiye apa bola kochi wachizungu osati chifukwa choti ndi nzungu ayi koma kuti mwina zokonderazo sadzapanga adzafuna luso lamunthu.Tikumakhala ndi manyazi ife kunja kuno.

  40. Sitinati, bola kina wa a phiri,midfielder, Satha Kuchinya ,bola caretaker munasankha former striker.

  41. Njolinjo says:

    Koma anyamata a pa Chitungwiza alalata eeeeesh! Koma ndi mpira womwewu? I cant take anymore of such insults.

  42. Namukachapa says:

    So no coach till 20165! That’s quite a long wait, but probably good for Ernest, yeah?

  43. Hello! says:

    The loss is also a reflection of how bad our local teams are. A strong national team is built out of strong local teams and strong professional players. For a nation to have strong professional players, the local teams have to be strong too. I look to a time when local players would be able to out-compete the professional players. The other problem with the Flames, as I have always said, is that one or two wins makes the team become pompous and think they are on top of the whole world. Look into the statistics of the Flames. These will show you and any coach the real facts behind the Flames. What the team needs more is a psychologist not a new coach. Remember the team just won a plate at COASAFA finals? Now, here we go, they have lost to Zimbabwe!!! Do you also remember the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola? Malawi beat Algeria 3:0 in their opening game. What followed next? Disaster after disaster until they were booted out of the tournament. Our team seems to be embracing past victories as golden treasures instead of focussing on the games at hand.

  44. Jabulani Kuveya Mudede says:

    Don’t blame your goalie, Billiat’s goal was a rising thunderbolt that can easily get the gold medal in the goals of the century world competitions, it will make Messi melt with jealousy. Your coach and all yo players are good but we are better, if you had played South Africa or Lesotho, you could have won but not Zimbabwe or Zambia

  45. Shushe says:

    Problem not solved. Players r to blame coz r the ones who plays and not coach. Suck all players and incubate a new team for three years.

  46. Our players ali shit ndimakochi omwe.

  47. Wakale sibwe says:

    Welcome mtawali, mutipezere goalkeeper wamzeru komanso mumuuze lucky malata ngati sizikuyenda apite kaye kumudzi akasanzike bwino. mavuto ena uwaona wekha zikakuvutanso nawe tikuthothola

  48. Jabulani Kuveya Mudede says:

    Alufeyo, we are Zimbabwe not Rhodesia. You have a colonial mentality and a serious unAfrican mindset. Yu cant beat us, we have beaten you two times in a row (aggregate 6-2) both matches in your own backyard !!!!! You are not a footballing country, Im sorry to say this bt its the truth, I know it hurts. Even if you hire a coach from mars, you cant beat us. You celebrated your poor outing at Cosafa as if yu had won a world cup, do you know how many times we won COSAFA, check the records. We were number four in the last edition of CHAN and most of the players who achieved that were in the team that beat yu at home. We are going for All Africa Games (our under 23 team) without doubt the same team is going to Brazil for Olympics. kuluza panyumba, you are a disgrace to Southern Africa soccer.

  49. Jabulani Kuveya Mudede says:

    Alufeyo, yu seem to be far behind current affairs in Zimbabwe, the fact that our warriors wanted bonuses in advance doesn’t mean that our economy is bleeding, that’s the problem of ZIFA. Maybe yu are not aware, we have bn using U.S dollars as our legal tender since 2009, the IMF have reported that Zim’s economy is growing by 17.5% annually, making it the fastest growing in the world. Our civil servants earn at least US $500 (transalate that to kwachas!!!!!) and we have the highest literacy rate (the country with the most educated people in Africa) of 99% google pa net if yu doubt, you Malawians cant even separate a flame from a frame, shaaamee. pk, leave our president alone, he was voted the best english speaking president and the most educated in the world, yu had yo own Dr Hastings Kamuzu who was a witchdoctor and even killed his own relatives bt we never said anything abt him. yu can only dance Gule wa mkulu , kuputa fodya (mbanje), kunata doro nekubata mishonga ye huroyi zvinyau zve vanhu

    1. nonsense go and sleep. zim people are always selfish. no wonder you are talking ad if you don’t have the teeth in ur mouth. futseki

  50. Nalimata says:

    Do you remember how difficult it was to uproot the underperforming Kina? Becoz he was tumbuka like Nyamilandu himself. These fired coaches were hired only in 2014. Would they be fired by now if they were mbwenumbwenus? The answer is a big NO! Harawa the poor goal keeper plus the entire rotten FAM must therefore also go! Walter has a sinister motive behind this sacking of coaches. Trust me! But God is watching.

