Malawi passport ranked 58th powerful in the world -Index

A passport from a country in good global standing is a powerful thing, allowing its holder to move across borders without dealing with the nightmarish bureaucracy of a visa application.passport

Arton Capital, a financial firm that says it “empowers individuals and families to become Global Citizens,” at least in part by connecting clients to citizenship-purchasing programs, has put together a ranking of the world’s passports that shows which pack the most punch.

The ranking sorts countries by the number of other countries a passport holder can visit without a visa or by attaining a visa upon arrival.

It also includes a great visualization of all the passports, and comes with the aesthetically-pleasing option to sort by color.

Overall, the list is, well, as you might predict. The countries whose citizens are afforded the most travel freedom are developed and well-off, while those at the bottom of the list are mostly poor, tiny, or turmoiled.

The highest-ranked are the US and the UK; the lowest group includes South Sudan and the Palestinian Territories.

Malawi has since been ranked 58 and with 60 visa-free countries.

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16 thoughts on “Malawi passport ranked 58th powerful in the world -Index”

  1. mweyeye 1 says:

    Am planning to sue the immigration department for the damages incurred due to failure to renew my passport five months down. they raised the price to K 48500, and they said it will be ready in ten days. i am tired of coming to check for the passport.

  2. Tikamapita kunjako zimafunso mbwelekete,pano komwe timapitako akuphako anthu M’mene wanenera Mzanga MAKIYOLOBASI. Even mukumati u can travel it to de moon ife tilibe nazo ntchito.

  3. 58 it’s still a rubbish passport

    1. Abwana anga says:

      U can say that again

  4. mmalawi says:

    Kamuzu he was a man ..anamenyadi ufulu…but now immigration officers you are not careful by giving our chiphaso kwa ma foreigners zimene zikuti pangitsa kuti tidzivutika moyendamu…This freedom OR Validity of our chiphaso kamuzu did put its foundation and there is aNeed not to miss use it ..There many malawians , university students , or other proffessional they would like to travel for studies purpose nde wosawatsekerezera njila popatsa chiphaso chanthu kwa anthu aku Congo, Zimbabwe komanso Nigeria..

    I think you dont know how hard it is to apply for avisa.. nde immigration take care musaphe tsogolo la ena

  5. Najere Chitekwe Gaaama says:

    Why are we ranked good position on useless things e.g speaking English, passport etc and rank poorly on real things that matter e.g economy, literacy, cost of doing business, and of course Flames’ FIFA ranking. We need to pass a law where no politician above 50 should be allowed to hold office. We are not progressing coz we still have people who are trying to solve Malawi problems using 1970 methods. In 2019, vote for me for a change.

  6. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Shame. We have become a nation of mediocrity. Being 58 is a sure sign that we are a failed state. We celebrate failure too much.

  7. Magetsi says:

    This story is grossly inaccurate. The rank in this list does not reflect the number of countries above. Usually when counting, say there were four with the same position in the list, let’s say 24 equal then the next country would be 28th. This has not been done.

    Malawi is actually about 125th, though I may have lost count!

  8. Patriot says:

    Nde poti anasiya ku pulinta pasipotiyi, ziribe ntchito.

  9. Kelvin says:

    Ukaona choncho udziwe kuti akufuna kupanga ma passport ena kuti akhale pa top ten pa rank.Koma osadziwa kuti akupweteka a Malawi osauka.Maiko ena passport imakhala chinthu cha mtengo wapansi kwambiri monga ku South Africa.Koma boma lathu likuona kuti ndalama za mapasport aziyendetsela dziko.

  10. ujeni says:

    Za zii zija ndi zimenezi, poverty thooo koma kumachedwa ndi za zii

  11. Malita says:

    We need a powerful economy zinazo zizibwera mbuyo

  12. Badwill Zwelithini says:

    Can our immigration officials in the country see to it that record is maintained so that our children’s children may inherit that accolade.

  13. Caroline Chatimba says:

    It’s all well and good, however when the issuing authorities allow other undeserving nationals to have access to this passport then what???

  14. MAKIYOLOBASI says:

    Ndiye ife titani mmalawi akapangsa paspot ndie kut akupta jon mesa pano kuli xephobia?

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