Malawi Kwacha in further gains against US Dollar

Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) statistics show that Malawi Kwacha currency continues further gains against the dollar and other major international currencies in the month of February 2015.1,

Kwacha notes

Kwacha notes

Against the United States dollar the Kwacha is at K425 in some authorised dealer banks in Lilongwe from a peak of K520 it 2was sold in December last year.

The kwacha appreciated by 3.3 percent against the dollar to close the month at K439.42, gained  0.7 percent against the British pound, 2.6 percent against the South African rand and 4.7 percent against the euro.

RBM spokesperson Mbane Ngwira has attributed the continued appreciation of the kwacha against other currencies to the injection of more foreign currency in the market, among other factors, The Nation reported Thursday.

Gross Official Foreign Reserves which fall directly under the control of RBM stood at $669.18 million as at March 4, 2015, representing 3.5 months of import cover.

Meanwhile, Nico Asset Managers Limited, a Blantyre-based investment management and advisory firm has projected that the exchange rate is expected to continue appreciating as we approach the opening of tobacco market.

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72 thoughts on “Malawi Kwacha in further gains against US Dollar”

  1. DANIEL says:

    Yeah, koma apapa ndiri ndi funso? Kumbuyoku timawona ndalama ya Zambia iri kutali ndi ndalama yathu. Panopa tikulowamo kambiri-mbiri. Ziri bwanji? Ganizo lina ndi loti koti bwanji titati tisinthe dzima zilo “zero or 00” tichotse monga momwe anzathu adachitira? M’malo mwa R1000.00 tingoti R10.00? Zingatani kwa ifeyo monga anzathu’wo adachitira panopa zikuayendera.

  2. Bokonomiks says:

    I don’t understand when my fellow learned Malawians say that azungu agula fodya motchipa… the tobacco buyers pay in dollars, so it does not matter where the kwacha is in relation to the dollar for their cost is in dollars. The issue we should be talking of is why the benefits of the appreciation has not filtered through into low commodity prices; there we have a bone to pick with government

  3. EKaPol says:

    Ready to pounce on poor Malawian farmers… Why do rich western countries treat us (Africans) so bad like this… They enslaved us, now they continuously step on us financially…

  4. osman usu justin says:

    Nde mukut rand ili pabwanji?

  5. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Alimi mudziona mphamvu ya ndalama pa nthawi imeneyo osati kuchuluka kwa ndalama. chitsanzo kale umatha kugula mazira mafuta ophikira pa MK10 yokha kusonyeza kuti inali ndi mphamvu zogulira zinthu. Mphamvu imeneyi ndichifukwa kuti dolar to kwacha inali 1 kwa 1. Ikamachepa kwacha kwa dola ndiye kuti mphamvu ya ndalama ikuchuluka. Mwamva? Osamangolira zilizonse.

  6. Ndatopa says:

    Which economy is doing good? This is not politics. This is day light robbery. It is very surprising to note that farmers buy their inputs at the time our currency is weak and when they about to sell the produce, the kwacha is manually lifted up against the dollar. This is indeed DAY LIGHT ROBBERY kwa alimi a fodya. When will they reap for their sweat? Shame on whoever advocates this EVIL.

  7. nasimelo says:

    its about time we started appreciating local commodities and buying locally produced stuff and supporting local business instead of relying on imports because imports deplete our forex and are very expensive with not much value added to them.

  8. jacky says:

    Can CAMA also probe Multichoice DSTV rates, come April their rates are going up.

  9. Chimene ndikuona apa ndichofuna kupweteka alimi coz mbewu zakhwima mufuna muwabere in the name kuti kwacha yapanga appreciation zachamba basi. Akamaliza kuguliysa mbewu idzakwereso. Sindingamasekerere zopusazo. Why is it a custom that pamene alimi akufuna ayambe kugulitsa mbewu kwacha imakwera

  10. preckad says:

    Daylight robbery….akufuna agule fodya mochipa basi..atibele ife alimi…..!!

  11. chefourpence says:

    DPP haters get this….. You have 4 mmore years of bitterness and hate, 4 years to scorn everything about this government, 4 wasted years wishing your Jezebel or who had been at the helm so you could promote your tribe: whine and cry while we live. Fools.

