Malawi lawyers accused of swindling clients: Law Society probes

Lawyers in Malawi have been shamed with allegations of embezzlement of clients’ funds and overcharging which Malawi Law Society (MLS) says it is in the process of reviewing complaints lodged.

Malawi lawyers

Malawi lawyers

MLS president John Suzi-Banda said told reporters in Mzuzu on Tuesday that they are investigating 400 cases that date back to 2008 where lawyers are accused of duping clients’ of money for compensation while others are accused of overcharging.

“There is a special committee that is reviewing all the complaints that were made lodged and we have special funding to clear the cases,” Suzi-Banda said.

He said the suspected lawyers will undergo a disciplinary hearing chaired by the Solicitor General starting next month and that MLS will be putting aside a week every month for the hearings.

Lawyers will also be allowed to have a legal representation during the hearings, he said.

There are about 400 cases being investigated, according To MLS president.

In critical theft cases, lawyers risk having their licences revoked as the disciplinary committee will be entitled to recommend to the Attorney General to make an application before the Chief Justice to have the lawyers’ licences revoked.

Suzi-Banda said allegations of embezzlement of clients’ funds are “unacceptable.”

MLS has also organised training for lawyers mostly c bordering on handling of clients funds and communication.

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45 thoughts on “Malawi lawyers accused of swindling clients: Law Society probes”

  1. Clement Chiwoko says:

    The worst culprit is the law society itself. If they are investigating cases dating back to 2008, what have they been doing in the past 7 years. If the MLS is serious to root out bad apples amongst themselves the minimum they can do is at least to acknowledge receipt of a complaint against a lawyer. I for one has no faith in the Malawi Judiciary or the Law society.

  2. Malawian Mom says:


  3. Malawian Mom says:

    mwana mulopwana # 12,




  4. CHINSINSI says:


  5. Think-tank says:

    It is sad & pathetic that the profession of law is now being held in low esteem by the society to which it serve. Lawyers, please conduct soul searching otherwise the writing is on the wall.

  6. Khima says:

    Malawians Malawians Malawians why do we keep complaining about the same thing now and again???why do we want to solve the same problem now and again? vuto lili mdzikomuno nlakuti, MLS ilibe practical ndondo meko to gorvern law practice in this country no wonder lawyer aliyense is at liberty to claim or charge anyhow from vulnerable clients. Anthu olakwilidwa ndi ma lawyer alibe a complete logically working process to log their concerns through all to the end kuti aone mathero a dandaulo lake. No wonder nkhani zake zisizioneka mathelo ake. We must have an independent institution to handle complains a ma clients ngati lawyer wawabela kapena sanawathandize not MLS yomwenso imayendesedwa ndi same lawyers okuti enanso ali ndi milandu ndi anthu, its an obvious conflict of interest. Tiyeni tidzuke manyasa lija mkale takhala tikuyenda mchimbuli mbuli

  7. wodandaula says:

    Then there is this former lawyer/DPP Wadi, how he swindled a church in Lilongwe of millions, duping it into selling a plot that belowngs to the City Assembly not his client.

    Several complaints to the MLS under the president ship of Gift Mwakhwawa yielded no result since 2008.

    They then thought the church would appeal to the High Court and be tossed around. instead the case has been committed to God, the almighty who is able to smoke out his enemies from their hiding places.

    Warning to lawyers of similar type, Woe unto You!!!!!!!

  8. Samuel Lwara. says:

    All of them are very very rich and above any Law within the Republic of Malawi constitution. May God bless them in whatever they do onto the under privileged. I wished I were one of them.

  9. Namate says:

    The comments that i have read shows that all Lawyers are crooks and corrupt. Let us borrow aleaf from RSA where a police shot a civilian , The police body excused itself from investigation and called for an Independent body to do the work so that the results of investigation should be accepted by the society. Like wise MLS should not be involved in this issue Let us have an independent body who should do this job, you can see that all everyone see MLS will shield their friends. If You guys are intelligent enough you should hear the cry of the people. Otherwise we need CSCO to call for demo to demand from government to re introduce traditional Courts and abolish Law school.

