Malawi HIV man blames devil for sexual assault on minor girl

MalawiPolice in Ntcheu district have arrested a 46-year-old man, Francis Chimalizeni for defiling a four-year-old girl.

Malawi girls are fast becoming an extremely endangered species with the news making headlines . day in day out is that of sexual defilement and rape cases.

Malawi girls are fast becoming an extremely endangered species with the news making headlines . day in day out is that of sexual defilement and rape cases.

Chimalizeni of Gwaza village, T/A Makwangwala in the district committed the offence on Monday August 29th, 2016, police have confirmed.

Ntcheu police deputy Public Relations Officer, Hastings Chigalu said the suspect committed the offence in his house.

”On this day the girl went to the house of the suspect with a friend looking for paw-paws as she felt hungry, and the suspect’s wife was away by this time,” explained Chigalu.

”Having heard that the girl is hungry the suspect told the victim that there is food ( msima) in the house, it’s when he had a chance of defiling her.”

People became suspicious of the incident when they saw the girl crying bitterly with semens (sperms) all over her legs.

”She narrated everything to them. It is her mother who later on reported the matter to police.”

Chimalizeni, during interrogation, admitted to have defiled the girl but blamed the devil for his action.

He further told the law-enforcers that he was sorry for the girl because he is onlife-prolonging ARV  treatment.

Medical examination done at Ntcheu District Hospital confirmed the girl was defiled.

Meanwhile the suspect  has already appeared before the Ntcheu First Grade Magistrates court where he is answering to charges of Defilement contrary to Section 138 of the Penal Code.

Chigalu disclosed that the district has registered a total of 18 defilement cases for the past six months compared to 15 cases registered same period last year.

“As police we are doing everything possible to improve the situation, we  want to encourage people to report these cases to police and people should not be deceived that one can be cured from
HIV & AIDS after sleeping with little girls,” he added.

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7 thoughts on “Malawi HIV man blames devil for sexual assault on minor girl”

  1. Mike Nhlane says:

    When little innocent children face these inhuman acts. That’s where we also need the Mtambo s and Trapences of this world. Not only when it is politics or men fucking each other. Shame on Civil Society for thinking these children are not Humans that also need Rights.

  2. charles says:

    The man is the devil himself and should be locked away for a long time. In a ddition to the charge of defilement, the idiot should also face a separate charge of knowingly and deliberately infecting another person with the HIV. What do the Malawi laws say about such wrong doers? If no law exists then it is time one was put in place. This law should state that any person who knowingly and deliberately infects another with the HIV is guilty of an offence and should go to prison for a minimum of 15 years. The offence is similar to attempted murder only that the ‘murder’ is spread over a number of years. Government should seriously look into this proposal.

    1. Sips says:

      The article does not state that she was infected with HIV

  3. Charlie Hebdo says:

    46 y.o vs 4 y.o? Can there be sexual satisfaction? I why attempt just to provoke the law? There are millions of prostitutes of various ages ready for such…the law will tolerate. Pls leave babies alone!

  4. Zanga Ziii Pa Zambia says:

    Uku ndie timati kupusa!!!! Chupiti. Mahule onsewa basi iwe uzikalimbana ndi kamwana ka zaka 4. Kukhwima chani? a polisi chimangeni chi and please do not give him ma ARVs anymore. Let himdie there.

  5. kings says:

    So let us know what next after all this inhuman on the 4 year old girl? It’s high time these perpetrators were sentenced with stiffer custodial sentences to diter would be offenders, i rest my opinion.

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