Malawi Judiciary warned of corruption: Face disciplinary action

Malawi’s Chief Justice Anastasia Msosa warned the country’s Judiciary to desist from acts of corruption for the public to have trust and confidence in the legal profession and system.

High Court and Supreme Court Judges at the sherry party

High Court and Supreme Court Judges at the sherry party

Chief Justice Msosa inspecting a guard of honour

Chief Justice Msosa inspecting a guard of honour

Police band at the sherry party

Police band at the sherry party

Chief Justice Msosa warned the Judiciary during the annual sherry party held  on the grounds of the Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal and High Court of Malawi to mark the start of a new court session in the judicial calendar.

“We have heard of stories of perceived corruption in the legal profession mainly from the media. It is such perceptions of corruption that will make the public lose trust and confidence in the legal profession and system,” Chief Justice Msosa said.

She appealed to Law Society of Malawi and Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale to ensure that the profession is corrupt-free.

“I do not believe that stiff competition for business existing in the legal profession should be recipe for corruption. Let me call upon the Honourable Attorney General and the Malawi Law Society to put together their concerted efforts in making sure that we have a legal profession free from corruption,” she said.

She said the Malawi Law Society should put in place punitive measures to all those who will not behave in an appropriate manner.

“I call upon the Attorney General and the Malawi Law Society to make sure that disciplinary action is taken against those lawyers who professionally misconduct themselves,” she said.

“On our part, I promise that you a Judiciary, we shall also strive to have a corruption-free institution that earns the trust, respect and confidence of the public, ” she said.

She disclosed that an integrity committee was set up in the Judiciary to work hand in hand with the Anti-Corruption Bureau to ensure that a corrupt-free environment.

Cases of highly connected lawyers conniving with judges in what is termed ‘judges shopping’ have been rampart in Malawi with some lawyers opting to have their cases handled by certain judges.

Attorney General  Kaphale urged members of the Judiciary to desist from corruption and corrupt activities, saying any member of the jury who will be caught in corrupt practices will face the long arm of the law.

The Sherry Party was also marked by the Chief Justice’s inspection of a guard of honour parade mounted Malawi Police Service B company.

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17 thoughts on “Malawi Judiciary warned of corruption: Face disciplinary action”

  1. Kenkkk says:

    This shameful and very embarrassing legal and judiciary practice set ups in Malawi. The judiciary is corrupt to the core , money is the only justice to these judges. So Mrs Msosa you are wasting your time by talking to stones!!! The AG shouldn’t even be talking and giving advice on corruption, any where in the world he would been fired or forced to resign due to his previous direct involvement with some of cash-gaters and on the other hand with the current government prosecution of the cash-gaters. I don’t think any of the judges or lawyers the AG is talking to are even taking or paying serious attention to what he is saying against corruption.

    The Malawi Law Society is a joke, has no teeth and is also corrupt to the core. So many obvious malpractices by judges or lawyers are going unpunished and you wonder why does the Law Society exists? Please go abroad and see how other Law Societies behave and how they are feared and respected by the legal professionals. Any serious mistake you are kicked out!!! Most of the judges and lawyers in Malawi would not be fit to practice anywhere in the western world with such obvious malpractice behaviours.

  2. Dandaula says:

    Dear Madam Chief Justice Hon. Msosa

    I have read the article in the Nyasatimes column where you are warning your staff basically on CORRUPTION.

    May Lady, you have issued the same warning to your staff on many occasions and my question is do these Judges and the supporting team on the ground adhere to such STERN WARNING or they simply laugh at you in the DRINKING PLACES. Of – course corruption in judiciary system world-wide is highly practiced BUT Malawi Judiciary System is CHAMPIONING as this is evidenced by many Lawyers whose names are withheld as a matter of respect preferably to you my Lady.

    My Lady, do you know that many of the Judges and the said supporting staff are on PAYROLL of many law firms as well the country’s commercial banks? Some Lawyers are held being boastful that ALL judges are mine and farther say that even if Jesus comes today I cannot lose any case. Many banks in Malawi they pay heavily to such Lawyers who in turn share the money with Judge and a poor citizen of the country cries until he dies !!!! Our judicial system is really very pathetic. Judge and his Lawyer are busy building up Mansions an eyrie of SANJIKA PALACE while a client is in dribbled poverty. In any case are these Judges controlled and by whom? Or is the their CEO just a figure head?

    One another day clearly heard a judge and a lawyer discussing that ” nobody can dismiss or just terminate my employment even if I don’t report for duties for a week out of drunkenness and they all laughed. This is indeed very sad and no poor person can easily win a case in Malawi’s judiciary system .My Lady, you don’t even waste your time to mention people like AG and MABULASA as these are just one people since their background and professional is the just the same!!!!!!!!!! They cannot do anything apart from positively nodding their heads period and NOT out of their heart.

