Malawi MSCE results out: Maneb says increase in pass rate

Malawi National Examination Board (Maneb) in conjunction with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has finally released the much awaited 2015 Malawi School Certificate of education (MSCE) Examination with a 55.2 percent pass rate.

Maganga:  MSCE results out

Maganga: MSCE results out

According to a statement from Ministry of Education, Science and Technology which Nyasa Times has a copy, out of 136,296 candidates who wrote the exams in atleast six subjects including English, 75,296
candidates have passed, representing a 55.2% pass rate.

Out of 61,582 female candidates 30,010 candidates have qualified for the award of MSCE, representing 48.73 percent pass rate.

The statement said out of 74,714 male candidates 65,286 have qualified for the award of MSCE, presenting 60.61 percent pass rate.

”Out of 80,958 internal candidates who sat for this year’s examination, in at least six subjects including English, 46,422 have qualified for the award of MSCE representing 57.34% pass rate,” reads the statement in part.

And out of 26,741 external candidates who sat for the exams, 14,370 have passed, representing 53.74 percent pass rate.

According to the statement, out of 28,597 open candidates 14,504 have passed, representing 50.72 percent pass rate.

38 candidates have been disqualified in the examination for contravening MANEB regulations.

”The letter ‘D’ appears against the names of such candidates on the pass/fail list,” adds the statement.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Maneb Public Relations Officer, Simeon Maganga, said 454 candidates have their results withheld pending investigations.

And candidates who wrote the exams without following entry procedures have nor been graded and their results do not appear on the pass/fail list.

Maneb says it will entertain queries from candidates channelled through Heads of Examination Centres not late than November 27, 2015.

This year’s results have seen a rise in the pass rate comparing to last year’s 54.8 percent.

For the past three years, the MSCE exams have been recording a successive increase in pass rate. In 2013 MSCE pass rate was 52.48 percent.

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64 thoughts on “Malawi MSCE results out: Maneb says increase in pass rate”

  1. Jambo says:

    Atleast atlast, the increase sounds good may it continue in this coming years

  2. Rodgers Banda says:

    Let’s hope they is no bias. I don’t trust this board.

  3. That is very encouraging. May the rise in passing percentege accompany quality of passing as well. Do not forget each has his or her own time. If this hasn’t been your time, do not worry yours is on the way.

  4. Joseph Moyo says:

    THE GIANT OF CHIRADZULU private schools
    the following is the list of students who have passed 2015MSCE
    the nahumuz
    hana botoman
    thokozan dixon
    jesca kamwendo
    rose makaniko
    elube mwaya
    andrew banda
    benjamin chilambe
    felix chinangwa
    swaffy isah
    jones jedegwa
    maxwell masangano
    paul suman
    grey tairos
    take note that some names are not listed here otherwise congratulationns boys and girls wala is acheap school with good tract.places are still available in all classes

  5. Amene talephera plz tikabwerenze nthawi ndi yomwe ino tisaduwire.

  6. Hey ma friends tec it esy becox on gona loose life ha! Hahahahahahahahah! Koma wakhoza?he hehehehehehehehe!!

  7. Jollyman says:

    tek it ez maman a pa mtendere pvt zil clear

  8. mpinganjira says:

    may you there fore make sure that the msce results are downloadable.we need maneb website.

  9. Jollyman says:

    ma candidates no suicide 2 b don plz zochepa izi tek it ezy guyz

  10. phanana says:

    O level imeneyo, no JCE.

  11. for likoma secondary

  12. Aubrey Mbewe says:

    Where can we find the pass list?

  13. davie mandal. says:

    Basi tione kuti zatluka dzotani

  14. Aaron Kaluwa says:

    Where can we access the result?

  15. Ankoli says:

    Mnyamata anabadwa bwino uyu. Mphuno zathatsa/zadatsa nd mapilikanirowo a balalawo ndiye Bantu ameneyo wa mu Africa. Read your geography notes

  16. mboshombosho says:

    Quota system is here to stay. I come from Chiradzulo and I have twenty points and I am among only ten with six credits which are adding to twenty points or less. Definately I am UNIMA material. Mzuni ikuchepa. So don.t dream that ngw’engw’e can abandon quota system. Impossible. Till 2019 quota system will be there. Even JB did not dare to abolish it.

  17. Godwin Mwafulirwa says:

    send me names from Multicareer private secondary school in Mzuzu.

  18. chadewa says:

    gv us a link to get the lists here nw

  19. Sakhwi says:

    Politics kkk zoopsya. Ma results amenewo muzikawauza anthu ena koma we know the political machinations behind it

  20. Montfort says:

    it wad not big increase its jst matter of politics

  21. shaf says:


  22. bamusi says:

    Give us our Money for Invigilating the exams.

  23. bamusi says:

    Politically Motivated. No pass rate increase here.

  24. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    One of my parents is from the south, the other from the boundary between north and centre. I am annoyed: Exam conduct and results were treated as for one nation. Now selection to universities will be on quota system – dividing mother Malawi into regions.
    This is sinful!! Families like mine divided.

