Malawi parliament suspended over MPs demand for loans

Malawi Parliament has been suspended until further notice and  MPs say they’ll only reconvene if their conditions of service are discussed and reviewed.

Chilenga: Moved the motion

Chilenga: Moved the motion

Parliament adjourned prematurely on Thursday after an opposition Peoples Party legislator asked for an early rise to force the government give them the K3 million loans for each of the 193 members of parliament.

Chitipa South MP Welani Chilenga asked for the early adjournment, arguing the government was not coming out clear on the matter.

“We are not getting any joy from the government so we cannot go ahead with the deliberations unless we get response from the government,” he said.

After the First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje put the vote on the floor on whether the House should be suspended, three quarters of the House voted for the adjournment.

Leader of the House George Chaponda said the adjournment would negatively affect business in the House.

He said there are crucial issues the House is supposed to deliberate including the buying of maize for starving Malawians.

Chaponda accused the MPs of putting their personal interests first before interests of Malawians.

Finance minister Goodall Gondwe said the government had allowed the MPs to access the loans from their banks and wondered why this was an issue.

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22 thoughts on “Malawi parliament suspended over MPs demand for loans”

  1. Gogodasi says:

    These guys must start paying tax and let them feel how it pains. Another thing is that the President should extend an olive branch to those MPs willing to return to Parliament to continue deliberations and leave out the selfish ones or else he can use his executive powers to dismiss Parliament and reopen it within a week and let those that have returned to pass the budget. I am 100% sure if he intervenes in this manner three quarters of the MPs will return including leader of opposition. Chakwera will have no choice, but to reason with his MPs and persuade them to return without which they know what the consequences will be like come 2019. The issue of loans should not be raised when Parliament is meeting, this is something that their leaders or parliamentary committee leaders should be discussing with government at any other given time. Waiting to raise this issue when they are supposed to discuss matters of national benefit is a ploy to hold the voters to ransom which in itself is not only a selfish act, but also barbaric behaviour.

  2. Cash Gate says:

    Vuto lilipo ndi carbinet yathu yomwe ikutenga ndalama zambiri, aphunguwa akudziwa zomwe zikuchitika ndi nduna zathu pamodzi ndi presdent podzikundikila ndalama zambiri. Aphungu chomwe akufuna ndi ngongole basi osati awapatse mawonjezero. Dziwani kuti abomawa alibe chidwi chotukula dziko lino koma kumangokhutisa mimba zawo. Carbnet yathu ikanadzipatsa ndalama zochepelako, nkhaniyi siyikanabwera. chatsalatu apa ndikumangokanganilana misonkho yathu basi osati kutaya nthawi pa nkhani za chitukuko. Bwanji osatisunthirako ‘ tax free’ kuchoka pa k20,000 paja kuti mwina kandalama katha kumatsalirako mthumba. Dziwaninso kuti tikapita kogula zinthu timakumananso ndi ma ‘tax’ okweranso mma shop omwe amawatcha ‘value added tax’ Chonde timvereni chisoni ife anthu anu. Timafunanso titamangakonso timanyumba tathu. ine odandaula.

    1. Mfana odzisata says:

      I agree with you 100%. A Chaponda asaname its us who will suffer koma iyeyo ndi anzake.

  3. Mulolopwa says:

    In this case the MPs are justified. Chaponda should not fool Malawians in the name of buying maize when He has already pocketed from the ministry. We all work for money. The MPs demand is part of their conditions of service which all of us equally demand in our respective work places. To be an MP is not a voluntary job, its a paying one that comes with all Those conditions like loans that have to be honoured. If the ministers got theirs, Why not the MPs? And to My fellow Malawians, Lets not be taken for granted Because We are poor and We need the budget. The DPP is fond of using the budget as a tool to fool non minister MPs especially the opposition just like the way they did on section 65 in 2008. We all now know that We needed that section atleast if What happened aftet that is anything to goby. The DPP still think that by hiding behind the budget they can fool every one every time.

  4. Issa says:

    aliyense wamboma tools down.

