Malawi opposition MCP, PP in parliamentary alliance: DPP claims

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which has a parliamentary coalition with United Democratic Front (UDF) and is on a drive to recruit independent MPs, has said opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Peoples Party (PP) are working together in parliament.

Uladi:  Its common platform for good governance

Uladi: Its common platform for good governance

Leader of the House Francis Kasaila said MCP-PP parliamentary alliance is meant to frustrate government.

He said the opposition alliance agreed to reject a government motion to table a bill that could allow government to access a K36 billion loan from the World Bank to cater for post-floods disaster recovery costs.

“We have information that they (MCP and PP) had a joint caucus where they agreed to frustrate government business,” Kasaila claimed.

Kasaila accused the MCP and PP of being “regionalist”, saying the move to defer the bill was a calculated move as the funds will not go to the regions the opposition represent.

But PP leader in parliament Uladi Mussa said government were taking business in the house “in a casual way.”

Mussa said the opposition are only doing their rightful role of “checks and balances.”

The PP parliamentary leader said the opposition will not compromise on “accountability and transparency.”

He said the loan bill was not specific, saying they would not allow to approve the loan and end up “funding DPP” through another form of cashgate.

Mussa downplayed the alliance issue, saying they have a “common platform “of a rejection of lies, corruption and abuse of power.

Leader of Opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, held a news conference last Friday alongside People’s Party (PP) parliamentary leadership.

He said their rejection of the motion was driven by a desire for transparency and accountability.

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63 thoughts on “Malawi opposition MCP, PP in parliamentary alliance: DPP claims”

  1. Tengupenya says:

    Opposition represents Malawians too. Opposition MPs, just all other MPs, are Part of Government too. The MPs on the administration side and those on the opposition have the SAME interest to SERVE Malawians in the BEST interest of the nations. Both sides must engage in real debate about the BEST INTEREST for Malawians and not squabble about frustrating each other’s partisan agendas. We have multiparty system so that we debate and negotiate compromises that are in better taste for the nation than any partisan interest. If you cannot negotiate and convince the others to a workable compromise, then you are not fit for multi-party governance systems. So both sides need to engage the other is REAL DEBATE and STRIKE COMPROMISES that are BETTER than the RESPECTIVE PARTISAN INTERESTS of each other. forget the past times of domination and arbitrary imposition of the will of those in the administration against the will of the majority folks outside parliament.

  2. shadreck tembo says:

    Dpp ndi chipani chatsankho hence pp and mcp shud indeed work together to contain it.

  3. Eversmile says:

    dpp wants to bring another cashgate bt opposition yawonera patali

  4. Wakale says:

    Wankulu sauzidwa munaziputa nokha muisova

  5. Ife kwathu ndi kuyang’ana basi

  6. wanthu says:

    a che petulo sinkhani yotukwana apa ndi pa gulu zipatseni ulemu, musalimbane ndi mtundu kapena munthu,

  7. wanthu says:

    a mcp kodi ng’ona zimadya anthu zija zinafa?????mufuna muzayambitsenso ma card ana athu azizathawila mu toilet kuopa a youth?? kanani biil yokoma malawi simuzalamulira mpaka kalekale nthawi yanu inatha basi vomerani.

  8. Aferazao says:

    DPP is a cry BABY. If they chose to partner with the defunct UDF why should they cry all over the place because MCP has also chosen to partner with PP? If you are looking for someone to wipe your blue tears I can assist, but stop crying like kindergarten one year olds.

  9. Chidzukulu cha Akwitusya says:

    Hi5 to the oposition be strong. Together we unite …..the joining benches of UDF to government was meant to easy the the corrupt bills the likes of MSB now you guys go on with this move you are a threat to their plans ……

  10. Veinvidvic says:

    Anyani aopposition musatinyase ndava kuti mukufuna kukana budget ife tikadya kwanu kodi chakwerayu ndi m’busa otani

  11. golden eye says:

    Whatever we say, zikakhala kwa mzako umati igwire nyanga koma zikakhala kwa iwe umati bwerani kuno ….the Victims are malawians innocent relatives of tax paying people… just a reminder..Xenophobia had victims mainly from North and Mangochi…did we say anything about who benefited….. let us not play politics with real issues… Enanu mukungomva kuti flood victims may be you don’t know what happened……. Achakwerawo ankapitilanji kukawona anthu okhuzidwa ndi ngozi ya mmadzi pano ndiye aziti sakuziwa chomwe ndalamazo boma lipangira ? that childish, chibwana cha nchombo lende… tinagwirizana pa Xenophobia panonsi tigwirizane pa ma Flood victims..