  51. mbava says:

    Sacking the coaches is not a solution, my countrymen! Why the coaches with that poor goalkeeping and that blunt striking force!! Ofcourse they are to blame to some extent but not fully!

  52. Zimbo says:

    @alufeyo@pk where does soccer and the Zimbabwean Dollar come in show your frustrations against your team not going on attacking the nation and it not Rhodesia its Zimbabwedont go on attacking personalities and the pride of the nation you lost you lost live with it and @pk you don’t go about insulting people after you team had lost who has said anything about your Malawian sisters also in different parts of the world doing even worse , you when you where under the rule of Kamuzu Banda did you not as well wait for him to die so you could have peace and stability you are a shallow minded ignorant fool is that’s what our country has come to so be it, get your facts right and get some proper education before you embarrass yourself with your narrow mindedness . Well done Warriors and tough luck to The Flames it’s a game of football

  53. Zimbo says:

    @alufeyo@pk where does soccer and the Zimbabwean Dollar come in show your frustrations against your team not going on attacking the nation and it not Rhodesia its Zimbabwedont go on attacking personalities and the pride of the nation you lost you lost live with it and @pk you don’t go about insulting people after you team had lost who has said anything about your Malawian sisters also in different parts of the world doing even worse

  54. Bristol says:

    I wish Ernest all the best. I usually support any coach because I am an evergreen supporter for the Flames.

  55. Our local coaches r luckying confidence when it comes to player selection and fielding as well as substution kumadikira mpaka kumastand kuti akuuzireni shame on u

  56. myao says:

    The coach was responsible for players selection,FAM is responsible for Coaches apointments, all of them must go for misusing our tax. Ma supporter anzanga mukuti bwanji?

  57. 20165 ndiye chaka chiti chimechi, ifeyo ndi inuyo tidzafikako?

  58. Bibo says:

    Those advocating for Kinnah to be brought back are just empty tins.Kinna had his time and his limits.Ernest Mtawali shouldn’t also be the coach for good.I believe there is no Malawian coach who can transform the team.

    The short-term solution is to start with a well qualified expatriate coach and FAM and government should be prepared to heavily invest in him.Then dissolve the team thereby paving way for a sieving process which would include calling all active Malawian players abroad from Mozambique,South Africa and even Europe if any .A countrywide search for players is also required.The coach will have to look at each and every player’s potential for inclusion into the final national team.We are tired of seeing the same players that are failing the nation in all AFCON campaigns,there is need for change.Some players in the Mozambiquan league that never played for the national team are better than some of these blunder-prone players. Chimodzi’s son Tawonga who is in Greece, is also a good material.The long-term ambition is to send football experts to West African countries of Ghana,Mali,Ivory Coast, and Nigeria so they can learn how to develop youth football. FAM can also,with the assistance from government and the corporate world,set up regional football academies for the youth because Malawian clubs are financially incapable of establishing such academies.These academies will need to be partnered with academies of European clubs whose relationship would include an exchange program especially for Malawian players to go to academies in Europe.Kenya is slowly benefiting from such kind of a program.I know a young player from Kenya who is with OGC Nice reserve team in France because of an exchange program.Malawian football officials should dream big.The lasting solution to Malawi’s lack of football ascendancy is to aim to export many players to European clubs after establishing academies otherwise the nation will always cry because we have mediocrity at present-our players are very average,a sign that they weren’t developed at youth level. To have average players being coached by an average or below average Malawian coach worsens the situation as proved by recent results from Chimodzi and Jack.

  59. Nsendekere says:

    Let us prioritise Malawians to replace Chimodzi and Jack. Let us not hire low quality foreign coaches because they are the quality of foreign coaches we can afford

  60. Makoni hapPy says:

    Kodi Amalawi kuganiza kukuvuta?kapena chani?kodi ma coach mwayesa ngati ana ophunzira omwe akufuna kulemba mayeso? ndiye wabwinoyo mumutenga kuti? onse samatha kukocha? kodi mwaiwala kuti ma coach mzeru amatenga kwa ma officials athu? kwenikweni mukufuna chani? team yathu timaikonda komanso imatha mpira koma akuononga ndiamene akumamuuza zochita coach nde muganizenso sizimene mukunenazo.

