Malawi may not be poorest of the poor in 2015 ranking –World Bank

The World Bank has explained its recent ranking of world’s 10 poorest countries where Malawi topped the list says the bank is yet to release the 2015 ranking.

Laura Kullenberg, World Bank boss in Malawi

Laura Kullenberg, World Bank boss in Malawi

The World Bank’s Communications Officers in Malawi, Zeria Banda, says the recently published ranking is inaccurate as it is a mixture of the World Bank’s 2013 figures with comparative information which the bank has no knowledge of.

“What is ours in the ranking are the GDP figures but those were for 2013. The ranking is not ours. If it was us we would have explained in the ranking what happened to reach those figures,” Banda stated.

Banda said people who produced the ranking only had access to those 2013 numbers “and that’s why they decided to use them.”

“In fact we didn’t release the comparative report as what has been published. We released the GDP numbers and that’s information for 2013 and this is 2015. And right now we are working on 2014 numbers,” she emphasized.

In his popular Muckraking column published on Sunday, columnist Raphael Tenthani pointed out that “Poorest of the poor” is one ‘Badge of Dishonour’ Malawi would rather not have.

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Mbolo Sidwala!

A bank of the world bank calibre cannot be careless wth the figures, what do u stand to gain by releasing 2013 figures? Ndiye mutipepesetu ife a Malawi. I thought world bank officials are supposed to be knowledgeable in these matters?

Open Arms Malawi

Malawi may be poor, but it has big heart and a will to succeed

honey comb Chidyauzu

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that Malawi is a poorest nation on earth.
Just go in the villages and shanty townships and see how people are living. People cannot aford a descent meal . Moreever commodities are very expensive here compared to other countries yet salaries are the lowest.

What is the real fact of the matter for me: . There are some facking rich Malawians-very few . There are the very poor Malawians- Paupers- Plenty . Whether we use 1964 as a benchmark or starting point or just remember that we are in 2015. It does not really change facts . When World Bank cooks other figures suiting 2015 and they appear to tell a different story, would it really change facts”Pa CHICHEWA AMATI KUDZIKWATA NDI CHALA” .Committee ya Golden Jubillee ya Independence ya Malawi kodi zotsatira zake zinali zotani. Was there anything really to show off to… Read more »
The Truthful One from the West
The Truthful One from the West

For Malawi to move ahead economically we have to accept that we are the poorest country in the world. Indeed we are. Then we should be debating, in a non partisan way, what we should be doing to start uplifting ourselves. The DPP is doing things in the same way it has been done over the past 50years. It cannot improve things.


@Truthful from the west. R u sure if we can start debating unpartisan right now Malawi can prosper?Zachamba eti! Think b4 commentin on de net.

Havez al Sahalaaw

A spokesperson for world bank cannot be a ‘Banda’. This is fellow Malawi at City Centre who just loves her country. But the ‘World’ views Malawi as the ‘Poorest’. Lets take it and work hard so that we will not be branded ‘Poorest’ again.


What ever indicators or data we use , the fact that we can not deny is that we are a poor nation, poorest or not we are a poor nation………’s as simple as that


So the figures were 2013. Its JB who dwindled our economy. No wonder umbava unafika poopsa. Pano anathawa kuopa kumangidwa. Akuziwapo kanthu

Thitherward Wendo

We create wealth by adding value to our assets. Our greatest assets are our young people. Until we start to spend the bulk of our budget on maximizing the education and health of our young people, we will remain impoverished.

Zeria Banda
The World Bank has issued a press release clarifying the GDP per capita numbers being refered to. Press reports confuse GDP per capita in current USD with GDP per capita Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) terms. The Bank has not released any report ranking countries according to poverty levels based on GDP per capita. Poverty levels are determined by both monetary and non-monetary dimensions. By providing this clarification we are not denying that poverty remains prevalent in Malawi. It is to ensure that statistics are correctly qouted and those whose duty is to share information with the public use credible sources.… Read more »

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