Malawi has made loses in multiparty democracy – Unandi

Governance activist Unandi Banda, who was one of the campaigners of multiparty democracy,  has observed that democratic governance is now entrenched in the country but Malawi has made loses in terms of development.

Unandi:  Democracy 23 years on, some gains, losses

Unandi: Democracy 23 years on, some gains, losses

“We have made loses in terms of development. Malawi was making steady progress of development under one party state,” Banda said on Capital FM.

He, however, said there is a need for continuing civic education on the meaning and prospects of democracy in Malawi.

Malawi marked 23 years of introduction of multiparty democracy last week on June 14, a day citizen voted in a referendum to end one party dictatorship.

Banda said Malawi need to push for high national economic growth rates, steady improvements and expansion of national infrastructure.

He said the nation needs advancement in education sector, youth development, healthcare delivery, housing, water supply and other social service.

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The big challenge is that since the attainment of multiparty democracy the country has been in the hands of pickpockets. They have always painted themselves a picture of some angel but with ill intentions underneath. So how do you expect us to develop? Sadly we are a society that can easily be cheated and that which accepts people with questionable characters to lead the nation. I still remember the ‘wakuba yemweyo’ sentiments we used to hear one time. We are not even worried with the continued concealing of cases of money laundering just because it involves some politician whom we… Read more »
In Malawi it is only Kamuzu who achieve what we call today development infrastructure. You will only be dancing on Chinese funding DPP just to steal our money in the name of China development forum. These are the countries that are making us poorer and poorer. Strong leadership in this shall reject China to cheat us. After all why China is much interested in DPP this not acceptable. Kamuzu opted for Britain, SA, America and Israel. If you see the infrastructure we are enjoying today and our children will also enjoy in future its because of those countries mentioned. We… Read more »
Cash Gate

indeed totaly loss

Vumani Mkabenga

Mr. Unandi Banda and your collegues, you are to blaim for all this you are lamenting about now because these things were clear in the manifesto of those who were advocating for the one party system of Government but you brashed them off saying that they were murderers and do not qualify to hold the mandate to rule this country any more We listened to your appeal and here we are today. I would have loved to hear it from other people than from the same people who helped us to land into this situation we are today.

As soon as we add qualifiers like ‘multiparty’ to ‘democracy’, we reduce its meaning to something less than democracy. A more appropriate term for what we have in Malawi would be ‘multipartyism’. We have government of the parties, by the parties, for the parties. The only hint of government of the people, by the people, for the people occurs once every four or five years. If we look around the world, we see examples everywhere of multiparty systems collapsing ‘under the weight of their inherent contradictions’ – to borrow a phrase. Take the United States, for example. Some will see… Read more »

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