Malawi Islamic Commission asks Mutharika to intervene on strikes

Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom through its spokesman Yusuf Yaasi has called upon President Peter Mutharika to urgently intervene on the ongoing strikes in the country.

President Mutharika : Aasked to intervene

President Mutharika : Aasked to intervene

From courtroom staff on strike for the past five months to primary school teachers boycotting classes to obtain salaries not paid for the past six months, labour militancy appears to be on the rise. Last week, supporting staff of the University of Malawi launched a sit in to demand a 45 percent salary hike.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau is also seeing a job action over wages while the Bureau chief says the office has been underfunded for investigations into the Cashgate scandal that brought down former president Joyce Banda.

Amidst the walkouts and slowdowns, huge pay raises recently sailed through parliament for ministers and lawmakers, doubling salaries from $1,150 to $3,000 monthly—or 168 percent plus fuel and housing allowances. Deputy Ministers’ salaries were doubled as were those of the 193 lawmakers who comprise the Malawi parliament. They also receive 1,000 litres per month in fuel allowance.

Ironically, in August the President rejected a salary hike for ministers calling them “unethical. “

In a statement made available to Nyasa Times, the Islamic Commission said: “If left unsolved the country is likely to plunge into anarchy rendering development unattainable.”

The commission says it is condemning the tendency of intervening in cases which are in the courts, saying this always jeopardize the court process which eventually affects the court rulings.

“The commission is asking the government to act professionally by not intervening in any way in cash gate issue which we believe is only being handled by Anti-Corruption Bureau, the police and the court.”

The commission it is however very much worried with the government intervention in the cash gate case.

“We could see last time in the Lutepo claims and now we heard that government has surrendered CCTV footage to the ACB. Now our question is “Did the ACB asked this information from government? If yes who is supposed to handover the footed, is it the Government? The court? Or the police? The answer still remains unknown.”

The Commission has also asked Parliamentarians to forgo the salary  increment if their responsibility is really to serve the interests of their respective constituents.

“The commission is further asking leader of opposition [Lazarous  Chakwera] to voluntarily reject the new salary adjustment as one way of showing passion to the people of this Nation,” reads the statement  by Yaasi.

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28 thoughts on “Malawi Islamic Commission asks Mutharika to intervene on strikes”

  1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    tingoyitana Alshababu igwirepo ntchito kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Solution says:

    China developed when they did away with the stupid system called democracy.our stupid judges want more money yet they do little work and play golf. we need to suspend the stupid democracy and let the president guide this country. Those who are ready to work for the offered salaries should come and work and those unwilling should buzz off and start doing their own things. Judges have degrees yet there are people with masters being paid less and feel contented because they are patriotic.

  3. Good citizen says:

    Who is good then Colonists were bad, Kamuzu was bad, Bakili was bad, Bingu was bad, Joyce Banda just two years was voted out because you said she was bad, today barely 6months we are talking, writing that Peter is bad, are we serious Malawians, if this continues Malawi government will never develop. Too much Jealous, why cant we be part of the solution. SHAME ON MALAWI.

  4. kapambwe says:

    Bring isis let’s behead all these crooks before they finish our economy. Kkkkk.

  5. Mchawa says:

    Iwe Nyapapi had it been kuti sukulu yanu ya ulomweyo it’s worthy anything than kudya mpungako ndiye bwenzi mukumakhala ma clueless leaders only surviving on the mercy and little advice of that big mchawa from Kapoloma? To hell ndi sukulu than zopanda ntchito ku mtundu wa Malawi zo. JB mchawa was far much better than your so called Obama’s lecturer. Soon the Babylon will fall once again if you chose to fight the so called brave clan like achawa. Give Malawians the the solution of the current administrative crisis created by the head Nyapapi not zonyoza anzanu apa.

  6. wachamba iwe ndikuti woyambawe ukhalira yomweyo yopilira kma mavuto akupitilirabe

  7. John lolesi says:

    Its true. A Petulowa amangolekerera zinthu mpaka zimafika povuta. Anthu a mmakhotiwa akupempha 30% yokha koma ayi ndithu osawapatsa pomwe iwo eni azipatsa ma 367%, 168%, 80%. Palibe chilungamo apa.

  8. Pedro is a real nigga in da making! Malawi’s Boko Haram should just concentrate on converting the Tumbukas ahead of federalism. Pedro can withstand the pressure frm strikes. Ali ndi magowero ogonamo pa dziko lose lapansi. Emulekhe mapwiya okurupare!