  12. PRECIOUS BZ says:

    So ur foolishness comes to disturb Tobacco markets, instead of allowing farmers to get more dollars, you will say it has come to k300. When Tobacco ends it goes to K500. Things increases, with our K300 we will buy things at K500 later. You Are Not helping people, you appreciate something you dont know. Malawi farmers are very POOR bt you dont know. You say Backborne for what. Shame to you.

  13. Gimbogo says:

    Ndalama za ma floods

  14. I have observed that most of the commenters are still haunted by the electral hangover.First I should take you back to July 2012,when the kwacha was at 163 to the dollar before devaluation but soon after the most stupidiest devaluation in the history of our country, it rose to 250 per dollar.By the close of the may 2014,the kwacha was at 750 to a dollar,what Malawians should think about is the fact that a sick baby does recover within a day but also that even the bretton woods institutions are haunted by the may 20 frenzy due to the losing of their puppet leader. Today we are running this system called govt without their direct budgetary support.The major stabilizer,is the prudence in expenditure control measures.Un necessary external travel by the executive has drastically dropped,despite dire consequecies of cashagate and eventual freezed aid,Malawi is up and running,lets learn to appreciate and advise accordingly.You know foreign intefearance into our affairs should be cordoned. Mhesha and few others I salute you for objective contributions.Now,lets collaborate with CAMA and force replication of commodity prices since govt cant do it in liberalise economy like ours GOD BLESS OUR LEADER EACH AND EVERYONE AND MOTHER MALAWI!!!

    1. Achimidzimidzi says:

      Wishful thinking.

      The buying power of your currency was eroded sometime back.

  15. Peter is really doing his best.We know that foreign currency is good because of the flood money which is being pumped into the country’s coffers. However let us thank the leaders for their effort in trying to make sure that there is enough fuel and lobby CAMA to fight for price decrease as it has done with TNM

  16. Tengupenya says:

    To go by the sociopolitical history of the xrate movement in Malawi, you just have to Wait until after the tobacco farmer is rippled off! The xrate will free fall again. Tobacco farmer constituency always bears the brunt.

  17. Redeemed says:

    Malawians! Malawians! Malawians! Let’s learn to give credit where it is due. Chifukwa chimend enanu mukulembera zolalata apa ine ndiye sindikuchiwona.

  18. If you are dull in the field of economics please dont comment. When DPP come back to power, took a sober approach to address the falling of Kwacha which could have had a bad consequences to the economy.

    1. special advisor says:

      Fiscal management tricks, artificial gains, broad day light ripping off of tobacco farmers, conspiracy of the elite, the bourgeoise against the poor! Stop it!

  19. Gule Wa Mkulu says:

    People are still suffering. No medicine in hospitals, roads projects in Dowa unfinished for good 4 years. Guys you are not serious.

  20. maurrice says:

    This guvamenti should check how we Malawians are suffering with tax other wise Malawiians will remain poor while someone is getting rich every minute mukumuziwa inu

  21. Phillimon HARAWA says:


  22. charlie hebdo says:

    Appreciation of kwacha is good for importers most of whom are Asians. The poor Malawian will still buy goods at inflated prices!! So what so great about forex improvement? Go to hell all you in government and central bank. You dont care for the poor Malawian who just want to have atleast 2 meals aday and nothing more.

  23. MATAKO says:

    of course the kwacha will continue appreciating as the corrupt and clueless administration of mathanyula continues to mortgage our country to companies like Mota Engil. The $400, million borrowed from Mota will for now allow the kwacha to appreciate. What some of us would like to know is what is the interest rate being charged on this dubious secret loan. What other side deals were negotiated in order for Mota Engil to cough out that money?

  24. True patriot says:

    This is not true.Its a reprica of Ken Lipenga and MRA saga.

  25. Here we go again says:

    so you just want to leapoff poor famers of their profit as we are going towards the openning of tobacco sales. Appreciattion my foot!! (Soap, mchere) basic commodities prices are still high and you want us to clap hands for this idiot by the name of pitala never!

  26. Comred Brigadier says:

    Iyaaa nde soap tizigula ndalama ziringa

  27. Totoooba says:

    Peter ndi pewani baaaaseeeee

  28. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Prices for goods should be reduced.

  29. lex says:

    I appreciate the appreciation of Malawi kwacha and i hope we will be depreciating foreign currencies,but lets also focus on commodity prices.

