Malawi National IDs by end of this year requires $3m – Minister

Malawi government through the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security has said national identity cards (IDs) will be available to all Malawians by the end of this year.

Chibingu: GThis year Malawians will have their IDs

Chibingu: GThis year Malawians will have their IDs

However, the issuing process requires K1.3 billion ($3 million) as upfront payment to roll out IDs project and a commitment for the next three years of the project.

Currently, Malawi is the only country in the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) bloc without national IDs.

The absence of these national IDs is said to be according unscrupulous foreign nationals to obtaining and abusing the country’s passport, among other government documents.

“At the moment, we will be putting up adverts to find subcontractors to carry out this exercise or registering about eight to 10 million people.

“We are in the initial stages, but by the end of this year, the exercise will have to be completed,” said Paul Chibingu, Home Affairs Minister.

He further said they will also be setting up birth registration data centre at National Registration Bureau (NRB) and three district offices, then the registration of births in district hospitals and other health facilities in Chitipa, Ntcheu and Blantyre.

The Minister also said NRB will be providing up-to-date bio-data through what he claimed as an “efficient and effective” process to foster positive identification of all bonafide Malawians and resident foreigners to achieve socio-economic development.

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23 thoughts on “Malawi National IDs by end of this year requires $3m – Minister”

  1. Goverment is failling to buy passport booklets how will they manage that?. It’s a month now since immigration offices run out of these booklets. Please help us we have important journey that will help to develop our nation.

  2. mwale says:

    Tidzava mpaka liti nkhani ya ma ID.The 3k they are mentioning half of it will go into their pockets through dirty partnerships with the companies who will be doing this.They will pick companies of their choice not on merit in turn these ID’S will land in foreigners hands.A failed nation where corrupt people and criminals are in big positions and no body can touch them.

  3. Jebison Slindine Nyoni says:

    Mbuzi of minister of a lying govt. How different is this issue from JB. CCTV footage???

  4. khamani!! says:

    Same rackets. You can tell when people are reviving tuna dhilu tawo ta kale kale lija. This is a great idea , but what is driving the transaction is not the idea ,no, its the racket and as evidence just see how shambolic it will turn out …. Fuck is wrong with anthu Inu …. Eh ?

  5. Kenkkk says:

    Yes Good welcome news but don’t forget the Malawians in the diaspora. They need to take their IDs from embassies.

    Be wary of corruption, we shouldn’t end up with one person having multiple ids and ghost voting over and over.

    I wonder the criteria used to pick Chitipa, Blantyre and ntcheu.

    Wonder for us older people,are we going to register our births at these offices or hospitals or Is this just for the new generation whose births may have been recorded.

    I know ids are a big topic in UK but they have other efficient means of catching people despite the fact that most countries have ids for their people.

    For us malawians, ids are a must. Now let us see the govt walk the talk.

  6. Zosautsa says:

    “0 years still talking about IDs. I guess these govts are not serious.

  7. bravo minister. this is a welcome idea. foreigners have taken advantage of our lack of ids to rob us of services and opportunities in our own country. i have seen many foreigners getting into our universities under government scholarship .
    this is a welcome move

  8. mike says:

    This is useless idea mukulephera kuthandixa athu akusowa pokhalao ndye mukufuna 3 million kuti mupangire zanuzo zoti azakhala nazo ndi only foregners

  9. losco says:

    Zikatheka izi mudzayambe mwadula chala cha Izirael 2013 ndipo kenako mudzadule chaine.Mundipeza pano paRSA.

  10. fkr says:

    I bet this is going to be called idgate as there will be corruption to the highest degree. it’s 50 years since independence and we still don’t have id’s now this report seems to think the only reason why we need id’s is to stop foreigners getting Malawi passports? what a load of crap.

  11. kaizer says:

    honourable minister,make this project a priority.the 3million USD must not be used as a scapegoat for failure to impliment the scheme.national identity cards are an economic tool.if you can use your sense of imagination you will get what i mean.fancy this,in zimbabwe where the economy is still struggling,people dont practice the wanton cutting down of trees because even the lowest paid civil servant has an electric cooker.the question is how do they manage to buy these expensive but convinient electric gudgets.answer:they buy them through zero deposit and go on to pay very minimal monthly instalments say for 36months without feeling the pain of paying is this possible:the document required above every other document is an ID.all i am trying to say is that these IDs will give malawians buying power because for once,banks and the multinational chain stores will trust them and give them goods on credit.this will leave their customers with money to spare on other important issues while they contiue to acquire important household whats the connection:the floods that we experienced this year are a direct result of people cutting trees and most of the trees are being used for charcoal production.there is demand for this charcoal because most of our people are using mbaula for is not because they are happy using mbaula but the problem is that they cant afford to pay cash for a simple hot plate or is a vicious cycle of poverty which can be solved by a simple ID card.come on honourable minister.its an economic coup.

  12. Mbwiyace says:

    Adyabulosi mabodza basi. Kutereku mukidikirira US$3million kuti muyambe? Mukutinyansa ndi kunama kwanuko.

  13. hk says:

    mabulundi akuchita kukhala ngati amalawi,mudzaona kuti ndi amene adzayambe kukhala ndi ma ID’s .trust me these IDs wl b 4 forenaz

  14. Achimidzimidzi says:

    What is the Chibingu person saying,now? Nyasatimes nkhani zinazi musamalembe.

    IDz! IDz! IDz! Bwanji?

    Something worthy news can be the reason why they failing to issue IDz..not that by end of this they need K1.3b to start. That contract was already awarded to some ghost company or some Indians in town.

  15. Israel2013 says:

    Zikatheka kuti tonse tikhale ndi ma ID before end of 2015 muzadule chala changa chimodzi chakumanja.

  16. mshadada says:

    mwachedwa nazo man. ma burundi ndi ma davido anakhazikika kale ndipo akolola kale dziko lopusali. passport ya malonda ngati yathu sindinayione. shatap!

  17. George Lihoma. says:

    Zinatitopetsadi iziiiii. Hahahaaha.

  18. Changamkani nanga aminister muli phwiii nanga. Za sim card registration zikuyendamo mumutumo ngati mwina simukudziwa ubwino wake,afunseni anzanu akuuzani. Mulindwiiii!

  19. midrand 2 says:

    Nanga ma khadi aja anali nthawi ya kamuzu munawathetselanji?

  20. Djomba says:

    Malawi I love you! You don’t stop amazing me. How can we really fail to roll out the national ID project? Its always embarrassing that we always lag behind. We have people with high qualifications but lack education background. We have leaders who seem not to know what they are doing? People are ignorant in many ways. They are never ibformed. Over 60% of the population cannot read and write. We cannot come up with long term establishments. So without national IDs government cannot trace its people. A country where phone Sims are not registered….thugs and murderers alike talk and agree on deals via phone without being traced….oh! Malawi.

  21. Imeneo ndiye nkhani yoveka moti ine ndikukozeka chaka chino kubwela kudziko kuti ndikhale ndiyanga lDs ndingakavutike koma osati palowe chinyengo pakuti amalawi timakudziwani chinyengo ndiye kudya kwanu osati ndialendo omwe oti ango bwela dzulo ai koma zikhale za serious

  22. Wakwidu says:

    zatopetsa izi.

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