  10. Ombewe a mu Blantyre says:

    i doubt if there will be any progress on these investigations,pachilungamo chake ndichokuti sizophweka kulanda licence ya a fellow lawyer okuti munali mu class imodzi,mumachezelana,mumamwera limodzi.Pa Malawi pano ma lawyer ambili ndikhalidwe lawo limeneli,nanji iyeyu uyu,,nde wazidya zambili

  11. khwangwi says:

    Nos 27 + 24, you have hit the nail directly on its head. Our so called practising lawyers are criminals. You take a case to them, they use that case against you by conniving with the respondents. Suing corporate clients using these small time lawyers works as a catapult for them to go buddy buddy with the corporate client. They start to toss you left, right and centre.

    I miss the days of Kamuzu when lawyers spent most of their time playing bawo because they had nothing to do.

    We should go back to our traditional court systems where the accused and the accuser would face each other directly in court. Using middlemen in the name of lawyers is a frustration of justice. Our Chiefs used wisdom to decide cases and they had a conscience to protect. These days, it is the money that “talks”. You have money, you have no case. Shame!

  12. Helire says:

    Are you sure all lawyers are swindlers? Which lawyers have you tried, all of them? That’s too general a stereotype! Have you tried Mbendera Nkhono, Mr. Kainja? Why not agree on the fees before engaging the lawyer, it’s a free economy after all

  13. yosefe gambatula says:

    A thief investigating another thief.Zoona koma?A profession earning a living by lying.They are very few genuine lawyers in Malawi,the rest are crooks ripping off people of their money for quick riches to fund their affluent life styles.Kuvala zisoti zoyera mmutu ngati zenizeni.Colonised by the British even in their thinking.Kaotcheni zimasaka mwavala kumutuzo.

  14. Ambuje apali says:

    Tawularetu akuwa malawi, under katinji act. Mangochi tsopano!

  15. Sapitwa says:

    Ma CSO, ntchitotu iyi! Tiyeni tipange Demo because these exorbitant charges and delaying of cases and embezzling of clients money tantamount to violation of human rights by those that are learned to protect them.

  16. katakwe says:

    Malawian lawyers are just Mafias. All they care about is money money… nothing else. They don’t have the welfare of their clients at heart. I personally think Malawi can do well without these mafias masquerading as lawyers. Learn from your friends in countries like USA, UK, Ireland of France. Put the clients need first then everything else will fall into place smoothly. Investigate Mr Frank Farook Mbeta first. Iyi ndiye mbava yothelatu, kubela anthu osamva chisoni konse. Ndiye pali uyo mukuti NDENDE kaya, as the name suggests, that person is better off behind bars not outside the wire.

    Final word, you might be protected by your fellow mafias but what ever you do, remember there is GOD out there and he is watching. Time will come you will answer in front of the Judge of all judges, GOD himself…remember that.

  17. Gule Wamkulu says:

    Lawyer wosaba ali kumanda. Mbava zenizeni Ma lawyer onse makamaka a ku Lilongwe. Imagine this other female lawyer in Lilongwe – (amameta mpala (mbonga) and anakwatiwa ndi lova wa pa Uganda) – eti kumaba ndalama za ma Client eti. Mfiti yaikazi ngati imeneyi sindinaiwone.

  18. phwado says:

    This law firm wants to dupe me too!Work done?Nothing!

  19. Eye witness says:

    Crooks like Likhwa musa, andy kaonga gilbet khonyongwa and his friend gift mwakhwawa. Big time crooks! Bring a case to them they conive with the offender, get big time money from them and toss you up and down, right and left until you get your undeserved share of justice. Try them you will see it for yourself.

  20. Daniel says:

    I dont understand why lawyers charge so exorbitant fee when you apply for adoption process yet i understand this is free but you charge upto K200,000

  21. Julie says:

    How can a lawyer investgate another lawyer? Lawyer, judges, even police prosecutors are doing the same. Every one wants hot money

  22. Aaron Nsena says:

    Theres no justice in law, so pple say. These pple are crooks, tricksters, daylight robbers,swindlers, name it. Additionally, they are selfish and back each other. I only remember of Mutuwawira and George Kaliwo whose licenses were revolked which represent 0.0001% of them all.