  61. hopson kashaka says:

    Komanso nde tilindithawi yodikila mpaka 20165 heee mpaka titafa ndithu

  62. Shadreck Nyondo says:

    Bolaniso Kinnah Phiri anali bwino. Fam call Kinnah Phiri

  63. hopson kashaka says:

    Kapena tiyese zungu ayeniakefe zikutikanika

  64. LWESHA says:


  65. clement says:

    Good decision to give chance to Ernest hopefully this young guy will not let us down if you give him time. We wasted our time with chimodzi. Good lucky Ernest

  66. team ikusowa ma coach pomwe ine ndilipo ndikhoza kusitha zinthu better kulimba mtima ma player before game kukagona kumanda

  67. abie sekete says:

    Why giving coach leave after one loss by poor goalkeeping of your number goalkeeper.Changing a coach is not solving a problem but frustrating players.

  68. steve says:

    Great move. We are behind you Ernesto

  69. Alufeyo says:

    Malawi national team leaking goals like the Zimbabwean dollar. If you cant beat Rhodesia who then can you beat? We can fire the coaches the team will steal not perform just like using the dollar the Zimbabwean economy is still in comatose. The solution is to get new players.

  70. vilimmwera says:

    let us not talk about regions where coaches are coming from, it goes without saying that, though small ,northern region has produce the most outstanding name it, when it comes to football. however when it is for national duty let us put regions aside. i know kinnah comes from chilumba so does ernest, karonga boys but this is trivial. we want a coach who can deliver but at the same time players who can also deliver

  71. pk says:

    Comment.Zimbabwe warrior,you must be damn stupid. Who does not know that your Zimbabwean women are scattered allover the world by your stupid dictator president and have been turned into sex slaves across the world? Zim was a country but now its a fucked up country with fucked up people. Go to south Africa all the prostitutes in the corners of joburg are shonas are they sell cheap sex and that’s how they feed their families back home in Zimbabwe. Your players nearly walked from Zimbabwe to Malawi cos the country is fk . You are an embarrassment of a country in the world no wonder you have an old man ruling you till forever and what you guys hope for is his death which ain’t coming anytime soon!!

  72. It will not change anything

  73. Lending Rates 50% says:

    Zimbabwes game cant be blamed on coach. The goal keeper was useless. Nyamilandu achoke

  74. vilimmwera says:

    amalawi, we had too much positive expectations forgetting that zimbabwe came for a match not a walk in our dirty streets. who failed to score , is it coaches or players? we should not always blame coaches, our players were panicking at home from the word go, why? i do think mtawali will also be relieved of his duties after the next game, vuto ndi ma players athu:1. kulephera kugiletsa 2.zinjenje kumbuyo basi osati makotchi mukuwachotsawa. suja zana mmawatama atabweretsa mbale ku RSA?

  75. Maingainga says:

    Steve Liwewe Banda ndi Mike Bango abwere adzakoche chi team chonyasachi, chochititsa manyazi kuphatikiza mzake wa liwewe amene atha kuyesera.

  76. TSOKONOMBWE says:

    Ngati Ma Goal Keeper Ena Ogwira Bwino Kulibe Angoyithetsa Team Yi Kusiyana Nkumangotikhumudwitsa Chonchi.

  77. Kennedy says:

    So my fellow malawians is chimodzi from north? You were crying about a tumbuka, atumbuka, atumbuka and forced kinnah out. Its time to admit nothing good will come from south or wait and see.

  78. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Mwina moyo winawo zizayenda…koma pakali pano nde ayi ndithu,ma player athu ndi a 70 minutes they don’t know kuti game ndi 90 min..


    You Malawians, you do not know how to play football. You win games by a sheer of luck. So you think because we had financial and technical hiccups with our bus, then you would win? You Malawians you are good at drinking alcohol and fucking prostitutes. Even changing a coach, you will not go far. Keep on dreaming for dreaming is for those who are sleeping. My fellow supporters fucked Malawian girls the whole night. Malawian girls are cheap

  80. opportunist says:

    Kinnah should be brought back

  81. Baba wa boy says:

    Typical Malawian disease, wanting results Now Now.

    The two coaches were hired 2014, and they have failed? Given the peanuts they get paid? and the calibre of the players?

    I don’t think so.

  82. Truck says:

    If Flames will lose the Game again under coach Ernest Mtawali you will fire him again like the one you have done with Young Chimodzi?You must learn from Bafana Bafana they fired Clive Barker now their team its not performing well.It would have been better if you
    have include Mtawali to help Young Chimodzi.Short sited doesn’t help eh!