    For instance my Lady, many clients are crooked by whoever represented them into court of law and by GRACE OF GOD the case is won a lawyer fixes heavily on the client and sometimes a lawyer will say you go any where and complain and when such clients try to go to Malawi Law Society, there shall be no any assistance because these what you call lawyers yourself defend one another. Both AG and MLS are toothless and since there no any punitive measures upon these lawyers and as a result corruption is at rampant in Malawi. Every lawyer and their Judges want to be RICHER than they deserve and its terrible competition among the Judges and their lawyers. Files missing at the courts preferably High Courts of Malawi is just part of the day as the register officers become richer too following the path of their bosses either the High Court or Supreme Court of Appeal.

    Shopping of Judges by other Lawyers is not by design BUT by virtue of the particular Judge.
    One lawyer in Limbe said I want Judge ……………….because he understands me. Jesus!!!!!!!!!! if you have nobody in the Judicial system of Malawi then SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE BOUND TO CRY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.Very straight forward case with facts but in Malawi you will be at a loss. Lawyers and the banks enjoy on the poor masses since a judge and a lawyer cannot get anything from the poor.

    My Lady I respect you but you chose a very wrong professional with full of crooks and whatever you have spoken to them it has fallen on empty head. IF THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THE JUDICIARY WHERE THEN CAN WE FIND IT ABALE!!!!!!! PERHAPS IN CHURCH? ONLY GOD KNOWS. CAN JESUS COME STRAIGHT TO ONE OF THIS ARM OF THE GOVERNMENT -judiciary????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Bola Mafumu basi says:

    What a shame! The police lost a golden opportunity to arrest this bunch of crooks and thugs(a.k.a judges) all at once and throw them in prison where they belong. None of the Cashgate thieves will be convicted, mark my word, if any does, it will be on suspended sentence. These bigots are a waste of tax payers money for nothing, you can buy each of them with a half a loaf of bread, that’s how cheap these crooks are!!! Kenyata Bendera, hah, these are people?


    oh oh oh my God CORRUPTION in LEGAL PROFESSION no no no they must be fired shame on judges

    1. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba, formerly known as Obanda Joyce Ntilen says:

      Iweyo how come you sound surprised. The Malawi legal profession is riddled with corruption

  5. Achimidzimidzi says:

    And Mrs Msosa shouted and said, “all lawyers attention!! you thiefs of this country. Incompetent as we are! Don’t convict your fellow lawyer or judge!! Poise as intelligent and credible people.

    Then the AG, Kalekeni Kaphale, chipped in.”Law shall never be used on fellow lawyer or judge. We are all stupid and no one trusts us anymore.” and stole a glance at Mrs Msosa and continued, “Mbendera did a good job during general elections, Ralph had done it at Capital Hill and Wapona is doing fairly good.And soon, I will be redepolyed, may be to become the vice president.”

    Then all lawyers in red gowns smiled and nodded their heads.

    Then Mrs Msosa said, “Now, leave and corrupt Malawi, you stupid lawyers of the land.” and they all walked away in broad smiles.

    I don’t trust lawyers!!! They cheat alot.!!!!

  6. Abiti Mtila says:

    Lets see if the cashgate cases will be handled professionally! What we here is adjourned blur, blur why? Money have exchanged hands!

  7. It takes one to know one

  8. loveness says:


  9. CORRRUPT —————–FREE


  10. original KK says:

    Kodi avala madresi ofila wa ndi ndani

  11. Kirininti Yowehiwana says:

    Maybe the Chief Justice should first deal with corruption by officers of the High Court who have to be corrupted by Lawyers just to fish out a file.Three years ago, my Lawyer applied for dismissal of a case against me for lack of prosecution. Nothing has moved to date because whenever he makes a follow up he is told that the file is missing. He has provided copies of the file to the Court on five occasions and the copies have gone missing too! Madam Chief Justice this is for you to deal with not Kaphale and Mambulasa.

  12. wisestfool says:

    Stiupid Msosa!! How many times have you warned your corrupt judges? Bullshit!! Useless judiciary!!

  13. Oz kenyatta nyirere,present @ this faction?That man z nothing but a piece of shit

  14. Chiriko Phiro says:

    The major problem facing the justice system in Malawi is delayed justice. I mean judges allow wayward postponements of trials by accepting lame excuses from the defence. Even in cases where trial has been completed, judgements take forever. The other problem is from the prosecution that is not organised and most cases are lost on technicalities or non availability of prosecution over a long period. We know all the tricks being used by both the lawyers and the prosecution to delay justice. As far as Malawians are concerned, we lost trust in this institution sometime ago. We suffer in silence.

  15. Onasiwelo says:

    Why can you not start with Macson Mbendela man, you do not need a micro scope to see what he did during the last ended elections do you? But the problem is that even the Attorney General is an interested part so what are you saying here. Tell us the truth and nothing but the truth which shall save you. I for one do not have trust in our courts let alone the judiciary and the entire system.

  16. John says:

    Pakamwa a Malawi ndiye mumatha, koma tikati translate that into actions, ndiye fwiiiii!

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