  30. Google-all Gondwe says:

    At K450 to $1, it is still too weak to even write a story about it. Nyasa you shouldn’t have said anything about this.

    During the last days of MCP in the 90s it was traded at K5.00 to £1, and 1:1 to a rand.

    If indeed our economists understand the significance of having a strong exchange rate for our economy then Bwampini’s administration need to work round the clock to bring it to +/-K100 to a dollar.

    Failure to achieve that, the only thing Malawians will find affordable is a packet of condoms and a litre of mthiburo.

  31. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Pepani inafe ndife osaphunzira.

    How come our Kwacha is appreciating but when items are imported their prices remain high. Even locally made items, their prices are still high.

    Sometimes, am tempted to believe this but then why doesn’t government fail to pay some of her employees on time? why is the government selling MSB? and are we the poorest nation in the world?

    The kwacha is gaining because injection foreign currency into the market. What prompted this injection. For what purpose is this foreign currency injected.

    Yayi navukamwe!

  32. Mngoni weniweni says:

    I would be very much appreciative if ESCOM tariffs and all water boards bills were reduced in tandem with the much touted kwacha gains. But failing which, there is absolutely nothing to celebrate about! May be mavutowa akadzatha!!!!!

  33. Benlison says:

    Kwacha appreciation should also reflect on prices of goods.It does not make sense for the kwacha to appreciate while goods and other services price are also appreciating.

  34. Mngoni weniweni says:

    The whites are bad people. When its close to tobacco buying season, the kwacha always gains value so that farmers should be robbed. Just wait after the tobacco buying season is over! You will be amazed!

  35. CHEMMBALUKU says:

    kwachayinso ikupangiranji APPRECIATE anganya inu? Ife tikufuna tikapange ma MILLION tikakafika kumudxi from congo iyaaa………

  36. one malawi one people says:

    am in a business environment, the truth is unlike in previous yr, this yr commodity prices started going down way be4 the Tobbacco Sales start…that was late Jan 2014…..hop wen tobacco season starts it wil get better…..lets wait & see.

  37. The government should think about the consumers also if indeed the kwacha is doing fine against dollar

  38. ujeni says:

    Flood money from foreign donors is proping up the kwacha. Why not tell the truth Reserve Bank, global economics treating it like nkhani yaku dambwe, whats wrong with us Malawians? We are poor surely because of our actions

  39. Shamiso says:

    The issue is, we are drawing towards tobacco selling season. Apa ndiye alimi alira bcoz definitely Tobacco prices will deflate. After tobacco season, it’s my prayer there shouldn’t be depreciation. Inu osadabwa mitengo yazinthu sikutsika. God deliver Malawi

  40. opportunist says:

    But the prices of commodities are hiking.

  41. Nkasai says:

    Truth is azungu agule fodya mochipa.Malonda fodya akatha kwacha igwanso !

  42. king says:

    you are just praying with figures mukungofuna kukhawulitsa alimi

  43. Kadakwiza says:

    Ine Kadakwiza ndizayamba kuyamikira boma la DPP pokha pokha atapanga izi. (1) Ngati angathe kuyitanitsa ma kampane wokwana asanu akulu akulu wopanga zinthu kuti a Malawi adzapeze zi ntchito. (2) Ngati boma lingathe ku manga stadium ku Mzuzu ine Kadakwiza ndizayamba kuyamikira ndiponso ku votera DPP. (3) Ngati boma lingathe ku manga Mzuzu international airport, ine Kadakwiza ndizayamba kukonda DPP. (4) Ngati boma lingathe ku yitanitsa ma Kampani opanga katundu ku Mzuzu olo atakhala awiri okha, ine Kadakwiza ndizayamba kukonda DPP. (5) Ngati boma lingathe kuletsa anthu owononga mtengo ku Chikangawa potumizako atsirikali a nkhondo, ine Kadakwiza ndizayamba kuyamikira DPP. Apo ayi ine sindikuwona chifukwa choyamikira boma ili la DPP olo ndalama ya kwacha yitakhala ndi mphamvu ngakhale muyinthe pa 1 dollar 20 kwacha, kwa ine Kadakwiza sizipindula kanthu.