  23. abale samalani says:

    That’s what we call nonsense,how can you investigate something from 2008. Come to mangochi and see how magistrate are playing with bribes us if they are drinking tea. Where is acb?

  24. aTeacher says:

    I wud like to express the pain we incured wen paying a lawyer who jus kept our doc never processed them as requested. Wen we asked fo our docs that we go elsewhere, we had to pay 3000 000 grand for nothing done. God is a God of vengeance he is watching u and one day his wrath will be on u. U better repent now. We wrote to law society but nothing was done. How can they do anything went they sail in one boat? God our defender is watchng u.

  25. Reasonable Man says:

    ka shoti koonda kanjuta ku left ndi ka hustle heavy

  26. I remember some time when the late professor Ngwazi Bingu was around there was a special law commission which was headed by retired Justice Tambala and some commissioners were Mathews Chikankheni,Rose Kanyuka,Late SC Temwa Nyirenda ,Patricia Mwase the ones i remember.They made beautiful recommendations which included embezzlement handling.Kenako tinagoona ziii.Ine was part of the team they consulted at Mount Soche.Where are ist it Atorney General and your Minister of Justice who was president of MLS that time?Mukufuna muzingobabe?aaaaaaa thats sad.

  27. zingati zanu says:

    Nde pali ma court clerks amene umawapeza ukakhala ndi nkhani. So corrupt. I have failed twice to seek justice because they all needed a hundred grand for ‘documents’. Mbava zokha zokha and you fail to get justice just like that. Kaya zawo ndizingati kaya.

  28. womenslib says:

    Lawyers are public servants. Malawian lawyers are so unethical in their dealings that should I have the misfortune of catching a case I would gladly represent myself with considerably more professionalism and money left over to buy some Kanyenya and Fanta.

  29. Namagaitsa says:

    John Suzi Banda swindled his then best friend Juma Kunje of a coloured girlfriend!

    He is just paying lip service. He better just shut up.

    All lawyers in this country are common thieves!

  30. madebwane says:

    MLS, what really are u doing, how many lawyers does Malawi has? 800 complaints,so which complaints are u busy with now, if it is true that there are that much complaints then that society is useless to the nation. i started hearing about lawyers during early 90s ( multiparty), so i do think you are many

  31. Comment loading……..

  32. KING SOLOMON says:


  33. MGONAPANJA says:


  34. mwana mulopwana says:

    The very same people who will be chairing the investigation under the MLS banner are the one who own these law film that is dupping clients, You need to bring an independent body to oversee this otherwise ndi bodza linanso ili

    What u know Mkhoti la galu mphaka sangawina, you are all the same, I confronted one of the attorney who was handling one issue towards property purchase, I asked him to tell me how he comes out with the legal fees yet I know how UK , US and Ireland law films operate, after he noticed that I was taking account of all the transcations that he was doing and I will later expose him, he started to cooperate in other issues, So all these MLS are thieves asatinamize, I still remember one of my friends was being charged MK25000 each time , the guy wanted to communicate with his attorney through email, he charged him close to MK100, 000 just for opening email , I then asked my friend to confront him because communication is done through different words, either verbal , phone call or email, this kind of charging was very strange and the guy spent MK500,000 for nothing, till now the issue is not resolved because the friend was afraid,

    both the govt and MLS should prepare guide lines and these guidelines should be put in BLACK & WHITE so that every Jack and jim should read, some of these attorneys are even stupid that they cant handle acase may be its better even to bring a village headman to assist.i rest my case

  35. Chikopa says:

    The problem is that Lawyers practice Law which is alien to Malawi. They create a society to harass people. Malawi needs justice system which befits our cultures, norms and values and not copied from UK. This is where traditional courts as promoted by HE Dr H Kamuzu Banda and Professor Big Kahuna desired to achieve. Otherwise its life of injunction after injunction. In China or Iran trials take no more than three days even if someone is to be hanged.

    It is a wishful thinking of Malawi Law Society that they will investigate each other because may be only 1% of them are clean (not righteous). Atambwali sametana awopa kuchekana.

