Malawi Police approves demo: Activists pledge to hold peaceful protests Tuesday

In ensuring political freedom and civil liberties, Malawi Police Service have approved a request by Civil Society Organisations to hold peaceful demonstrations in Lilongwe on Tuesday October 27 to demand better health service delivery from government.

Mayaya:  We will take to the streets peacefully

Mayaya: Police permission for demo has been granted

Billy Mayaya, the architect of the demonstrations, has confirmed that letters notifying the authorities of the planned demonstrations have been responded with an affirmative approval by Lilongwe police and the district commissioner’s office.

“We have got police permission to hold demo,” Mayaya told Nyasa Times on Monday.

“We will go ahead to hold peaceful demonstrations on Tuesday October 27, 2015,” said Mayaya.

He says the demonstrations will start from Parliament building roundabout to Capital Hotel roundabout then turn right at the right about to Civic offices where minister of Health Peter Kumpalume will receive a petition..

“We will be joined by nurses and other health workers,” Mayaya said.

Government recently withdrew letters of appointments to over 300 health workers, saying the government had no money to pay them.

However, this drew severe criticism from the civil society organisations who accused the government of taking to the UN, New York a larger than life entourage of 106.

But Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume has since assured that Capital Hill will employ the medical practitioners.

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29 thoughts on “Malawi Police approves demo: Activists pledge to hold peaceful protests Tuesday”

  1. modai machaka says:

    malawians kuzolowera zaulere,iwe umabereka ana ambiri umati boma lizakuphuzisire ulere?shame!zipangani zoti mupeze dolla apa,osati buxy kukayenda museu

  2. Pachalo Chinthu says:

    A parent is a parent, there is now way a parent to say “my children there is no food today” Govern. to say “we don’t have money to pay nurses and newly qualified teachers”. Give pesion to all people who are over 60 years. Why do you keep them?

  3. mulopwana says:

    nthawi ija ndi yimeneyo.anzathu amatengana wa ku amereka misonkho yathu.tiyeni nafe tibwezere basi ,boma losamva ngati’s better to fal downl together,than helping one group rise…no…no…

  4. INNOCENT says:

    The hours spent on roads can be diverted to something productive.MR. Felix Njawala said,”Too much involvement in politics will create a society too dangerous to handle”.The civil societies in Malawi should for once avoid the political backlash which will take as nowhere.We all no your fund is from “them” but dont mess with our hard earned revenues.I love yah support to govt. but your cries sometimes are childish.Advise the govt. through proper channel.Taking the streets ndizobowa.Imagine landing in France only to meet up marchers chanting? Let us be chauvinists.

  5. che muyaya says:

    iwe nambala 6 nkhani si ndale apa kaya ndi umbuli kaya ndi chani alomwe inu? ifensotu ndi alomwe koma timayamba taganiza

  6. Kafodya Imdzomdzo says:

    Yes the Headline is misleading, Police is not supposed to approve, or they can not approve. This provision is a constitutional one, police are merely informed of what the people want to do. They dont have any power to hold back what the people want to do which is already provided for in the National Document.

  7. PIERRE V says:

    tikamatcha nao.After dis one we shud match again for de primary school devlpment fund.Our children r at home,i dont hav k10000 fo 5 children.God help mw

  8. Mapiri says:

    Police are not supposed to approve anything. But only to be informed. The headline is misleading

  9. Elbliss says:

    Why domos? have we forgotten the 19 July repercussions? You Mayaya you don’t assist the freedom fighters. Mayaya go yourself on the streets.

  10. Joseph Moyo says:

    please you should conduct another demo for the300million parliament approved money for vehicles we do not eat vehicles.after that we shall audit your demo if it transpires that you have spend money good enough that you could help govt to buy drugs in hospitals .then we do not need csos bcoz akukutumaniwo sadapeleke budgetary support to govt ndye akut boma litenge kut ndarama zogulira mankhwala?is demo provision of checks and balance?inuyo mukumlembana ntchito pakuziwana isnt that bad enough to warrant resignation?let the following resign bwana ku waterboard, escom. admarc,all ngos chinyengo chachuluka no pple r employed on merit NSO,MEC i saw Mtolo wa zipepala at satificate ya msce nkumulemba ntchito yet ena ot adali ndi msce imoz ma grade abwino nkuwasiya shame on you.dzikoli la wola olo mademonu mulinso nzofooka kungot timaona zaena.koma.resignation is not asolution considering your role as csos r u sure this will solve the situation?

  11. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Dzuka Malawi dzuka!!!

  12. Chingwe cha mbuzi says:

    Bwana Mayaya Tiye anyone demo. Mwina mukamaliza demo imeneyi boma likupatsani ntchito ija mwakhwana mukupempha nthawi yonseyi.

  13. Tina says:

    Save your lives. Please Please take extra care. Love Malawi

  14. musisipala says:

    The world will not assist you. Pray to God the creator and not to colonial masters.unite

  15. Ndaipalero says:

    We will mit on vee way ufulu kwa ufulu basi kulibe kumenya ma table kkkkkkkkkkkk malawi

  16. Chopwichopwi says:

    Ine sindidzapanga nawi chifunkwa ndi za mkutu zmene a kapilikoni a oppoaition akupanga

  17. chatonda says:

    The government had no choice but to accept the demos to take place because refusing the CSOs to demonstrate was a worst idea that would have attracted bad comments from Donors. The government is now dancing to the tune of the CSOs and they have no choice. Someone will cancel the trip because the CSOs have told him you cannot go using our taxes again. Let us show that we have the power to our employees to follow.

    Look at what has happened in South Africa last week. That is democracy and the voice of the poor students have been heard by the president Jacob Zuma, Ours should also learn to listen please. He is our servant not a boss as he claims.

  18. Alole says:

    Tiyeni tigwirani manja ndikulira limodzi. The world hear us

  19. KALULU says:


  20. Zanga Phee! says:

    Mayaya i have cold drink for you meet me after the demo good job. see my name.

  21. Mbuya says:

    Ine maluzi a CSO kufuna chithumba from govt

  22. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    A demo to demand better delivery of health care!
    That is quiet a broad brush. And lack of focus, or of substantial and legitimate complaints against the government. Or so broad a brush, as a tactic to attract more people to the demo?

    It will be interesting to see how many of average citizen, the bao players, show up. AMalawi anachenjera masiku ano (Malawians know the basis of the current economic reality, and the constraints; and that the present government is NOT the architect of the massive looting of government money that went on.)

    1. Bwande says:

      Sikuchenjera ndikupusa amwene

  23. CITIZEN says:


  24. Mirella K says:

    Mayaya, usakhale kapolo wa dziko. A Polisi saloleza kapena kukaniza mademo. You just NOTIFY them basi!

  25. Alungwana says:

    Go ahead. Mbuzi izi zatiwonjeza heavy

  26. Chagundegunde says:

    Mayaya my man! Go Mayaya go! Let Chisoni azimvetsabe chisoni abadan abadan haha!

  27. Jak says:

    Ufulu Ndi Umenewo. Tikapezana Konko!!!!!!!!!!!

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