  44. nyapankhwesa says:

    So what?there is nothing new commodities are high,salaries same as in 1990s,u just want 2 cheat barley farmers

  45. Kenn says:

    But no impact everything remains the same nothing to cheer for.

  46. mbani says:

    Appreciating for who pple r suffering in the villages

  47. Jelbin mk says:

    It’ a welcome development if its not the result of a loan again of which the finance minister lied to us that it was a currency swap and yet in the reality it was a pure loan of which we are going to pay back with staggering interests and what good does it do if ur currency appreciates and inflation remains where is is? And ot doesn’t make a difference then why should we celebrate it? I admire what happens here in South Africa despite government being led by our fellow black people but transparency prevails because as soon as the currency appreciates commodities in all corners depreciate in prices. But in my home land it’s a taboo to hear about price cuts simply because of some selfish leaders and civil servants as if they are working voluntarily or charitably, we paying them huge sums on top of stealing from us.

  48. Shoes says:

    Dziko lopangidwa control ndi azungu ndichoncho slavery siyizatha. Nthawi ya tobacco Kwacha imapanga appreciate kuti agule tobacco motchipa. We should another source of generating our economy apobii azungu azitichita zomwezi….

  49. Robert kambuwi says:

    No sense.

  50. Mwama Du says:

    The appreciation of kwacha bears no impact on the suffering of a common Malawian. No decrease in prices of comodities.

  51. Fathara says:


    1. AKA says:

      @ FATHARA

  52. phwanya nyini says:

    The news of less important.the currency appreciating, the prices are still high.shame the government of dumb people.

    1. Mhesha says:

      U must be dumb yourself. ..where in world of democracy and liberalised economy does government dictate on prices of commodities in privately owned enterprises? On its part government has managed to reduce its controlled item- fuel but can’t force any trader to lower prices of sugar or bread. In fact the prices are not going up but have just remained stagnant except for s few enterprises that have even lowered their commodity. Check in in many shops.
      However what can the public do in order to force traders reduce prices? Allow CAMA negotiate on our behalf or call for an industrial boycott on the purchase of such high selling goods and services. I hope u ve understood.

  53. nosense.its jst about figures,nothing is changing positively. prices of basic needs still rising.

  54. Charie says:

    beta do something abt da prices

  55. Ezekiel says:

    This is fake appreciation becoz it is not bringing the positive results to the poor masses.

  56. Prince Aliwid Bin Tahlahla Bin Abhula Ziz says:

    does this continuous appreciation of our currency really reflect the reality on the ground…cos with tobacco season coming ahead poor farmers will there tobacco at lower prices end they will fail to make savings when the season ends(unless the kwacha will be stabalised)komabe poti ubongo wawo unazolowezedwa consuming their proceeds, loanable funds availabilities will be affected….all am sayin is help the people in all rural areas to enjoy this remakable appreciation of our currency isamangokhala nkhani ya papepala pamene anthu akunya ndi umphawi m’makwalalamu iya!!!!!

  57. sinya says:

    Quite pretty stuff. Kip gaining ground.

  58. Talez Lidowe says:

    The gaining of power by the Malawi Kwacha is meaningless if commodity prices are still high and lives of people still miserable

    1. Malindima says:

      The two are not in correlation as you think for not all commodities are imported.

  59. Article ichikhala kuti ikukamba zakugwa kwa Kwacha ma comment akanafika 400
    Ana anjoka inu
    Professor Woyeeeeee

    1. AKA says:


  60. freedom says:

    As we going towards tobacco season the dollar goes down in order to robbing the tobacco farmers,shame

  61. mayankho anga says:

    Zachamba eti! Peter akungowononga ndalama for taxpayers ankumapita ku prison for what purpose? Ahi!! Ndiye mukuti kwacha is gaining weight??? Musamapusise anthu wovutika nkumati dziko likuyenda bwino, GOD will punish you for not accomplishing what you promised the poor and marginalised communities!!!

  62. Charles symon says:

    Its what we expected

  63. John saizi-Njoka says:

    talakhulanitu goat distributors? When economy is good you don’t comment,but when negative you make a lot of noise. Ha ha ..DPP. Woyeeee.

    1. economist says:

      umbuli u know wh@ it means to say the economy is good?vuto siiwe koma dpp yakoyo

  64. Kanyimbi says:

    But prices of goods are still high.

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