  36. ruth warren says:

    There is more thau MLS need to do interms of civic education on which legal issues require that a client make a payment, which lawyers e.t.c otherwise ma lawyer enawa alibe manyazi ntchito kuba basi zausilu baxi. Bravo to very few lawyers who work faithfully but the bulk is full of bastards and stinking faggats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  37. True Malawian says:

    One wonders what sort of education is imparted in the majority of Malawi Made Lawyers at CHANCO. It makes the society sick when you you observe the behavior of the majority of our Lawyers in comparison to our expectations of their conduct. One of the Lawyers Code of Professional Responsibility states that ” Lawyers, as Guardians of the Law, play a vital role in preservation of the society. The fulfillment of this role requires an understanding by the Lawyers of their relationship with and function in our legal system. A consequent obligation of Lawyers is to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct”.

    In Malawi, do Lawyers preserve or destroy its society? If you hear of criminal and evil acts including that of cashgate, Lawyers of high respect are there contributing to plundering of public resources. If there is any relationship between the society and Malawian Lawyers is a parasitic one and destructive to the society in nature. We have heard of Lawyers who have behaved like animals. Picking young girls from the street of high learning institutions, and force them into shameful acts. Bribes, judge shopping, money swidling from their clients are the characteristics that best define the majority of Lawyers in Malawi. Honest, those of us have have an experience of depending on certain lawyers for justice, it is at owners risk to do that. Frustrations, lies, non responsiveness to issues, non-professionalism, and case delays become part of the rewards you receive for engaging some of these lawyers. I have ever dealt with Lawyers that stink beers as early as 8.00hrs on working day and they tell you they are representing you in court (thank GOD at leats he served some jail term). MLS has duty to perform to protect Malawian society. But what do we see on the ground, MLC tries it best to shield such learned criminals and professionals of low integrity. When you hear of criminal acts of high corruption, cashgate, thefty, its because the criminals know they are in legal system that favors them and their acts.

  38. spartacus says:

    My lawyer deducted 15% from my compensation and yet the Ministry of Justice paid the firm K15000000 as legal fees. This firm collected more than I got from my compensation! I am reliably informed that they should not have charged my compensation money 15% what should I do?

  39. paulos banda says:

    John ndiye m’modzi wakuba uyu.

  40. Mpwesiwa says:

    Alipo lawyer osaba? If there are real thieves on the land, then they are lawyers and accounts personnel. Panyapanu agalu inu.

  41. Kamuzu Mutharika says:

    These guys are crooks what we have to do as nation is to fight hard against corruption then we will congest this proffesion’s market ,second we should not invest on theories in our universities rather we should invest much in vocational training..the reason is if you are learned engineer you can work everywhere around the world because of poor constitutions that dents our judicial system its indeed a profession for crooks.I remember a certain lady who works at a certain legal firm asked before delivering a service to a client on phone are you a graduate from Chanco and she replied i was in Oxford Law school and the guy hang up the phone..okay before i conclude which one has high education standards between oxford university and Chanco iiiiiiih k Malawi kumvetsa chisoni.

  42. Mtumbuka says:

    Come on Suzi, 2008?? That’s what Lawyers are good at, this started from time in memorial.

    It’s maybe 1 in 10 Private Practice Lawyers who don’t swindle clients money or overcharge.

    As a matter of fact, Lawyers who don’t steal or play it Smart are always leaving a middle class life, driving Corolla and rent houses around.
    People work with Lawyers out of desperation, otherwise we don’t even trust MLS.

    I don’t know if Lawyers are also interested to go to Heaven.

  43. aabwino says:

    A case in point is what MIJ has been airing this morning concerning a BT law firm called something like Golden Law. The law firm collected 5 hundren thousand on behalf of a client. The company went ahead and deducted almost half of the money as collection fees.

    The percentage is just too big why cant the law society establishe standard prices for some of these straight forward services like bail applicaion, collection fees.

  44. Alex Likoswe says:

    Regarding charges, which is true that they over price themselves , the problem had been restrictive intake at the uni. Let other universties like Catholic and Livingstonia introduce this course and see how the market would play the demand and supply principle.

  45. Zondiwe says:

    MLS has been shielding errant Lawyers for years…….. what has happened that this is now changing?
    Let us hope that this initiative is for real otherwise Malawians have been taken for a ride for too long.

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