Malawi losing money in procurement graft – MEJN

The Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) has shown that the country is losing a lot of public funds through corrupt  practices in procurement procedures.

Mayor Chalamanda (right) with MEJN boss Kubalasa

Mayor Chalamanda (right) with MEJN boss Kubalasa

Speaking during the dissemination of the simplified foundation and principles of the procurement Act in Blantyre on Monday, MEJN Executive Director Dalitso Kubalasa said if procurement is done in compliance with the provisions of the Act, it will lead to great
savings of public funds and increased confidence in public institutions.

“Public procurement is a tool for spurring economic development and at the center of budget execution as most resources are spent through the activity.

“Procurement officers need to be fair, non-discriminatory and everyone should be treated equal. We need to move out from acquiring goods and services from friends and relatives but we have to procure efficiently, effective and economically using limited public money,”
said Kubalasa adding that 70 percent of the national budget is spent through procurement related services.

He called on public officials and suppliers to behave in a manner that does not raise eyebrows.

Blantyre City Mayor Noel Chalamanda said there is a need to publicize the procurement Act for everyone to be responsible in sufficiently using public funds.

“A lot of people don’t know about the Act back to back, lawyers inclusive. The Act is not only for the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), police or the media, it is for all of us. We need to take
responsibility and be men of integrity when it comes to procuring goods and services,” said Mayor Chalamanda , who is also a lawyer.

“If all the resources and money we have as a nation was put to good use, Malawi could have been ten time richer than we are today but we are failing to grow because of corruption,” Chalamanda added.

The Public Procurement Act was passed in 2003 and applies to all procurement carried out by Procuring Entities using public funds.

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I also urge The Mayor of Zomba City and her councilors to think of improving the city by among other things regulating construction of houses, improving road conditions and working with business people to construct modern business premises asati zomwe anasiya Roy kalekale.


The Public Procurement Act and the Public Institutions and procurement officers we have here in Malawi are all rotten. Chief Executive spend more of their time as procurement officers because that’s where there is money. is there any fair competition for bidders at The Roads Authority, Macra, ESCOM, Blantyre Water Board, MRA, SRWB, Lilongwe Water Board All Government Departments, NAC, RIDP and the District Assemblies?


Bwana mayor, can u reintroduce operation red star, (KAMUZU`s programme). These bloody indians should build new shops. The money they steal from us should be used to develop our towns please. Look at some of the shops in Limbe, Old Town Lilongwe, Mzuzu for example. Mind u these people make millions.

H Kamdidi

I thought this is already a known fact? Actually the current “cashgate” revolves around the same dubious procurement. Why spend money conducting a workshop on what is already known? MEJN, we depend on you when it comes to articulating well researched economic issues as such we do not expect you to be doing the parroting job like the Economics Association which is good at comment on the already talked about issues-nothing new. ECAMA is only known for receiving checks from well wishers during their annual conference which depends on well wishers 110%. Mr. Kubalasa we expect better from you.


Mejn itself is also highly corrupted. Musatiputsitse just b eatng the donations.

Mngoni weniweni

That Malawi lose money in procurement graft is not new. Every jimmy & jack in town who is conversant with town life will tell the same! This had been a song for a long time. Enock Chibwana, the former ombudsman once said that during Muluzi era. We are fed up with public relation statements!!! All we need now is ACTION & not mere talk!!!! Tikuvanaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???????????????????????????

Limbika GP

It is no secret that the public procurement system is on a sick bed and no one cares because most public officials are having a good time fleecing the govt and it will bleed to death if nothing is done about it.

Manachi mwenda

MEJN doesnt take rightful media agency to do communication for these messages. There are good media agencies like CC Media, Elephant Media Productions, Go Bright Media, Chipi and his company, Muuni media and many more to fight through radio and TV

It is high time it engages this agencies,


And there is one of the best in town, NAMEDiA based in Lilongwe. Who is your PR osadziwa ma agencies odziwa kuchita nkhani zanu kuti anthu azimvetse bwino?

Otherwise all the best.

Livulezi river
It’s true! I fail to grasp the rationale behind awarding most of the floted tender bids to Asian firms leaving local Malawians. How can our country develop with this primitive thinking? Here the state President should intervene by putting deliberate policies which can empower local Maawians. I personally admire people like Mike Mlombwa of Country Wide Car Hire, Korea Mpatsa of Mpatsa Trading and Leston Mulli of Mulli Brothers, who are ably competing with Asians despite being locals. These three men have shown that given support, the locals can develop this country not these foreigners who only siphon millions and… Read more »

i thought you were always supporting the business community when they were using corrupt system to get tenders from the government and city of Blantyre. it is still happening let see if you will catch your friends or you will get even more corrupt. please act on what you say.

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