  9. bigman says:

    Criticism criticism criticism, let us be part of the solution, the colonists were bad, Kamuzu bad, Bakili bad, Bingu bad, Joyce banda the only woman president bad, Peter is bad, even if Atupele or Chakwera comes will be bad who will be good, SHAME on MALAWI. Why cant we stop pointing fingers all the time. Lets critique based on FACTS no MOTIVES. God bless Malawi

  10. Matokoso says:

    We are in this mess because of the interventions of the presidents in the past. Let the people responsible of fixing the salary mess do there work without undue influence.

  11. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Looking the calibre of the president, he doesnt have the capabilities to intervene let alone solve. Look, he has deffered his salary increment, what do we see instead? Opening ma balani a fodya or ma restaurant instead of deligating, all in the name of allowances! These daily travels of the president are only fattening his pocket. Kodi a president simungatimemeze a Malawife ku mapemphero opempherera mvula?

  12. Azibambo eni eni says:

    Zobvuta izitu, lero ndalota wakomoka nazo evacuated to London. So maliro kale ameneyu? Atisiya bambowa chifukwa cha pressure.


  14. Tako says:

    Eee zafikapa ndi only God knows it

  15. Gift mumba says:

    Thus not fair.

  16. kwa phelewera kwathu says:

    Pali chifukwa chotukwanira mtundu wa anthu apa?? Akulu chimene mungadziwe ndi cha kuti usogoleri uli mmanja mwa uyo osaphumzirayo.chifukwa mwa iye muli mantha, kulemekeza mtundu wina, chisoni, kuzichepetsa, kugonjera, komanso kuzipereka ma chitukuko cha dziko.iwe ukuzitcha kuti ndiwe ophumzirawe wapangapo chani ? If not kutibela ndalama zathu.mukufunika mankhwala a mutu wa ching’alang’ala a nyapapi kuti mwina muzathe kulankhula zolongosoka.

  17. wawaruh says:

    tili mu nyengo zowawisa yehova ndiye mbusa yekhayo wodalilika

  18. jacaranda says:

    “Did the ACB asked this
    information from government?- Murdering queen’s language to the fullest.

  19. Sidix says:

    You think APM can be advised? Shame on you.APM has a swarm if not an army of advisers who are just sucking tax payers money,giving wrong advises to the President.Imagine giving money to media people in envelops as bribes,nepotism or tribalistic nature of APM.Recall APMs history and contribution when he was the Min of Justice,he introduced bad laws.When APM was the Min of Foreign affairs,British high Commissioner and some tobacco buyers were chased.When he was Min of Education,we remember him for the academic freedom saga,murdering of Chasowa and the 20 masacred during Demonstration on July 19,2011.Can one recall any good achievement by APM during the time he wasserving as aMinister in various Ministries? APM is associated with failure.

  20. Ukaziputa limba. Malawians are not fools and cannot just look on when the government increases salaries for MPs and ministers. It has to be measure for measure.

  21. Chakwera already declined the unethical salary increase while cabinet including Ukitiukiti Muluzi suspended theirs. Shame….shame, Sharia Commission for Beading and Flogging.

  22. Nkhombokombo says:

    Well done MIC, for the first time I have read such an interesting intelligemt observation from you guys. Unfortunately you are advising the wrong people. They always act funny and contrary. Much advice is given but actions are rarely seen. MIC, keep on observing!

  23. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    May be he can solve these problems , just imagine when some organisations are crying be paid low saralies it is when he is busy increasing his and other peoples saralies by close to 400 % , do you expect PETER to solve all these strikes where by all these organisations are asking for their saralies increaments ?
    Even if all these strikes go up to the end of his term of office , Peter does not care.
    Shortly he will be going to America for his usual long holiday , and yet he is leaving behind so many strikes.

  24. Vyachalo says:

    good obvervation

  25. Nyapapi says:

    Achawa inu mukudziwa chani! Kusukulu simunapite!

    Tadzikamezani mpunga wosakaniza ndi mchenga kuti anzanu adziluma miyala!

    1. kwa phelewera kwathu says:

      Nyapapi you need to consult a psychiarist for mental examination.I think somethink is wrong in you insulting the chawa who produce your own favourite plate of the day.nyapapi maphumziro ako sakukupindulira.think twice before you (phwisi up your utterrances)

    2. CANAAN says:

      Well done Muslims. Nyapapi you are chindere chakufikapo. This issue is not about ayao. If you support mathanyula go and lick your fellow tribalist’s foot. Mbuzi!!

    3. Bob says:

      Nyapapi people like you don’t deserve to live in this country. Why always think on tribal lines. Better not comment than writing rubbish. Shame on you

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