Malawi Police arrest 18 students at Robert Laws Sec School

Police in Mzimba have arrested 18 Robert Laws Secondary School students for allegedly damaging school property worth millions in protest against the  school’s management to suspend some students who had committed various offices.

School damage has caused education ministry to close schools

School damage by students have become common

The 18 arrested students are accused of destroying windows from the Staffroom Block, Biology and Physical Science Labs and setting curtains on fire, police in Mzimba have said.

Mzimba Police Station Public Relations Officer Gabriel Chiona disclosed that some 10 students were suspended last Friday on different offenses, a decision that did not go down well with their colleagues, who in the name of solidarity ganged up  as one way of forcing the school management to rescind their decision, but it did not work out to their advantage.

The Mzimba Police Station Publicist has said that the arrested students will appear before the Court of Law soon to answer charges of malicious damage which is contrary Section 344 of the Penal Code.

If found guilty and one fails to pay a monetary fine when imposed, the convict can get up to five years Imprisonment with Hard Labour.

Cases of students damaging school property have been common in recent years but the un fortunate part of it is that the students are usually ordered to pay for the damages despite languishing in police cells and missing out on education calender.

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23 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest 18 students at Robert Laws Sec School”

  1. munyasa says:

    che kambewa as ur name stinks u r really mjacha .u dont know what u r talking….robert laws being a national xool 95 percent selection is from central and south ie nkhaboss 0 percent last year is from the north…so stop talking shit ….kazikangobvina gule ….chizeleza …chatungwa ..chibeleweza……i will urge all mission xools to start running these xools just like mary mount ekwendeni girls and discipline is there….govt should build its own xools period…….chimbewa wapulika nzamdumula mchira uwo leave us alone

  2. chikoya says:

    Do some of u, who are mocking tumbukas in ur comments here, know that most students at robert laws r selected from the central region , just like at nkhatabay and st. john bosco sec schs ? These pure makoswe eaters and nyau dansers r really bving like animals they pretend to be in their nyau cult e.g njovu, nkhumba, fisi etc. No wonder they want to be dansing at night. They hav to face the law and pay for the damages bcoz boma silinayike ata 1 tambala to build this famous ccap national sec sch. Achule achabechabe. Nonsense.

    1. machendy says:

      danser? dansing? is this french or italian? lol

  3. Sir, says:

    Chekambewa,bwanji???? Atumbuka anakulakwirani kwambiri eti. i think we need to change our mind set. Izi zoti nkhani ikachitika ndikumatukwanizana mitundu sizitithandiza ndiponso ndikuona kuti athu oterewo asala ochepa ngati akambewa awa. I appreciate these days this habit seems to be reducing. Let us live like one people. proudly Malawian!!!!!!

    1. freespch says:

      If you don’t like people of other tribes then go and hng under a chair, All the tribes make one Malawi. throw yourself under train coz God did not consult you wen he was creation them.

  4. GN Phiri says:

    Nip the bad seed in the bud! Hit them hard. For once let’s bring back the sanity and discipline in our schools!


    too bad but ma suspension osamangopereka wamba

  6. panyapanu says:

    Zili bho

  7. Tiyanjane says:

    Did these students go through their church aptitude exams and congregation screening?

  8. Tengupenya says:

    They are charged to pay for the damage as restitution. They are jailed or fined as a sanction by the state for their transgression or criminal behavior. Restitution does nor necessarily absolve one of the just deserts for the intransigence.

  9. Angozo says:

    That is childish, destroying biting the fingure which feeds them.

  10. Chekambewa says:

    Zizeleza zakukaya the people who claim to be vakusambila so uku mkusambila anganya? useless tribe more than feaces

  11. Munganya says:

    Can we have names of these students, I thought northers students do not damage school property

  12. Cyrus Mwenenyimbiri says:

    Arrest these criminals! The Robert Laws motto says it loudly”Self Sacrifice” why should students have allowed themselves to bail out colleagues forcifully like that.

  13. Achalume says:

    Suck them out!

  14. apundi says says:

    bola amayi omwewo aphunzitsi amatilemekeza timalandira salary anzathu asanalandire, ndinkavoteranji DPP ine pano ndikunong”oneza bondo hhhiiihhhhiii mayiwawawe

  15. gwede says:

    They are supposed to pay.

  16. MBACHI says:

    Punish them.

  17. special advisor says:

    Parents make a huge sacrifice to send their children to and keep them in school. And good schools are in short supply. So what these children did is outrageous! Our children must learn to express their emotions in a healthy way. Damaging property is just had, wrong!

  18. Mad Chicken says:

    Ana a sukulu ndi choncho mungowa zolowera basi

  19. Mad Chicken says:

    Ana a sukulu ndi choncho.

  20. ellias munthali says:

    sambiraninge waka uchindere ungamuvwirani yayi

  21. Emmatuwa says:

    Ichi ndichipongwe. Government should take an action

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