Malawi laws breached in oil search, says Attorney General

The three companies controlling five of the six oil and gas exploration blocks – Rak Gas, Pacific Oil and Hamra Oil Holdings Limited -are controlled by one group designed to get a Lions share of the oil blocks by using any trick in or outside the book, Attorney General (AG) Kalekeni Kaphale has noted in legal opinion to the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining.

Attorney General Kaphale: Faults oil gas search deal

Attorney General Kaphale: Faults oil gas search deal

Kaphale says the country’s laws were breached in the award of the now suspended oil and gas exploration licences in Lake Malawi and other parts of the country.

Rak Gas is owned by the Government of Ras Al Khaimah, one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and local company secretary is Z Allan Ntata while Hamra describes itself as a Cayman Island origin private company whose local general manager is Ben Chiza Mkandawire. Pacific Oil is part of Vega Petroleum Limited—the privately owned oil and gas entity that has oil producing and exploration concessions in Egypt.

Geologist Chimwemwe Chikusa was responsible for registering all three Arabic companies in Malawi.

In his legal advise, the Attorney General stated: “ We must cancel all the exploration licences or at a bare minimum, licences for blocks Four, Five and Six as having been entered into with parties that are related to Hamra Oil Limited, which has controlling interest in two blocks already as these are the maximum a party can get.”

In 2011, Blocks Two and Three were issued to Surestream Limited, which later farmed to Hamra Oil in a joint operating agreement and farming out agreement. Hamra now owns 51 percent equity in the blocks, according to the opinion.

Kaphale has suggested that government invites Hamra, Rak Gas and Pacific to choose “which two contiguous blocks they want to continue exploring and make them relinquish their interest in the rest.

The exploration of oil on Lake a Malawi is still a contentious issue as locals from the lake shore districts protest the move claiming the project has the potential to kill fish which they depend for a living while on the other side, there is still a heated argument which has not been resolved with neighbouring Tanzania which claims that half of the Lake is hers contrary to Malawi claims that she wholly own the Lake.

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38 thoughts on “Malawi laws breached in oil search, says Attorney General”

  1. fahad says:

    Comment DOBT EVN TRY

  2. fahad says:

    Comment dont evnn try oky


    Its sad that Malawi is falling apart with this we are calling all Chewa people to start thinking new thinking. We must establish or the call for the CHEWA NATION like the British we need to keep our culture and land from evaders from north and south. Malawi belong to the Chewa people

  4. Winston msowoya says:

    Malawians,leave the lake alone.We have tremendous amount of natural resources besides oil.Mind you,there are a number of states in Africa which produces oil,natural gas the list goes on.Nigeria is the fourth largest oil producing state globally others like Gabon,E.Guinea,Gambia,Angola etc.The most recent one being Angola,but it’s first operation according to the UN economic index ,it lost $6b which is highly believed that the funds went into private bank accounts.For the rest of the oil producing nations,brutal corruption has played a very destructive role which drove millions of their citizens into untold poverty.Malawi is home to many of these unfortunate brother for instance,Nigerians.Drilling oil on Lake Nyasa or Malawi whatever you want to call it,won’t solve any problem as far as poverty is concerned amongst our citizens and it will give the upper hand to the ruling clique and amass unprecedented wealth.The lake is ours all,we have ngonis,tumbukas,yaps,nyakyusas on both sides.What a heck of a problem.?

  5. CHIPENYERE says:

    Like the Kayelekera deals this is bullshit!

  6. MCRAYAN says:


  7. fkr says:

    there is no amount of printed paper (money) worth destroying probably the most beautiful freshwater lake in the world. why are politicians hell bent on destroying it? just like the government has just backtracked on the burning of the ivory and again become the laughing stock of the world. they don’t have the environment at heart at all. what beauty we leave behind for our children is the most important thing. forget the short term kwacha please be like the Chinese and think 50 years ahead. will we kill the lake? the risk survey says it’s highly probable if we allow drilling for oil. look at the black sea in Russia. it’s decimated from oil drilling

  8. Charles says:

    The AG and the Primeminster are bunch of corrupt idiots , they have eaten well from the oil companies, now those companies have closed there taps and now they want punish them by revoking there licenses , what a bunch of poolikas , they will cost the country $billions , the oil companies came as investors now they are going to be Hijacked so that a few idiot benefit. What fool are theses crooks AG and Prime mister

  9. MBACHI says:


  10. Kulibe kantu says:

    There is nothing like Ntata here. These companies are cheating. Kugona basi. Can’t you see it is the same company doing the same business using three different names? We are told even UAE government is involved.
    Bwanji kugona aMalawi. Please Attorney General do your work. Don’t listen to these sleepy people. In fact, ensure that these companies do not send a lot of samples outside Malawi and give them time frame. Otherwise they will mining oil illegally.

  11. BigMan says:

    Chiza Mkandawire and Mtata wanting to milk Malawians! Please cancel the permits immediately. shameless bloodsuckers.

  12. Alex Likoswe says:

    Any sensitive government gets a cut from farming out bexcuse the guy farming in paid money and one farming got the money. Government had to tax that money. think Joyce got this cut that cut. Please investigate

  13. Tateyo says:

    Malawi dziko lomvetsa chisoni.Even a watchman has a chance of cashgating govt coffers.