    Then when it comes to assisting the nation after education one assists anywhere. Conflict of the polices. Govt ministers like Chiponda and Fabiano’s minds ate evil, dividing and not civilized. One wonders whether education helped them. Do they fear God?

  25. Victor says:

    Atleast dey made it bt try ur best 2make wel,en fast kuchedwesaku kumapangisa kt ana ena asamalize ma lesson.

  26. GODWIN CHERWA says:


  27. Stampycious says:

    Kuchedwa konseku mumafuna muwonetsetse kuti ana amabwana onse a mu DPP mwakhonzetse eti, mphuno kunyansa!!!!

  28. nyekete nyongomkaka says:

    I totally agree wth # 12 that the results are manipulated to please the public/president because its not on for every passing rate to be around 50% ie out of boys,girls,on internals,externals…..xool ended in 2001 wen msce pass rate was below 30% n’ passing mark per subject was @ 37%. I understand this year passing mark was 11%,Ooooooops ! No wonder nowadays 6 points msce holders are many but are MALIKWETEZ.

  29. anthu alakwa kwambiri coz munatilembetsa mwaphuma(3 paperz/day)

  30. joseph chikoko says:

    The pass rate is quite good.However the releasing of results was delayed beyond expectation.This has affected our planning for our wards.

  31. Malawiyano says:

    This time selection to university should not be based on quarter system , those from Lhomwe Region with 100 points leave them just pick those with six points who are from Dead North .

  32. M'banga says:

    Nanga mayeso a Primary Teaching Certificate ndi ma results Teaching Practice ipte 9?

  33. No Retreat No Surrender says:

    Winawe usavutike kujijilika kut wakhonza… Ungokonzeka ubwelezeso form 4 kachisanu chaka cha mawa

  34. akumanye says:

    OMG Limited space 4 intellectuals. No wonder fellaz.

  35. Canaan mkonda says:

    send us results by internet

  36. Canaan mkonda says:

    send us results

  37. Wofatsa says:

    I get it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, nakwera kale [email protected] mukut mbuuu!!!!!!

  38. William says:

    Nabola kusache….

  39. zangala says:

    Zabwino zonse

  40. Benson Chaula says:

    Thanks to those who have make it

  41. No doubt am also increasin’ dis passin’ rate kkk

  42. Ulunji says:

    Results not convincing.

  43. elias phiri says:

    Please tell me if this name is there # 333

  44. Naphulukota says:

    Eya,,,, timadikira zimenezi.

  45. Fake Candidate says:

    A! zayenda bwino basi, isamakhale ngati JCE.

  46. The Star says:

    Welcome to the world ladies and gentlemen. Having completed secondary school means you have acquired a lot of skills in Agriculture, commerce, literature and many more subjects, please don’t just sit at home rather use your knowledge by developing entreprenueral mindset and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Remember entreprenuership is the only solution to unemployment. The future is in your hands.

  47. Mhesha says:

    The failure rate is very high because candidates are not working hard. Even at the university the weeding rate is also high.

  48. Lovepankysal says:

    Father God Let Me Be One Of The Most Successful Students..HELMEGO!

  49. Professor Linton Pamberiii says:

    Passing mark ya 11% zisiru a MANEB. IF PASSING MARK WAS AT 50% how many would have passed? Fokofo. Zomatsitsa passing mark so as to deceive the public as if we are making strides in education and at same time pleasing Pitara mathanyux is first class mediocrity. End result mumabweretsa ana mu university oti they are not fit into tertially education. This nosense got to stop now, I SAY NOW. NDIWIDA INE AMENEWO. I HAVE IT ON GOOD RECORD THAT THIS YEARS PASSING MARK WAS 11% SO AS TO PLEASE THE PRESIDENT. THIS IS BULL SHIT. TACTIC YOLOWETSERA MAPHUNZIRO PANSITU IMENEYI. MXIIIIIIII

  50. Salads385 says:

    Hongera for those who hv made it…

  51. I wonder says:

    Really,it seems very hard to pass Malawian exams!!!! Can these exams be passed by the students in other countries!!!! I wonder !!!!

  52. Send latest posts to my e-mail account

  53. Kingsley says:

    Congraturations 4 dose hu hv myd it

  54. kalanda says:

    But how many girls have passed this year’s msce exams? Is there any improvement

  55. Amuna sisko says:

    wow!Tadikira kokwana amwene,tikut tabwera bwanj

  56. Wilson mboma says:

    Koma mafana zayendadi??

  57. oscar nyasulu says:

    bora apangako mwachangu this yeat

  58. Gift dimba says:

    Zabwino zonse kwa womwe akhoza mayensowa

  59. redeemed says:

    Congratulations to all those who have passed, how ever a 45% fail rate is worrisome.

  60. mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza says:

    Koma ine ndankhoza nawo??????

    1. Misheck mac chaula says:

      Ur welcome with our results

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