Malawi leader calls for reform of UN Security Council

Malawi President Peter Mutharika added his voice to the calls for reforming and restructuring of the UN Security Council in order to resolve conflicts surrounding Middle East and African nations.

President Mutharika joins other nations calling for reform to UN

President Mutharika joins other nations calling for reform to UN

In his address at the 70th United Nations (UN) general assembly in New York, on Tuesday, Mutharika commented on reforming the UN Security Council, saying he has closely monitored the intergovernmental negotiations on how the Security Council can be reformed to make it more representative, effective, transparent and accountable to all.

He called for wider reforms of the UN Security Council and urged peace missions to focus on political solutions and conflict prevention.

“There is need for comprehensive peace and security partnerships involving the United Nations Security Council, regional actors and national mechanisms,” said Mutharika in his 14 minutes speech monitored by Nyasa Times on UN live webcast.

In collaboration with Brazil, Germany and India, Japan is pushing for expanding the number of both permanent and nonpermanent members of the 15-member Security Council, especially because this year marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations’ founding.

Calls have been made by many countries for U.N. reform since the late 1990s. No consensus, however, has been reached among its member countries.

Speaking at the UN, South African President Jacob Zuma also stressed on reforming and restructuring of the UN Security Council, calling UN to allow more representation of countries through permanent and non-permanent membership at the Council, thereby keeping with the changed times.

“The UN cannot pretend that the world has not changed since 1945. We are no longer colonies. We are free, independent sovereign states,” he said.

Mutharika’s speech also dwelled on world peace.

“We cannot realise a complete sense of peace without justice, dignity and freedom. We can rejoice that in the seventy [70] years of the work of the UN, we have collectively averted another world war, however, during the same period, we have lived in fear, and uncertainty, in a world tainted by conflicts, poverty and violence that have endangered our own existence,” said Mutharika.

He appealed to the UN to take the responsibility to “compensate the abused.”

Said Mutharika: “ There is greater need for political will by all actors to peace missions, to just mention a few.”

However, Mutharika said the quest for peace and security should be “hinged on sustainable socioeconomic development for our people; development that has a true meaning and reflection in the lives of our people.”

Made up of all the 193 Member States of the United Nations, the Assembly provides a forum for multilateral discussion of international issues covered by the UN Charter.

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A Pitala mukunamiza ndani apa..Mmene mumayankhula zanu zija zomva achabale anu okha ma president eni eni anali atabalalika.. In fact ma president otumilkila anthu awo an Abe we let kumudzi.

Winston msowoya

Peter,charity begins at home,you have to extinguish fire from your house,and then go and help your neibour


DPP boma chatsika bavalabe Chadzunda ndiuphawi wakowo Pa US kunowa wapapi nawamama imwe wanakazi watuwa niwo tikulyanga imwe…Amai Amai Amai

mangochi Kabwafu

Leader of the world’s poorest nation, who’s listening? Kikikikiki


Thank you Sir for reminding the UN that we’re no longer s colony. Thank you so don’t shove gayism down our throats.

Nose Diving

Zimenezo zisiyeni Kaye. Konzani mavuto omwe ali munowa. Longosolani Kaye kusolora kosathaku. Each and every individual in Malawi needs reform starting from the top. Once we are all reformed then we can talk of those other reforms.


AKkkkkkkkkkKk,but this sleep walking man,asking for change in a civil society grouping but not wanting to do so in his famìly,eeeeeish!!!!kkkkkkKk

Professor Linton Pamberiii
Professor Linton Pamberiii
Zovetsa chisoni kuti ku Malawi anthu amati tiri ndi President. The presidebt who us so insensitive to aspirations of the poor. The president who doesnt care and having no policy direction. Talking of austerity when he is doing the opposite of taking 121 people to UN including okachapa ma pant and polishing shoez. Thats being very hyper insensitive. Leaving every service crumbling. Civil servants not yet paid up to now. Now on your proposal on Security Council Membership, leave it to already developed countriez like China, Brazil not a village like Malawi. Invest your energies in thinking how you gonna… Read more »
Sir Bentby

chithatha cha President


Sort the poverty at home instead of spewing nonsense

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