Malawi lags behind on women in cabinet: 3 ministers only, one from each region

Despite the latest reshuffle, the Cabinet will remain largely male dominated as President Peter Mutharika has maintained three female ministers in his 20-member lean cabinet with one from each region of the country.

Kaliati: Unmoved at Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare

Kaliati: Unmoved at Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare

Dr Jean Alfazema Kalilani moved as  Minister of Health  to be Home Affairs-

Dr Jean Alfazema Kalilani moved as Minister of Health to be Home Affairs-

Chiumia:  Maintained as Minister of Sports

Chiumia: Maintained as Minister of Sports

However, Mutharika maintains that he will promote female talent so that Malawi women sit at the tables where decisions are made.

In the cabinet list, Mutharika has maintained powerful Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Patricia Kaliati from the southern region.

He has also kept in his cabinet Dr. Jean Kalilani but moved her from Ministry of Health to be Minister responsible for Home Affairs and Internal Security. Kalilani is from central region.

Another female cabinet minister who has been maintained in her post is Grace ‘Obama’ Chiumia. She is Minister of Sports and Culture – from the north Malawi.

With the few female faces in cabinet,Malawi  lags behind other developing nations in terms of the cabinet’s gender balance.

Malawi has also low representation of women in Parliament in the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) region, according to the Sadc Gender Unit.

Statistics from the unit show that Malawi, with 17 percent representation, lies on ninth position on the 2014 Status of Women in Parliament Index despite ratifying the bloc’s Gender Protocol which seeks to reach gender parity in decision-making positions at all levels.

Women activists continue to plead that old school mentality of jobs for the boys should be wiped out.

Following is the full list:

  1. State President, Minister of Defence and Commander-In-Chief of the Malawi Defence Force and the Malawi Police Service: His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.
  2. Vice President and Minister Responsible for Disaster and Relief Management, Public Events and Chairperson, Civil Service and Public Service reform Commission:   Right Honourable Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima.
  3. Minister of Finance and Economic Development: Honourable Goodall Gondwe.
  4. Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: Honourable Dr George Chaponda, M.P.
  5. Minister of Labour, Youth and Manpower Development: Honourable Henry Mussa, M.P.
  6. Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security:   Honourable Dr. Jean Kalilani, M.P.
  7. Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare: Honourable Patricia Kaliati, M.P.
  8. Minister of Health: Honourable Dr. Peter Kampalume, M.P.
  9. Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs: Honourable Samuel Tembenu.
  10. Minister of Information, Tourism and Civic Education: Honourable Jappie Mhango, M.P.
  11. Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining: Honourable Bright Msaka, SC.
  12. Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development: Honourable Dr Allan Chiyembekeza, M.P.
  13. Minister of Trade and Industry: Honourable Joseph Mwanamvekha, M.P.
  14. Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development: Honourable Atupele Muluzi, M.P.
  15. Minister of Transport and Public Works:   Honourable Francis Kasaila, M.P.
  16. Minister of Education, Science and Technology: Honourable Dr. Emmmanuel Fabiano, M.P.
  17. Minister of Local Government and Rural Development: Honourable Kondwani Nankhumwa, M.P.
  18. Minister of Sports and Culture: Honourable Grace Obama Chiumia, M.P.
  19. Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology: Honourable Vincent Winstone Ghambi, M.P
  20. Deputy Minister of Defence: Honourable Malison Ndau, M.P.
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17 thoughts on “Malawi lags behind on women in cabinet: 3 ministers only, one from each region”

  1. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Will someone please tell Kaliati that its destructing that she’s quickly becoming a white woman

  2. Tili Chenene says:

    So far, women have proven not effective enough. Thumbs up for APM

  3. mamwali says:

    Azimai Ndiye achepa ndithu at least if they were six nkhasako.

  4. Trevor Manyi says:

    Tachotsani chitsiluyo amapanga bleaching skin, misala eti?

  5. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    I do agree with u, Tamanda Sauka. Kumatako sikungakupangitse to be mdindo. Nkhani nd quali. U know guyz alibe nazo madonazi, he jst apply merit. Osati tanu tanu pa maso pa APM, kufuna unduna, musova! Amayendera wakwiya ndi mfiti! You want to be chosen, ndiye muzizati: azungu andituma!! Katsukeni mbale then mukayale kwada!

  6. kadamanja says:

    Dont just put Ass lickers or boot lickers in the cabinet, put those who can perform or they have got real qualification.

  7. najere says:

    eee azimai akhale omweo.mukaona dzaka dzao akuyimilira ma generation atatu.zisiyeni.

  8. Patriot says:

    Women are to blame especially the ones we see on your post.
    They don’t like each other and WE DO NOT GIVE A DAMN.
    Olo kunakakhala amuna okha okha it would have been just fine.

  9. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  10. Benadi says:

    @2, this is the mentality that we do not want. There is no qualification for one to be a minister. Secondly, are you saying Mutharika could not find even find 10 capable women who can be ministers?
    Malawi has over 1000 women graduates? Do you think he cannot find can’t find one.

  11. Ndekuti mid-night six sizachokamo mu cabinet? Kapena tiziti ndi merit criteria of choosing cabinet ministers.
    mulopwana khaneliwa

  12. bingu says:

    No diferent apita galu wakanthu kanthu

  13. Maria says:

    Malawi luck women empowerment programmes, we are a nation that believes women should be at home raising kids. It should start with those on top to pave way for those who show interest in leadership. Women build a nation we need the unshakerble shakers when they talk the nation listens not those who bark. Its up to the leader parties to raise women but apart from women should learn to stand on their own and support each other. Unfortunately women also tend not to support each other they are full of envy and jealousy with each other.

  14. ngangaube says:

    Iwe professiinal thats an old school of thought you are advancing. This is a big glibal afenda fir equity and equality for women to participate in major decision najing processes and if they are left behind at cabinet level so where will they be. Mind you Joyce Banda played a balancing factor but look at all those women diplomats and PS’s inckuding Ministers. this clueless baffoon is not good fir Malawi. He behaves as if he was born and spent all his life in Thyolo

  15. Mbagwezi says:

    I commend the President atleast for maintaining the Lean Cabinet

  16. Tamanda Sauka says:

    I think we have to face hard facts here. The political, professional,academic quality of most of my fellow women leaves a lot to be desired. My fellow ladies, we need to have the necessary skills,experience and qualifications, if we wish to be appointed to run the affairs of government. Otherwise let us forget. Government is a serious business and requires credible people. We can’t use our bams, hips, breasts and private parts as a substitute to the prerequisites for political positions. We need also to position ourselves in politics for us to be appointed. So let us stop complaining

  17. Professional says:

    It’s not simply a matter of including women. They have to be performers. Am not sure if Kalilani and Kaliati fit that bill.

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