Malawi Pastor convicted for defamation:  Ordered to sweep school as punishment

The Balaka Second Grade Magistrate court has sentenced a 41-year-old Pastor of a certain Ministry at Balaka Town for conducting in manner likely that could breach peace.pastor collar

Police Prosecutor Constable Aida Mzama told the court that the suspect Pastor Victor Nankhata  together with his co-accused Zione Namboya 25, on Monday morning went the house of the complainant (name withheld) to search claiming that she has stolen two mobile phones through witchcraft.

“The suspect Pastor Nankhata was approached by the co-accused Zione Namboya who reported to him that her two mobile phones and K700.00 cash was stolen from her house by unknown criminals but the house was not broken into. Hearing this, Pastor Nankhata told the co-accused that everything is possible with God and they then started praying together,” Mzama told the court.

Mzama said that while praying, the spirit is said to have revealed to him that the phones were stolen by the complainant through witchcraft and later on, the evil spirit surrendered and told him to go to the complainant to collect the phones.

They later went to the complainant’s house to search. According to Mzama, the Pastor also claimed that he recorded the evil spirit on his mobile phone.

Upon arrival at the complainant’s house, Mzama said, the Pastor introduced himself and why he went there.

“He then went into the house to search for the stolen phones but the complainant was surprised to see the Pastor searching her house for stolen phones without the Police; and they then informed the Police who arrested and later charged him with the case of conduct likely to cause a breach of peace contrary to section 181 of the Penal code – for accusing the complainant that she was a thief and a witch.

Pastor Nankhata pleaded guilty to the offence while his co-accused Zione Namboya pleaded not guilty but upon submission, the court found them both with a case to answer and consequently convicted them.

And in her submission before judgment Constable Aida Mzama asked the court to consider giving the Pastor a stiffer sentence saying that a lot of innocent people are being victimized because of false prophesies by some Pastors.

She said this create enmity in the community.

In his mitigation, Pastor Nankhata asked for forgiveness saying he has seven children and they all depend on him while his co-accused Zione Nampota also pleaded for forgiveness saying that she is single and a bread winner for her family.

Passing judgment, Second Grade Magistrate Victor Sibu said that the constitution of Malawi provides for freedom of worship but said this does not mean that we should be insulting our friends.

Sibu said what the two did is against the law and their conduct was likely to cause a breach of peace.

But considering the mitigating factors and that the two are first offenders Sibu sentenced them to 2 months imprisonment with hard labour but later suspended it to 80 hours Community Service and ordered the two to be sweeping at Mponda Catholic Primary School.

He said he has given them such a sentence so that it should be a lesson to would be offenders.

Pastor Victor Nankhata comes from Thukwi village, Traditional Authority Mdeza in Salima district while Zione Namboya comes from Kaumphawi village, Traditional Authority Nsamala in the district of Balaka.

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37 thoughts on “Malawi Pastor convicted for defamation:  Ordered to sweep school as punishment”

  1. Mswachi says:

    Traditional Authority Mdeza in Salima? No! We don’t have that TA here.

  2. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    Only God knows the truth.

  3. Heartening says:

    We don’t need to conclude that the Pastor is false, he might be a true pastor we never know. The problem is that the rules of God & of the world(Malawi) have spaked, but I thank God for magistrate Sibu for giving the Pastor & the co-accused a flexible punishment.

  4. nyayo says:

    Koma abale!

  5. Blessing says:

    The pastor introduced himself and why he at the house ,did the owner said no he can’t enter the house or he enter and search . Public apology and a warning was enough for this pastor . Cash gate criminals are let loose eating nandos in Blantyre ,let this poor man free

  6. Chitseko says:

    Plz ikan 4to yake apa kut tkazakumananaye tzamudziwe

  7. MBACHI says:

    I doubt if he is really a paster. By the way was he given the chance to prove himself about the phone issue? Sometimes a sis anabadi.

  8. CHIBWATIKO says:

    There are many false prophets today, especially in Africa, in particular Malawi, be aware of them.