    Have we forgotten already.. as a result of a leader uttering vengence words, leaders have to be extra careful when commenting or deliberating issues. Remember whatever you do today will reflect on what you are going to do tomorrow and people will judge you using the same measure you judged others……………

  12. muropwana says:

    People are awake and are watching the insensitive oposition that MCP is displaying. Don’t say DPP has rigged the election when it shall register a landslide victory in 2019. I have told you!!!

  13. chefourpence says:

    ragionalism inayamba ndi atumbuka.

  14. zonena says:

    ine kudabwa kasaila kulusa chonchija bwanji
    ndikukanidwa kwa bill by opposition olo ndi zina
    mwina dovu linali chuchu kuti matumba mukhutatu
    tangokonzani zimene opposition ikufuna after all njala ili ponse ponse mdziko muno it is not districts which were affected with floods
    Accountability and transparency ikufunikanso

  15. Who is Mathanyula?

  16. Chalochiwawa says:

    What the opposition is asking for is very simple. Transparency and accountability period. After -all this what Mathanyula promised Malawians in his innogural speech not too long ago. Mwayiwala kale???? The days of business as usual are long gone!!!! well done opposition.!!!!!

  17. nyayo says:

    PP you dont know that MCP is an unruly horse. Tiyeni nazoni.

  18. Kennedy says:

    That is tramendous opositions. Dpp brought regionalism, nepotism and tribarism. What is it that dpp will excite us with? All we know is that dpp is about to punish the north and centre and later claim that the so-called lomwe dominate the country. If it never meant to be will never happen for wisdom comes from God it works to those it belongs, only time will tell.

  19. Unenesko Nguweni says:

    Number one tribalism is from Lomwe belt.Remember what Malemu Bingu.Dont forget what Mpinganjira did when was minister in UDF GOVT.Mulakho was created to create space in govt offices for lomwe to take leadership.

  20. makwinjaishmael says:

    Yeleyo niyakutenda…..Sanki you. Mind you there is no permanet enemity in politics. Umeneu ndimpila basi. Kwende nayo kwelume. Uyu ndiwangawanga Change………

  21. sidington mhone says:

    Keep up opposition. What I understand here is that the opposition wants an explanation on how the first allocations were spent. Just do that. The issue here isn’t of where the money will go honourable Kasaila but transparency and accountability.

  22. DPP is a regionalistic party.Pple from the south can not vote for someone from north or south.Why crying?

  23. cjp. says:

    I think dpp does not have right people in Parliament all their leaders are chicken without heads, last week it was the whole minister talking nonsense at the memorial, and his president disowning his remarks his can a president disown his minister’s remarks? This time another empty headed leader complains on mcp and pp alliance, when you formed yr own alliance with udf who cried that time? Foolish men idiots, a bwampini, odyanjoka inu.

  24. True Malawian says:

    So what mr. Kasaila? I wish the past opposition was like this. We could not have been talking of cashgate now. Go on man of God, don’t leave them. Let them account for any money they have spent. Is Kasaila worried with MCP and PP coalition? What about DPP and UDF coalition? You should be more worried because you are in coalition with frustrated UDF MPs seeking benefit from the planned cashgate by your DPP, but “we” members of UDF have decided to join and vote for MCP or PP come 2015.

  25. Major Prophet Bashiri Maluzi says:

    Where sis this Kasaila come from. Koma zina titaya nazo nthawi a Malawi. Zovesa chisoni ndithu!

  26. Nkhondo ku bedi says:

    Good work opposition parties this how it should be we want transparency not telling lies please keep it up we want a true expenditure not a bogus expenditure well done Uladi and Laza

  27. Mwendanato says:


  28. Shushe says:

    Am dpp. But i feel like DPP-UDF alliance is there to frustrate opposition. But if u r in parliament to serve malawians there is nothing to worry as u r worying now.

  29. Khawaz man says:

    Go go mcp and pp don’t let them go akhaule basi akufuna kuba

  30. I see Big thieves at work here! I mean D I PI PI

  31. ZZ Junior says:

    Malawi will never develop coz of daily politicking. Some quarters of this country have a thing or two against UDF/DPP in general and Bakili Muluzi in particular. This hatred is the one leading to wrong policies by both the government and the opposition. There was a time when we lobbied for sec 65 and enacting of impeachment procedures in parliament but we were misunderstood by the masses as the then government through its propaganda machinery made us look like Judas Iscaliots. Typical fruits of hatred and malice. Frustration is the norm of the day forgetting real issues. Unfortunately the once mighty MCP is always used as a pony in these power struggles. Then it was DPP Vs UDF MCP was used. Now its PP Vs DPP again MCP is being used. Come on MCP be unique show us your true colours. With this behavior, I bet MCP will never rule Malawi.