  5. njoloti says:

    After 23 years of multiparty system of government in this country, iam convinced beyond doubt that as long as this system continues, no meaningful development will ever take place in Malawi.Fellow Malawians, you can see what these rogues masquerading as MPs are doing-literally holding the entire nation to ransom for their own selfish reasons.Malawians we need to go back to the drawing board to come up with a system of government that would cater for the needs of the people of this country.

  6. The true Malawian says:

    Malawian MPs just know that you are digging your own political graves.The people of this country will never be taken for a ride by hyenas in goats skin.Come the year 2019 the majority of you will weep and wet your pats.Mark my words.

  7. spectator says:

    Ma MP adabwa nduna ndi a president atagawana papakulu iwo akupemba ka K3M ndiye muziti ndi adyera. Akulu akulu ngati Goodle ndi Chaponda akamagwirabe ntchito mmalo mochita retire achinyamata sitikhala ndi sogola pa Malawi pano ntheradi ndithu.

  8. Douglas Ndindi says:

    When campaign time for the next elections comes, I hope Malawians will remember that most of our MPs are there to represent themselves and not their constituents. Ndiye poti monga Atcheya Che Bakili Muluzi ananena, aMalawi tiri ndi vuto limodzi – sitichedwa kuyiwala. Why wake up very early on polling day to go and vote for someone who doesn’t care what happens to you thereafter? Wake up Malawians! We can put the time we spend on that queue to better use! Ndanenatu.

  9. chitmukulu says:


    Ma MP a DPP ali mkati momo kusapota adjurnment.. Ndiye wina akuti a DPP akuchitabwino

  10. Gogodasi says:

    Kalindo yenda maliseche anzako abwerere ku nyumba ya malamulo. Waziyamba, limba.

  11. KOMA KUMENEKO says:

    MPs are just demanding what is due to them , look they are also human beings and have their personal ambitions, and this is an employment its not charity ndi anthunuso mumawapempha kwambiri anthu amenewa they arent rich at all. We have seen people becoming poorer after leaving politics than they were before we have better examples. Budget doesnt help the poor but robs them, dont hide behind poor malawians as if after passing budget something will change in their life no.

    1. Mwalonde Ken says:

      Ukunamatu iwe. A loan is just a privilege not a right. Any sensible institution suspends such privilege/loans when finances or cash flow does not allow so at a particular time which is exactly what government told these greedy fools and you are supporting that?

      1. Is the cash flow positive to ministers only? Or you’re partly enjoying the same? Low thinking…..

  12. lewis says:

    zamanyazi zedi

    1. pido says:

      Civl Servants that is the precedent you have to emulate. Ministers and presidents do not make money for the country but you civil servants. We need to be recognised and given our needed slary not peanuts as touted by Chilima during campaign. Osagona apapa

  13. Kenkkk says:

    I don’t like dpp govt but on this issue alone, I support the govt. You are really a bunch of selfish MPs, please look around your constituencies and see how people suffer but still want more for yourselves?

    And you The opposition are giving dpp victory on a silver platter come 2019 because you don’t think strategically On this issue of loans for yourselves. You are committing suicide.

    Your standard of living is far beyond that of most Malawians and it is your selfishness of trying to live beyond your means that is shamelessly spurring you to seek more money from govt. Why can’t you get your personal loans from commercial banks to fund your crazy lifestyles.

    You are a privileged bunch of thieves, robbing Malawians in day light.

  14. Khima says:

    Why get interest free loan when everyone is getting from bank under exorbitant interest rate????

    1. Mwalonde Ken says:

      The fools decide their own conditions of service in their favour and mostly put the nation at ransom whenever there is urgent business in the house to threaten sabotage. They overate themselves too much.

  15. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Sort out your differences nkhalamba inu. Of course I am not expecting anything good like reduced tax but do not make any noise as if one of you is good.

    You are all bad people not fit to be called honorables. Kuba ndiye number 1

  16. Mjomba says:

    kodi ma civil society (CSO)akuti bwanji pa nkhani imeneyi, akuyenera kupanga organise ma demo to show the mps that we r not happy with the suspended august house due to greedy.

    1. Mwalonde Ken says:

      Unfortunately CSOs are too political and biased nowadays such that they don’t act if the side they sympathise with is being unreasonable or trampling on poor Malawians. Trust me, they already have made a thousand ultimatums had it been this nonsense is being championed by the other side of the BWALO.

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