  9. Why Has The Writer Decided To Hide The Pastor’s face and yet revealed his real name?

  10. Achisale Kumangoni says:

    That’s why in some countries they have religions regulatory authority. Every person can wake up today and claim I am a pastor! Za mkutu. One day we will have terrorists in our midst. Instead our govt spy agency spies on enemies of the ruling party. Tulo kugona muli mphuuuuuuu

  11. Hahahahahaa moyo wa pa mw


  13. Angozo says:

    There is no Traditional Authority Mdeza in Salima, therefore the pastor is not from Salima but if he is then he laid about his real Traditional Authority.

    1. Chitseko says:

      He ‘#lied’ not ‘#laid’

  14. saulos tembo says:

    that pastor needs a stiffer punishment

  15. Kambodya says:

    This is so sad, considering that, pastors are supposed to be exemplary. Hence to actually hear that, they were, misbehaving, actually leaves alot to be desired. Therefore, according to holy scriptures, the word pastor, means, looking after human beings, hence, it is very strange, to see him torturing his subjects.

  16. mangochi Kabwafu says:


  17. Chemtukanika says:

    What do you tell the nation by hiding the name of the church?Is it because you belong to that church or what?As for the magistrate,why so simpe punishment?Hope Thindwa will come in to deal with the witchcraft issue.

  18. He is really a thief criminal.don’t release him.

  19. Kapeta says:

    Zovuta kumvetsa.

  20. There is no T/A, mdeza in salima district . Kambalame, ndindi, pemba, kambwili, maganga, kuluwunda, kalonga , bibi salima, khombedza, msosa, not mdeza. He is not from salima

  21. Cashgate 1 says:

    I like the sentencing, “80 hrs of community service” How many people are locked up in prison, consuming govt resources for cases like kuba nkhuku, kufuna kugwila bele la mzimayi, amangoyendayenda etc. These could have been charged like this case and help to clean Lilongwe Depot, and markets around Lilongwe City since BEAM and City Assembly seems to be sleeping. I Like this innovative magistrate.

  22. fkr says:

    I thought Catholic pastors were not allowed a wife or children. Never mind 7 kids? What’s up with him believing evil spirits i thought it was god, jesus, the holly spirit and the devil in that religion. Confusing

    1. Wodala says:

      Zosamveka zimene mukunena FKR..Pitani kusukulu kuti mukaphunzile kutsata nkhani ndikunena zanzelu. Inu ansembe achikatolika zikuwakhudza bwanji munkhani imeneyi?

  23. BINTO BANDA says:


  24. Bob says:

    Of prophets and prophecies

  25. Malawi Wabwino says:

    Last days! How can one record spirit’s voice on a handset?

  26. Rip
    pastor ndi zogwesa ulesi mpaka record the evil sprit comfesion? Pastor uyu amatha


  28. pastor la 40 says:

    Sindikufuna chiphunzitso cha mpingo ayi.!!koma chiphunzitso cha chipembezo chimene ambuye yesu amkatsatira mkumati iyi ndiye njira yomkera kwa ambuye!!!!!

  29. pastor la 40 says:

    Komatu ndiye wathetsetsa ma wanja ayinuwake mkulu ameneyu.munthu asayerekeze kunena kuti apempherezedwe amakamupempherera ndi kumugonanso akakhala mwamuna amamutcharge ndalama zambiri.zonvetsa chisoni achristufe tili pa mavuto.tandiuzani abale ndi kuti kumene ndingampeze munthu wa mulungu oti amasatira chiphunzitso cheni cheni cha yesu????

  30. simi says:

    Anthu okhulupilira ziwanda mu zina la mwana wa maria.ndipo sakhulupilira mulungu ayi.chilichonse ambuye andiuza kuti….bla bla blã!!!iwe tchimo lili ndiwe chauta angabwere kwa iwe?ziwanda lero zasanduka mulungu.muziti ziwanda/mizimu yoipa ikakufikani ndiye muziti mulungu wandiuza.tizipandana zimenezo.mpaka lero a christo ambiri sadziwa kusiyanitsa kwa pakati kwa mzimu wa bwino ndi chiwanda choipa.amati chikaafikira chiwanda choipachi mkumati mzimu woyera.zomvetsa chisoni.

  31. Tuyuni says:

    Masiku otsiliriza ndi zimenzo.

  32. Sosten Gwengwe says:

    Za zii

  33. BBC says:

    Good punishment.

  34. Lomwe Pastor eeeish, akuti kuchenjera

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