  14. mfana wodzisata says:

    It confirms Ntata’s theory …..public reforms ain’t gonna work.
    Am not suprised

  15. JCinLA says:

    This idea of drilling oil out of our beautiful lake is definitely going change our country for the worse. That oil will equal to malawian blood – spilled all-over the country. It is going to bring civil unrest in our poor country. With our rampant corruption, how many average Malawians will make a kwacha from this oil while the lake gets decimated.
    This idea of drilling must die. It must die NOW.
    I hope people from the North will work with us from the south to stop this craziness. To start with, we need to take out those that are on top of pushing for the drilling. I have the means and the knowledge on how to deal with this.
    Mr Peter Mutharika, make sure that this oil drilling shit is stopped. It must stop now. If you don’t stop it. we will start by bringing down that mapping plane flying all-over the lake. JUST Watch these words, if you don’t stop this b*****it NOW.

  16. Kes munthali says:

    This has nothing to do with Ntata, the licenses were suspended some months ago, when these irregularities were noted. Infact it was front page news in the Nation, times and even Nyasatimes. Ntata is a no body who wants to reap were others have sown.

  17. Atcheya says:

    In The Nation it says government sought the AG’s opinion in December 2014. Does it really mean the AG has taken 4 months to look into this issue or the opinion is coming in for political reasons? Even if it may be genuine but the fact that this is coming out now just when we are learning that A. Z. Ntata works for this same company is raising a lot of eye brows

  18. collins says:

    fools,no humane.

  19. shawa says:

    ntata vs dpp

    mwananu ankantumbwa uyu

  20. phodogoma. says:

    Ntata take care. This is the beginning. We will fall you until we make sure that you are jobless and even making you homeless. this is DPP with the political calibers of mwam’na. These do play hidden game. Ask the DC of Chitipa who was posted to Karonga as a mare district council executive from DC. I mean Grace Chirwa has been finished. Ask her if it is fair to fight the government. After all these in government were once in it and they were chased out it unsermoniously possibly due to death and our laws. They felt pain outside the government. And they are trading carefully politically and they are not giving rooms to people like you Ntata. Just shutup your rectum. Otherwise your balls will be squeezed until you feel that staying in UK is better than staying in Malawi whist making you nonsenses. Next will be your life in a situation that no body will point at no body at your death. Yet that will be mafian games. Watch out. This is free advice. Korowa miyovano.

    I mean next time will be your landlord chasing you from the house with your refund of the rental fee. Achimwene musalimbane ndi DPP. Ndipo muthawe nsanga. You cant provoke lions,I mean hungry lions for that matter while you are in the lions’s den.

  21. Doreen Dambuzo says:

    Some ignorant and foolish countrymen who want to suggest that Government is after one Z Allan Ntata in all this make me sick.

    It doesn’t matter whether the insignificant Ntata is involved or not. What matters is that Government has discovered that there is a breach of laws in awarding the licences to companies that are essentially one and the same. It is called monopoly and has to be corrected.

    Bravo Bwana AG.

  22. ujeni says:

    Is it because the Ntata man is involved. Is it real or usual Malawi tit for tat baby tactics

  23. Chris P says:

    Govt of Malawi should know better that all this is the work of previous PS at Min of Energy, Mr Leonard Kalindekafe. He used geologist Chikusa to register these companies but he is the man behind this. A very corrupt man not worth running such a Ministry. We all know his links with Surestream.

  24. Lady Gaga says:

    So just because there is Ntata in Rak Gas, critic to APM, basi mwati muyambe these stupid politics of yours. Am happy I did not vote for these fools and this mlakho party.

  25. citizen okwiya says:

    A Kalekeni Kaphale, where is the professionalism? Are you trying to get at Ntata with this nonsense?
    I hope all contractual obligations will be followed when cancelling the explorations, otherwise I dont want to hear the govt using my taxes paying these companies damages.
    Who will lose out? Malawi or Ntata?

    This country is shit indeed

  26. haward says:

    Mukudana ndi Mtata eti, mukufuna azivutika popeza akukutengetsani

  27. makito says:

    Activits turned into opportunity seekers. blood dollars as Thom calls them. Shame

  28. Milward says:

    Life sulks! Ndiye a Rak Gas mutumiza Company Secretary wanu Barrister Allan Ntata kuti akakumane ndi Govt? Bwana Ntata, meeting imeneyi ikachematu! Mukakumanenso ndi ma puppet mukuwadziwa inu aja?

  29. k k k k k k ki tsogolo la malawi liri mmanja mwa agalu. Koma adakakhala manyi bwenzi akuti aliyense achotse nawo. Dzikoli likufunika titemane kaye mwina tidzayamba kupatsana ulemu.

  30. zozo says:

    eish katangale pa Malawi.People dont lobve their country

  31. Mclaren says:

    The works of Dr. Kalindakafe herewith speak for themselves. I am not surprised. The guy is so corrupt. He demanded to be paid k10m a month for a coal mine licence In karonga. During his era he made sure there was no a commissioner of mines. The best thing APM did was to remove him from the ministry and dump somewhere. Bravo APM. You’re my man.

  32. Mtumiki Woyamba says:

    Nkhuyu zodya mwana zinapota wamkulu. Z Allan Ntata apangitsa kuti this should be taken seriously and expedited *grabs popcorn*

  33. chejali says:

    Kkkkkkkk gas & oil kkkk kudzikwata ndichalatu kumeneku

  34. Tatyata says:

    Allan Ntata ulim’madzi ,uku timati kugenda ku polisi chamba chili m’mthumba

  35. john says:

    Ntata uli mmadzi kkk sulimbana ndi boma apa ulendo uwu

  36. Eeish says:

    These are the works of suspended PS, Dr K. and amai ake anachosedwa pa mpando aja. By the way, we have not even started pumping the black gold, and already corruption and bribes are the order of the day. Eeeish, Nyasaland!

  37. Can’t we form Malawi companies which can learn the trade and do the exploration?

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