  32. Kasaira you are a very big failure my friend why should you bring regionalism issues in this case nkhani zili apa ndizosakhudzana ndipang’ono pomwe do the right thing once for Christ sake bring out the information as regards to the money used in the relief process osati kumangoyankhula zinthu zoduka mutu sabwe zili tsaya Fokolo

  33. Che Petulo says:

    @ Chikopa no. 10 ndinu a chikopa cha galu kapena cha fisi? You must be so stupid if uli ulomwe wakowo uvulala nawo. If govt was not involved, chi Kondwani Nankhumwa chinkakataniko ku ma flood areas? We know that Kondwani Nankhumwa stole money which was donated for alomwe anzake. So start thinking we need constructive crticisms here not illiterate people like you. No wonder you cant even express yourself in English.

  34. Here we go again says:

    with DPP/UDF coalition there is no problem now because it is MCP/PP it has become an issue what wrong with DPP, opposition is asking for accountability before going into another borrowing, simple!

  35. jj says:

    Come on francis; DPP & UDF have a working relationship in the same august house and its a no concern to you for buying votes in parliament but the romance of the others becomes an issue. Be reminded that what we are talking about is a loan which must be paid back at a latter stage and you can’t get a loan for disasters; where are well wishers and all those donors? Remember the seed you plant produces after itself and there must be a harvest. Your party must harvest the fruits of crooks and so it must be. The soul that sinneth must die, all we need is integrity and not shady deals. I rest my case, surely i love my nation and i hate crooks.
    To my country with love.

  36. Che Petulo says:

    Iwe chi Katsaira machende ako shupiti. Congrats PP and MCP. That is good decision. Iwe chi Katsaira wandinyansa galu wachabechabe. If its a coalition whats your problem? Are you not in alliance with UDF which you are swaloowing? Is PP and MCP making decisions together a bitter pill for you? If it is, let it kill you as well, stupid government. You are just good at borrowing and not being accountable. Disaster money came mostly from donors so what do you want to borrow money for? We were never told that they were giving you on loan. And yes, disaster donations has only benefited southern region agalu opanda maso inu. Now you want to buy alesi a ku south chimanga. Southern region ndiyotembereredwa!!! Njala, uchigwawenga, zigololo, kukhwima, ufiti, illiteracy all southerners have you no shame?

  37. Malibusi says:

    But the mediocrity this Government is subjecting us to everyday is sickening. How is the opposition supposed to work to prove that the are representing Malawians in parliament apart from what they are doing now. Do you expect the PP and MCP to start fighting when they are all in the opposition? Seriously?!!! Is anybody in DPP still thinking at all these days?

  38. clever says:

    Just give a report you DPP and see what the opposition will do. Remember when you were in opposition were you accepting everything?

  39. AMUNA BAWO says:

    Its ok for DPP & UDF to be in alliance BUT ont MCP & PP !!!

  40. jedida says:

    opposition, thanks for standing for the masses. what a huge sum for what. all the donations during floods but what has been implemented? people were sleeping on empty stomach. Guys, I am so disappointed with these people. they were given huge allowances yet victims were starving and sleeping in black sheets which roughly cost K2000 / 50 meters. let them account for this first. if anything trim it to 1 billion.its enough. let them also draw the activities. I wish my country all the best

  41. chakhalira says:

    Inu a number 10 a Chikopa, ngati mulibe zonena muzingokhala chete.

    Zimene mwanenazi si zikugwirizana ndi nkhani imene ikunenedwa. Mutha kuwona kuti Your man has brought in Regionalism in the issue, which means even this learned man does NOT follow the argument.

    The issue is about Responsibility and Accountability. Everything that was done was done in the name of the Government. If the Government did not care about it that is not the issue. We are tired of people who do not follow issues. Do not back zipani for the sake of chipani cha kwathu even when it is full of Headless chickens.

    Follow the issues. When an issue makes sense back it up.

  42. Kho Nankhumwa says:

    Everyone in Malawi is a tribalist to the bone!

  43. Bwana Kasaila MCP and PP are only trying to provided checks and balances not frustrating your DPP led government,, asamangovomera zili zonse ndi zolakwika zonwe and if you talk of regionalism, and tribalism I think DPP and your President are no: 1 on that! If the opposition are frustrating your government efforts maybe if you say the are frustrating your efforts to steal hard earned tax payers money then I will agree with you.

  44. Zanga Phee! says:

    Oh year, this is what we call 50/50 game, please opposition don’t rest these are thieves we can see they are on the corner now give them face punches they should not see any more plans how to robe these people taxes.But i hope and believe that opposition will be on the safe side and win this messes.See my name!

  45. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr Francis Kasaila, now the question is are you going to give the required account of how you had used the donations or not?

    Next thing will physical verification of what you have done.

    As far I can see, MCP & PP have asked for right thing which in normal circumstances you could have done without being asked.

    And don not talk about any alliances because you are worse.