  83. Trevor jere says:

    Kaya zanuzimenezo musolva ine ndazituluka

  84. abale samalani says:

    Fam should think twice,we need a coach very soon not 20615. How many years from now? Find a coach in 2015 please

  85. dad says:

    Quota system at work

  86. wakale kaunda says:

    Good move for football lovers, but also FAM should now have time and think what to do next,
    we are tired of hearing the same names in football cycles as if these are the only people who know football in the country, lets we forget them now and ever again please, not at national
    team, try to get new team manager and all the staff around the team , new leadership not the coaches only, new idears will help, the way we run football in malawi its the the same politics runs, lero UDF, mawa DPP, then PP when MCp will b in power omwewo will be moving komweko, tasinthani abale kwinako ndiye mwaona mbuzi zazikazi wamapepala deputy wopanda kalikonse head coach which means in malawi colifications is nothing koma kudziwana. ZITSIRU

  87. Damage says:

    If you touch a tail of a bush buck you lose it. These fools might have been busy cerebrating the platnum plate ! Idiots

  88. Damage says:

    Kinah the regend where ever you are. Malawians owe . You were scorned , castigaIuted , even all the mbwenu mbwenus it was a painful thing to hear such silly comments. Yet it appears no one will equal yr achievement made during your tenure. May be it will work for Mtawale since it appears as a sign of repentance for choosing another mbwenumbwenu. Higa mkandawire tell people about kina a Enest ,are all thes not from chilumba ?

  89. mavuyo says:

    Flames angoyithetsa ngati mene anathesela mboni za yehova

  90. john says:

    vto la ma coach q kumalawi ndilakuti amalowetsera maina.

  91. bob says:

    The goals that Malawi conceded in the game with Zimbabwe have nothing to do with the coaches. It was stupidity of the players involved and firing a coach on that basis is shortsighted and stupid. Reinstate the coaches pliz

    1. Malawiana says:

      Indeed even if you hire Mourinho or Fergie today, this team will not deliver. The players are emotionally and physically wanting. Just dissolve the whole team and start again with the Under 10 squad ensuring that they are properly fed to grow up physically and mentally strong. I mean half of the current squad looks to have been victims of malnutrition at some point.

  92. Rodrick Chimombo says:

    i think its high time we must think of another sport where may be we can do better,how about RUGBY ………

  93. Gulugufe says:

    FAM is running away from the blame by firing these useless coaches!

    The real problem is FAM itself!

    After the coaches have disappeared ftom or eyes, the entire FAM executive should also go. Then and only then will we start winning.

    But anyway, good riddance!

  94. Analyst says:

    Good move. But i dont think itr will change anything if the aged players continue to find space in the team. These are the players that are lazy in the team. Players like Fisher, Kanyenda are past their prime, why include them? we need players who are able to think, weigh passes, dribble and score. not robots.
    Enest, you can do better by reshuffling the team. Young and Chamangwana were not on the field, they have been excused because they failed off field tasks.
    1.Finding good players
    2.Instituting descipline in the team
    Let the nation agree that certain players are being desciplined for laxity. The white guy did a good job by dropping what we call senior players on descipline issues. if that was to continue, our players could have been serious when approaching games

  95. chindele says:

    Yes Earnest Needs To Be Tried. U Know Tumbukas Are Good. But Just Give Him A Short Period. We do not want him to get emberassed like what has happened to peter mponda. Peters do not perform well.An Expatriate Coach But African Should Be The Way To Go.

  96. faiti says:

    good news at last. why has it taken such long. mtawali would have been the man for malawi long long time ago after kinna was dismissed. its a lost half decade without clue or direction for our national team.

  97. Temaco says:

    Even Mtawali will do nothing mark my words. We don’t have players to do business as a result coaches are to be blamed.How many coaches have we hired and fired in the past few yrs?

  98. boja says:

    FLAMES is like REAL MADRID. KINNAH now is having last laugh.

  99. sosten says:

    young ndi mbuzi. shaaaa!!!!!! chi poor substitution. coach kumalamulilidwa ndi player? apite sitizisowa ntchito zake

  100. Joseph says:

    And…. Dont pay them for the remainder of their contracts. For chrissake Zimbabwe came on a broken bus all the way from Zim, buy we failed to beat them, on home soil. Embarrasing!!!

  101. petros mbale says:

    A young Chimodzi ndi a Jack ndinawakonda koma apa ndiye zavuta Malawi needs positive results welcome Enerst Mtawali hope you have seen how your friends people have reacted on them all the best

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