  46. Charombanthu says:

    Bwana Kasaila, you mean government is having difficulties providing details to the house of how the various donations were used towards the floods?? Come on, be serious. Is this a difficult task considering that you have a whole department overseeing these matters. What opposition are saying is provide the information and they will consider the bill, simple. Do not bring in regionalism in this matter. We are tired of being fed lies. Opposition are doing what they are there for – checks and balances. K3.6 billion is a lot of money and you expect the house just to pass it??? In any case, why would you get a loan for disasters? Are these not supposed to be donations from various local and international organisations? This is incompetence at best to say the least…

  47. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    Iwe Kasaila you are No 1 tribalist and regionalist with your party. Mxiiiii. DPP is always concerned with welfare of people in southern region. Ngongolezo tu tikabweza tonse a Malawi and be careful the way you are borrowing. Mboliiiii yamako

  48. zakusimba says:

    Everybody in Malawi is running like a chicken with no heard.

  49. ujeni says:

    68% vs 32% in 2019 it will be 80% vs 20% start developing the country, build roads, houses, hospitals, create jobs, improve security, otherwise this is a slippery slope for a party of thieves

  50. ujeni says:

    Why is DPP government crying? Have the two parties crossed the floor? They are still in oppisition. All DPP has done in 365 days is Scheming on how to steal tax payers money, holding parties at the two palaces and jumping on planes jetting around the globe, nonsense.

  51. nobel says:

    Democracy at work. If MCP and PP forms that parliamentary alliance so what when the same DPP and UDF have their own? Kicks of a dying horse?!!

  52. Biyisikolo says:

    The problem here is this mediocre government which wants a lee way to be spending our hard earned tax on useless things but when it comes accountability and transparency negative. The opposition must get it feet down here for the good of the nation

  53. Chikopa says:

    Kodi boma lifotokoza kuti chani pamene mukuziwa kuti chithandizo chonse sichimafikila mmanja mwa boma Inunso anyasa munatiuza kuti dzidzifikira kwa ma NGO , Ine ndimaona ngati mcp under chakwera isintha koma ayi mcp ndi mcp basi ine ndimaganiza kuti ngati muthalika sangaime masankho apita aja ndivotera chakwera but it could have been big mistake for me because the way chakwera is behaving , very very shocking 15 months he has been mcp leader he has produced his tru colours in 2019 elections voters will able to know who is who . Koma achakwera anthu ena sakukufunani kuchipaniku ndiye akumakuwuzani zolakwika kuti muoneke inu olephele chenjelani chifukwa simungabwelezenso mistake yoti join Tembo anaipanga kale ndipo malizasi ake mukuwaziwa be careful

  54. haward says:

    Kodi chithandizo chonde ankatumiza mayiko chija chidapita kuti? Mukudziwa kuti anthuwa akufuna atibere amalawi

  55. Jelbin mk says:

    I like this constructive opposition stand and remember robust opposition is good for democracy even the first term of Bingu wa muntharika was good because there was a strict checking and balancing by the then mighty opposition but government played its tactics of mudslinging until it won public sympathy from the unlearned population which saw the DPP winning with landslide majority in the 2009 general elections. The DPP was nursed by us to ignore rule of law by allowing it to go away with lawlessness hence offensive strides towards citizens and the law in general. I still believe and will continue to believe and deny to accept that the then opposition was wrong in demanding that the law should not have been done away with or ignored for any reasons anybody could put forward. This time around the public will not allow the same DPP to go away with murder again and will difficultly get blind sympathy we need clear address on why the government is selling the MSB at a through away price of 4.9 billion while the whole value of MSB is over 40 billion? and why is government is bailing out crooks who borrowed money on their personal capacities (if were not sent by DPP to finance its campaign) amounting to k6 billion?

  56. Akatswiri says:

    Tiyeni nawo amenewa akuzolowera

  57. kodi says:

    Government is losing ground here. I thought PP is also under Chakwera as Leader of Opposition? So whats wrong with the two sitting next to each other at a caucus of opposition parties??? Mbuli Kasaila

  58. Think Tank says:

    Katsaira spoils it all by throwing regionalism. Everyone knows Southern region was hit most. What MCP are asking for is how monies were spent in that same region! And forgetting DPP/UDF alliance in Parliament is for the same purpose: weaken the opposition for asking too many questions.

  59. Julie says:

    Gvt must be accountable to its citizen,

  60. Nkalapwaga says:

    Thats good for MCP & PP.enawo siabwelerana ukwati.Parliament ibalance tsapano palibe kuputsitsana.

  61. Joseph says:

    Just tell the house how you spent all those billions that ware donated for flood victims, problem solved! Unless you can’t account for it because you spent it on your own ways….

  62. DPP Guru says:

    Mavuto ayamba. Remember there was section 65 no1 and budget no 2. Now MSB no 1 Budget no 2.

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